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BREAKING: Jason Thacker, Bobby Southworth to Be Inducted Into UFC Hall of Fame (Not Really) (But Maybe?)

(And just like that, a robot-voiced MMA fighter from the future star was born.)

Without coming off too anti-UFC (LOL!), I think we can all agree that the promotion’s Hall of Fame is about as meaningless as their rankings system, right? Aside from picking and choosing its inductees based around whoever Dana White isn’t fueding with at the moment, it’s page on hasn’t been updated in years, so much so that recent additions Tito Ortiz, Stephan Bonnar, and Forrest Griffin are not even featured on it. Although to be fair, Ortiz probably never will.

Regardless, Dana White has been teasing his media cronies that the UFC Fan Expo at this year’s Fourth of July International Fight Week — you know, the one featuring musical guests Papa Roach, POD, and Lit (double LOL!) — will serve as the induction ceremony for the UFC Hall of Fame’s next member, as it has in years past. The big difference being that this year could serve as the induction for not just one man, but the entire cast of The Ultimate Fighter season 1 (via Fox Sports):

I think that’s a must. I think that entire season should be inducted. Without a doubt that group of people are all game changers. I’ve thought about the whole cast should be (in the hall of fame). Even the Canadian Jason Thacker — without the group of people that we had and the way the synergy worked and the way things went down, that season really launched everything.

Man, Frank Shamrock must have snapped an entire box of pencils in half when he heard this news.

Honestly, it’s hard to form much of an opinion either way on this statement given the aforementioned lack of legitimacy the UFC Hall of Fame has in the broad scope of things. Do I think that the likes of Lodune Sincaid, Josh Rafferty, and Sam Hoger deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame over the likes of Shamrock or Bas Rutten? Helllllllll no. But am I going to get up in arms over a sports entertainment company excluding some perhaps more deserved fighters from its make believe awards ceremony? Please, I’ve got Fight Pass cards to shit on.

But there you have it: It’s 2014, Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano are still making headlines, and Jason Thacker is about to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Holy shit.

-J. Jones

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