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25 Things You Can Do Between Fights During a UFC on FOX Sports 1 Broadcast

(26. Stare at this picture of Dana White for 45 minutes. / Photo via Getty)

The gap between fights on FS1 broadcasts is massive. We realized it was senseless to just watch all the commercials. Instead, let’s all be productive with our time. Here’s a list of several (but not all) things you can do during the huge amount of time in between fights.

1. Watch several fights from a previous UFC PPV on Fight Pass.

2. Go get ice cream or pizza.

3. Perform the recommended amount of daily exercise.

4. Read a chapter from the latest trendy YA novel.

5. Try to educate the heathens next to you at Buffalo Wild Wings about the finer points of MMA.

6. Do DDP Yoga.

7. Read a chapter from Matt Hughesautobiography (don’t worry, it’s not exactly War and Peace).

8. Calculate how much interest you’ll earn from your savings account this year.

9. Come up with a better tagline for the upcoming TUF than “Easy on the eyes, hard on the face.”

10. Try to explain the concept of _______ to the average MMA fan (there’s a lot of different ways to go with this one).

11. Try to explain “Alpha Male Shit” to a person with a functioning brain.

12. Illegally download the terrible action film they’re hawking on the broadcast that night, watch it in three-minute installments.

13. Or better yet, just watch Haywire again.

14. Play a game of Pitch, Rummy, Kings, etc.

15. Binge watch your favorite Netflix TV show.

16. Fix that leaky faucet your wife’s been complaining about since March.

17. Listen to YYZ in its entirety.

18. Make a souffle from scratch.

19. Step out for a cigarette or 12.

20. Listen to an episode of your favorite podcast (I recommend “How Did This Get Made?“).

21. Two words: Midnight. Golfing.

22. Take a shot every time a Nos, Harley Davidson, or Metro PCS commercial comes on.

23. Obtain a degree in quantum physics.

24. Go rent The Notebook or go to the movies. Dana White doesn’t care.

25. Write this article.

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