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Bellator 120: Rampage Edges King Mo, Will Brooks Out-Points Michael Chandler

Tonight, Bellator will make its first foray into the PPV market after a botched attempt last year. Bellator 120 was originally scheduled to be main-evented by the rubber match between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler, but Alvarez recently withdrew due to a concussion. Bellator matched up Chandler with Will Brooks, and bumped King Mo vs. Rampage Jackson into the card’s main event. We’ve also got Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko, Blagoi Ivanov vs. Alexander Volkov, and Michael Page vs. Ricky Rainey.

In this liveblog of Bellator’s first-ever PPV, CagePotato social media kosmonaut and weekend editor Matt Saccaro will be giving you the results for the PPV portion of the fight card, in case you’re too cheap to buy it or don’t have access to it for some reason. He’ll also be posting quick results from the rest of the event, as well as his typical analysis of commercials on the Spike TV portion of the broadcast.

Here are the results for the prelims:

Spike TV Preliminary Card

Cheick Kongo def. Eric Smith via TKO (strikes), 4:35 of round 2
Marcin Held def. Nate Jolly submission (arm bar), 4:20 of round 1
Fabricio Guerreiro def. Shahbulat Shamhalaev via submission (kimura), 3:29 of round 1
Goiti Yamauchi def. Mike Richman unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Preliminary Card

Austin Lyons def. Zach Underwood via technical decision (unanimous)
Mike Wessel def. Justin Frazier via TKO (punches), 4:28 of round 1
Ben Brewer def. Andy Uhrich via KO (strikes), 2:40 of round 2
Codie Shuffield def. Andy Lemon via submission (rear naked choke), 2:15 of round 2
Brian Hall def. Cortez Phelia via TKO (punches), 0:24 of round 3

And now, the liveblog for the main card:

Michael Page vs. Ricky Rainey

Round 1: Rainey sugers forwards and misses. Page uses his footwork to escape, riding his bicycle. Rainey lands a right but it didn’t have much power. Page has his hands at his waist. Page starts landing tons of shots, then throws Rainey to the mat. Rainey gets up. Page is looking in the opposite direction while fighting Rainey and landing. he’s turning his back on Rainey now. The showmanship is great but if he loses he’ll look like a twat. Rainey clinches Page and has him against the fence now. Page separates and they reset. Page lands a left and then a front kick. Rainey is already breathing heavy. Page is shaking his ass and dancing, no joke. Page lands a jab. Rainey clinches again, pressing Page against the cage. Rainey goes for a single but Page reverses and almost lands on top of Rainey before he scrambles to his feet and they reset. Page lands a flying knee and then a spinning backfist. Rainey can’t touch page in the striking. Page looks disinterested. He lands two jabs and an uppercut. Rainey runs forwards. Page lands a huge right that floors Rainey and the referee stops the fight. Page wins via KO.

Alexander Volkov vs. Blagoi Ivanov

Round 1: Early striking exchanges favor nobody. Ivaonov clinches and gets Volkov against the fence. he tries a single leg but abandons it. He goes back to the body lock, leaning on Volkov. They spend some time fighting for hand positioning. Not a ton of action against the fence. Ivanov attempts a double but fails. Back to the same over-under position they’ve been in. The referee warns them; he wants action. The two fighters exchange knees. Volkov hits a knee and then a body kick but Ivanov catches it and clinches. Volkov gets double underhooks briefly but separates and lands an uppercut. Ivanov lands a right hand and clinches. Volkov lands a nice knee to the chin. The two fighters do some dirty boxing before Volkov circles out. Ivanov hits a right hand, Volkov hits a left and then a knee. Volkov has the better combinations, hitting a jab, cross, round kick to the body combo. Ivanov lands a right hand as the round ends.

Round 2: Both men miss right hands. Ivanov tries a single leg and Volkov shrugs it off. A brief, wild slugfest ensues but nobody lands anything. Ivanov attempts a throw but botches it; Volkov takes his back and has him in a rear naked choke. Ivanov taps! That was unexpected.

Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko

Round 1: Ortiz misses with two rights and a head kick. He shoots and Shlemenko shrugs it off. Shlemenko starts peppering Ortiz as the crowd chants for Tito. Shlemenko lands two punches to the head but Ortiz counters with a knee. Ortiz presses Shlemenko against the fence, finally making use of his size advantage. He lands a couple of soft knees. Ortiz gets Shlemenko down and has his back. He flattens him out but winds up on top in side control. He’s going for an arm-triangle and he might have it. He has it. Shlemenko is out cold. Holy shit.

After the fight Ortiz cuts the worst promo of all time. He pretended to be Hulk Hogan and it was honestly the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in MMA.

Michael Chandler vs. Will Brooks

Round 1: Chandler lands a jab. Brooks misses a round kick. Chandler pressures Brooks to backing up against the cage. He shoots a double on Brooks and gets it. Chandler is having a bit of trouble escaping from Brooks’ guard. Brooks gets to his feet. Chandler misses an overhand right, Brooks lands a left and then a good knee. Chandler misses an upcrut. He attempts a double leg but Brooks sprawls. Still, Chandler shoves Brooks up against the cage and keeps him there. Chandler scores a takedown with about two minutes left in the round. The fight stalls out while Chandler is in Brooks’ guard. The round ends.

Round 2: Chandler shoots a single-leg and has Brooks stymied against the cage. Brooks stops the takedown, and now they’re fighting in the clinch. Brooks separates and they reset. Chandler lands a double-leg. The rest of the round will probably be Chandler sitting in Brooks’ guard. With a minute and a half left Brooks FINALLY gets up and even manages to take Chandler down and take his back! But Brooks loses the position and is now on top of Brooks again in guard. That’s where the round ends.

Round 3: Chandler hits a sweet left hook, then shoots a double. Brooks sprawls. He hits a knee on Chandler as they rise up to their feet. Chandler clinches again and bullies Brooks against the fence, but Brooks reverses. They clinch again and Brooks lands a knee and misses an uppercut. Another clinch, Chandler tries a guillotine but winds up getting taken down. Brooks has his back now. He’s got the body triangle locked up. Chandler rolls over into full mount. He’s cut and Brooks is landing ground and pound. It’s not looking good for Chandler. He’s landing some short elbows now, and now more punches. Chandler explodes out of mount and escapes. Wow. They’re standing now. Brooks shoots and fails. Chandler drops to all fours and Brooks tries to take his back again. Chandler gets up. he goes for a head kick that lands on the jaw. He lands another and as he has Chandler wobbled he takes him down and gets the back and body triangle. Only 20 seconds left. The round comes to a close before Brooks can capitalize.

Round 4: Brooks lands a body kick and misses a head kick. Brooks hits a jab; he looks like the fresher fighter. Chandler shoots from across the cage and misses by miles. Chandler lands a nice hook but Brooks BLASTS him off his feet with a power double. He’s got Chandler’s back again now, but Chandler reverses and winds up on top in guard. Not a ton of action. The ref stands them up with 1:30 to go. Brooks lands a good right hand. Chandler shoots underneath a right hand but Brooks sprawls and lands a knee. Chandler is slower than he was last round. Brooks lands an illegal knee (or at least the ref thought so) to Chandler while a hand was on the ground. The fight resumes. Brooks lands a head kick. He stops another shot from Chandler and takes his back AGAIN. He’s going for the RNC with 10 seconds left but he can’t get it.

Round 5: Chandler shoots. Brooks sprawls. They separate and reset. Brooks is looking very fresh still. Incredible cardio. Chandler attempts a single-leg and after a while finally gets it, but Brooks scrambles immediately and escapes. Chandler goes for an ugly double-leg and brooks punishes him with knees to the ribs. Chandler is getting aggressive now, too much so. Brooks gets his back and SUPLEX. He takes Chandler’s back but was too high and slipped off. Now Chandler’s on top of him in guard. With 1:00 left, Brooks escapes to his feet. Chandler gets hyper aggressive and nearly KOs books! he floored brooks. He’s going for an arm triangle now as the seconds are winding down. Brooks escapes, but is still mounted. That’s how the round and the fight ends, with Chandler on top in mount.

The judges gave Will Brooks the split decision. Crazy fight. Crazy card. Wow.

Quinton Jackson vs. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal

Round 1: King Mo shoots right away and successfully lands a single leg. All Rampage can do is keep Mo in his guard. The fans are booing loudly. Mo passes into side control. Rampage manages to stand back up, but Mo retains a body lock. He has Rampage against the fence. Mo goes for a double now and gets it. With about 2:30 left Rampage gets back up but gets double-legged again. He’s got zero answer for Mo’s wrestling. Rampage gets to his feet again with 1:30 to go. Rampage FINALLY manages to separate. Jackson swings big with a left hook and misses. Mo misses a big right hand and Rampage counters with a left. Mo slips while defending against a flurry from Rampage. Rampage gets a little more aggressive as the round ends but can’t connect before the bell.

Round 2: Mo lands a body kick. Rampage lands a left hand that shook Mo a bit. Mo is petrified of Rampage’s striking, it seems. Rampage loads up on right hands and lands a left too. Mo is hurt but manages to clinch. Mo shoots but Rampage throws him off. Mo flies back whenever Rampage’s strikes make contact with him. Mo tries another double leg but Rampage blocks it. They’re against the fence now, with Mo putting his weight on Rampage. He level changes and tries yet another takedown, which fails. A single leg attempt from Mo gets nowhere. Rampage separates for a moment and throws a huge hook. Mo ducks it and clinches. After some inactivity, Rampage separates. King Mo hits a big left hook that hurts Rampage bad. Then he tries the worst flying knee I’ve ever seen, which predictably fails. Afterwards, King Mo brings Rampage to the mat with a double leg. Rampage explodes and gets back up, but it’s too little too late. The round is over.

Round 3: Rampage blocks a single leg attempt from King Mo and lands a flurry of punches. Both fighters breathing heavy. Rampage lands a left hook and Mo initiates a clinch. He bullies Rampage against the fence and pulls off a single-leg takedown. The crowd is booing. There’s three minutes left and King Mo is on top of Rampage in half guard. The fight will probably end here. Rampage gets back to guard. Big John McCarthy calls for action and threatens a stand-up. Rampage turtles up and Mo takes his back. Rampage gtes back to his feet with 2:00 to go. Rampage has his right hand so cocked and loaded it’s ridiculous. Mo shoots a double and has Rampage pressed on the fence. A minute left and they’re still clinched. McCarthy separates them. 30 seconds left. Rampage lands a good uppercut and Mo lands a jab. The fight is over.

Before the decision is announced Rampage and King Mo are still jaw-jacking. Mo is getting pretty animated. They get separated but Mo is still yelling from across the cage. Ugh.

The judges awarded Rampage Jackson with a unanimous decision win. We don’t really agree. They’re yelling at each other after the decision is announced. MMA is terrible sometimes. Rampage is calling for a rematch even though he won. Looks like they’re trying to book the next PPV already. Mo is going apeshit, calling Rampage a dick-rider. Wow.

That’s the event, Potato Nation. Was it worth $50? Probably not, but we certainly had fun watching it because there were quite a few surreal moments.

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