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Brockwatch 2011: MMA World Can Hardly Wait to Leave Lesnar for Dead

(Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Buddy movie! PicProps: SportsAgentBlog)

A whole new year, a whole new Brockwatch. After spending part of 2009-10 waiting with bated breath to see if Brock Lesnar’s body would eat itself from the inside out, it now appears that we’ll at least begin 2011 wondering aloud if the notoriously fickle slab of beef will ever fight in the UFC again. Initial reports do not look good. Company President Dana White all but admitted he had no idea what was going on with Brock a couple weeks back and the latest news from wrestling guru Dave Meltzer indicates that Lesnar hasn’t been returning the boss’ phone calls and maybe hasn’t trained a single day since that soul-crushing beatdown by Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 brought “Brocktober” to a screeching halt a week early.

The smug indignation is thick in the air of the blogodome right now, friends. Frankly, it seems like the MMA world can’t fucking wait to stick a fork in the moldering corpse of Lesnar’s legitimate fighting career and declare him the most overhyped, overly-muscled windbag since, well, Kimbo Slice. Clearly, we are all taking unseemly, but totally understandable glee in the idea that he might turn tail and slink back to professional wrestling after getting his ass handed to him by Velasquez. C’mon though, obviously nobody (except maybe Sable) likes Brock Lesnar, but the sober realist in us has to ask: Aren’t we getting a little bit ahead of ourselves here?

If it is in fact true that Lesnar isn’t taking Big DW’s calls and that he hasn’t rounded up the boys for a group backslapping sesh down at the DeathClutch gym, doesn’t that just mean Lesnar is doing exactly what he said he was going to do win, lose or draw after the Velasquez fight? That being, take a bunch of time off to kill shit in the Minnesota hills and assumedly spend some time with his former prowrestler wife and future prowrestler baby. Shouldn’t we wait for this whole scenario to play out before we totally bury the guy?

Truth is, we can’t, because we’re all so fascinated by everything this man – this enormous jackass, both literally and figuratively – does or does not do. And really, doesn’t that say more about us and our status as unrepentant fanboys than it does about Brock Lesnar?

Word is Lesnar isn’t terribly interested in accepting anything resembling a challenge in his “comeback” fight after getting undressed by Velasquez. That includes a rematch with Shane Carwin and – coupled with the rumors about his lack of training – has led to some speculation that his heart is no longer in this fighting thing and/or that he’s looking for an “exit strategy” from the UFC. Of course, there are also reports that he is on the verge of signing on to coach “TUF 13” opposite Frank Mir, that he would very much like to make a couple million dollars play fighting with The Undertaker at next year’s Wrestlemania and that he plans to take gimme fights in the last two bouts of his UFC deal in order to drive up his asking price during a potential dip into free agency.

So, what we’re saying is, like Dana (pending his “special announcement” at the UFC 125 press conference, which could well be Lesnar-to-TUF related) we really have no clue what’s going on in that massive, thick-as-a-brick cranium right now. Like we’ve said from the beginning, one of the biggest limiting factors to Brock Lesnar’s success as an MMA fighter has always been Brock Lesnar himself. At this stage in the game he’s a 280-pound, 33-year-old who has never in his life been able to hold down a job for more than a few years at a time.  It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he decided to break camp and find a slightly different vocation at the first sign of adversity in his current one. Did we mention he almost died last year? That also has a way of changing a guy’s priorities.

Also though, maybe we all ought to wait until we have some actual information before we go roasting our hot dogs on the flames of what’s left of the big fella’s career.



  1. uzithrasha Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 10:44

    IM a lesnar fan and i dont think he is overhyped. The only people that are over hyped are Frank Mir and Shane Carwin. He handed them there asses. And he tied for most heavyweight title defenses. So if hes over hyped, every former ufc heavyweight champ is over hyped. Horribly written article.
  2. Viva Hate Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 10:47

    Brock in a wrestling ring is actually scarier than him in an cage. Only thing Brock is worse at than MMA is prowrestling, I don't know how that works but it is true. Honestly the idea of Brock vs. Mir on TUF cis the douchiest idea in MMA history.
  3. Felony Assault Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 10:49

    Good, Brock sucks anyways. He is a joke, and always has been. I am glad he got a good hurtin put on him via Cain. Time for him to go back to WWE and continue getting "punched" and hit with chairs, that is all he is good for. On that note, I think I am gonna go enjoy a nice PB&J with some milk, for Brocks cracker ass heritage.
  4. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 10:49

    I predict Brock quits the UFC in order to fight Minowaman on New Year's Eve 2011. You read it here first!
  5. edhedicus Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 10:57

    Come on folks, we are talking about a guy on vacation! This is all the mega-hype machine of the UFC, all tied into the fixed fight with Cain. I have a feeling that within the next month or so, Brock has a big anouncement that he will become a boring ass Greg Jackson fighter, go on the show and train the children with Jackson, and then smash Mir. Then he smashes Shaub/Big Country/Stroub, then the UFC allows him to get ahold of Cain for real, setting up the biggest trilogy in UFC history.
  6. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:00

    what was the new nickname that DFW dreamed up for Cock Chestner? Baddest man on the planet or something like that, was in all the hype videos(which i didnt watch cuz its cockchest)in the lead up to the fight. Anyhoo, whenever Im having a bad day I watch that shit and then the fight w/ Cain and LAUGH!!!! Over hyped??? Nail meet Hammer. Bye Bye pussy, leave the real fighting to real men
  7. exect4500 Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:08

    alot of this Brock hate on here is unfounded, especially the hate that says he wasn't a good mixed martial artist. You can't be a champion in the biggest MMA organization in the world without knowing a few things about fighting, besides there's still some strong evidence that Brock could still beat around 90% of the division.
  8. Clue-by-Four Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:09

    "Truth is, we can’t, because we’re all so fascinated by everything this man – this enormous jackass, both literally and figuratively – does or does not do. " No, we're not. Life. Get one.

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:12

    Lesnar can do anything he wants. Also I'd let sable rape me. Who are you kidding!?
  10. RSparrow Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:12

    @Uzitrasha A. I enjoyed the article B. Brock didn't "hand Carwin his ass" C. I've never realized how ridiculous that term is literally
  11. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:20

    Brock just needs to spar more when he trains. Wait! By "more" he'd actually have to spar in the first place and judging by the way he reacts when he gets hit, I'm thinking I might have to retract my statement.. Brock needs to spar. Period. End of sentence.
  12. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:20

    Damn it's funny how you all just dropped Brock like a used condom you found in your pocket. You all were all over his nuts before the Velasquez fight, and now he's the biggest joke in MMA? The only one who gets a pass is Viva Hate. Per his history of comments and Rex he is a person of integrity. The rest of you flip floppin bitches are lame. Who the hell even wrote this article? Cause before he lost all the articles in CP were dubbing Brock as the 8th 9th and 10th wonders of the world and that everyone was waiting for Brock to beat the Brown Pride tatoo off of Cain. It really is crazy how full of shit you bandwagon fans are. Hell he's only lost one fight out of an MMA career that consist of a handful of fights.
  13. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:28

    @El Guapo you're 1000% right. It looked as though he had never been hit in the face during the Carwin fight and didn't look like he worked much on sparring going in to the Velasquez fight. That is the whole in his game. If you can hit him in the face you can negate the barbarian attacks brock hits people with. That said, ask Mir and Carwin, that's easier said than done. I couldn't stand Brock until he beat Carwin, and I was going for Velasquez but must admit I'm a Brock fan. If you're have any truth to you, you have to respect that Brock did what probably no one else in the world could do. Come in to Professional MMA on the biggest stage and beat truly game opponents, you have to give the man props for that.
  14. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:29

    I don't care about Brock Lessnar. If they do heavyweights for TUF this season it will be another round of TUG: The Ultimate Gassers. Publicize the WEC fighters by having them coach a season. DO IT!
  15. Fedor Penn Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:39

    Back to steroids and fake punches you go.
  16. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:49

    speculation, speculation, conjecture, hearsay, rumor, speculation.
  17. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:50

    @Boss game opponents? Heath Herring- who has Heath beat that is note worthy,what has he done since? Randy- at 46 years of age, with a 60 lbs weight advantage Mir-guess who took out Mir faster then anybody, then dropped a weight class?Brandon Vera-we're certainly not sucking his dick Carwin-piss poor reffing Cain- a good wrestler with good hands, beat the shit outta Lesnar. Yeah, he could probably take most of the heavy weight division, but, I think that simply shows what little depth the division has. A one trick pony gets eaten up pretty quick in the big leagues, his time is over.
  18. knucklesamitch Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:51

    Anyone who discounts Brock's accomplishments is a fool. There is no other pro wrestler out there who could do what he did, he came into the UFC and won the title, and had just as many successful title defenses as any previous champion. The thing about MMA is you HAVE to evolve, and it's a little hard to evolve when you don't even spar. If Lesnar was to hook up with Freddie Roach like GSP did, this whole site would be filled with people swinging from his nuts because he'd be an unstoppable 300lb gorilla dominating the UFC.
  19. Goog Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:52

    I love some of these articles. They save me a lot of time and effort not having to bother forming my own opinion. When Anderson Silva got beat down the entire 5 rounds except for 2 minutes at the end and won, he was again lauded as the best in the world and people made excuses for his ribs, his medication, etc. Brock gets punched for 3 solid minutes by the hardest hitter in the sport and still bounces out after the second bell, takes a win, and he's called a pussy who's afraid to get hit. So tell me... who is it that we should all takes lessons from looking cool while getting punched in the face? Who's the Fonzi of taking a beatdown that looks so cool while getting hit that they could help Brock improve his image while fighting the physically largest top five athletes in the world's top organization? You can hate his tattoo, you can hate his press conferences, and hate his background. But you can't deny a naturally gifted cross platform athlete came in green as grass and after two fights, claimed the highest prize in the sport and evolved while defending it. I don't give a shit if he never fights again... it'll be a while before another one like him comes along.
  20. J_Spice Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:56

    @uzithrasha umad
  21. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 12:09

    @Chronic I can actually see that POV. Herring who? Couture was outside his prime, Mir is over rated and Carwin I agree it was poorly reffed but Carwin has to take most of that blame on his self. Even still to have no MMA experience he did very well, but you do make a good point. @Goog I don't know if I can call what Silva did "get beat down". Get dominated on the ground by a wrestler for 4.5 rounds and get up looking like he just woke up and the guy on top looking like a 4 year old who got jumped by the Diaz brothers hardly qualifies as a beat down. Who knows if Silva was hurt or not but we know Sonnen was on HGH's and we can all only speculate on whether he gained an advantage from them or not, but look at his fights before the UFC and then his performance once he got to the UFC which lines up with when he started the HGH's and you tell me he didn't gain any performance advantages from it. BUT all in all you are right.
  22. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 12:12

    I was a big time Brock fan, not even gonna lie. I used to talk shit to the Mir fans, saying how he got lucky with his pinky-toe lock and what not. Told them how Brock was gonna absolutely smash him in the rematch. Then I had a wager with Cecil Pupils here on the Caveman Carwin fight, telling him to he better have my dub because Brock was just too big, too strong and too skilled for him. Had to sweat that one out and was pretty sure I lost midway thru Round 1.. BUT that aura of invincibility he had(over me, at least)was lost. Carwin, for all intents and purposes, beat Brock's ass. Yes, he lost but he laid the smack down. Eerily similar to the first Mir-Lesnar fight. Anyhow, by the time the Velazquez match came around, Brock was already exposed. Punch him in the face and he'll turtle up. Except for the "reverse-racist-anti-American-gay tatto-go the f'k back to Mexico" discussions I had with the genius' here at CP, I didn't really care one way or another about that fight. I didn't expect Brock to get slaughtered the way he did, but it wasn't exactly a suprise, y'know? The End
  23. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 12:57

    I do still hate that stupid tattoo. Am I talking about Cain or Brock? You don't know do ya?
  24. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:04

    ^I'd like to buy a vowel. "O". I'd like to solve the puzzle. Both.
  25. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:09

    What goog said. Also, What CP said. A guy, who is a notorious recluse, who also loves hunting more than anything other than 'Murrica, who said he has no internet and was gonna turn off his phone and spend some time with his fam, is suddenly unavailable for a month or two during hunting season?!?!? *gasp* Why, something must be afoot! It's a mystery. And let me just prevent us from reliving the Carwin fight again by saying: best reffing ever. You know how when a fight is stopped early we all wonder what would've happened if it hadn't been? Well this is the once in a lifetime instance where we get to see what would have happened, and that is that ol DickPec would've got up to his feet, finished the round strong, and submitted him in the 2nd.
  26. Ninja Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:10

    My comments are spam? I comment like once a year....
  27. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:10

    Damn, El guap, you see right through me. El guapo wins.
  28. twoleftfeet Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:23

    Let's examine the notion of Brock the quitter. he quit wrasslin because of the excessive travel. the football thing was a longshot to begin with, he said upfront it was NFL or bust. he had no interest in NFL Europe because of the traveling. he almost made it, even though he hadn't played since high school. if he goes back to wwe its a onetime deal. go ahead and hate on the guy, but he has been consistent about not wanting to leave his family.
  29. BossNasty Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:28

    @ ghost I agree , but let me play devil's advocate and ask, from Carwin's perspective would he have gone so hard if he knew the ref wouldn't stop the fight when all the reffing in the past tells us the fight should have been stopped?
  30. FightingMiracle Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:31

    It really isn't fair to call Brock "overhyped". I'm not telling anyone anything they don't already know but he beat Herring, Couture, Mir and Carwin. All in relative ease. As for the comparison to Kimbo. That guy had sorry fights in a EliteXC, a boring fight with Alexander, then got smashed my "Meat Head". Poor comparison. The article was entertaining but it reads a little biased.
  31. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:37

    @ghost concerning the reffing in the Carwin fight, which you think was great, tell me why didnt the ref let Cain pound Chestner for awhile longer in their fight? It looked like the exact same position as the Carwin fight, Brock the bitch on his back turtled, would have found some way to eek out a victory right? right? better reffing this time around and the UFC realized their gravy train and band of fair weather fans was done and gonna jump ship, no more saving his ass, time to hype up the next greatest thing since sliced bread, cue JRogan, "we've entered the steaming pile of brown pride ERA!!!" you probably think the Jones/Hamill fight went too long as well
  32. Dana_Plight Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:38

    Brock needs to practice getting hit in the face a little more. It's too bad you can't add caveman muscle to the jaw to soften the blow. He'll be back.
  33. KidDinomite Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:44

    Joey Diaz called this first on the Joe Rogan podcast. Basically saying Brock was always the bully type til someone stood up to him and lit him up, that he'd never been hit in the face before. He also went on to predict Brock would not be back as his ego was hurt beyond repair. The key to beating Lesnar or any bully: Hit em in the face.
  34. twoleftfeet Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:44

    I know you're asking ghost but I'll give you my answer. Cains punches were landing, carwins weren't
  35. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:49

    @El Guapo - the most humble 20 bucks I ever spent was paying you off, man. I was absolutely positive that Carwin would smash Brock, and he did, but Brock still withstood the punishment that no other fighter had taken from Carwin. I disagree about the bad reffing mentioned by others - Rosenthal did a great job and Brock was never in danger of going out, and wasn't bleeding. Brock earned my respect as a fan in that fight, so I honestly can't talk shit about the man anymore. Then Carwin's name pops-up on steroid lists forever ruining my opinion of him. Booooo! I'd like to see Brock fight more, just not against Mir which Dana thinks is a great sell. Whatevs..., I'll still watch it like all y'all will. :)
  36. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 01:58

    @two thanks for jumping in, if Carwins punches weren't landing why was Rosenthal telling Brock,"U need to do something"? Repeatedly, three times. After which Chestner would throw a backhanded hammerfist at nobody and Rosenthal would be like,"Dana, is that good enuff? yeah, k, fight on guys. C'mon, name me a fight in which someone was on their back getting pounded for three and a half minutes and that was called intelligent defense?
  37. Elentius Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 02:08

    @Felony Assault You mean you are not a white person? With a name like that I am just shocked! You seem like a real classy person.
  38. twoleftfeet Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 02:31

    uh...Thompson vs kimbo. not sure if that makes a point or not but. you asked. I'd have to see them back to back, but I thought that both the Cain and carwim fights were well reffed. I'd be willing to bet the carwin fight was a cunt hair away from being stopped. I seem to also recall an interview with herb Dean in which he said that fight was well reffed, if that means anything to you.
  39. dranokills Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 02:35

    like I said several post topics down, MMA News broke this report already. I 100% agree with it, I don't think its speculation, I don't think we should wait, I don't think it's unfounded to roast marshmallows on the flames of his so called MMA career. We aren't talking about a REAL fighter, we are not talking about a dedicated mixed martial artists who trained their whole life and made this their very core A.K.A Chuck Liddell,nooooo we are talking about a spoilled rotten roided headed freak who jumps from sport to sport to sport on a whim. His own track record proves what kinda person he is, and what kinda so-called athlete he is. His interviews tell us what kinda person he is inside, it shows his education level, it shows his morals, it shows his id, ego, and super ego. There is no mistake, there is no comparison, and all the fanboys in the world can ignore the facts or whitewash over them with stats, and bullshit talk all they want. This is a man who used his weight, his roided out muscle mass, and his basic genetic background, bastardized it, and used them to his advantage. he has beat nobody. he beat an underweight, overaged randy Couture, he got lucky and the ref didnt stop the beating carwin put on him, only to see carwin gas out enough for brock to use his weight to hold him down and choke him out. there has NOT been a fight yet that Brock has out struck, "out technical-ised", out planned, or did anything remotely mixed martial artsy, except a side choke. face it, every fighter remotely as big or as strong has taken him down and beat him a new face. Only carwin gassed, no one else including Mir could match his size or strength, and those fighters all paid for it. If Brock fought GSP or BJ penn or even anderson silva he could grab them hold them down and HAM-fist them into retard land, THAT is all he has. That does not make him a great champion, that does not make him a MMA star. The fact he can put asses in seats to watch this train wreck of a man fight and perhaps get his head cut open and watch him bleed does not make him a real fighter. The facts are simple Brock lesner is NOT a real fighter, he is a freak show, whether you think he is gods gift to MMA or you have a dose of reality like me and realize he is what he is, and that ain't much. The little unknown guy fighting first on the undercard who nobody cares about, nobody will see ,unless there is time to fill on the PPV, that guy is a real fighter. We all know deep down in our hearts THAT guy will do his job, win or lose and keep doing it till we pay attention, but Brock lesner is a big name attention whore and fickle fans only care about who brings the heat...who rings the emotional bell, and thats why Cock chestner is a has-been and will fade into obscurity after his 3 ring circus majorly roided out body fails on him and he can no longer be the "monster" he thinks he should be.
  40. Clyde Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 02:46

    I have to agree with fightmiracle on this. It's not fair to call him overhyped. Brock came on the scene, and apart from the slip up with Mir (which despite what some of you will say, is not exactly an easy fight for your second forray into this whole MMA thing), beat everyone put in front of him convincingly. Yeah, he go beaten up by Carwin, but he came back and won the fight. Then he lost to Velasquez, and suddenly people act like he was always shit and didn't stand a chance against anyone in the top 10? I don't think he will ever be regarded as one of the greatest champions in the sport... but how many people truly think that there's a huge list of heavyweights who could do what Cain and Carwin (for the first round) did to Brock? Staying upright is no easy trick after getting hit by a train.
  41. twoleftfeet Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 02:52

    @ chronic. Oops I did everything except answer your question. I don't think brock was intelligently defending himself, but carwins punches were not landing and ran out of steam. @ draino. Brock said he's sorry he stole your lunch money
  42. MonsterMaulingAss Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 02:54

    Like him or not, Brock is a reputable fighter, and i believe in Cain Velasquez to be the owner of the throne for a while. I would rather see anthony pettis opposite of the ufc lightweight champ for next seasons tuf, lets get this title unification thing rollin. Also have them coach featherweights for insane DBZ lvl fights.
  43. dranokills Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 03:03

    twoleftfeet Says: Thu, 12/30/2010 - 01:52 @ chronic. Oops I did everything except answer your question. I don't think brock was intelligently defending himself, but carwins punches were not landing and ran out of steam. @ draino. Brock said he's sorry he stole your lunch money ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ oh dude the only thing brock ever stole was YOUR heart, you are so blind and in love with him. Brock never meant dog shit to me until he stuck his undeserving roided nose in my favorite sport and become the blemish on it. Now that pimple will go away, and hopefully take all his lovers with him. another words: EAT A BAG OF DICKS!
  44. twoleftfeet Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 03:09

    he isn't going anywhere. he's got two fights left. good day to you sir
  45. newdeal Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 03:16

    So Lesnar is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and go hunting. In case you have never been hunt camps are in the middle of nowhere and there are no phones. Lesnaer is already not connected so its of no surprise he hasnt called anyone back when he is out hunting with no access to any sort of communication device
  46. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 03:23

    He's going to Strikeforce if he doesn't start including sparring as part of his training regimen. Lots of sparring. Lots and LOTS of sparring. Seriously. Brock is bigger, stronger and more athletic than most (if not all) of his opponents. He also a great wrestler. He just needs to condition himself to take a punch to the face. It's not like he has an Arslovski chin or he can't take a barrage of punches. Carwin and El Racist wailed away on him and he didn't tap. But hit him in the mouth and damned if he won't turtle up every time.
  47. Smitty Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 03:25

    @ bossnasty You said "The rest of you flip floppin bitches are lame." Then you said "I couldn't stand Brock until he beat Carwin, and I was going for Velasquez but must admit I'm a Brock fan." Everyone is entitled to flip floppin, and a lot of people do, but if you're one of em, I don't think you should be knockin people for doin it. Just sayin dog.
  48. tmanifold Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 03:49

    For coolness under fire Google severn vs taktarov. Big nog is a close second.
  49. twoleftfeet Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 04:03

    Oh man, just for shits and giggles I checked on cains record just to compare it to brocks. Brocks first three ufc fights were mir, herring , and coture. Cains first three ufc fights are brad morris, jake obrien, and denis stonjic. I know a lot of the brock hate had to do with the resentment of oh this guy comes from the wwe ands doesn't earn his shot. But I think those fights as your first three should have put that to rest. Yes, brock is one dimensional. But he can still beat any other heavyweight at any given time. To me that deserves some respect. Yep he was pretty douchey with his words and actions his first few fights, but it seems he's learned that this isn't The wwe and has been pretty respectfull lately. And the steriod thing, well he has never pissed hot, nor is he linked to a dr that has sold steriods. I don't fault anyone for being suspicious because of his frame and the wwe thing, but innocent untill proven guilty.
  50. KidDinomite Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 04:44

    Tell me, how does one condition oneself to be able to get punched in the face? You either are able to get punched in the face or not. You try to condition yourself to get socked in the face, you wind up like Liddell - Barely able to speak coherent sentences.
  51. edhedicus Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 04:53

    @drano- have your eyes been closed? how can you say that he is not an amazing athelete? he is a monster of a man, and moves like a middleweight. he is extremely one dimensional and needs to join a better camp I will give you that. but with the "humbling" (I still say the fight was fixed) he got from cain, he may realize that he needs more than he can get at home. standby, he is good for about 5 more years....
  52. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 05:07

    @Boss - I dunno you'd have to ask Shane. As far as the premise of the question, it seems to be "Since refs have made stupid calls in the past, should people build their gameplans around the assumption that they will also benefit from a shitty call?" To which I would have to say, no. @Canadian Chronic - The ref in the Cain fight stopped it because Brock had a giant bloody facegina and he was tapping. Just going apeshit trying to end the fight is not enough, you actually have to be doing some damage. Maybe they should have stopped the Pierson fight at the last UFC because his opponent was swinging like mad and hitting a ton of air? I can't believe you are even trying to argue this. Carwin's punches, quite obviously, did more damage to himself than they did to Brock. Your Jones/Hammil question makes no sense. How about instead I name a fight where someone spent 3 minutes punching someone else and did no damage (hence, no stoppage)... Carwin vs Lesnar.
  53. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 05:36

    @ghost tell me why Rosenthal would have to tell Chestner he needed to do something three different times if some of those punches weren't landing? u dont think BL was in any danger at all? whaddya mean Jones/Hammil makes no sense? Man in superior position raining down blows for two and a half minutes, incomptent ref standing by, waiting, watchin, doin nothing
  54. DiazBrotherFromAnotherMother Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 06:16

    cage potatoe: shut the fuck up. this used to be the best mma website which is why im still a member but now its just shitty reporting, shitty articles and shitty opinions. i dont even want to respond to this article, just keep your shitty opinions to yourselves. thanks
  55. knucklesamitch Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 07:45

    This is just my opinion...But a Ref telling a fighter that he "needs to work" is not an indication that said fighter is hurt, it's an indication that the fighter is turtling and doing NOTHING...In the fight with Cain, lesnar wasn't doing NOTHING, he was getting his ass beat...that's the difference between the two fights...Against Carwin he turtled up and was content to let Carwin punch himself out, taking little damage in the process...During which time the ref said multiple times to work because otherwise you're basically giving up. Against Cain he turtled and there was no need to tell him that he needed to work because he was clearly catching a beat and being hit with clean punches, hence the previously reference facegina. I really don't understand how people cannot see the difference.
  56. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 09:27

    My two cents worth, I think Velasquez exposed more than a suspect ability to handle being punched in the face, cuppla things, Brock is an amazing athletic talent, however, as KidDinomite said, you cant condition your self for getting your face punched in, your either a dude who shakes it off and keeps coming, or its something that brings you undone every time. I suspect Brock is in the latter category, the nature of his defeat to Velasquez would have to have made a dent in his confidence, and maybe have him second guessing if he really wants to do this anymore. Or, he could be hunting up in the mountains and come back badder than ever. If he truly is uncontactable hunting up in the mountains, I'm going round to his house to keep Sable company, and by company I mean nailin her sweet bod til the cows (or Brock)come home
  57. dranokills Says:

    Wed, 12/29/10 - 11:36

    edhedicus Says: Thu, 12/30/2010 - 03:53 @drano- have your eyes been closed? how can you say that he is not an amazing athelete? he is a monster of a man, and moves like a middleweight. he is extremely one dimensional and needs to join a better camp I will give you that. but with the "humbling" (I still say the fight was fixed) he got from cain, he may realize that he needs more than he can get at home. standby, he is good for about 5 more years.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- another happy delusional fanboy speaks. Thinking a fight was "fixed" like boxing does daily is a delusional, conspiracy theorist clap trap pipe dream created by fanboys who can't handle reality. Cock Chestnuts is done. Dumbass Matt Hughes is a hunter as well, but he quickly set that shit aside to train for a fight he wanted with BJ Penn, unlike cock LESSnot. He isn't hunting anymore, he is at home trying his damnedest to get out of another beating from anyone else in his weightclass. If he wanted to fight or even had plans to fight he would be in a camera somewhere spouting his normal glorious amount of phlegm, and stupidity. As for the dumbass fanboys who say " well Brock has never pissed hot", look stop talking ignorant shit like a parrot. Remember when all those baseball players never got caught , and how they always claimed innocents, and always got up and walked out if confronted by it, Brock is just like them, and when his money and his fame is no longer able to block a real investigation into his life the truth will come out and surprise all of NOBODY.......except you fanboys who believe he is just a genetic miracle. ( scoff) ...snicker, what fucking fools you are.
  58. BC_Bud Says:

    Thu, 12/30/10 - 12:30

    Really? You're comparing Lesnar to Kimbo?!
  59. ghostboner Says:

    Thu, 12/30/10 - 02:01

    @Canada Chronic - I think we might just have to agree to disagree on this one mate. To answer your question, right now, no, I don't think he was in too much danger. At the time, yes, I thought he was .5 seconds from doing a 1 eyed Arlovski style mat inspection. At the time I was thinking "oh sweet holy fuck that stupid dick/sword is getting his just deserts." Then after the fight I saw him and thought "well I'll be, I guess there is some heart under that phallus on his sternum." So I imagine Rosenthal was telling him that for the same reason the ref was saying it to Dan Henderson when Jake Shields was sitting on him. Cause that's what refs do when you are losing but not quite beaten. EDIT - I compared Shane's punches to Jake Shielzzz'z punches, and for that I am sorry. EDIT EDIT - Shane is an (alleged) roider, roid punches are measured on a different scale, apology not necessary.
  60. ghostboner Says:

    Thu, 12/30/10 - 02:04

    @FBF - Missed you buddy. One of my coaches said the same thing, you can teach someone alot of things but not heart. You either have it or you don't.
  61. mt59801 Says:

    Thu, 12/30/10 - 03:18

    I still want to see Roy Nelson beat the erection right off of his chest before he gets kicked out the door
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