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Boxing Could Have A Great Solution For The Weight Cutting Issues In MMA

These days weight cutting issues are extremely prevalent in MMA. Everyone has given their opinion on how they would mitigate the weight cutting problem but it would seem that boxing has beat MMA to it.


It almost seems comically obvious when you look at those stats that this is something that the UFC and other major MMA promotion could use. The problem is that these stats are only of two combatants. To track the many fighters on individual rosters would be far more complicated, but it would go a long way in ensuring fighter health.

For my money, I’ve always thought that doing a second weigh in the day of the fight to ensure that fighters don’t rehydrate past a certain level would force fighters to fight in a weight class that would make more sense for a healthy rehydration. If you can’t rehydrate to a healthy weight then it would be too dangerous for them to compete in the contest. That means rather than doing a drastic weight cut, fighters will have to be smarter about the choice of weight division. But of course that’s just a pipe dream for now. As it stands we’ll have to just wait and see what happens as far as a solution goes.

How do you think the weight cutting issue can be solved? Can it be solved?

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