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Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira and The Importance Of Being Humble

So if you had the opportunity to tune into UFC Fight Night 96 then you saw a number of things take place. For one, you got to see two of the greatest fighters in the world at the bantamweight division throw down as John Lineker and John Dodson traded blows for five rounds and twenty-five minutes. Though the decision could be argued there’s no arguing that the fans got what they paid for with the main event. We also had the opportunity to see Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira defeat Will Brooks in the co-main event and then immediately disrespect his unconscious opponent moments after securing a knock out victory.

Fighting can be a pretty emotional endeavor. As much logic is needed to perform at your technical best, there is no denying that emotions can sometimes run high. We saw it on both sides of the equation. Where Will Brooks was frustrated by Oliveira missing weight, Cowboy was pissed that the former Bellator lightweight champion refused to face off with him at the weigh-ins. But while Brooks was far more within his rights to be upset, Cowboy missing weight by five pounds, Oliveira being angered by Brooks refusal to face him at the weigh-ins is unwarranted. By performing the “Degeneration X” crotch chop to disrespect Brooks after already obtaining victorious, Alex Oliveira crossed over the line.

Now while many will defend Cowboy by bringing up examples like Conor McGregor, let me say now that it’s a poor example. Why? Because though McGregor may talk a ton a trash, he’s also sure to be humble in both victory and defeat. It’s what made his loss to Nate Diaz so compelling. He lost fair and square and carried himself much the same way he did when he defeated Jose Aldo to become the featherweight champion.

There’s certainly a fine line when it comes to fighting. For some fighters it’s hard to separate the notion that a fight is nothing more than a test of skill and not at all personal. If someone punches you in the face, it’s going to be hard not to take it personally. But the reality is that when you get to the highest levels of the sport you should possess some manor of professionalism. Cowboy Oliveira not only missed weight, but then proceeded to act like a schoolyard bully after defeating his opponent. Not all that classy whatsoever.

Alex Oliveira’s decision to disrespect Brooks has done little in the way of harming his relationship with the UFC. What it’s done instead is possibly mar his reputation with the fans and depending on the how powerful of a reaction they have, that can either be the worst thing for Cowboy or boost him to new heights.

What do you think of Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira’s actions?

Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his antics.

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