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Bellator 125 Results: Manhoef Faceplants Marshall, Carvalho Upsets Rogers

Bellator 125 can be summed up in two words: MELVIN. MANHOEF.

The feared Dutch striker/laughable Dutch grappler made his return to the American MMA scene tonight in the main event of Bellator 125. He faced off against Bellator mainstay and respected striker Doug Marshall.

Other cool things about Bellator 125: Brian Rogers fought Rafael Carvalho. Touted (though slightly derailed) prospect Goiti Yamauchi was up against Martin Stapleton. There was also Javy Ayala fighting Raphael Butler in a heavyweight bout.

Check out the recaps:

Martin Stapleton vs. Goiti Yamauchi

Round 1: Yamauchi paws with some jabs then throws a knee. Stapleton catches the knee and takes him down. Yamauchi is going for an omoplata right now and he might actually get it. Stapleton is defending it well so far. The omoplata is still going on, and then Yamauchi uses this to sweep Stapleton and now he has his back with a body triangle locked in. Yamauchi is trying for the rear naked choke but it seems to be too much on the chin. Stapleton slips out of the choke but Yamauchi still has his back. Yamauchi goes for another choke but this one is on the chin as well and Stapleton gets out. Stapleton gets his back to the mat and manages to get back to half guard. Yamauchi passes very quickly. As Stapleton tries to scramble away, he gets his back taken again. Yamauchi tries another rear naked choke and gets it this time! The fight is over.

Javy Ayala vs. Raphael Butler

Round 1: Butler gets rocked with a left hand immediately and then gets pressed up against the cage. I have a feeling we’ll be here for a while. Ayala lands some knees to the thighs. Ayala is cut bad, not sure what cut him because he didn’t really take many shots. Ayala literally picks up Butler, throws him to the ground, takes his back, and chokes him out with a rear naked choke. Imagine the least technical way for that sequence to happen and that’s what it looked like.

Brian Rogers vs. Rafael Carvalho

Round 1: Carvalho lands a front kick. Rogers misses a leg kick. Rogers swarms in and catches a short left hand that wobbles him. He backs off. Rogers misses another leg kick. He throws a wild flurry and lands a handful. Carvalho tries to get a thai clinch and can’t hold on. Rogers rushes him with a ton of punches, grabs a body lock, then takes Carvalho down. Carvalho scrambles. Rogers tries a standing guillotine but can’t get it. They separate and are standing. They’re both throwing wildly now and they wind up clinching. They separate after a minute in the clinch without much action. They clinch again. Carvalho goes for a trip but can’t get it. They separate again. Rogers seems to be tired. Carvalho lands a ton of punches, a massive flurry. He drops rogers and keeps landing punches. Rogers isn’t defending himself. The referee stops it. Rogers is pissed but, in our eyes, the rules call for “intelligent defense” and getting hit in the face without doing anything isn’t intelligent defense.

Doug Marshall vs. Melvin Manhoef.

Round 1: Oh my god. This is actually happening. Both start tentative. Marshall misses with a leg kick. Manhoef throws some wild hooks but they don’t connect. Manhoef lands with a body kick. Marshall throws a huge overhand right but misses. Manhoef goes for a leg kick but hits Marshall in the balls. There’s a brief break for Marshall to recover. The fight restarts. Manhoef lands a leg kick then a huge right hand. he lands another right and then a knee. He seems to be too quick. Manhoef misses with a head kick. Marshall lands a nice combo ending with a hook. Marshall lands a jab but Manhoef’s counter right hurts Marshall. Manhoef starts spamming leg kicks, then lands a huge right hook and FLOORS Marshall. It’s over. Wow. What a fight. In the post-fight interview, it’s revealed that Manhoef will get a title shot. He’ll face the winner of Alexander Shlemenko vs. Brandon Halsey.

Here are the complete results:

Main Card

Melvin Manhoef def. Doug Marshall via KO (punch), 1:45 of round 1.
Rafael Carvalho def. Brian Rogers via TKO (punches), 3:06 of round 1.
Javy Ayala def. Raphael Butler via submission (rear naked choke), 1:03 of round 1.
Goiti Yamauchi def. Martin Stapleton via submission (rear naked choke), 4:37 of round 2.

Preliminary Card

Matt Ramirez def. Oscar Ramirez via submission (armbar), 0:42 of round 1. Chris Honeycutt def. Aaron Wilkinson via TKO (punches), 4:45 of round 2.
Julio Cesar Neves def. Poppies Martinez via TKO (strikes), 2:16 of round 1.
Jonny Bonilla-Bowman def. Art Becerra via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
Jesse Juarez def. Ron Keslar via unanimous decision(29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
George Zuniga def. Granson Clark via TKO (punches), 0:34 of round 1.

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