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Bellator 124 Results: Newton KOs Beltran with Insane Spinning Backfist, McGeary Submits Anundson with Even Crazier Submission

Bellator 124 is here, and while it’s not quite Bellator 123 in term of star power, it’s still certainly worth watching.

On the main card we’ve got Ryan Couture meeting Tom Bagnasco, a late replacement. Then there’s L.C. Davis vs. Zeilton Rodrigues. The highly touted Liam McGeary faces Kelly Anundson in the co-main event. The main event is a peculiar booking: Emanuel Newton vs. Joey Beltran for the Bellator light heavyweight title.

Ryan Couture vs. Tom Bagnasco

Round 1: Bagnasco lands a high kick. Couture counters with a leg kick. Couture lands a hook to the body then clinches and lands a knee. Referee Dan Miragliotta pauses the fight, saying Couture kneed Bagnasco in the groin. The replay shows they both kneed each other in the groin. Miragliotta restarts the fight. Couture lands a stuff right hand, then clinches. He gets the takedown immediately and is in side control. Bagnasco regains half guard and then scrambles, but winds up getting his back taken with his belly to the mat. Couture starts landing punches. Bagnasco rolls over to his back and Couture gets mount. Bagnasco gives up his back again. Couture keeps landing light punches before quickly transitioning to a body triangle and then sinking in the rear naked choke. Bagnasco taps. This one is over.

L.C. Davis vs. Zeilton Rodrigues

Round 1: The two fighters start tentative. What they do through doesn’t land. Rodrigues manages to back Davis against the fence but Davis counters with a huge right hand. The two start swinging HUGE uppercuts and hooks. Davis ducks under a punch and double legs Rodrigues. Rodrigues tries a guillotine but Davis passes to side control. Nevertheless, Rodrigues doesn’t break the guillotine grip for some time. Davis finally breaks it but is now in half guard. Rodrigues scrambles and ends up grabbing a leg and goes for a heel hook. Davis defends by puttin gall his weight on the leg. Davis attempts to stand up and Rodrigues goes back to the leg again, this time going for a toe hold but it fails. Davis is now in Rodrigues’ half guard. Rodrigues gets his guard back and goes for a leg lock again. Davis escapes. The round ends.

Round 2: Davis lands a nice combination ending with a right hook. Then he hits a jab. Davis shoots a double leg and gets it with ease. Rodrigues is trying for a guillotine but Davis is in half guard so it’s not likely he’ll finish it. After a few seconds, Rodrigues abandons the guillotine. Davis tries for an arm triangle after passing but botches it and Rodrigues winds up getting back to guard. He goes for a kimura and then rolls and grabs a leg. This strategy doesn’t seem to be working as Davis escapes it yet again and transitions to half guard. Davis lands some light ground and pound. Rodrigues keeps trying the leg lock and keeps falling short. After reach attempt, Davis always winds up back in Rodrigues’ half guard. Another leg lock. It doesn’t work. The round ends.

Round 3: Davis misses a front kick to the face and then eats a left hook. Davis again brings Rodrigues to the mat with no effort. Rodrigues appears to have a sizable cut next to his right eye. Davis is on top in half guard for about 20 seconds before Rodrigues regains guard. Davis lands some light punches and then passes into half guard again. Rodrigues tries a Kimura and can’t get it. Rodrigues scrambles and tries for another leg lock and then a kimura again. Nothing. This fight has been very repetitive. Rodrigues tries an arm bar but Davis slips out and again passes to side control. Rodrigues attempts to rise to his feet but Davis smothers him. Rodrigues is now on his hands and knees. Davis appears to be going for a D’arce but he can’t get it. Rodrigues uses this to get back to his feet but gets taken down after Davis tries a guillotine but abandons it. Davis finishes the fight on top in side control. The judges award him the unanimous decision.

Liam McGeary vs. Kelly Anundson

Round 1: McGeary throws a front kick and Anundson grabs it and tries a single leg. Anundson eats a knee and then some strong punches. McGeary has Anundson’s back now with one hook in. He keeps landing punches and then just gets up and returns to his feet. Anundson throws a huge overhand right and then shoots underneath it for a double leg and hits it. Anundson passes into side control. McGeary tried an Americana from the bottom that’s making Anundson wince in pain. We’ve never seen anything like that but it was hurting Anundson. Still, Anundson managed to get out. Anundson switches to north-south then back to side control. McGeary tries the Americana again but can’t get it. Anundson lands some strong elbows. McGeary throws his leg up while on the bottom in side control and winds up getting an inverted triangle on Anundson and GETS A SUBMISSION from it. Holy shit.

Emanuel Newton vs. Joey Beltran

Round 1: Newton hits a side kick to the gut, then a round kick to the body. Beltran rushes forward and clinches. Newton lands a knee. Beltran hits a few uppercuts, working the dirty boxing. Newton takes his back while standing and takes Beltran down. Beltran manages to scramble back to his feet. The two are still clinched against the fence. Newton tries to separate but Beltran swarms him and clinches. They both land weak strikes in the clinch for the next minute or two. Nothing really to report. Newtown tries a single leg which fails, but then goes for an inside trip which works. However, Beltran gets back up immediately and they reset. Beltran hits a spinning back kick to the face but Beltran is unfazed. They clinch again. Ugh. Newton separates and lands a right hand. He lands a right, a left, and then a head kick on Beltran. Every single action seems to end in a clinch though, which is unfortunate as there’s never much action in the clinches in this fight. They reset. Newton misses a spinning back kick to the head. Beltran comes forwards, throwing wild strikes and then clinches. The round ends.

Round 2: Beltran throws a front kick of comically bad proportions. Newton lands a spinning back kick to the body. The two close the distance and throw wild strikes. Beltran seems to land more and then, of course, clinches. Now he’s landing some knees on Newton. Newton, himself, lands a huge knee to the head that backs Beltran up. That only lasts for a moment as Beltran comes forward again. He’s landing tons of punches now and seems to have Newton hurt. He lands a head kick on Newton. Newton tries a double leg and can’t get it, then he misses a spinning backfist. Beltran lands a left hook to the body and clinches. Newton lands some elbows and then separates. Beltran comes forwards again. Newton tries to run away but can’t. Another clinch. Another separation. Both fighters throw some atrocious kicks and punches that miss by miles. Newton scores with a double leg but Beltran gets up immediately after hitting the canvas. Not a whole lot of action after that. More clinching and stalling.

Round 3: Both fighters trade body kicks. Beltran lands a small flurry but the referee separates it as Newton forgot his mouth piece. The fight is restarted. They both look tired but Beltran seems to be more energetic. he tries a takedown that’s really more of a stalling opportunity. He can’t get it. Both fighters throw strikes on the separation but miss. Beltran lands a nice hook to the body. There’s really not much happening. Beltran will throw some punches, then clinch. Then they separate and reset. Rinse, repeat. Out of NOWHERE Newton KOs Beltran with a huge spinning backfist. Holy shit.

Here are Bellator 124′s complete results:

Main Card:

Emanuel Newton def. Joey Beltrain via KO (spinning back fist), 3:07 of round 3.
Liam McGeary def. Kelly Anundson via submission (inverted triangle choke), 4:47 of round 1.
L.C. Davis def. Zeilton Rodrigues via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Ryan Couture def. Tom Bagnasco via submission (rear naked choke, 3:01 of round 1.

Preliminary Card:

Adrian Hadribeaj def. Michael Hamida via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Sabah Homasi def. Eric Moon via submission (guillotine choke), 1:07 of round 2.
Michael Hernandez def. Thomas Vasquez via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
LeRoy Johnson def. Adrian Henderson via split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Jason Fischer def. Tony Hervey via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
Eric Ramirez def. Cortez Phelia via submission (guillotine choke), 0:38 of round 3.

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