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The 7 Biggest UFC Busts of All Time


(Photo via Paul Thacker.)

A five-time King of the Cage lightweight champion with appearances in PRIDE and the WEC, Mac Danzig was one of the most seasoned mixed martial artists to ever appear on The Ultimate Fighter, and few were surprised when he blazed past guys like Ben Saunders, War Machine, and George Sotiropoulos to make it to the sixth season’s finals. After choking out Tommy Speer to win the contract and doing the same to Mark Bocek in his next outing at UFC 83, it seemed that Mac was on the fast-track to success in the UFC lightweight division.

Then, disaster struck — in the form of Clay “Energizer Blanket” Guida, who laid on top of Danzig en route to a unanimous decision last September. It was a frustrating setback, but we still thought the TUF winner would bounce back against Josh Neer at UFC Fight Night 17 in February. Unfortunately, Mac would fall short again, succumbing to a second-round triangle choke. Now, the once-promising fighter is just another scrapper at the bottom of the UFC’s lightweight ladder, and one more loss could spell the end of his run in the Octagon.


How’s this for a return-on-investment: The UFC paid “The Truth” a total of $76,000 in contracted salary for his first four wins against Fabiano Scherner, Justin Eilers, Assuerio Silva, and Frank Mir — all of them by brutal stoppage, mind you — then paid him $500,000 for his subsequent 1-3 stretch against Tim Sylvia, Fabricio Werdum, Reese Andy, and Keith Jardine. Did the fat paychecks make him soft? Did his long legal dispute with his manager throw off his mental game? It’s hard to know for sure, but by the end of 2008 it was clear that this wasn’t the same Brandon Vera who entered the UFC’s heavyweight division three years before and rocked it like a hurricane.

After Vera’s split-decision loss to Jardine, Dana White lamented the disappearance of Vera’s killer instinct and passionate cockiness. But instead of firing him, the UFC gave Vera a chance to regain his confidence against an outmatched, out-of-shape Mike Patt at UFC 96 — at a drastically reduced pay-rate, of course. Luckily, Vera chopped Patt down and saved his job. The Truth is slated to return in August against Matt Hamill at UFC 102, in a fight that will either re-establish him as a rising star at light-heavyweight, or forever define him as an overpaid can-crusher.


In retrospect, the TUF 4 middleweight winner might as well have been kicked off the show for chasing tail like his No Love teammate Jeremy Jackson — it’s not like we would remember The Serial Killer any less fondly than we do now. After a disappointing 1-2 UFC run in 2005, Lutter was selected to participate in “The Comeback,” where the BJJ specialist knocked off Scott Smith, Pete Sell, and Patrick Cote to win the season’s middleweight bracket. But in an infamous case of pissing away an opportunity, Lutter failed to make weight for the title fight that he earned against Anderson Silva at UFC 67, and the match was changed to a non-title fight. Dana White was furious, and Silva made Lutter pay for the insult by catching him in a triangle choke and elbowing him in the head until he tapped.

Because of a neck injury, Lutter didn’t return to the Octagon for ten months. He was given no favors in his return fight, as he was booked against former champ Rich Franklin, who smoked him in two rounds. Ace made Travis look like what he was — a UFC washout who didn’t deserve the level of competition he was getting in his post-reality show career. The UFC shredded his contract immediately after and he hasn’t fought since.


With his shredded torso, bullet-shaped head, and intense staredowns, Houston “The Assassin” Alexander certainly looked like a killer when he entered the UFC in 2007. And when he brutalized Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara in less than two minutes of combined fight time, it seemed fairly clear that a new knockout artist had arrived to terrorize the light-heavyweight division. Too bad Houston hasn’t won since then.

Against Thiago Silva at UFC 78, Alexander was mounted and beaten to a TKO loss. Then he became the victim of a record-tying eight-second KO against James Irvin. If Houston’s ground game was called into question during the Silva fight, it became an undeniable problem in his last outing at UFC Fight Night 15, where he succumbed to an arm-triangle choke at the hands of Eric Schafer — his third-consecutive first-round loss. Somewhat surprisingly, Alexander was given another chance to redeem himself at UFC 98 against Andre Gusmao, but a broken hand has put him out of action, meaning his winless streak could extend to two years or more.


What’s not to like about a young, jacked Judo champion who knocks dudes out and looks like the Predator? The buzz was strong with Sokoudjou when he made his Octagon debut in December 2007. After all, this was a guy who starched Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Ricardo Arona in PRIDE after entering the league as a 2-1 rookie. And with just five bouts under his belt, he was now being called one of the ten best fighters in his weight class — a bizarre situation unless your name is Brock Lesnar.

UFC 79’s Sokoudjou/Machida matchup seemed like an attempt to give one of these strange foreigners a breakout victory, as the Cameroonian was still a relatively unknown quantity among casual UFC fans, and the Brazilian’s ghost-karate style hadn’t yet drawn much of a following. Unfortunately, it was Machida’s night, as the Dragon employed his trademark foot-sweep to get the fight to the ground, then tapped the African Assassin with an arm-triangle. (Is there something about nicknaming yourself “The Assassin” that makes you particularly susceptible to that choke?)

Sokoudjou smashed Kazuhiro Nakamura in a follow-up fight, but lost to Luiz Cane via TKO in his third appearance, proving that he also had issues with cardio and striking defense to go along with his sub-par submission defense. The UFC decided that he needed some serious development, and cut him loose. Sokoudjou is currently 5-4 and will soon participate in DREAM’s Elephant Man GP. Talk about crashing back down to Earth…


“The Phenom” has had more triumphs in the Octagon than anyone else on this list — which is why we don’t have him at the #1 spot. Yet his name always comes up in discussions of the UFC’s greatest disappointments, because of the massive expectations that were placed on him from the beginning of his career. With ferocious power, a black belt from Carlson Gracie, and hands honed by Stankie himself, many thought Vitor Belfort would rule the light-heavyweight division for as long as he wanted to. In reality, he imploded during big fights, and was the very definition of a “paper champ” during his seven-month title reign.

1997-1998: 19-year-old Vitor makes his debut at UFC 12’s four-man heavyweight tournament, stopping Tra Telligman and Scott Ferrozzo in 77 seconds and 43 seconds, respectively. Three months later he beats down Tank Abbott in 0:52. But in his next match he ran afoul of fellow rookie Randy Couture, losing via TKO in a major upset. Belfort rebounded with more quick stoppage victories over Joe Charles and Wanderlei Silva (at UFC Brazil), but left for his first stint in PRIDE before fighting for a UFC title.

2002-2005: After a successful run in Japan, Belfort seemed ready to carry his momentum back to the UFC. Unfortunately, Chuck Liddell dominated him at his return fight at UFC 37.5. Belfort took a year off from fighting, then came back to knock out Marvin Eastman at UFC 43, earning himself an unlikely shot at Randy Couture’s light-heavyweight title.

Tragically, his sister was kidnapped (and killed, as was discovered later) just weeks before his first UFC title fight — a disaster from which Vitor never recovered emotionally. Belfort won the belt from his old nemesis The Natural via cut stoppage just 49 seconds into the fight. But Couture brutally avenged the loss in an immediate rematch, negating the accomplishment of Belfort’s previous win. Vitor took one more fight in the UFC — a demoralizing split-decision loss to Tito Ortiz — then returned to PRIDE, a Phenom in name only.


While Vitor Belfort had the potential to be a great champion when he entered the UFC, Mirko Cro Cop already was one by the time he made his Octagon debut. As we’ve already discussed in a previous list, Filipovic made a strong case for himself as the best fighter in the world after storming through PRIDE’s Open Weight Grand Prix Finals in September 2006. When he jumped ship to the UFC shortly after, we expected him to head-kick his way to a heavyweight title. But in stunning, heartbreaking fashion, Cro Cop flamed out of the organization within a year, becoming the first and most dramatic victim of the PRIDE Curse, as well as the biggest bust in UFC history.

Cro Cop dominated a visibly-skurred Eddie Sanchez in his U.S. premiere at UFC 67, but was shockingly taken out by his own signature technique in his subsequent fight against Gabriel Gonzaga. Then, he dropped a decision against Cheick Kongo in a shambling wreck of a fight that saw Mirko take so many knees to the groin that he nearly retired right there in the cage. And that was pretty much that. Filipovic headed back to Japan to regroup, and American fans were robbed of seeing him tangle with guys like Randy Couture, Tim Sylvia, and Andrei Arlovski. What a kick in the nuts.

Did we leave anybody out? Let us know in the comments section…


  1. the Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:40

    boom like that
  2. High on Elmer's Glue Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:47

    Uhh Tito
  3. KneeToTheFace Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:47

    I'm not saying he should be on the list, but at one time I had heard several people claim that Kalib Starnes was going to be the next challenge to Anderson Silva. Then the Quarry fight happened.
  4. MoTropolis Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:48

    The Crow is a major bust for me.
  5. MicahW Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:48

    does the UFC acquisition of PRIDE count as a bust? the title doesn't specify that it has to be fighters
  6. KimboSlicesofPie Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:50

    I should join the UFC so I can be on this list.
  7. RickyRobbie17 Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:50

    Out of those 7, it´s most likely that Vitor will be reborn.
  8. LargeMidget (aka fedor a million ankles) Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:54

    I would have said Shogun if it weren't for Chuck's glass jaw.
  9. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:56

    The Crow +2
  10. bpd Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:02

    Anything for a Stankie reference. I wish Stankie were my grandfather. Or at the very least, that he threw it to my grandmother.
  11. k Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:02

    Cro Cop's nuts have the worst luck ever. And Kongo should get in more trouble for kneeing guys in the nuts. He does it way to often. Kind of like how Houston illegally knees guys in every fight he gets a chance to but never gets called on it because he's so quick that the refs have no idea what's happening.
  12. Cap'n Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:08

    There really is too many "Biggest Busts" to list here, but you captured a few.
  13. Kevin Marshall Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:13

    I'd put Kendall Grove on that list. He's saved his job for the interim, but UFC doesn't seem to be in any rush to put him on a fight card. Also: Robbie Lawler. Sorry, Strikeforce superfans. I'm tempted to say Wanderlei de Silva belongs on this list as well. Though I understand the logic behind excluding him, since his downward slide had already started in Pride (losing the '06 Grand Prix and then dropping the Middleweight title to Hendo).
  14. SiDeBuRnZ Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:21

  15. RickDickulous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:23

    @ Kevin Marshall Says- ummmm, hes fighting Almeida you dummy
  16. Kevin Marshall Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:29

    Right, sorry. I somehow lost track of it during the hooplah for the other fight on that card.
  17. Stylin Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:30

    I actually think you may be giving Danzig a little too much credit. You make it sound like he beat Saunders, War Machine (ugh), and Sotiropoulos when really he beat Scarola and Kolosci (twice) before beating Speer for the contract. I think is he had met any of those three the only one he would have beat is War Machine (ugh again).
  18. videodrome NOW Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:30

    all i can say is Carlos Condit better win his next few or he might bust all our balls.
  19. videodrome NOW Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:32

    Also, Philipe Nover was slated by Dana Dane himself on tuf 8 as "the next gsp". remember that one? we'll see Mr. President. We shall see.....
  20. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:39

    Herring, Big Nog
  21. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:40

    Chuck, Hughes, Arlovski
  22. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:40

    Truth vs. Hammer... interesting matchup. I still have faith in Vera, but he's gonna have his hands full imo.
  23. The MMA Bowler Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:41

    War machine should be # 7. he got choked out be a guy who got knocked into next week by KOS. Who got knocked out himself... Okay maybe he should be on the list after all... But wft
  24. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:43

    Hopefully, Mac and Lutter will be back. They're not done yet. I feel bad for Cro Cop and Vitor. "Clay 'Energizer Blanket' Guida": perfect description!
  25. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:47

    Jason Black Heath Herring Drew McFedries
  26. a platypus Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:52

    I would have put travis lutter higher. that dude F'd up big time and could have been so much better. what a jackass
  27. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:00

    Looks like someone got a little lazy this morning when they compiled a list of only "7" disappointments. It's not like you had to drive to work in some heavy ass traffic only to navigate thru a fake smile filled office on your way to a coffin you know by another name: cubicle. I hate you.
  28. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:08

    Whoever made the decision to put Mirko Cro Cop as the #1 bust in UFC history with the amount of worthless scabs they've had fight over the years shouldn't be allowed to do any kind of reporting (and I use that term loosely) on the sport of MMA whatsoever. Oh and Fuck You. Pieces of shit!
  29. Ample Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:15

    all those guys are turds accept for Mac. I hope that guy gets back on track cuse he's got some sick hands.
  30. Brandon Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:17

    Wanderlei Silva, after he gets beat by Franklin
  31. WUWU Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:25

    I've always thought Ricco Rodriguez was one of the biggest wastes of talent to ever fight. Even as a drug addicted, out of shape, sack of shit he still gave some of the best fighters in the world major problems.

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:39

    Kenny boy should have been #1! Phil Baroni (honorable mention)
  33. Derekrva Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:43

    I can't believe you guys have managed to avoid a ring girl reference. Babalu Sobral could have made the list, but he has found a lot of success after the UFC.

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:44

    Oh shit! And KIT COPE, everyone thought he was some Muay Thai guru that was going to strike his way to the top, but he wasn't shit in MMA.
  35. NealTaflinger Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:48

    I miss CP lists. You don't do that many of them now that you're all bona fide an' shit.
  36. WiLdCaRd Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:53

    CP, you guys are getting LAZY. Who does a top 7? At least do a even number like 8. 7??? You crazy...
  37. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:00

    Yes! That's what I'm saying!
  38. garth Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:00

    should a fighter count as a bust if they've won and defended a title? i don't think so. Tito held the belt for a long time, as did Chuck. Who can put Kenny Florian in there? An total overachiever who's getting his second title shot. Kenny deserves to be on the biggest success stories list. Soku for sure, he was a total disappointment. What about Jens Pulver? He's a Zuffa disappointment overall. Other than the win over BJ waaay back in the day, he dropped a huge turd in his comeback fight, got choked by BJ for a bit too long, beat Cub Swanson, then lost. My biggest bust vote is for Cro Cop for sure. No one came in with bigger expectations and failed to meet them more thoroughly.
  39. Moo Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:03

    What bout Fabricio Werdum??
  40. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:05

    Good list. I don't know if I would put Belfort that high on teh list, becaseu he did do a lot of good early on in the UFC, not some two win chump and then lose all teh time. And the person above that said chuck, hughes, arlovski, you are an idiot. They are all past champions, they have served their time and earned the right to never be put on a bust list. Maybe arlovski, maybe, but not chuck or hughes. a bust is someone who is invested in and then doesn't perform, not those three or belfort in my opinion.
  41. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:14

    @garth - Jens held the LW belt and defended it, twice. Going by what you said he wounldnt be in consideration.
  42. Adebisi Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:14

    Do a lot of you people actually watch MMA fights or just go and post comments about it for something to do? Because a lot of the choices people have mentioned are complete lunacy as far as being a big bust in UFC history when you go back from UFC 1 through the years and look at the people who have competed. I mean Vitor Belfort the 2nd biggest bust of all time are you kidding me? And some other morons mention Jens Pulver, Heath Herring, and Babalu. People who think like this and actually post those names as big busts should stick to watching MMA events Brock Lesnar competes in and WWE Raw.
  43. Armfarmer Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:23

    Some of you guys don't get the list.. why the fuck would you put Chuck, Hughes, Tito, or Arlovski on this list?? All four of them were champions! A couple of them were extremely dominant champions as well. Oh and whoever wrote this is a fucking dumbass... "Whoever made the decision to put Mirko Cro Cop as the #1 bust in UFC history with the amount of worthless scabs they've had fight over the years shouldn't be allowed to do any kind of reporting (and I use that term loosely) on the sport of MMA whatsoever. Oh and Fuck You. Pieces of shit!" All of the "worthless scabs" that have come and gone can not be included in this list you dumb fuck. A "bust" in this context is someone that everyone had extremely high expectations of... who fell extremely short of those expectations. You can't be a bust if no one ever expected much from you to begin with. Cro Crop is undoubtably the king of ufc "busts".
  44. Armfarmer Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:25

    I'll second the Heath Herring nomination though, that guy is/was overrated.
  45. Johnnysep Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:51

    Im gonna say Rico Rodriguez definately should be on this list.. He was the man leading to his UFC title win and then BOOM... Tim Sylvia makes him his bitch and Rico moves on to obscurity... Also, I would say Jorge Gurgel... BJJ mastermind that refused to use it... I thought he would triangle his way to a title fight at one point. Future members of this list IMHO: Karo Parysian Dan Henderson Stephan Bonnar
  46. Rick Dickulous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:00

    Old Bald and Irish- how come you cant make a post without complimenting the bens? Seriously, I know theyve given you free shit, but your coming off as a total fag.
  47. nippletwist Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:08

    what does cro cop usually weigh when he fights at HW? he seemed so much smaller than gonzaga and kongo, and seems like he would be much too small for a carwin or a lesnar. would it be reasonable for him to fight at LHW? i don't know what he weighs or how tall he is, but he just seems smaller than the HWs to me, he looks more like a 205er.
  48. LAS Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:32

    This list is far too heavily skewed towards the post-TUF era. What about Kevin Jackson, Olympic gold-medalist who was supposed to be the next world-beating badass before getting owned by Frank Shamrock and Jerry Bohlander?
  49. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:39

    LukeTheDuke, I really wanna know how the hell you consider Liddell, Arlovski and Hughes "busts".. I'm intrigued to hear the logic behind this. Videodrome: it's way too early to label Nover a bust. How about Joe Riggs as a bust? Guy had so much potential. How many stories did we hear from prominent names in this sport who made mention that Joe was absolutely smoking them in the gym? I know for a fact, Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes; amongst others; commented on Joe's endless talent. Yet, he never quite seemed to put it all together.
  50. Beaver Beater Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:41

    Reports that Brandon Vera wanks with his right hand confirmed in this photo.
  51. dude Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:45

    Dennis Kang, Shogun (his fight with Chuck didn't mean a thing, u all know why), Dan Henderson, Jeremy Horn,
  52. dude Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:47

    that Japanese guy Lyoto and SOKOUDJOU fought and beat......what's his name?
  53. zeke Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:50

    I disagree with your assessment of Travis Lutter. First of all, he gave Anderson his toughest fight yet, having mounted him. And two, Rich barely crushed him. Travis was owning him in the first round and mounted him as well. Rich was also very close to tapping to that armbar attempt. So...... Travis went 0-2 against Rich and Anderson -- and gave each a tough fight!
  54. WiLdCaRd Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:51

    I think the Bens need to finish this list off, goddamn it. Finish with 10. There are so many more people that are "bust" like Heath Herring. Damn it, he should have made that list, and it would have been an even 8. Sorry to Monk out on you, but damnit, I like a thorough list, and a even one at that.
  55. RaginAsian Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:17

    Pedro Rizzo, anyone? I was sure he was going to be number one.
  56. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:21

    Liddell dominated Belfort what fucking fight was you watching?
  57. Videodrome_Now Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:25

    kind of bullshit that no one has matt serra on here, even in the comments section. what that has piece of shit done besides knocking out gsp? fights twice in two years? will most likely( i can't believe i might say this) get beat by hughes. he will disappear immediately if he loses. fuck a matt serra!
  58. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:28

    i'd have to say herring and jeremy horn. both super talented, both have done basically nothing since getting ufc contracts. i'd say horn is the bigger disappointment based on how many fights he's had. he's one of the most experienced fighters out and has been the worlds worst let down.
  59. Videodrome_Now Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:28

    @ zeke how does someone "barely" get crushed by another person? you don't just barely get annihilated or you fuckin idiot. Lutter is a huge poop stain.
  60. Sideshow Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:36

    The Ninja from UFC 2
  61. Jim Skillet Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:39

    I have to disagree at least partially with Travis Lutter being on the list, while he did flame out his last 2 fights in the cage were against the 2 best middleweights in the world and in both fights he had them in bad positions with a real possiblity of winning. In fact so far he's the only person who has made silva look human at all.
  62. just some dong Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:39

    @ Videodrome_Now - no one mentioned Matt Serra because no one ever thought he was that great to begin with. And although 'lovski was the champ, dropping 2 in a row to Tim Silvia makes him a huge bust IMO, especially after he beat that douche so damn fast the first time. All he fought were cans before that... notable cans you've heard of, but cans nonetheless. Totally overrated.
  63. Rich S. Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:45

    Yup, I'd have to say David Loiseau.. he was doing sooo good, and then that freaking title fight with Rich Franklin seemingly shattered his whole career.. Also, i'd say Kendall Grove.. He was actually tearing the division up at first, and then OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE, Patrick Cote knocked him silly.. and then in his rebound fight Jorge Rivera knocked him even sillier.. He seems to be back on track now, but those were some crazy setbacks, and had he lost to Tanner, he would've gotten the cut..
  64. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:00

    Anyone remember Mark Kerr?
  65. an 8 yr old boy Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:10

    dear Kevin Marshall, if you ever read this far down, let it be known that kendal grove is fighting at ufc101 here in hilly on aug 8th -an 8 yr old boy
  66. Irishwolfhound Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:31

    @ Luketheduke Huh? This is biggest busts chief, and liddell and hughes are probably two of the last men to ever be on there. They did a lot in the ufc, helped it out a lot, and won tons of fights. Both might be in the downslope of their career or just having a tough time, i dont know, but the last thing either of them is is a bust. Same with big nog, he's just on his way out, but he has doen wayyyy to much to ever be considered a bust. Moving on, Jens Pulver is more on the downslope of his career but i dont think he derseves to be called a bust, and who would call tito a bust?! The guys got talent and just because he's not in the ufc doesn't mean hes a bust. From the looks of it, people are just rattling off the 1-5 names they know without any thought or knowledge of the fighters past. Before your going to nominate some of the greatest fighters ever as "busts" because they've had a lousy last couple of fights, do some good research. Douchebags.
  67. Irishwolfhound Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:35

    Anonymous Says: Wed, 05/06/2009 - 12:28 i'd have to say herring and jeremy horn. both super talented, both have done basically nothing since getting ufc contracts. i'd say horn is the bigger disappointment based on how many fights he's had. he's one of the most experienced fighters out and has been the worlds worst let down. ------------------ 85-15...and your calling him a let down? The majority of horn's losses have come against top ranked compettitors, that doesn't make him a let down. He even beat liddell, even though that was early on in the icemans career. As for herring, somewhat of a bust, though for knocking out that dude that kissed him and making me lol i can't call him one.
  68. Baxter Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:51

    I think Edith Labelle should be #1
  69. Adebisi Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:51

    If "Armfarmer" wants to second Heath Herring as one of the major busts then I guess his list would have Cheick Kongo #1. What an idiot.
  70. hibbity hibbity Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:08

    the biggest bust to me was the sound rashad evans' glove made against the face of chuck liddell.
  71. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:21

    carlos newton
  72. Rick Dickulous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:25

    I think alot of you need a clear definition of wha a "bust" is. It is someone who was expected to accomplish alot and accomplished nowhere near what they were predicted to accomplish. So Liddell, Arlovski and yeah, even Serra are not busts. Serra is one of 2 people to defeat GSP, so that is an ACCOMPLISHMENT. Liddell was a dominant champion, and Arlovski left on his terms, HE WAS NOT CUT. Douchebag Dana wanted to keep him and he walked away from the UFC, and he was not on a losing streak. Some posters here are either small children or amazingly stupid.
  73. classicwater Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:27

    What happened to David Terrell, owner of the coolest assassin nickname ever
  74. classicwater Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:33

    in his three ufc appearances, the soul assassin knocked out matt lindland in 24 seconds, lost via tko to the best evan tanner we ever saw, and beat scott smith in a supposedly controversial fight.
  75. Adebisi Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:47

    I agree with "Baxter".
  76. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 03:38

    We're actually in negotiations with Vitor right now. Expect to see him in the Octagon by the end of the year.
  77. Fuckyerfrat Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 03:55

    Karo Parisian can't seem to pull out a meaningful win, and he owns the gayest nickname in mma.
  78. MKXii Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 05:14

    Travis "Can't Make Weight" Lutter
  79. Raul Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 05:43

    Great article!!!!!
  80. Kimbo's Bread Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 05:53

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  81. AnonymousLVman Says:

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    Wed, 05/06/09 - 07:45

    Boom goes the dynamite. Up and coming busts: Chuck, Randy, Hughes, Serra
  83. Kim Couture is a cunt Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 08:55

    I call bullshit on belfort. No way. Mirko as well. Mirko was a victim af believing his own success not the UFC hyping him. I dunno, maybe mirko but def. not Vitor.
  84. Komodo Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:14

    Guida by vicious, relentless leg humping. Bleh.
  85. Adebisi Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:28

    "AnonymousLVman" says TITO ORTIZ=#1 ON THIS LIST. Yeah genius let's rank the guy who was the light heavyweight champion longer than anyone in UFC history the #1 bust? What a fucking idiot!
  86. George st pierre Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 12:32

    thales vs silva common!
  87. Cat Power Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 02:03

    Why is there no mention of Vitor's destruction of Matt Lindland? I seriously thought Lindland was dead for a moment there. Is CP under UFC contract? Jk
  88. fleshlight Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 03:01

    JOE RIGGS......Nuff Said
  89. CTH Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 07:49

    Ken Shamrock. Why can't these people retire and save themselves the embarassment of constantly getting their ass handed to them?
  90. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 11:35

    no for me brandon vera will have the most likely comeback. He has alot of heart and has a very very good thai clinch which when he does knocks his opponents out within the first two rounds
  91. Coyote Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 06:08

    ROFL@ the comment "Lutter is a poop stain". Classic stuff. This may be way before your time, but Townsend Sanders was a bigger UFC bust than any of these guys put together.
  92. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 06:55

    the crow is more of a natural career decline, not a bust.
  93. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 09:46

    Dean Lister.
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