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Brock Lesnar is Coming Back to the UFC? Well, . . . . Maybe . . . . . .

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Nathan “The12ozCurls” Smith

As painful as the UFC post-fight press conferences are to sit though, you sure do learn (or at least get teased with) some vital information about the future of the organization.  Stuff like: Dana White saying that he doesn’t want to deal with Alistair Overeem because “he sat in front of us . . . . Lied to us.”  There is an entire horse meat story waiting to be written by Josh Hutchinson on that, but I am talking about good juicy TMZ’esque gossip shit. The Overeem issue is kind of news but it was overshadowed by another series of questions asked.

Because there was not a camera pointed at the media members, I am not certain it was Ariel Helwani – but I am pretty damn positive – who asked the most intriguing questions of the night.  I AM sure that there are not a lot of guys that (sound like a baritone-polite-Mogwai and) have the stones to ask the necessary questions – but big props to Helwani if it was in fact him.

If you wanna see Dana White show a giant shit-eating-grin (even bigger than karmaatemycat’s during the Barbosa vs. Varner fight), follow along HERE at the 13:25 mark.

Possibly Probably  Helwani“A lot of people were very surprised to see Brock Lesnar – he wasn’t a guy that would come to fights when he was a member of the UFC . . . . .”  (interrupted by)
Dana White  – “You got that right . . . . right?”
PPH“What was he doing here?”
DW“I don’t know.  Apparently now he is a big fan”
Helwani“Is there anything more to that?”
PPH“Anything that you’d like to share?”
DW“No.  He was here.  I mean, I think that says it all.”
PPH“Is there a chance that he may come back?”
DW“Possibly, ya.”
PPH “So you have talked to him about this?”

Well, thanks for fucking nothing . . . . kind of.

The fact that both HeavyWeight Champion Junior Dos Santos and defeated foe Frank Mir are in the screen shot during the encounter is absolutely priceless.  Cigano laughs during the questioning while Mir and his swollen face stare into outer space.  Brock was probably there in hopes that Mir would somehow defeat JDS and then he could come back to the UFC for a third match against Frank.  Clearly that shit didn’t materialize.  Now, since the questions have been asked, does anybody really think that Brock wants to come back to face the killers in the HW division, much less JDS?  We already know that ”COCK CHESTNAR” (thanks dranokills)  doesn’t like getting hit in the face or kicked in the body.  Is there anyone out there that thinks this just reeks of “sports entertainment” nonsense?  It has happened before.

Open the proverbial flood gates of endless speculation.

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UFCFightBlogger- May 30, 2012 at 11:12 pm
I don't see Lesnar making a comeback if only to settle the trilogy with Mir and to go out on a winning note. But what if he loses? It really proves nothing. Lesnar is no longer relevant in the UFC. He can't hang with guys like Cain and JDS, they are the future. Lesnar should enjoy his retirement and hang in the WWE where he can pick on guys like John Cena.
knucklesamitch- May 29, 2012 at 7:43 am
Since Mir lost, I can see them trying to get Brock to agree to the 3rd fight. It gives Mir a chance at getting a win, it gives Lesnar an opponent he doesn't seem to be scared of, and it will sell a shit ton of PPV buys.
fatbellyfrank- May 28, 2012 at 12:23 am
There are a cuppla clauses Brock wants inserted before he agrees to return to UFC:
A No-one is allowed to punch him in the face
B No-one is allowed to punch or kick him in the face or body
C Paul heyman will make all his entrance announcements and will accompany him to the cage for each bout
D Brock is allowed to utilise folding steel chairs as he deems neccesary in all UFC bouts
Once those little sticking points are cleared, I'm sure we'll see him back in the Octagon May 27, 2012 at 5:50 pm
the earth was once considered flat, people change there minds, : )