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The 25 Most Essential MMA Twitter Feeds

(Arianny Celeste self-shot bikini pics: The reason why Twitter was invented. Photo courtesy of

There was a time when you had to be a well-connected MMA journalist to keep tabs on where fighters were training and who their next opponents would be. Now you can do what we do — stay in bed with your laptop all day and follow them on Twitter. We call that progress. In case you’re not as tweet-obsessed as us, or if you’re simply too old to understand what the social-networking site is — ‘sup, dad — here’s what to do: Start an account, follow, then start adding the pages below, which represent the 25 most informative and entertaining MMA-related Twitter feeds currently in operation. Your life will change in ways you never expected. And so, in alphabetical order…
Bio: "mma shooter"
Known for her artfully crafted action shots and revealing portraiture, Esther Lin might be the greatest MMA photographer working today. Lately she’s been juggling gigs for MMAFighting, Strikeforce and Showtime, and the best of her work can always be found on her website, Follow Esther’s tweets for photo updates and observations from her life behind the lens.
Sample tweet: "Fighters Are Dirty: the toilet in my hotel photoshoot room has pee all over it! Guys! Lift up the seat or aim better!"
Bio: "Winner of The Ultimate Fighter 7"
It turns out that Amir Sadollah‘s awkward brand of ultra-dry humor is perfectly suited to short bursts of 140 characters or less. Like most UFC fighters, he spends a lot of time tweeting about publicity appearances and food. Unlike most UFC fighters, he somehow manages to make it all genuinely entertaining.
Sample tweet: "Yes Macs are expensive. But you can’t get a virus with them so I save money on condoms."
Bio: "im not that cool. lover not a fighter."
Thanks to Twitter, stalking hot chicks has never been easier! UFC ring-girl goddess Arianny Celeste takes the guesswork out of our unhealthy obsession with her by generously sharing details about where she is, who she’s with, and what she’s doing, pretty much at all times. Also: Bikini pics and bikini pics and bikini pics. Why go anywhere else?
Sample tweet: " – On my way 2 see an agency. Hope they like me, if not I’ll kick them in the groin area n give em stank eye."
Bio: "MMA reporter for AOL’s and Host of The MMA Hour show. Also spend some time at"
One of MMA’s hardest-working and most visible journalists, Ariel Helwani has become a minor MMA star in his own right thanks to his insightful and often hilarious video interviews. From Andrei Arlovski‘s beep beep beep to Nate Diaz‘s rambling realness, Helwani is the pound-for-pound king of the fighter Q&A.
Sample tweet: "Gegard Mousasi says he hasn’t been all that impressed with @KingMo_GDP, talks training with GSP, @DanaWhite"
UFC president Dana White has three obsessions: The UFC, Pinkberry, and Twitter. (I’m sure he loves his family too, but come on, let’s be serious here.) Besides using Twitter to chat with fans, post camera-phone pictures, and fire Karo Parisyan, DW has become notorious for his guerilla giveaways, where he sends out his location so that fans can track him down and pick up free UFC tickets. Even if you hate him, he still cares deeply about you.
Sample tweet: " Love it!!!"
Bio: "World’s Best MMA Magazine"
It’s not an exaggeration — Fight! really is the best MMA mag around. If you’re a regular reader of CagePotato, you’re already familiar with their outstanding photography and original videos (which we often steal), but you should also be keeping up on Fight!‘s in-depth reporting, online features, and Twitter-updates during MMA events. puts all the awesomeness in one place.
Sample tweet: "Round two [of Couture/Coleman]: Most old guys can’t even watch UFC for 5 minutes, let alone compete in it."
Bio: "Sports nutritionist for pro MMA athletes/Nutrition contributor for FIGHT! Magazine/Columbia U. grad student (MS,RD-program in nutrition & applied physiology)"
If you’re reading this with a plate of Krispy Kreme bacon-cheeseburgers on your lap, you and P.R. Cole need to talk. Combining her nutritional expertise with her love of MMA, Cole has quickly become one of the most in-demand food-advisors in the fight game, and counts Kenny Florian and Frank Trigg among her clients. Follow P.R. for practical tips on how to melt your body down into a lean killing machine while avoiding the painful fate of Brock Lesnar.
Sample tweet: "Can’t lose fat & put on muscle simultaneously- one requires calorie deficit, the other a surplus. Do one, then the other"
You may not be able to train at the world-famous Jackson’s MMA camp in Albuquerque, but its official Twitter page gives followers an inside look at what goes on there. Keep tabs on Greg and the gang as they prepare UFC stars like Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans, Shane Carwin, and Jon Jones for their next battles, while hosting the occasional ugly sweater party.
Sample tweet: "@georgesstpierre and @nathanmarquardt sparring today!"
Bio: "Guy from Boston that fights in the UFC and plays a ton of video games."
J-Lau is our #1 choice for "Fighter we’d most like to get drunk with and play some Call of Duty." Joe puts out more online content than some MMA websites, tweeting dozens of times per day and regularly updating his personal blog. We’re not saying he’s a nerd, but how many professional cage-fighters do you know that spend their down-time programming widgets for WordPress?
Sample tweet: "Wrote this for someone else… but figured I would tweet it too. Crash course in Twitter!"
Bio: "Stand up comic/mixed martial arts fanatic/psychedelic adventurer/occasional tv whore."
The beloved UFC color-man and comedian has one of the busiest schedules in the entertainment biz, but still finds time to interact with his fans via Twitter. Follow Joe for extra commentary on the fights, plugs for his side projects, links to crazy stuff he finds on the Internet, and of course his weed-fueled theories on the nature of reality You don’t need to be high to appreciate Joe’s tweets — but it doesn’t hurt.
Sample tweet: "At this point I’ve completely given up on politics, and I’m just holding tight until the aliens land and sort all this shit out."
Bio: "Hamburger vale tudo."
A prodigious talent in the world of MMA journalism, 22-year-old Jordan Breen began writing for Sherdog in his late teens, and scored his own radio show at the MMA mega-site after just one year. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport and endless passion, it isn’t hard to see why Breen’s work has drawn such a following. The dude even marks out about Japanese flyweights. Now that’s commitment.
Sample tweet: "Three weeks ago, Jorge Masvidal told me he had a tune-up fight. ‘Against who?’ I asked. ‘Shit, I dunno. Some guy. Don’t matter,’ he said…That sort of comment is why I’m not even remotely surprised he lost to Palomino. Tune-up fights are opportunities, not gifts."
Jose Aldo‘s tweets may not always make sense, but you have to respect the dude for trying. WEC’s reigning 145-pound king conveniently posts updates from his life in both Portuguese and English, letting fans know that there’s actually a kind and humble human being behind the terrifying persona.
Sample tweet: "Good evening, I play a PS3 game Pro Evolution Soccer who want it appears on the server that I am worth it"
Kimbo posts more pictures of himself than Arianny Celeste; luckily, he keeps his clothes on most of the time. The street-fighter-turned-MMA-superstar lets fans follow his life and adventures, from the training sessions to the porn parties to the high-stakes chess games. And you never know who he’ll run into next (see below).
Sample tweet: " – Had dinner with one of the best that ever did it, and I dont mean Roy( Thats Elton John btw)"
Bio: "Im Tryna Live Rich and Die Rich!!!"
In case you weren’t aware, "GDP" stands for "Get Dat Paper" — and Muhammed Lawal works hard for the money. Between his regal cage-entrances, unconventional product placement, and nonstop trash-talk, King Mo has become one of MMA’s greatest showmen. His tweets provide the haters with all they need to keep doing what they do.
Sample tweet: "I could give a fuck about what Mousasi impressed wit but once he wakes up, he gon be impressed wit my celebration!…That fool sound like Kermit da Frog. Talkin is done on my half. He a fake ass Fedor in my eyes, but he aint even close."
Bio: "Blogger, sports fan, theology student, Chicagoan"
We’ve been following Maggie’s work ever since her days at ChicksHeartFights, back before MMA coverage from a woman’s perspective was like, the cool thing to do. Along with Steve Cofield, she’s now one-half of the dynamic duo that runs Yahoo!’s CageWriter blog, which may very well be the finest MMA site outside of our own. And as anybody who’s worked in the press pit at an MMA event could tell you, her homemade cookies are outstanding.
Sample tweet: "’Maybe doesn’t like her color of nail polish.’ I HATE YOU MAURO RENALLO CHOKE ON YOUR OWN TONGUE."
Wherever Jason Miller goes, he brings the party. As the colorful MMA veteran/Bully Beatdown host told us last year, "Twitter kicks ass because it gives me an outlet for all the crazy thoughts that constantly pop into my head, and if I can share those and get the rest of America on my wavelength, then I guess I’m doing my part." Yes, his thoughts are crazy, and they’re often hilarious. Get on his wavelength or get out of the way.
Sample tweet: "We park on a driveway, drive on a parkway, and a gentlemans club is filled with unscrupulous characters.."
Bio: "I’m always searching for sunshine in the darkness. In a mad world, only the mad are sane."
If you only know Miguel Torres as a ferocious competitor and a committed family man and instructor, you’re only getting half the story. Secretly, Torres is a total goof who loves It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and obsessively quotes Will Ferrell movies. His tweets get pretty random at times, but hey, if you want to watch 25-second videos of guys wrapping their hands, go follow BJ Penn.
Sample tweet: "I am afraid to piss in the morning cause I don’t want to waste any of my excellence."
Bio: "Up to date MMA Photos and tons of interesting posts!"
While Esther Lin captures the agony and ecstasy of life as a mixed martial artist, CombatLifestyle‘s Tracy Lee captures the afterparties and barbecues. With the kind of access that comes from years of hustling and building relationships with fighters, Tracy provides a fly-on-the-wall look at how fighters spend their time outside of the cage. (They eat a ton of sushi, apparently.) Her event photos are also kickass, and she’s always been our go-to source for amazing weigh-in photos.
Sample tweet: "Strikeforce Miami Weigh In Pics: Are up!! Cyborg and Marlos didn’t want to stop their staredown…"
Bio: "WEC General Manager"
He may be a kinder, gentler version of Dana White, but there’s never a dull moment in the life of WEC boss Reed Harris. Follow him for updates on all of his promotion’s exciting stars, and news on which town the WEC will be lighting up next.
Sample tweet: "Meeting Miguel Torres in Columbus Ohio tomorrow to promote WEC March 6..let the fun begin!"
Bio: "The Voice of K-1 and MMA. Check it out on HDNet in North America, Fox Sports in Australia and far and beyond!"
It’s not an act — the one-liner-spewing Aussie wildman is just as fired up when he’s off-duty as he is when he’s breathlessly doing play-by-play for fights in Japan. Make sure to check out Michael’s updates before K-1 and DREAM events to get behind-the-scenes tidbits and previews of the colorful metaphors that he plans to drop during the broadcast.
Sample tweet: "Getting VERY excited…Nipples erect = check! red underwear = check! Two watches = check!"
Bio: "I fight for the UFC and you can learn about me at"
After all we’ve been through together, how could we not include Shane on this list? The UFC heavyweight contender (and all-around nice guy) keeps you current on his personal and professional life through his constantly updated Twitter feed. Few fighters are as responsive and accessible to their fans as The Engineer.
Sample tweet: "Facebook trying for World Peace in the HWT division. They suggest Fedor and Brock as friends. Brock has rejected my request, Will Fedor?"
Bio: "Official Twitter of World Championship Mixed Martial Arts Organization Strikeforce!"
When will Gina Carano make her return? Who’s the next retired pro athlete that Strikeforce will throw into the cage? Your guess is as good as ours — but if you want to be one of the first to know, subscribe here. Fresh updates on America’s #2 fight promotion, served daily.
Sample tweet: "strikeforce challengers feb 26th will crown the first women’s 135 pound champion!"
Bio: "UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion"
If you watched TUF 10, you know that Rashad Evans can play the respectful good-guy as well as he can play the smack-talking heel. Suga’s Twitter feed gives you both sides of his dual-personality, and also shares frequent updates about his movie side-projects. But don’t worry: "no, I’m not gonna pull a Rampage.. ‘I’m a fighter homie’..=)"
Sample tweet: "I’m on the plane sitting next 2 this guy who’s breath stank so bad I’m about 2 vomit!! Lol I hate assigned seating..Oh hell nah, & he got the nerve 2 b talkative.. I got 2 fake sleep..=)"‘s Underground Forum is our #1 destination for wasting time on the Internet when we should be working, and TheUG’s Twitter page works as a daily cheat sheet for the forum’s most entertaining threads. Some of it is brilliant, some of it is idiotic, some of it is brilliantly idiotic — and all of it is required reading if you want to keep on top of what MMA fans are really talking about.
Sample tweet: "Hot Thread Alert: Nick Serra’s Buttflop DQ (GIF)"
Bio: "I’m a full time Alpha Male. I get paid to fight and to fuck….what more could I ask for!?"
Known more for his strange life-choices and public meltdowns than for his career accomplishments, War Machine is the closest thing the MMA world has to Tila Tequila. Follow his tweets for all the latest info on his assault arrests, suicide threats, and which porn starlets he’s been booked to bang next.
Sample tweet: "Fuck you! I’m going to bed….pray I don’t wake up. Fuck myself and my miserable fucking life. Please let me die tonight God fuck it."

Are you a big fan of any other MMA-related Twitter feeds? Shout ‘em out in the comments section…

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Fedor vs. Bas- February 11, 2010 at 5:16 pm
What about Urijah Faber's twitter page. Thats always a good view.
CubanFightFan- February 11, 2010 at 1:10 pm
@TapouT_Crooklyn also
CubanFightFan- February 11, 2010 at 1:01 pm
more essentials... @SI_JoshGross @MMAOdds @JordanBreen
allelbows- February 11, 2010 at 11:58 am
Yes! E. Casey Leydon is awesome and deserves a ton more credit. Thanks for noticing!
robthom- February 11, 2010 at 11:45 am
And we are speaking the same language.

Personally I'd coop it up in a frilly blinding light and inescapable nest, but same difference.
agentsmith- February 11, 2010 at 11:35 am
I said "bless her for it", does that sound like a complaint? Dude, I would wreck that shit, no one's complaining.
robthom- February 11, 2010 at 11:20 am
It's kinda hot IMO.

Please refrain from complaining and fucking it up for the rest of us, thanks.

Tracy Lee is a groupie. Except asian with a camera instead of white with a tape recorder like Loretta.

Similar, except Loretta's cuter IMO.

(In a gremlin faced way)
agentsmith- February 11, 2010 at 10:51 am
It's kinda funny how much of an attention-whore Arianny is... it's not enough to be a ring-girl, she has to constantly post bikini pics and such via Twitter. And may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless her for it.

Speaking of attention-whores, exactly what's the deal with this Tracy Lee chick? What does she do, besides fighters?
robthom- February 11, 2010 at 10:28 am
"Arianny Celeste self-shot bikini pics: The reason why Twitter was invented."

Must be the only fucking excuse for it too.

Didn't know they had pictures.

Never been there.
xFenixKnightx- February 11, 2010 at 10:16 am
That's a special feeling, Lloyd.
cecils_pupils- February 11, 2010 at 10:08 am
Every time I see Arianny I feel a tingling sensation in a special place.
Bob Reilly- February 11, 2010 at 9:01 am
cocosworld.... best non mma twitter feed followed closely by shitmydadsays.
El Famous Burrito- February 11, 2010 at 8:58 am
Why would I need Twitter when CagePotato does all the work for me?

Hendricks and Cofield should be an embarrassment to you guys. they do less work than Sports By Brooks.
Organ Donor- February 11, 2010 at 8:57 am
Jose Aldo's tweet was clearly translated by computer. Here's how I would translate it:

"What's up! I'm playing pro Evolution Soccer. Whoever wants to show up online 'cause I'm bringing' it."

Awesome piece, CP.

Clearly, if I were to get on twitter, on top of everything else I waste time on (like reading CP - especially the above comment by rickdickulous, who probably just wants to fuck Tracy Lee), I would truly have no life.
Durden- February 11, 2010 at 8:45 am
Where's Koscheck? It's like a douchecomment goldmine!
xFenixKnightx- February 11, 2010 at 8:00 am
Lol some of these are funny, will definately be adding a few. Joe Lauzon aka JLau never answered my nerd questions =( it hurt my twitter feelings, though I did enjoy his geek tweets. Arrianny, oh my sweet Mexican princess. More bedtime pics please! Thanks, CP!
rickdickulous- February 11, 2010 at 7:55 am
Tracy Lee doesnt do anything but fuck fighters. She's the best known groupie in mma.
MMAmadman- February 11, 2010 at 7:55 am
Maggie Hendricks...really??? Cofield and her may actually be the 2 worst MMA journalists in the business. Saying CageWriter is the finest website outside of yours puts yours in a pretty stinky place. Lol.
PortlandMMA- February 11, 2010 at 7:51 am
Fight! Magazine is the best magazine out there but I was reading my February issue and Danny Acosta wrote an article about Chael Sonnen saying was raised in "blue collar West Linn." Dude West Linn is where all the Blazers live and I don't know anyone that lives there that's making under 100K a year. Do some research Danny.
jimbonics- February 11, 2010 at 7:47 am
Twitter is for fame-whores and fags, not in that particular order.
richorama- February 11, 2010 at 7:43 am
I mostly use twitter to follow porn stars. Lady porn stars.
831 Father- February 11, 2010 at 7:40 am
I know people love to gush over Esther because of her neat photos and because she's a girl, but All Elbows is two people: Esther and Casey. He does those neat videos on MMA Fanhouse (The most recent one was at AKA, filming Mike Swick). He doesn't get enough credit.
MMA42- February 11, 2010 at 7:21 am
I actually follow WarMachine, and the guy actually sent me a signed shirt. Color me impressed and scared, I hope I don't find any stains it in =|