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Bummer Alert: Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis’s Last Night on Earth

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

In a new tribute/report titled "The Man That Was ‘Mask’," Sherdog adds some backstory to the tragic death of TapouT founder Charles Lewis Jr. As it turns out, Lewis was as sober as Jeffrey Kirby was drunk, and the street-racing theory is probably off-base as well. Here’s what we know now:

[Lewis] was on his way home from the gym with his girlfriend Lacey at 1 a.m., the only time he could fit working out into a hectic schedule. Lewis took pride in his deceiving physique, and many questioned if he was really 45 years old, even after officials confirmed it.
That night, Lewis and Lacey had decided to drive by a condominium apartment they had been looking into purchasing over the next few days. It is believed Lewis’ fire-engine red Ferrari occupied the middle lane when Jeffery Kirby and his companion came up along the left side in a white 1977 Porsche. At the scene, black skid marks snake up onto the median’s curb right as the road bends slightly, then drag for 500 or more feet across the three lanes. They indicate Kirby’s car bounced off the road’s island divider before t-boning into Lewis’ vehicle’s backend, sending the Ferrari into a 180-degree spin. The car traveled backwards before the driver’s side wailed directly into a cement light pole, slicing it into two parts.
It was the first time in a few months that Lewis had had the opportunity to enjoy the luxury ride he’d purchased over a year ago. The car had slept at a friend’s showroom until Lewis had been asked to bring it to a photo shoot that day for Dub magazine. High speeds didn’t seem unfathomable under the circumstances, though friends said they couldn’t see Lewis engaging in a dangerous street race for superiority. Lewis didn’t know Kirby, nor was Lewis believed to be drinking at the time. Lewis never touched alcohol, as many will attest.

A criminal trial for Kirby is tentatively scheduled for next month.


  1. CoconutSkin Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:52

    Wow, that's sad. I'll be the first to admit that I jumped to conclusions and thought he was involved in street racing, and might have been drunk. I take it all back. It is a shame and a tragedy that this happened to such a hard-working man who was a true fan and promoter of the sport.
  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:54

    ^ | My god I just lowered my self to saying "first". What has happened to my life?
  3. derp crew Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:54

    45??? wow makes him an even bigger tool
  4. Thoughts Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:56

    I think the fact that you are anonymous is enough to know your already fucked...
  5. Thoughts Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:57

    As for Mask, RIP. You were a strong face in a weak MMA world. I hope your love for MMA and life is picked up by more people.
  6. Thoughts Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:59

    @myself your = you're
  7. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 11:59

    RIP Mask. Lets hope that Kirby gets ass raped in prision.
  8. Myles Kilometers Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:01

    Wait a tick...I bet on Jeffrey "Adventure in Dreamland" Kirby to win the illegal street race, but since there technically wasn't one do I get my money back? I'm calling the sportsbook.
  9. Bryan Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:06

    That sucks... Any info on the condition of Mask's girlfriend?
  10. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:13

    I couldn't find any pictures of Lacy Lynn White online, but do a google search for Lacey White and you'll find quite a few interesting images.
  11. Wyatt Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:16

    Send that drunk fucker Kirby away for a long time. I'm so tired of rich assholes being able to buy their way out of trouble. Burn him at the stake as far as I'm concerned. I'm extra bitter about this. Repeat drunk drivers who kill someone else should be tortured and shot and then all of their money given to the victims family.
  12. mma-pro Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:21

    ya that does suck, he had everything until some drunk asshole sends him into a cement pole. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. ALCOHOL IS WORSE
  13. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:35

    This is very sad. But I dont know about the fact that he wouldnt race wasn't the crew shown racing around in a bunch of Ferarri's on their reality show?
  14. Aryan Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:39

    He was "45"? do people stay young like that I thought the dude was 35 max..
  15. Dana White is a HOMO Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 12:46

    Man, that really sucks! I thought he was racing and I was still sad to see him go.. Now to know that he was just chillin and got killed by this ASSHOLE!! Mask was goofy as hell but he sure was likeable..! RIP dude!
  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 01:39

  17. Scott Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 02:13

    I had heard from those close to him that he never touched alcohol. Yet I got to come online and see people jumping to conclusion, filling in the blanks and talking like they knew a damn thing about the situation.
  18. Clozer Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 02:37

    @Derp Crew I hope you become a statistic of a random act of violence.
  19. Aimlet Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 03:52

    I did the google search for lacey white... right on!
  20. Warcraft Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 03:55

    Yeah I also though that Mask was at least up to some speed but damn if he was stopped and Kirby was going so fast that he annihilate another car like that damn. Just makes this another sad day it appears Mask wasn't even racing just a straight victim of a drunken rich fucker. Stupidass alcoholics who get repeats DUIs should be banished to the eternal glory hole spot in jail. R.I.P. Mask Taken way to early
  21. UFC fan Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 03:57

    fuck a "mask". fuck a rich man. fuck a dead man...... Fuck a Evan Tanner too.
  22. The Mask's Ghost Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 04:10

    Thanks for the support guys- Up here in heaven, I dont have that brown globby thing on my right arm- thats what I always wanted. Hitler says hello.
  23. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 04:15

    I can't believe that people would buy that story like they bought the Obama and TARP fund story. A light pole is not knocked over and a car cut in half because someone was driving slow? If Kirby was driving that fast and hit the back of the car, there would have been a lot more damage to the rear end. Look again at the picture. Let's not forget what the officer saw or didn't see just before the crash. I love Tapout, and it is sad that Mask is gone, but 1 + 1 doesn't equal 4.
  24. Scrambled Eggs Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 04:47

    He spun out for 500 feet, then a light pole split the car in two?\ No, that doesn't sound like street racing at all
  25. GSP misses Mask Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 06:29

    This Kirby guy deserves ass thinks he will get it.
  26. matthew Dittus Says:

    Wed, 03/18/09 - 07:53

    this is a total tragedy. all my wishes to charles, his family and friends... ON A LIGHTER, LESS DEPRESSING NOTE.. Tim Sylvia got his ASS KICKED by none other than kane from wwe. thats right. kane took him down and worked some ground and pound, breaking big timmys nose in the process. but of course this is the outcome seeing as street fights cant go to a decision..
  27. The Truth Says:

    Thu, 03/19/09 - 07:14

    You cant cut a car in half under normal driving. Especially if it wasnt the primary hit. He was street racing, or atleast speeding at an excessive speed.
  28. Street Racer Says:

    Thu, 03/19/09 - 09:06

    I think the story FAVORS the street racing theme. "It was the first time in a few months that Lewis had had the opportunity to enjoy the luxury ride he’d purchased over a year ago. The car had slept at a friend’s showroom until Lewis had been asked to bring it to a photo shoot that day for Dub magazine." Hyped up in his super sports car that he never drove in over a year of purchasing? His balls were tingling and anus puckering to see what it could do. So what if he wasnt drinking. I street race without ever drinking.
  29. "G" Funk Says:

    Thu, 03/19/09 - 09:39

    Homeys the Ferrari he was driving seemed to be a F-430. This car is built using an all-aluminum space-frame chassis. Those lil cars can take an impact better than 70% of the current non-commercial autos on the road today. For that car to be completely cut in half means he was flying down the streets, racing or not. Especially given the fact that there are skid marks for almost 1/8 of a mile before impact!?!?! Top speed is almost 200mph for this car and 0-60 is reached 3.5 sec. In other words, it doesnt take very long before you start going VERY fast! That car looks as though it was a unibody Honda which chassis are joined together down the middle of the car! There are reasons why people race or test the performance of their vehicles on closed coarses. For one, the tracks are built, managed and maintained to specs, and still people lose control and wreck their rides! There are soo many humps, bumps, dips and uneven areas on the streets that in high speeds it wouldnt take much to send your auto veering off coarse. When you add medians and sidewalks to the situation, well..... And this was car built for high performance driving, just imagine with these kids doing this same chit with hondas and mustangs! Its sad, Mask seemed like a good guy in the TapOut shows helping up and coming fighters. RIP

    Thu, 03/19/09 - 07:02

    i didnt know a Ferrari could be ripped in half going 55, he should get a refund.
  31. Dave Says:

    Fri, 04/03/09 - 11:53

    derp crew your the tool Mask is and always will be the man. I hope you burn in hell!!!
  32. sandman Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 12:23

    people always talk out of there ass !!! there mouth knows better.!
  33. sandman Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 12:24

    rest in peace lewis . you will be missed .
  34. PokerShark Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 06:49

    So fucking what if he was speeding at 1:00am in vacant streets at night. Dosent mean he desearved to die or his death is any less tragic. You gay tools that condemn him for possibly racing, fuck you, you probably wanted his dick. Fuckin faggots.

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