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Better Clear Out Your DVRs — the Summer MMA Schedule is Packed

Come on Internet, where are all the awesome fan-made promos? VidProps: mleqs

Damn, we’re glad we didn’t make plans this summer, because we’re going to be typing our hands off over the next few weeks. After the warm up-act of the TUF 13 Finale, we enter one of those fun times when there’s always another show coming up to talk about: we’ll have some big MMA event every weekend.   That’s good for you, since we’re less likely to try something new and different. Also good for us, because ideas are hard.

This Weekend

Friday, 10 JuneMFC 30: Up Close and Personal The biggest MMA promotion in Canada returns for action, featuring Drew Fickett vs Brian Cobb, Marcus Davis vs Pete Spratt, Thomas Denny vs Sheldon Westcott, and the other Lima brother in welterweight action.  Stay tuned for a full preview of the card.

Saturday, 11 JuneUFC 131: Carwin vs Dos Santos. More like UFC 131: Snakebit, right? (Just kidding. But seriously.) Carwin vs Dos Santos; plus a pretty nice list of compelling names, but not a lot of intriguing matchups (Poirier vs who?) On the other hand, we couldn’t agree on many predictions while discussing this for the Bum Rush, so no telling how the card goes. Plus, Nick Ring vs James Head jokes will write themselves for a week, easy.  Success!

Next Weekend

Saturday, 18 June — Strikeforce: Werdum vs Overeem. Yeah, we may poke fun at Strikeforce, but there is no way we would miss this card: Werdum vs Overeem, Barnett (maybe) vs Rogers, Cormier vs Monson, Riggs vs Bro Overeem — stop, stop! you had us “Grand Prix”!   Side note:  Strikeforce has finally figured out that people are interested in the preliminary cards, and have begun to air those as well. You’ll be able to catch Justin Wilcox vs JZ Cavalcante and the rest of the prelims on HDNet.

Minor League Weekend

Friday, 24 JuneStrikeforce Challengers 16. Ryan Couture returns for a Challengers card headlined by Caros Fodor vs. James Terry. We were a little puzzled to see Jason High vs Quinn Mulhern on the prelim: a Dream/Affliction/UFC vet vs a young KOTC champ is on the un-televised portion of a Challengers card? Just who the hell is running things over there?

Saturday, 25 JuneBellator 46. Bellator returns for their Summer Series run, kicking off an eight-man featherweight tourney to bridge the gap between seasons 4 and 5.  We’ll probably ignore it.

Sunday, 26 JuneUFC on Versus 4: Marquardt vs Story. We wish the UFC would go ahead and buy a damn network and be done with it, these naming schemes are getting convoluted. Ultimate Fight Night, UFC on Versus, UFC Live, TUF Finale — why do you make us work so hard Dana?? Rick Story steps in on short notice to headline UFC Whatever against Nate Marquardt, plus our BFF forever Pat Barry vs guy that really hates us Cheick Kongo. (We got Barry in this one.)

July 4th Weekend

Saturday, 2 JulyUFC 132: Cruz vs Faber 2. Why not UFC 132: Role Reversal? Cruz was the challenger and Faber was the champ four years ago at featherweight, when Cruz suffered his only loss to date.   Now Faber has followed Cruz down to 135 and looks to claim his title.  Damn, we should totally start making promos for these things. All we need is a cool movie voice guy. And some video editing stuff. Probably some talent would help. Anyways, this is a wildly stacked card for fans of the lighter weight classes, for everyone else there’s Wandy vs Leben.

After UFC 132, there’s a full twelve days of waiting until Dream.17 (which you probably won’t see in the states live), and a terrifying 28 days until Strikeforce: Hendo v Fedor. Yikes. Guess we haven’t seen the last of Keyboard Warriors yet after all.


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Maine Blazer- June 9, 2011 at 4:49 pm
Let's not kid each other Rex-y (mind if I call you rex-y?) you and I both know that you're gonna be alllllll over the Bellator summer series like a fat kid at a buffet.
WuTangClan- June 9, 2011 at 1:17 pm
Please stop trying to breathe life into that "Keyboard Warriors" post by linking it. Worst article in CP history.
mDino- June 9, 2011 at 10:56 am
Ah, so pete spratt is still alive
macreadysshack- June 9, 2011 at 10:05 am
"Why not UFC 132: Role Reversal?" Uh, because then it may as well be: UFC 132: The Crying Game.
ReX13- June 9, 2011 at 10:03 am
Just me, Fred.
macreadysshack- June 9, 2011 at 10:03 am
Love the 'So You Wanna be a Rockstar' tease music, though. I've always liked Overeem. I think I might be turning into one of those gay nuthuggers now, tho. Watching myself fall into infatuation with the 'Reem is like watching a slow-mo trainwreck. I wonder if he'd be cool to hang out with. What would it be like to spar with him? If I was out slummin' around Thailand and bumped into him, would he like me? It's disgusting.
Fried Taco- June 9, 2011 at 9:14 am
CP has never seen a meme that it didn't like.
SmellMyTriangle- June 9, 2011 at 8:57 am
Thanks a lot UFC, my cable bill means that I won't be able to feed all my illegitimate chil'rens next month. I hope a Pat Barry kick accidentally brings some karma to Kongo's grape pouch.