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And Now He’s Fired: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Released over “Crazy Sh*t Backstage”

Mayhem Miller and the UFC? I never want to see those two again. Props:

While it remains to be seen whether Jason “Mayhem” Miller will actually retire after his loss to C.B. Dollaway during last night’s UFC 146, he certainly won’t be having another fight in the UFC any time soon.

During last night’s post-event press conference, Dana White announced that the UFC has parted ways with Mayhem. While the news isn’t exactly surprising in any way, it’s interesting that Dana White cites “some crazy shit” that took place backstage as the reason for Miller’s release. Before you begin to speculate, the incident was not a fight. As of right now, there are no other details on the incident.

I was about to write that Jason Miller‘s UFC run has been forgettable, but honestly, it was much worse than that: His career in the UFC has been memorable for entirely the wrong reasons. He’s been little more than a class clown, insulting opponents during interviews and wearing ridiculous outfits only to get thoroughly dismantled in each of his appearances. He’s looked so bad throughout his UFC career that Dana White is on record claiming that he’s seen women in Tae Bo classes with better striking.

As for his final performance in the octagon against middleweight gatekeeper C.B. Dollaway, the less we say the better. It’s one thing when a smartass hack journalist jokes about changing the channel to a basketball game during your “fight”. It’s a whole different story when your boss tweets that your fight “SUCKED!!!!” before the crowd is even done booing. Injured knee or not, if Mayhem was looking to go out on a high note, he failed miserably.

Rarely one to shy away from expressing his thoughts, Dana White commented further on Mayhem’s final performance for the UFC during the press conference. “The thing is with Mayhem Miller, his last fight was embarrassing that he had with Michael Bisping after his season of The Ultimate Fighter,” said White. “Then he still comes out with pink shit on at the weigh-ins or whatever the hell he was wearing. The guy doesn’t take it serious and he looked it tonight.” Ouch.

So what do you think happens now for Jason Miller? Does he actually retire from MMA? Does he stick to crushing cans at local shows? Do you think Bellator takes a chance on him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Sopapo Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 02:29

    Couldn't see the miller fight, did he fuck up his knee?
  2. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 02:36

    It was heavily wrapped and he didnt have the greatest mobility
  3. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 02:38

    Breaking his balls because of his weigh in entrance, or walk to the ring is stupid. The guy is known for silly shit like that. Breaking his balls because of his performance is a whole 'nother thing. I really want to know what this "crazy shit" backstage was...
  4. Cheeseburger Eddie Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 02:40

    It really sucks for Mayhem because he was trying to finish the fight, he put CB on Stanky Leg Ave a few times before CB showed us his Jake Shields Fight Finisher membership. It did look like his knee was jacked up after he landed on it weird in the 1st round.
  5. boober Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 02:46

    All it was, was that he clogged the toilet in Dana'a private bathroom.
  6. FightZen Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 03:22

    I really like Mayhem, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I kind of agree with Dana. I didn't even see the weigh ins. But watching him show boat in the first round in a fight that CLEARLY was for his job was a little stunning.
  7. enrikk Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 03:38

    "Injured knee or not..." Wait, why was he fighting on a crippled knee in the first place? I understand fighters always fight with "minor injuries" (a knee injury isn't) ...but if you need that many bandages before you even step in the cage, do yourself a favor and call in sick or something, holy shit. . But yeah, it was the showboating at the beginning that lost me. You're only entertaining if you intentionally put your hands at your waist and DON'T get hit, and you only get to brag when you're actually good. Bye Mayhem. Good riddance.
  8. danomite Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 03:44

    Dana White is a Fucking professional and there is no room for Mayhem's faggoty bullshit in the UFC!!!Anyone who doesn't agree is a cunt.
  9. O Chan Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 03:49

    With Hector Lombard out of Bellator, having a high profile name come in wouldn't be a bad thing.
  10. shatterproof Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 04:00

    At this rate Randy Couture might nominate Jason Miller for the Hall of Fame.
  11. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 04:02

    Who cares what the guy does next? In the past 4 years, he is 3-4 against mostly middling competition. Whatever he does, he should make sure it doesn't involve fighting against professional fighters, because that phase of life has passed him by.
  12. Limbo Pete Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 04:54

    Sure, Mayhem is an easy target for criticism (Most of which he certainly deserves) but I don't think C.B. "The Douchebag" Dolloway should be getting off so easy. How in the holy hell do you have a guy pinned for that long and not even work for ONE submission?!? Jesus tap dancing christ he just layed on him. And say what you will about Miller's bizarre striking; it got the better of Dolloway for some reason, and I think if the ref had pulled his head out of his ass and stood the fight up just ONE time in the later parts of the fight we could have seen a very strange knockout.
  13. geoff0011 Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 05:10

    He did. In one of CB's takedowns, Mayhem collapsed on his left leg. Didn't notice anything wrong at first, but a little later in the fight Mayhem threw a punch and literally fell over. His leg just gave out on him and the fight went completely downhill from there.
  14. BaghdadBob Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 05:36

    seems obvious to me that miller knew his loss would cost him his job so he went to Plan B: Do something really gay backstage so suckers on the internet keep mentioning his name (at least for the next 3 days) and he can try to con some other promotion into taking him on for the publicity alone.
  15. BaghdadBob Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 05:39

    and I might add to me the real crime of the night was what Completely Boring did in the cage versus Miller. For Christ's fucking sake, C(ompletely) B(oring), that wasn't supposed to be highschool state wrestling finals. Fuck me.
  16. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 05:53

    mayhem should have been telling the ref to stand em up, cause all that happened while dumberman wrestlefucked him was he took a nap. yawnnnnnnn. I guess if you can't get up, and you take zero damage while laying on the ground, you lose. SO knowing this stupid rule wouldn't you want the ref to stop the boring wrestlefuck? Or maybe that gay act was for real, and Mayhem couldn't concentrate on a fight cause CB's sweet cock was so close to his ass. A fighter you are not mayhem, you better be careful what you say to bullys you might be in for a bully beatdown, you candy ass, fudgepacker. Sadly the trainwreck of this is not over cause Dana wouldn't open up his mouth and just say the stupid shit mayhem pulled, no one would blame him, it would be par for the course, and we could all move on.............but nooooooooooooooooo, this shit just got new life. it's like titos head it just gets bigger and bigger.
  17. dbl11 Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 06:37

    for the 45 seconds the fight managed to stay on the feet. i was entertained, and i had never laughed so hard watching mma as when mayhem noogied dolloway. his striking looked pretty good considering white's previous assessment of it. I don't know if the knee played a factor or not in the loss, but it's pretty clear that Dana White just has it in for certain fighters. Mayhem won the first round vs bisping, then got stopped, and its called an embarassment? thats almost like saying that Bisping wasn't impressive. Dana White only likes you if youre jacked, handsome, and keep your beard and hair trimmed. He wants everyone to conform to his standard, while being one of the most 'out there' and outspoken executives in sports. His analysis of MMA is limited to 'sick fight bro' or, 'you're an embarassment' and he has the nerve to criticize a fighter who gets taken down by a wrestler, and smothered for 3 rounds?
  18. coldbeer78 Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 07:47

    I believe after the Mayhem fight, Cecil Peoples was quoted as saying "noogies don't win fights". For once, Mr. Peoples was correct...
  19. dbl11 Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 08:42

    it may not win a fight, but it won my heart lol
  20. HaidaNation Says:

    Sun, 05/27/12 - 08:51

    I would shoot an overhand right to the "Boss" if I was on my way out. Or at least a backhand. Mr. Hardy can look like shit for a year and a half and stay on the roster. Maybe theres time for Miller to jump on the next DREAM card! lol
  21. David_Banner Says:

    Mon, 05/28/12 - 03:54

    Nobody wants to see that shit. Who is Jason playing to with it, because I can't hear anything over the boo's, every time he walks out clowning.
  22. David_Banner Says:

    Mon, 05/28/12 - 04:01

    Coming into the Bisping fight, Jason had a real chance at becoming one of the biggest names in MMA. Now, its like the guy made a decision to sabotage his own career and publicly humiliate himself, twice. I almost feel for him but after the weigh ins, I'm with Dana. He's a joke, and nobody is laughing but him.
  23. Fried Taco Says:

    Tue, 05/29/12 - 05:34

    Mayhem said it was some shit with Burt "The Babysitter" Watson that happened on his walkout to the cage. Apparently he was wearing a gas mask underneath a paper bag, and Burt did not approve and interrupted his walkout to let him know.
  24. knucklesamitch Says:

    Tue, 05/29/12 - 06:15

    There's no way I blame Miller for that fight. His leg was clearly jacked up (and most likely injured even worse during the fight), but at the point that CB was snuggling into Mayhem's chest, and just looking up at the clock was the point where I feel like both fighters should have been fired on teh spot before Bruce Buffer was even done reading out the judges scores.
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