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‘Bellator 48: Sandro vs. Curran’ Open Thread, Starring KarmaAteMyCat

(Pat Curran‘s Peruvian necktie submission of Luis Palomino at Bellator 46, 6/25/11.)

Bellator 48 goes down tonight at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, featuring the finals of Bellator’s Summer Series Featherweight Tournament — former Sengoku standout Marlon Sandro vs. former lightweight tournament winner Pat Curran — as well as the promotional debuts of Ricco Rodriguez, Seth Petruzelli, and Paul Buentello. The main card will be broadcast live on MTV2 beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

Honorary CagePotato Fight Team captain Jefferey “KarmaAteMyCat” Watts has snagged a press credential to the event, and will be representing us on press row this evening, hopefully wearing some killer tights. Assuming the Mohegan Sun has a solid Internet connection, Jeff will be sharing his observations during the show, after the jump. It’s not a “liveblog,” so much as a casual chat among friends. So follow along if you’re watching the fights, let us know your thoughts, and remember to refresh the page once in a while. Thanks for being here.


Hey there Potatonation we’re in the middle of a very heated and very even match up involving  Tateki Matsuda 6-2/Saul Almeida 9-1. The first round was a banger with Saul and Tateki exchanging blows early on, eventually it went to the ground with what seemed to be Saul getting hit by a hard right and looking for a take down. Saul’s jujitsu seems to be the story of the end of the first round  the majority of the second with Saul taking Tateki’s back for the majority  of the round and controlling him.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that Tateki’s submission defense might even be the real story in this fight. Early on in the third round Saul Almeida hits a solid double leg against the cage putting Tateki on his back for a third time in this  fight controlling him , Saul seems to be looking for a mounted Guillotine but once again Tateki’s solid submission defense prevents Saul from finishing the fight. Tateki lands a successful sweep and is now controlling Saul from side control, and another switch with Saul taking Tateki’s back yet again in this fight. It just doesn’t seem that Tateki has any answer for Saul’s wrestling whatsoever, the fight is going to the judges and even though this fight wasn’t finished by either opponent I can see this going to Saul Almeida but we’ll have to see what the judges think. What a war these two just had, two fighters both very young and very hungry.  (Judges:Peter Rodgers:30- 27, Jon Bilynk 28-29, Cardo Urso 30-27 ) WINNER VIA UD: Saul Almeida

The second fight of the night is a couple local fighters Brett Oteri fighting out of Taunton, MA and Ryan Quinn from Danbury,Ct. This one starts off with Oteri looking throw some bows but quinn wants none of it and goes for a takedown, He seems to have some real sick Jujitsu as he easily takes Oteri’s back and sinks in a RNC, Oteri however refuses to tap just as he goes out Big Dan stops the bought with a technical submission 1:48 seconds into the fight. Winner: Ryan Quinn Via RNC

Main Card

RD1:Juan Barrantes and Nazare come out swinging and it seems that Nazare is getting the better of the stand up as he is landing blow after blow. Juan trys to go body head but finds himself getting taken down for his efforts, Nazare seems to have a solid ground game working the body and controlling Juan pushing him against the cage, Juan seems to be bleeding from under one of his eyes. Nazare attempts a mounted guillotine right as the bell goes off.

Rd2: Juan just doesn’t seem to want any of the stand up that Nazare is bringing to the table, however Juan seems to land a solid right of his own back peddling away from Nazare. Nazare lands a solid takedown and Juan is on his back again, Nazare transitions to half guard. Juan just doesn’t seem to have any answer for the wrestling from Nazare which just seems phenomenal. Nazare has bruised and bloodied Juans face at this point I’m thinking someones going home with sunglasses after this fight! Juan manages to get to his feet and Nazare presses him against the cage in a clinch like position, I hate to sound like a broken record but this kids wrestling is either REALLY good or Juans wrestling is nonexistent. Round two ends the same as round one Nazare in complete control.

During the break the Ref called the doctor in to examine Juans Bloodied up right eye and the doctor stopped the fight. Winner Via Doctor Stoppage: Nazare!

(I wanna take this time to Note that Juan Barrantes deserves all the credit in the world for what he does. He teaches Martial Arts to at risk teens and homeless teens that makes him a bad ass guy in my book! He will be graduating from College this year with a degree in Psychology he commits his life to making a difference in others lives which is just outstanding. Congratulation  and best wishes to Juan in his future en devours we can’t wait to see you fight again.)

Ricco Rodriguez and Seth Petruzelli are up next, both look in amazing shape as they come out to the cage. I am told that Seth weighed in last night with a Jujitsu Gi on how crazy is that? Seth claims to be honored to fight Ricco because he was a Legend in the sport when Seth was just getting started. Awww you gotta love the bro Love.

Rd1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves a show of Mutual respect. Ricco throws a body kick and Seth just seems to be measuring up his much larger opponent Seth lands a shot right into Ricco’s groin, after a minute or so the two are back at it exchanging blows. Ricco throws a leg kick which is in turn lands him on his back as Seth catches it. Their both back to their feet quickly exchanging blows, Seth lands a solid right on Ricco’s jaw and I think Ricco just gave him a look as to say is that it? Ricco pushes Seth against the Cage controlling him, Seth breaks off the cage and they both throw some blows. Ricco throws a punch, Seth counters with a hard right. They both exchange High Fives, as seth throws a spinning back kick twice over, Oh SHIT Seth Lands a hard right on Ricco’s jaw and is going to town on his face, Ricco goes Limp and Big Dan stops the fights! Holy shit Seth Petruzelli has knocked out Ricco Rodriguez. Winner Via KO: Seth Petruzelli


Paul Buentello and Cole Konrad are up and neither are looking in the best of the shape I’ll have to give this one beauty contest to Konrad for the entourage of Pat Barry and company.

RD1: The first round starts of with Konrad throwing his Jab out there a lot and it just seems to be the story of this round. Neither Konrad or Buentello seem to be interested in taking this fight to the ground, the Fans are going insane you should hear some of the crazy shit their saying but since you can’t I’ll hook you up “Come on Muffin top at least hug him”, “Come on Fight or go home” this has to be the first time I’ve heard fans boo a stand up Play day in my entire time of watching MMA, I’d love to complain but who can blame them honestly.

RD2: It’s the same thing all over again as the two men just aren’t interested in doing anything but throwing bows, I suppose I should say Cole Konrad is throwing Bows.  Theres a few Flurrys in there but for the most part both fighters make no effort to showcase their ground game, Perhaps Buentello thinks if he runs in circles Konrad will get tired and give up?

RD3: Both men come out measuring one another up again looking for that one mighty blow that might help them defeat the other. Konrad throws a couple jabs out there and pushes Buentello against the cage a little, a Hard right from Konrad sends Buentello rolling backwards. Konrad is running in and takes his back, he seems to be going for a RNC I think he’s having problems fitting his arms around Buentello’s neck. He’s laying on a little bit of GNP as he takes Buentello’s half guard. He seems to be trying to take mount but settles for side Control. The crowd is Booing and chanting “Stand them up” and they get their wish as Big Dan stand them up, Just as he does Dan stops the clock to fix Konrads tape on his gloves. Buentello seems to wanna exchange now that theres thirty seconds left on the clock but this ones going to the judges. Winner VIA Unanimous Decision: Cole Konrad(Cardo Urso 28-29, Jon Blyk 27-30,Pat Avery 27-30)




Marlon Sandro and Pat Curran are up! Bellator Featherweight Tournament finals are LIVE WITH ME!

RD1:Both men make their way to the center of the cage Sandro throws and over hand right with bad intentions written all over it and Curran avoids it. Sandro with a sick leg kick heard clear cross the arena Curran seems to be measuring his opponent up. An accidental leg kick to the groin has the ref intervene for a moment and their back at it again Curran seems to be getting a little bullied here he’s backing up and being pushed against the cage. Did I mention that the MMA Fans here are Insanely Intoxicated and you can hear everything their saying as clear as day. “Kick his ass from the left side of the stands” as Sandro’s corner gives him instructions you hear a guy in the crowd shout “Listen to him” This is the quietest this crowd has been all night honestly. It’s almost as if MOST of them understand this fight could be over in a moments Notice. It’s the final minute of round one and this is a very close round I think you may have to give round one to Sandro he’s thrown more landed blows and he’s throwing blows. The first round ends with Sandro attempting a single leg and Curran sprawling the ref jumps in just as Sandro jumps to his feet in his fighting stand and we’re onto ROUND 2.

RD2: Both men meet back up in the center of the cage and exchange some shots. The silence from the crowd only adds to the intensity of the fight, for those of you who have been to a live fight you know what I mean. Oh Sandro lands a grazing left hook and Curran throws a right hand both men are obviously not afraid to drop bombs and eat them as well. Curran pushes Sandro against the cage into a clinch but Sandro fights it off and their back to the center of the cage. Left hook from pat and Sandro slips it moves forward and throws a one, two combination of his own followed by another one two combination finished by a left hook. Pat Curran looks cut under or around his left eye and the river runs red tonight Potato Nation, a super man punch follower by a straight right and Curran is backing up! Holy shit Curran catches Sandro with a round house kick ALL SHIN ALL DAY TO THE FACE and finishes the fight with some nasty GNP!! HOLY SHIT PAT CURRAN HAS DONE what Sandro has done to many others. WINNER: KO SHIN2THEFACE PAT CURRAN!

I’ll have a bunch of videos up tomorrow hopefully. My first live event coverage I had a blast Bellator was awesome to all of us in the Media. they truly are a class act. 

Karma Out!

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AnimalMother- August 20, 2011 at 8:01 pm
unreal finish by Curren
AnimalMother- August 20, 2011 at 7:49 pm
seriously, great fights and commentary
AnimalMother- August 20, 2011 at 7:46 pm
war comments
SethF- August 20, 2011 at 7:13 pm
WAR KARMA!!! Great job representing us!
bgoldstein- August 20, 2011 at 7:07 pm
Damn. Comments were turned off for some reason. But Karma is killin' it!
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Link a brother up Karma.