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Bellator 94 Weigh-Ins Blah Blah Blah Felice Herrig in a Supergirl Bikini [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

(Props: 1inchBoom. Felice appears at 1:10, and bullrushes Clark at 1:53.)

Bellator is at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa tonight with an event that will decide the Season 8 Lightweight and Light-Heavyweight tournament winners. The fighters weighed-in yesterday, and if you’re reading this, it’s probably not because you care that David Rickels came in 0.1 pound heavier than Saad Awad. (Although he totally did; results are at the end of this post, via Sherdog.)

No, you probably just want to see how Felice Herrig looked in her latest scale-appearance. Never one to disappoint (see here and here), Herrig transformed into Supergirl on stage, then got directly up in the face of her much-taller opponent, Heather Clark, who was herself wearing a tiny bikini and high heels in an attempt to win the evening’s swimwear competition. Clearly, this enraged Herrig, and the two women had to be separated by Bjorn Rebney.

Check out a couple photos of Felice in her superhero outfit below, and watch her fight during the Bellator 94 prelims on or beginning at 8 p.m. / 7 p.m. CT.

Photos via @FeliceHerrig

David Rickels (155.8) vs. Saad Awad (155.7)
Emanuel Newton (204.4) vs. Mikhail Zayats (205.6)
Trey Houston (170.4) vs. Luis Sergio da Fonseca Melo (169.8)
Ronnie Mann (135.7) vs. Rodrigo Lima (135.8)

Tony Fryklund (155.6) vs. Patrick Cenoble (156.2)
Joe Taimanglo (145.6) vs. Ronnie Rogers (146)
Julien Williams (170) vs. Kenny Moss (171)
Felice Herrig (115.7) vs. Heather Clark (115.9)
Jessica Aguilar (114.6) vs. Patricia Vidonic (115)
Augusto Sakai (261.3) vs. Rob Horton (242.2)
James Edson Berto (155.6) vs. Bruno Carvalho (155.3)


  1. mma4ever Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 08:24

    Its fucking snake plitskin
  2. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 08:26

    Poor Clark. She tried to be sexy, and Herrig blew her out of the water.
  3. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 08:32

    Also, poor Jessica Aguilar. She's top 5 at 115, but she can't buy this much attention.
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 09:12

    The guys wanted to tell Felice she had to make 115.0 so she would need to strip. But then they realized Heather would have to strip as well...
  5. 5knuckleshuffle Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 09:39

    Clark's got a decent looking turd cutter on her but that's about it. Something about them stripping out of business attire made me want to throw dollar bills at my screen.
  6. Rampages Conscience Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 09:40

    What was that?? Were they told that it was a secretary-themed costume party? I feel like I was watching some sexy stripteases at the beginning of a softcore porn.
  7. Darkside Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 11:11

    No tits. No tits at all. Gross.
  8. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 11:43

    I like how she grabbed the other chicks ass...I hope she users the same tech in the fight
  9. danomite Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 01:55

    I hope this trend of dressing up like a businesswoman before they strip down to their undies catches on.
  10. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 02:23

    Crazy broads.
  11. BaghdadBob Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 05:33

    Her nose is big
  12. FightZen Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 05:34

    My poor wiener is so confused. It's all like. "Hot Girl n super girl bikini" then it's all like "that girl has bigger muscles than I do", then it's all like "What a cute pose" then, "that is one bad bitch!" Now it's all like... chafed.
  13. waynegrow Says:

    Thu, 03/28/13 - 09:53

    Dodson looks like a kid who snuck into a strip club. My money is on Vera Di Milo.
  14. masterbaitntackle Says:

    Fri, 03/29/13 - 11:39

    Felice Herrig has one magnificent camel toe....
  15. IronClad Says:

    Fri, 03/29/13 - 01:49

    Mmmmm feisty lil kitties. 8====D
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