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Behold: The Most Awkward Cat Zingano Interview of All Time

The 2014 Potato Award for “Most Awkward Interview” has been clinched, folks. An aspiring (read: totally untrained and unqualified) MMA journalist named Paulie G interviewed Cat Zingano at the UFC 178 media day yesterday, and came away with the anti-masterpiece of cringeyness you see above. My God, it is so awful. Some highlights.

- “Are you nice and relaxed? You seem relaxed.” — Already, it’s feeling like a BangBros scene. And the title of the video places it squarely in fanboy territory to begin with.

- “You had a long layoff. You had a little taste of it, right, with the Miesha Tate fight. And now you’re back. Right? And uh, do you think Amanda Nunes’s opponents were tough, that she faced, her first two opponents, in UFC?” LMFAO!!

- Zingano officially checks out of the interview at the 0:51 mark.

- Paulie G. on Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis: “It was so fast, right? I was there live, at UFC 175? And I was just like ‘holy…’ you know. If it woulda went 30 seconds, I thought Alexis Davis would have really been hurt, you know? So.” WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION, SIR. Meanwhile, Zingano is just sitting there staring at this dummy. Excuse me, this credentialed dummy.

- Paulie G. thanks Zingano for the interview, and a wave of relief washes over her face. Then, he asks if she saw the Amanda Nunes vs. Sarah D’Alelio fight from Invicta FC 4. Zingano says no — she never watches tape on her opponents, and trusts her coaches to tell her what she needs to work on. Paulie is disappointed: “Okay, well. I saw the fight. I thought there might be some things you could take from that, to beat Amanda Nunes.” Zingano thanks him, showing remarkable restraint. Paulie G. hits the stop button on his iPhone video recorder, and walks away thinking that yes, this needs to be shared with the world. Journalism in the year 2014, everybody.

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