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A Loving Photo/Video Tribute to Jade Bryce, Former (!?) Bellator Ring Girl

(MMA Impressions With Jade Bryce, Part 2: The Thrill of Victory” — The greatest original video we’ve ever published.)

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: Longtime Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce has been released from the promotion. “Super sad to announce that I am no longer with Bellator,” Jade wrote on Instagram over the weekend. “They have chosen to go in a different direction for the new year. I worked exactly 99 fights for them over the past 4 years, & it truly was the best 4 years of my life.”

If Bellator’s “new direction” involves getting rid of all of its ring girls — even the other one that you never really hear about — because the use of ring girls in combat sports is a sexist tradition or whatever, we will grudgingly accept that. (Also, if Bellator is cutting Jade to make room for a ring boy, we will also accept that, because CagePotato has always supported equality and absurdity.)

Any other explanation makes no sense. Jade Bryce is a more beloved and respectable figure than 90% of Bellator’s actual fighter-roster. So yeah, we’re a little bitter today, because we love Jade; she’s beautiful, kind-hearted, and any MMA ring girl who doesn’t recoil in horror around us is aces in our book.

To help you process your own grief about Jade’s firing, we’ve collected her all-time greatest videos, photos, and assorted miscellany that we’ve ever posted on this site. Enjoy these two jam-packed pages of Classic Jade, click all the images for larger versions, and show her some love on Twitter @thejadebryce. We’ll let you know where she ends up.

(From: “Order Jade Bryce’s 2015 Calendar, And Support a Great Cause)

(From: “Watch These Jade Bryce Workout Videos, And You Will Have the Best Ass on the Block)

(Props: Jade’s Facebook page)

(From “Ring Girl Booty-Shot of the Day: Jade Bryce Offers Bruce Lee Some Pizza)

(From: “26 Amazing MMA Ring Girl GIFs That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before)

My first video attempt. You’re welcome.

A video posted by Eric Coleman (@ericcoleman1) onSep 9, 2013 at 4:12pm PDT

(Jade Bryce is distracting.)

(From “Jade Bryce Rolling Around in Spandex Eating Pizza Is Something We Can Always Get Behind)

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