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A Former Writer Has Accused Penn Of Some Pretty Horrific Stuff

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If you’ve ever wondered what current day CagePotato would look like with slightly more readers and slightly less credibility, look no further than The site that owes its namesake to the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ has become one of the more ridiculed destinations for MMA news over the years (next to, you know, *us*), having been accused of blatantly stealing videos and entire articles from other MMA sites without attributing the proper credit on several occasions. It’s also been criticized as being regularly prone to grammatical mistakes, which is arguably even more shamful. Shamful, indeed.

But we’re not here to take pot shots at one of our peers, we’re here to talk about the rather horrific accusations that one of the’s former writers have lobbed at the man himself following a falling out with the website.

Details after the jump. 

After parting ways with back in October, writer Pedro Alex Carrasco took to Twitter yesterday with the recently unretired champ in his sights, claiming to have proof that Penn had sexually assaulted his girlfriend some time before his departure.

For those thinking that this might just be a case of sour grapes, Carrasco followed up by claiming that “Those clamoring for evidence will have to wait, there is an investigation pending with the authorities.I just couldn’t hold my tongue.”

If that weren’t bad enough, MMA photographer Cynthia Vance then took to Twitter as well to corroborate Carrasco’s story, tweeting that “I was on the Big Island when all of this went down. Shit is fucked.”

After receiving some criticism, Vance later clarified her previous statements, writing that:

I was staying with them for nearly a week. And I know what happened to me and what went down around me. I was working on the Big Island shooting a pilot when all of this went down. The whole shoot fell apart. I asked for the first ticket out of there and the show was cancelled.

I’m not here to slander. Just stating facts. There’s no aloha in how I and all involved in that shoot were treated during our stay. Yes. Pedro has tweeted that only his girlfriend and BJ were present. Pedro and I were left in Waipio Valley during all of this. It’s a dead-zone with no internet or cell service.

We learned of everything once we were able to get out of there.

Obviously, this story is still in the early stages, so it’s difficult to discern who’s actually telling the truth here. Penn has yet to respond to the accusations, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated as the information is made available.

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