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Antonio Silva Wants Josh Barnett for Sengoku’s Heavyweight Steroid Championship

Antonio Bigfoot Silva MMA steroids
(Seriously. The man showers after every workout, and always uses fresh needles. Image courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Thank God for the city of Japan — where else would fighters who are wrongly accused of steroid use get a chance to redeem themselves? According to an article posted yesterday on Tatame (via BloodyElbow), two such innocent victims could be meeting in the ring at the end of this year:

Owner of three heavyweight championships (EliteXC, Cage Rage and Cage Warriors), Antonio "Pezão" Silva is training to return to Sengoku on September 23rd, and now has even more motivation to win. "I have two more fights in Sengoku, and, winning this fight… I’ll fight for the title in December. They’re going to create a championship and I’ll fight for the title," said the American Top Team heavyweight, who is still without an opponent.
"I don’t know who it could be, I don’t have the slightest idea," he affirmed. But, given the choice, Pezão already has someone he’d like to see on the other side of the ring. "I’d like it to be Josh Barnett, since he won’t be fighting in the United States. He has a contract with Sengoku and is trained, so who knows why this fight wouldn’t happen," suggested the fighter, whose steroid suspension in the United States ends next week.

Though Bigfoot caught a one-year suspension from the CSAC for testing positive for Boldenone last July, he decided to skate off to Japan to take a Sengoku fight against Yoshihiro "Kiss" Nakao in January, which ended abruptly after Nakao’s knee blew out. So even though Silva could theoretically return to competition in the States soon, it’s unclear how much mercy American athletic commissions will have on him.

What’s strange to me is how the supposedly innocent Silva is welcoming a fight with Barnett without any kind of chastisement of Babyface’s ‘roid bust. You’d think Bigfoot would at least throw in a "steroids are bad" preface to his call-out of Barnett. I guess in Japan, you don’t even need to fake it; steroids are what will make this fight possible, so God bless ‘em. The drawback is, Sengoku’s heavyweight title will be absolutely meaningless to those who appreciate clean competition. Then again, for heavyweights who can’t seem to cycle off the juice correctly, it’s the only title that matters…

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GOOD! CP doesn't need any new fans until they get a better server. This site is running as slow as CombatLifestyle.

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kupo- July 27, 2009 at 8:05 am
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Shagen- July 27, 2009 at 7:55 am
How did you guys get Kimbo to write for you? "city of Japan"