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Bold Statement of the Day: Miesha Tate Will Shoot Herself in the Face if Ronda Rousey Armbars Her Again

(What a tragedy. And she was such a pretty girl, too. / Miesha Tate ‘Body Issue’ photo by Ben Watts for ESPN The Magazine)

To say that Miesha Tate is still haunted by her gnarly armbar loss to Ronda Rousey last year would be an understatement. In a recent interview with MMAFightCorner (via BleacherReport), Tate explains that suffering a second armbar loss to Ronda at their rematch at UFC 168 in December would be a suicide-worthy scenario. Figuratively speaking. Maybe.

It’s never too early to train and practice that gameplan over and over and over, I’m going to beat it into my skull if I have to,” Tate said. “Swear to God, she’s not going to armbar me if it’s the last thing I do. I will seriously shoot myself in the face before I leave that cage if she armbars me again. It can’t happen.

Two things…

1) I wasn’t aware that fighters were allowed to bring guns into the Octagon, following the Diaz-Cerrone Peace Accords of 2011.

2) I have no problem with this.

Tate went on to give her own explanation of why she fell prey to Rousey’s signature move, and described the Rondabar in terms that make it even more mysterious and scary:

“For one, not being too emotional. I think that was the biggest problem last time was she got inside my head and she made me really, really angry,” Tate said. “I just don’t think I feed well off of negative energy. I’d rather just be positive about it and just be happy. I love the sport, I love fighting and that to me is definitely the key to victory. Other than that I think I possess all the skills to beat her, I think I just need to calm down a little bit and not go grabbing a hold of her and letting her just launch me into an armbar again. It was just really stupid.”

As far as the gameplan, Miesha explained that Rousey’s judo and trademark move that’s stopped all seven women that she’s faced requires special training. That’s something she’s planning on focusing in on right away.

“Everyone thinks it’s an armbar, it’s not. It’s like a move of it’s own,” said Tate.

“I also need to stop the judo. I mean that’s another part of it. If she goes out there and throws me and she can’t armbar me, that’s a big part of the fight too,” said Tate. “That’s what I’m going to do from now until December 28, it’s going to be an anti-judo camp.”

Stop the judo? Dang, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of that before!

Tate is clearly fired up for revenge, but there’s a reason why Rousey is nearly a 10-1 favorite in this rematch, which was only booked out of convenience. Are you guys seeing another first-round armbar victory for the champ?


  1. Shifty-Eyed Dog Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 09:24

    Tate by TKO, 2:12 of Round 2
  2. Get Off Me Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 09:24

    Reach for the sky Meisha.
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 09:57

    Ronda by armbar in Round 1. As long as she's not clowning around, that is. Sometimes I wish I could see all the pics that didn't make the cut for a magazine shoot.
  4. hespecful Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 10:16

    Ronda does it again. Tate shoots herself. Bryan Caraway grabs the gun and follows suit. Best. Event. Ever.
  5. nick diaz and the dub sack Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 11:16

    Well as long as her ass is safe...
  6. chaxloeger Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 11:28

    Is it just me or does that picture look like a bad photoshop job?
  7. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 11:52

    Oh, I'll shoot Meisha in the face alright. Hehe. I'll shoot her good. Wait, we're not talking about guns, right? OK, cool. Loud and clear. Yeah, I'll shoot her reeeeal good.
  8. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 12:16

    I don't blame yu meish
  9. crappiefloper Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 01:39

    Don't kill yourself girl. Spend the rest of your days chained to the radiator of a truck stop shitter for penance
  10. nick diaz and the dub sack Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 02:02

    Here's an idea, if Miesha gets armbarred by Ronda again she should retire from MMA... and begin a new career in the wonderful world of adult film! Think about it, there are tons of girls with great asses, fake tits, and questionable faces making a real living doing porn. If teen-mom tits can do it, then I think Miesha could clean up.
  11. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 03:25

    El Guapo stole my joke! (the one that I was going to make but that I didn't post yet because I didn't think of it until i saw this long after he already posted his)
  12. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 07/08/13 - 03:29

    PS- Watching Rousey roll with dudes in training videos has convinced me that very few females possess the chops to fuck with her. The inhuman beast Cyborg is the only one who seems to possess the power and aggression to possibly thwart her relentless grappling attack.
  13. DARKHORSE06 Says:

    Tue, 07/09/13 - 04:06

    Jean Harrison please fuck off and die.
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