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Brock Lesnar: Racial Profiling Victim

(In Brock’s defense, he is really, really white.)

We all know why Brock Lesnar deals with accusations and insinuations about steroid use. It’s because he’s a white dude. Right? Simply couldn’t be any other explanation. At least that’s what he told Pro MMA Radio:

“I’ve been accused of using steroids my entire life, probably since the tenth grade in high school… I’ve never failed a drug test. Now if I was a black guy and I looked the way I do would I get asked this question a 100 times? I just happen to be a white guy that has some great genetics, so I guess that puts a bullseye on me… I’m a white dude that’s shredded and you don’t see a lot of it — a guy that’s walking around that looks like me.”

I feel silly even typing this, but I think Brock Lesnar is oversimplifying this issue. I kind of see his point. Almost. But in answer to his question, if he was a 280-pound black man who was a former pro wrestler and who looked like an action figure, I tend to think that he would still get roughly the same amount of steroid questions. Does the name Bob Sapp sound familiar?

If Brock is tired of being asked about steroids, I have bad news for him. Unless he suddenly starts to resemble a normal human being it isn’t likely to stop. Perhaps his piles of money will console him.

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  1. Imbecile Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:05

    It is...welll...kind of an okay point. Not one you really want to say aloud, but...yeah...I kinda see where he is coming from.
  2. carib Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:09

    never heard of Bimbo being accused?
  3. carib Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:15

    also, i love (not in the gay way, easy brock easy) the fact brock says what ever is on his mind, be it right or wrong
  4. MMA Wannabe Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:21

    Seriously, Brock? That's why? It's because you're white? And not because you're a former pro-wrestler? You worked in an industry that is DROWNING in roids. That's probably why they ask about the roids! Stick to the gay-bashing, clearly, it's more your niche than race issues. Moron. (MMA Wannabe doesn't condone gay bashing, but does condone the bashing of gay bashers. Hypocrisy FTW!)
  5. Koeikan Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:30

    Brock is about as dumb as they come. How about that Bobby Ashley guy about to make his MMA debut? He's black, not as thick, and I'd STRONGLY guess that he's juiced also. Not because he's black, but because 99% of those guys do roids...what a moron. He should just be honest: Yeah, I juiced in WWE and was ridiculously big. I was already a big guy (see my college wrestling days, when I was tested and clean) and I've lossed the mass I put on with the roids. It was a mistake I made in the past, but it doesn't affect my performance currently. Look at Tim Sylvia after he was caught.
  6. Koeikan Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:31

  7. Obama Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:34

    I'd beat his ass no problem! I'd beat him like he was McCain! WHAT?!
  8. Farthammer Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:36

    I am of the jaded school of thought who assumes 99% of all pro athletes are on roids. Black, white, NFL, MLB, UFC, whatever. I don't care particularly that much as a fan; just don't point to passed pee tests as proof you are clean. Barry Bonds never pissed dirty either. If you want to prove you are clean, agree to year-round surprise blood tests. Otherwise, dicks like me will continue to doubt. Quick aside: if people want to clean up a sport, start at the High School level. I graduated in 98, and plenty of my friends were juicing back then. Anyone else see the same thing I did?
  9. Koeikan Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:46

    Farthammer, Barry Bonds is a pretty terrible example. Baseball is known for it's pathetic drug testing policy...which was even far worse in the 90s. That said, he has pissed dirty...Before baseball started testing in 04, a test from November 2000 came up positive for anabolic steroids.
  10. joeshmo Says:

    Mon, 11/03/08 - 11:48

    notice that he did not no.
  11. word Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 12:38

    farthammer hit the head of the turd with that one. All athletes do it and they are all stupid for denying it. Brock is a piece of shit, he'll beat randy because randy is a senior citizen but after that he will be exposed. and everyone will see his micropenis.
  12. JuanRuiz Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 12:43

    Tsk, tsk Brock, How dare you have the nerve to speak the truth. Don't you realize, because you're white, you're not allowed to state the obvious. Shame, shame.
  13. Anderson Silva's Heet-Seeking Missiles Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 12:51

    lesnar's a big white roid fuck.
  14. Frank Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 01:04

    I hate these phony 'roid deniers. Give us a break. Did any athletes--ANYBODY--look like Lesnar in the olden days? Hell no! Only the Incredible Hulk and the Thing had physiques like that when I was a kid. I even used performance enhancing substances when I was young and dumb. People need to know the damage that shit can do to you. Racial profiling my ass.
  15. gay basher Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 01:29

    likes go gay bashing!!!!!! EVERYBODY to TUF GUY's house.....lets beat that homo to a bloody pulp and his gay dog FIFI
  16. FreddyFangers Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 01:29

    I really dislike Brock, thank you for your time.
  17. zinalist Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 01:39

    never heard of Bimbo being accused? Did you mean kimbo, carib? Bimbo Slice sound Nice Anybody who is natural as in Couture, his arm won't go further than 18 inch. Brock is either a freak of nature or he is on some undetected substance, but till he is proved wrong, nobody should accuse him of doping If you look at his head he looks in harmony with the rest of his body. People who take this stuff don't look normal, but he looks pretty normal to me
  18. FreddyFangers Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 01:45

    You are right, Brock looks perfectly normal. I mean who doesn't have a giant penis tatoo on their chest. He is completely normal. If you haven't noticed by now I am using sarcasm to say that in fact Brock does not look normal not at all. I not only accuse him of illegal doping of some kind I also find him guilty. That should put this all to rest...
  19. WhaT? Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:29

    All of you guys are a bunch of pussies that apparently don't know what hard work is. If you would even take the time to check out his workout routines you would see how it'd be impossible for anyone not to look like he does after years of it. And what "piles of money?" Have you seen the car he drives nowadays? He's not shitty rich anymore.
  20. Farthammer Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:44

    @Koeiko, The prosecuters allege that Bonds failed the test. Nothing has been proven yet. Not that I believe him...but fine, I'll give you that. Big Mac or Sammy Sosa never tested positive either. And most of these NFLers, or Boxers have never tested dirty either. My two points still remain: I doubt 99% of these athletes are clean (but don't really care), and High School is the place to start if you want to clean up a sport. WhaT?....I work out plenty hard and look fine. Not super cut, but fine. I also saw friends in High School who weighed 170 and squatted 420 after steroids, and they worked half as hard as me. If they didn't work, nobody would use them.
  21. Beqwith Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:45

    Does he really think his "legalese" is enough to clear himself of the rumours? If someone asks you if you've done steroids and you haven't, you say; "I've never done steroids", you don't say; "I've never failed a drug test". It's like he's resigned himself that he's doing steroids and now he's just resigned to protecting himself legally and not admitting to it. He knows that we know, that he's juiced.
  22. Farthammer Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:46

    @Beqwith, Exactly. Like I said earlier, agree to year-round blood testing if you want to prove you are clean.
  23. Anthony Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:55

    @ Koeikan - 99% That is the epitome of hyperbole. I watch wrestling and I can guarantee that it's no where near 99%. I can think of at least 5 guys off the top of my head that don't juice. And I would say there are around 100 guys in the WWE currently wrestling under contract. With that 5 it's 95%. Anal as fuck yes but you don't know what you are talking about. Just because Chris Benoit offed his entire family while on a roid binge does not make every single wrestler a user.
  24. Jonny5 Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 03:13

    Didn't he get busted with what they thought was steroids but then apologized cuz the lab said it was hgh? Now I don't know if most posters here consume human growth hormone regularly or at all, but I personally have never tried it and I've tried lots of weird shit. If you know what I mean. Seriously if I did take buttloads of hgh pills or whatever he got busted with I wouldn't be running my mouth about how "its all just genetics".....C'mon maing
  25. brent Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 03:39

    to all those who think every pro-athelete is using, let me ask you this. if everyone is using, then how is it cheating? if everyone is is using, then it is an even playing field. if you dont think using steroids is cheating, why should i take you seriously? BLANKET STATEMENT.
  26. Harry Balzonya Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 03:52

    Uhhh I don't juice, but I do workout about 2 hours a session, 3/4 days a week and I'm pretty damn jacked, and on top of that, I have a sissy, lanky frame like most of the losers in here. But I put in work, and I'm buff. Stupid skinny/weak-ass talentless keyboard warriors claiming that all or nearly-all pro athletes use roids...go workout for a couple and see what happens. Makes me sick seeing all the morons blaming things on roids...shit, Brock's a big guy naturally, AND he's been training a long time. Try it sometime, pick up 70 lbs in each hand and do some shrugs for a while; you'll eventually look like an action hero, dumbasses. Brock's got a good work ethic, is consistent, and was blessed enough to have been big on top of it naturally, to have a big frame and lots of natural meat to work with, which is what most of you are slapped with.
  27. Farthammer Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:02

    @Blazonya, I start my shrugs with 80s then work my way up to 110s. Like I said, I work out a lot and look fine. @Brent, I think MOST athletes are using, not all. So it's not an even playing field. Also, I said I don't care if they are using. I said I care when they insult my intelligence. Jesus, read the comments thoroughly. I DON'T CARE THAT MOST ATHLETES DO STEROIDS.
  28. WhaT? Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:08

    I didn't say that they don't work. I'm saying that its not impossible to get like him without them. He has a great work ethic and goes the extra mile to get to where he is.
  29. Koeikan Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:12

    Anthony: Seriously? 4% delta and I have no idea what I'm talking about? I wasn't being literal either. Yeesh...dumb dumb.
  30. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:28

    anyone else just love how Brock totally avoids actually ANSWERING the question? He doesn't ever say "I've NEVER taken steroids in my life" he says "I've NEVER failed a drug test" That's not the same thing, Brocky. He's basically saying that he's taken roids but he's never been caught, and until he gets nabbed he's sticking with the DENY DENY DENY method.
  31. Squirrelnuts Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:28

    anyone else just love how Brock totally avoids actually ANSWERING the question? He doesn't ever say "I've NEVER taken steroids in my life" he says "I've NEVER failed a drug test" That's not the same thing, Brocky. He's basically saying that he's taken roids but he's never been caught, and until he gets nabbed he's sticking with the DENY DENY DENY method.
  32. Leg kickrrrr Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 05:43

    Being a microbiologist and a doc to the national rugby team I can tell you right now that 99% of pro athelets are juicing and there are ways around the drug tests (screening, gene doping etc etc) and i know them. Lance Armstrong is a classic example, even though he never failed a drug test the year after he "retires" his whole team gets tested positive for a banned substance, the US team docs just knew that the testing method they used in France was not as advanced as the ones in the US and when they caught up he retired and now he is planning a come back. Guys like Randy, GSP, Shaun Sherk and possibly even Matt Huges are GH babies, there is no way Randy can look the way he does at his age without it, currently there is no test for GH but guys that are lean like that have the younger looking skin etc are on heaps of GH, look at old Stallone when he got ready for Rocky, they caught him at the airport with something like 20 boxes of GH and he came in pretty much the same shape as the rest of these guys on the list. I have no problem with juice or performance enhancers, its not half as bad when administered correctly and if it means someone will be able to run the 100m in 9.1 then I would rather see that!!!
  33. Martin The Swede Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 09:47

    I´d wager that Brock probably got on the roids when he got into pro wrestling...and then got off them when he quit to try and get into the NFL.
  34. Shawn Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 10:18

    Top 10 Things Brock Lesnar Hates: 1. Gays 2. Air Travel 3. Steroid Accusations 4. Mistaking Him For a Black Guy 5. Black Guys 6. Puppies 7. BJJ Black Belts 8. PETA members 9. Fedor 10. Gay black guys who love to fly, have great bjj credentials, support PETA, wear Fedor t-shirts, and own at least one puppy
  35. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 10:54

    Uhh so hes never tested positive for a substance not allowed by the UFC...the UFC isnt totally clean to my understanding theres a load of other performance enhancers that are legal in the world of MMA. .....Gamma-O?
  36. JTho Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 11:18

    All athletes use steroids, and it isn't cheating. We only have rules against it because we pretend to care about their well being.
  37. Uhhh... Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:14

    Ok, so he looks like an albino gorilla, but until he pisses dirty you can't condem him. So what if he has taken steroids in the past, does that make him less succeptable to a right cross? It make strengthen your muscles and make you bigger, but it can't take the bitch outta your system.
  38. You DumbAsses Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:23

    As far as all the Barry Bonds and MLB steroid references, you can all shut the hell up. Taking steroids doesn't change the machanics of your swing and doesn't make you see the ball any better. If you're a good hitter, you're a good hitter. Just because the only balls y'all have hit have been with your chins doesn't give you the right to bash others simply because they make their living doing what they love rather than spending their days posting jealous comments. When you hit a 95 mph fastball out of the park you don't have to have unbelievable bat speed, just good mechanics. Besides, anyone who knows anything about muscle gain knows that taking it to far (like using steroids to get big quick) can seriously affect your coordination and motor skills. It is almost like you must re-learn to do things with the added size and structure.
  39. skinz Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:24

    look at bobby lashley hes black and hes on roids for sure or was, nothin to do with race when u look like a freak and yer 280 with no fat yea ppl ask questions
  40. Dr. Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 02:31

    Squirrelnuts has it right on. "Never failed a drug test." IS NOT THE SAME AS "Never taken steroids." or "Not using steroids." It's like the jock homophobes that actually act more gay than gay dudes but never want to admit it. Brock is prime candidate #1 on that one. When you're so touchy about a subject, you have to wonder why. Did Brock have a homosexual experience in college that ended poorly and makes him hate it so much? Hate that he wanted it so bad, but couldn't make it work? Did he not get his prize of some stud wrestler named Lance, Lester, Chet or Brock for that matter? Admit it Brock, you're a closet FAG. Nothing wrong with it but let's not fool yourself.
  41. brent Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 03:34

    FARTHAMMER. you said that 99% were using, thats pretty much saying everyone is imo. i did read your whole statement, i respect your opinion, i just dont agree with it.
  42. Jay Smith Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 03:35

    @ carib Kimbo is 6'2", and weighs 230 pounds genius. Comment on the topic at hand hater. I can't believe this dude said "I'm a white dude that's shredded." He ain't shredded, GSP is shredded. And we just elected the first black president, we're past the race thing roid-boy.
  43. carib Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 03:52

    so...if brock was 30lbs lighter no one would be asking the questions? perhaps i will explain my piont better next time..just saying that more then one person could be could be accused, so why not ask other athletes as well
  44. Jay Smith Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:49

    @ carib Not saying that bro. When you look at Kimbo, you're like "damn, that's an intimidating looking dude." When you look at Brock, you're like "damn, that's an intimidating dude AND, he's freakishly huge." I don't disagree when you say more than one person should be accused, and they should ask other athletes. I just thought you were hating on Kimbo, and comparing him and Brock in size. My bad.
  45. tallsforeverybody Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 04:57

    I think people question him because they saw him in those wresting shorts and, well...their wasn't much junk in the corvair's trunk, if you know what I mean.
  46. Mike Litoris Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 05:25

    Ha, the defiance among the skinny internet warlords! All those who pull out the 'roids card. You just cannot accept that some people are big, and on top of that they lift, train and workout intensely to get where they are. And to those claiming that 99% of pro athletes juice...why don't you stop gulping man juice!? Enough! "Oh, but not being on roids simply means that they haven't been caught yet!" Well, you're just a frugat.
  47. TUF Guy Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 05:50

    I take roids. I still don't see what the problem is. It makes me smarter, faster and stronger than everyone else.
  48. Beqwith Says:

    Tue, 11/04/08 - 09:17

    Wake up people. STEVIA!!! If I ran into Lesnar while I was on a Stevia bender, I'd put him in a dress and take him to prom.
  49. KTFO Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 04:09

    I'm sure he's also tired of being asked why he got a tattoo of himself being tittie fucked everytime he stands around with his shirt off and his arms crossed.
  50. Krazy Kracker Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 05:42

    Touche, Mr. KTFO... touche...
  51. gvd Says:

    Sat, 11/08/08 - 02:50

    All i can say is search "Brock Lesnar WWE" in google
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