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Beef of the Day: Alistair Overeem and Anthony Johnson Are Just a Couple of P*ssies (Their Words, Not Ours)

(“But why is the lady having sex with the horse when she could be eating it?” via FighterXFashion.)

If Hollywood ever opted to do a straight-up remake of Predator starring only MMA fighters (not that they ever, *ever* should), I’d like to think that Alistair Overeem and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson would be prime candidates for the Dutch and Dillon roles, respectively, based purely on their collective body mass. I say this despite the fact that the former has been rapidly shrinking down from heavyweight and the latter steadily ballooning up from welterweight over the past few years.

Come to think of it, it’s entirely possible that Rumble has been slowly accumulating/absorbing Overeem’s mass through some sort of voodoo this entire time. Johnson and Overeem are former “Blackzilian” training partners, for one, which means that Rumble could have easily secured the hair strand/toenail clipping/jar of sweat necessary to conduct such a voodoo ritual, and both appear to hate the everloving sh*t out of each other. It’s the only logical explanation outside of “Johnson was never a true welterweight and Overeem owed his Herculean physique to steroids” that I can honestly think of.

But back to the rivalry between these two, which was reignited when Overeem busted up Jon Jones in a training session that in turn led to the cancellation of Jones vs.Cormier at UFC 178. Johnson inserted himself into the situation by more or less claiming that Overeem did it on purpose before calling him out, to which Overeem responded by calling Johnson a “p*ssy.”

Looking to continue the middle school method of hyping a fight that hasn’t been booked yet, Johnson lashed out at Overeem on Twitter this morning:

As the official Twitter beef judge ’round these parts, I give Rumble a 6 out of 10 for this attack. The Overeem-JDS stuff surely stung a bit, but “Overshit” is just way too hackneyed an insult to be effective. “Oversemen” maybe could have worked, but even that’s a bit of a stretch. I also took points away from Rumble for responding to being called a pussy by calling Overeem…a pussy. That’s just plain unoriginal, like rhyming a word with the same word in a rap (more commonly known as “Fred Dursting”).

Overeem, as you know, has not fought since his three-round drubbing of Frank Mir at UFC 169, and is currently scheduled to face Ben Rothwell at Fight Night Mashantucket (lol!) this Friday. Johnson similarly beat down an aging legend in his last contest, stopping Antonio Rogerio Nogueira with strikes in the first round of their fight at UFC on FOX 12.

So Nation, given that Overeem is able to make it past Rothwell this weekend (on a card that you should *definitely* watch, IMO), would any of you be interested in seeing him take on Johnson in what is surely the biggest grudge match this side of Rousey-Correia?

-J. Jones

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