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Bobby Lashley’s Next MMA Opponent Could Be Either Fedor Emelianenko (Seriously) or Dave Bautista (Seriously)

(“Ha ha ha. But seriously, though? OJ did that shit.”)

After going 2-0 last year following his upset loss to Chad Griggs in Strikeforce, Bobby Lashley is still moving forward with his cage-fighting career. In fact, the former WWE star is weighing some very attractive options right now. One possible scenario is a contract with Bellator, whose heavyweight division is desperate for some star power. And then there’s this (via FightersOnly):

Lashley also spoke about the possibility of a fight with the legendary Fedor Emelianenko. “The guy’s got a tremendous amount of fights under his belt… I’d like to fight him.”

According to Lashley, Fedor’s managers are currently looking for the Russian MMA veteran’s next opponent, and his name is on the list of potential matchups. “I’m going to throw everything at him that I can. Of course, my wrestling’s there, I don’t give a damn what he’s doing. I’d put my wrestling up there with almost anyone right now.”

“I think that my wrestling would trump some of the things that he has. I know he’s a great fighter, but if I fought him then of course I’m going to try and wrestle him down… If it was Dave [Bautista], I’m standing and banging with him. I’ve been doing a lot of boxing.”

A potential bout between Lashley and fellow former WWE star Dave Bautista, aka Batista, is something that has been on the minds of fans and reporters for quite some time now. Though it remains to be seen if that fight will ever happen, the ATT heavyweight is still interested in the idea.

“I know a lot of people are looking at that fight and saying I shouldn’t take it, but that’s the entertainment aspect of [MMA]. If the wrestling fans want that then it’s an opportunity for me to have a fight, which will probably warrant a good amount of money…I’ll take that fight, no problem.”

“I wanna fight the best, so if I have an opportunity to fight Fedor, let’s do it. If I have an opportunity to fight anyone right now let’s just damn do it.”

With Fedor riding back-to-back wins over Jeff Monson and Satoshi Ishii, Bobby Lashley seems like just the kind of high-profile-yet-beatable opponent that Emelianenko’s management would happily book him against for an M-1 event.

As for Bautista…what? Yeah, we know, he’s a respected gym owner who has trained with Cesar Gracie. He’s also 0-0 in MMA, and despite what the Fighters Only report claims, the MMA community has NEVER expressed interest in seeing the two pro wrestlers go toe-to-toe for real. (How could you even trust that they wouldn’t work their fight?) Get Vince McMahon to book the matchup on a WWE pay-per-view, slap on the tights, and leave us out of it.

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fatbellyfrank- January 24, 2012 at 11:36 pm
dont kid yourself lashley, Fedor would have to much for you on his fucken deathbed, go fight batista at Royal rumble or something, just fuck off, your a piss poor pretender
FattyYarborough- January 24, 2012 at 3:12 pm
compustrike does keep track of takedowns/attemps, submissions and dominate positions idiot
Paste- January 24, 2012 at 7:21 am
I have no idea what you mean by
"Submission Attempts:

Lesnar — 2 (actual numbers, not averages)
Overeem — 6 (actual numbers, not averages)"
How does Overeem only have 6 sub attempts and 19 submission wins?
I know a couple of those are subs to strikes.. but only a couple

is that over a 2 fight period? I don't understand what your numbers mean, or what you are even getting at..
knucklesamitch- January 24, 2012 at 6:18 am
I have never understood why compustrike is relevant to an MMA fight. So much more goes into an MMA bout that just striking. Where's the compustrike data for grappling, takedowns, and sub attempts? Oh, that's right, it doesn't count that stuff. Compustrike, IMO, is only good to look one when someone like Nick Diaz picks his opponent apart for 15min.
KeithHackneyWindmillPalmStrike- January 24, 2012 at 4:17 am
Can we put a ban on CompuStrike?
skeletor- January 23, 2012 at 6:52 pm
@Xeno-I was unaware that Lesnar v Overeem was the basis by which the UFC is being judged, my apologies.
Also you never stated your point in the original post thus my confusion. I took a guess as to what you were getting at but needed some clarification.
As opposed to a few years ago the UFC owns 99.9% of all meaningful talent. Even SF was putting on increasingly good shows until Zuffa bought them. I'm not saying that no good fights happen outside the UFC, they always will with the amount of new talent coming into the game. The fact of the matter is the UFC puts on the only meaningful fights in MMA these days because who the fuck cares if your the King of the Cage champ or the Bamma champ? That is bush league shit compaed to the "pros" that is the UFC.
Bobby Lashley V Fedor or anybody is a piss poor excuse for a main event on any card looking to compete with the big dogs. Sadly it's one of the most marketable fights name wise available outside of the UFC. Making my argument that much stronger, you can safely say that if it’s not a UFC fight these days it’s pretty much shit.
Ypu can make a handful of exceptions but they would be a FX card main event at best.
XENOPHON- January 23, 2012 at 5:13 pm
You said, you think that if a MMA is not being promoted inside the UFC, then is likely a bunk fight, right?
That being the case, look at how many punches got thrown between the UFC's former Champ Lesnar, and Overheem. Scroll up and read the stats from compustrike that I posted.
If you paid the $55 bucks to watch the Lesnar vs. Overheem fight, go back and count the strikes that took place in the post. The fight was over in less than 2.5 minutes of the 1st round, and both fighters only landed a few shots. I never even saw Lesnar even come close landing on Reem. As for Reem, I say 3-4 strikes that mattered - the rest fluff
I disagree with you is all I am saying, most of the UFC fights are lame and I think they are getting worse. The quality of fights are proportional to only the amount of money they advertise, so the names and faces if these people are conditioned in peoples minds.

If the cost of each fight is $55 bucks, and there are 16 fights a year...thats nearly $1000 bucks for really what I truly consider marginal fights - with only a few good ones.
But the UFC has the public beat hands down. They stack the deck. They line up 15 plus fights to fill in for the ones that ended way too early, quite often due to poor match ups. My whole point revolves around one question.
Who thought the Lesnar vs. Overeem was a good fight? If so, they would agree with you. If not, they might side with me.
skeletor- January 23, 2012 at 4:45 pm
@Xeno-As usual I have no fucking clue what you are talking about. Please elaborate.
BryanF- January 23, 2012 at 4:44 pm
First of all, hilarious caption. Secondly, is Batista even a heavyweight now? Google pictures of him now and he looks damn skinny.
XENOPHON- January 23, 2012 at 3:50 pm
skeletor Says:

Mon, 01/23/12 - 01:52

It’s sad but you can safely say that if it’s not a UFC fight these days it’s pretty much shit.

That's a bit of a bold statement. Considering the Former HW champ Lesnar got beat with a couple punches and kicks.

Here’s what CompuStrike crunched when it looked at the striking aspect:
Total Strikes:

Lesnar — 43 of 73
Overeem — 50 of 77

Lesnar — 59 percent
Overeem — 65 percent
Total Power Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 33
Overeem — 33
Total Non-Power Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 10
Overeem — 17
It’s not surprising that “The Reem” takes the lead in this first stretch of the race. However, it’s closer than you may have suspected.
How about the arm strikes when isolated from the rest of the striking information?
Here’s what it looks like:
Total Arm Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 5 of 14
Overeem — 6 of 11
Percentage of Arm Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 36 percent
Overeem — 55 percent
Power Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 3
Overeem – 4
Non-Power Strikes Landed

Lesnar — 2
Overeem — 2
There’s a large disparity in accuracy. Again, no shocker.
What about kicks and knees? You’d think Overeem, a K-1 kickboxing champion in 2010, would be light years ahead in this regard.
Check it out:
Total Leg Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 4 of 5
Overeem — 10 of 12
Percentage of Leg Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 80 percent
Overeem — 83 percent
Power Leg Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 3
Overeem — 7
Non-Power Leg Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 1
Overeem — 3
Again, the statistics are pretty much what you’d expect.
Last, but not least, the ground game may be the most interesting category to examine. Most pundits agree that for Lesnar to get the advantage, he’ll need to take the fight to the ground. However, Overeem is quick to point out that he is no slouch on the mat. He does own 19 submission victories in his career.
This is what the statistics look like when checking out each fighters’ success on the canvas:
Ground Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 34 of 54
Overeem — 34 of 54

Lesnar — 63%
Overeem — 63%
Power Ground Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 27
Overeem — 22
Non-Power Ground Strikes Landed:

Lesnar — 7
Overeem — 12

Lesnar — 9 of 13 for 69% (actual numbers, not averages)
Overeem — 12 of 16 for 75% (actual numbers, not averages)
Submission Attempts:

Lesnar — 2 (actual numbers, not averages)
Overeem — 6 (actual numbers, not averages)
Dominant Positions:

Lesnar — 9 (actual numbers, not averages)
Overeem — 6 (actual numbers, not averages)
phantom151- January 23, 2012 at 2:59 pm
OJ did it for sure
Yazloz18- January 23, 2012 at 2:59 pm
@ Gist. Yeah I can kinda see that
Anyway of course Lashley wants to fight Fedor. Its a money fight. Unfortunately he is about two years too late to that party. The mystique it gone, Fedor has fallen and doesnt have that unbeatable aura about him anymore. Its still a nice win, especially for someone of his Lashley's status but not what it once as.
The12ozCurls- January 23, 2012 at 2:47 pm
GistoftheFist- January 23, 2012 at 2:40 pm
Is it just me or does having his shoulder there make it look like Bobby's got three boobs like that Total Recall chick?
Swick-a-tine- January 23, 2012 at 2:18 pm
nice caption! if the glove'll get knocked the F*ck out
Frank Mur- January 23, 2012 at 2:04 pm
parchy mcthirst- January 23, 2012 at 1:54 pm
Self-deception is an awful attempt to protect the ego. For Lashley, it is working.
TerryEtimFrozenNTime- January 23, 2012 at 1:54 pm
Personally, I was hoping a potential Fedor/Batista match up would be discussed in this article. It's hard to pick a Lashley/Fedor favorite.
skeletor- January 23, 2012 at 1:52 pm
It's sad but you can safely say that if it's not a UFC fight these days it's pretty much shit.