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Bizarre Excuse of the Day: Miguel Torres Got Blown Out at WSOF 6 Because He Was Forced to Wear Shorts

(Miguel Torres vs. Pablo Alfonso full fight video)

Miguel Torres‘s loss to journeyman Pablo Alfonso at WSOF 6 on Saturday marked the third consecutive defeat for the former WEC bantamweight champ, and raised some harsh questions about Torres’s performance and future prospects. Namely: Bro, how you gonna get your ass kicked by a dude who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page? Even we have one of those.

Unsurprisingly, Torres has an interesting explanation for why he was choked out three minutes into what was essentially a rebound fight. As he wrote on Facebook after the match:

Was told by WSOF I could wear my spats, got my knee brace approved by commission, felt great and was on point warming up. Was in blue corner and was already in the cage about to fight then told by ref I had to leave and change into shorts. Had to sprint 100 yards there, look for shorts, then sprint back. Was not expecting that, threw my mind off and I didn’t execute in my fight. I apologize to all my training partners and students and especially my daughter. I make no excuse and take this lose personally and with full responsibility, I am better than what I showed today. Congrats to Pablo and his team, may they enjoy their night. See everyone in the gym on Monday, so sorry everyone.

I’m no expert on Florida’s wacky excuse for an athletic commission, but if Torres actually got his ring attire approved by the commission in advance, you’d think that he could have just told the referee to fuck himself. The fact that his spats were an issue suggests that maybe the World Series of Fighting “approved” Torres’s gear without checking with the people in Florida who actually have to clear these things. Or maybe Troy Waugh didn’t get the memo that the spats were above-board, ordered Torres to put on shorts when he entered the ring, and Torres complied because he didn’t know what else to do.

It’s a weird situation, but no matter whose fault it was, we sympathize with Torres. No fighter expects to do a 100-yard dash before his fight, and throw on whatever pair of black shorts that he can find lying around the locker room. If you watch the video above, you can see that Torres re-entered the cage wearing his knee brace, and Waugh made him take that off too. Poor bastard. As if the marijuana bust and his dad’s mugging weren’t enough bullshit for one year.

Torres is now 0-2 under the WSOF banner, and at this point, a loser-gets-fired fight against Ricardo Mayorga is probably the best-case scenario for him.

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