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Brock Lesnar on the Radio

Former pro wrestler and NFL failure Brock Lesnar will be on a Los Angeles radio morning show tomorrow (Friday, January 25th). The Kevin & Bean Show on 106.7 KROQ will have the phallic tattoo-sporting meathead on the air to promote UFC 81 and talk about his MMA future. Lesnar will be facing Frank Mir in a heavyweight battle on February 2nd at the aforementioned event.

If you aren’t in the L.A.-listening area, you can listen on-line.

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Olie- January 24, 2008 at 6:33 pm
I'm sure that 'sword' is actually a penis though. If you look it has veins and a proper bellend on it.

I'm not doubting his strength or wrestling skills. In fact I'm glad he's fighting in the UFC as he's a household name and it's always interesting to see how someone who was a 'professional wrestling entertainer' actually does against seasoned MMA pro's.

I just really dislike the guy's personality, plus he is/was on steroids.

I also think he could be a tad boring as an MMA fighter. He'll just shoot for take-downs the whole time trying to 'smother' his opponents using his large frame. Can't see many kicks or toe-to-toe slugging going on with Brock's fights. A lot of hugging, laying and working for GnP. Which is all well and good if it works but boring as a spectator sport.

And for the record I would ask him why the fuck he got a sword-penis tattoo'd on his chest. He'll probably say he was fucked on coke or something at the time.
Big Latin- January 24, 2008 at 5:45 pm
You guys are a bunch of chumps! What do you all expect the guy to do, go on the radio and say Frank Mir is gonna waffle my ass to the third degree?!!! The guy is a natural talent, hate him or love him, bottom line is he's an alpha male in wrestling and super friggin strong. Get your fuckin brains out of the fact that he used to be a pro wrestler. None of you flamers would say any of that shit to his face. I'd like to see good ole Olie and anyone else say to him, "hey you have a penis on your chest". LOL! Oh and I don't love the guy and think Mir is gonna beat him honestly, but I give him alot of credit and he is only going to get better as he grows in the sport.
Olie- January 24, 2008 at 8:16 am
I really hope Mir smashes the fuck out of him. I can't stand Lesnar. I hated him when I was naive enough to watch the WWF and I've hated him since his interviews. The guy just looks like the biggest jerk ever. That tattoo really sums him up. Penis.