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CagePotato Ban: Blaming an Injury for a Lackluster Performance and Saying God Helped You Beat Someone in a Fight

(Talk of bruised ribs and doing god’s work in the cage don’t belong in a post-fight interview)

Watching Anderson Silva get dominated on the feet and the ground by Chael Sonnen for the better part of five rounds Saturday night at UFC 117, a large number of fans and pundits assumed out loud that the middleweight champion must be sick or injured. How else could he be outworked, outstruck and outgrappled by Sonnen for over 23 minutes of a championship bout?

It didn’t take long for Silva to nullify the praise Sonnen’s career defining performance was garnering him as he announced in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan that his own somewhat lethargic performance was a result of an injury, not Chael’s nearly perfectly executed game plan.

Besides the slick, yet last-ditch armbar-triangle combo he threw up and was able to catch Chael with in the dying seconds of the fifth round, Anderson really didn’t do a whole lot in the fight, but instead of praising Sonnen for contributing more than his half to their “Fight of the Night” awarded bout, he instead chalked it up to a rib injury he sustained in training more than a week prior to the fight.

Now, I’m not saying he wasn’t injured, but like most fighters will point out, if you go into a fight at 100 percent, it’s likely because you weren’t training hard enough.

Adding insult to injury (no pun intended), Silva has now come out and said that god basically helped him apply the fight-ending submission and that he was simply an instrument of the man in the sky’s jiu-jitsu skills.

As of today, we are instituting new rule that if you choose to fight with an injury, whether it be a hangnail or a cracked skull, you cannot use it as an excuse for a piss poor performance. You knew heading into the fight that your boo-boo would affect your performance to some degree. That’s the risk you took by not pulling out of the bout. Saying that he is a real champion because he didn’t back out of the fight because he didn’t want to let the fans or the UFC down doesn’t wash.

Since this is a new rule, hopefully we’ll overlook Anderson’s repeated reference to the injury he made to TATAME in an interview this week.

“I had some trouble on moving because I had my rib injured. I hurt my rib three weeks before the fight, broke it with [Satoshi] Ishii, a friend of Lyoto [Machida's] that came from Japan to train with us and I was training with him and, due to a move I did, I got it injured. I went to the doctor and he said I should not fight because it was not that serious at that time, but things could get worse during the fight, but thanks God, it worked out. I believe that everything we’ve planned to this fight turned out true.

“[The injury] made it a little harder [to utilize my striking], because I couldn’t move as fast as I usually do… But he’s to be congratulated, he did a great fight… It was a huge fight. I believe that for the both of us it was very nice and it was a good fight for people to watch. I had some good opportunities while standing, but I couldn’t use them as I wish because I was injured. We trained a lot the movements of the stand-up game, with the coaches standing, but I only hit him few times.

What we will point out is that earlier this week, Silva’s manager, Ed Soares told FightHype that Anderson’s ribs weren’t broken as he states in the TATAME interview, but they were bruised.

“I took him to the hospital and they X-Rayed each rib and they noticed that it was a bit swollen, but there was no fracture. They said it was bruised ribs, but the way he reacted when they touched it and how tender they were, they said it was in the muscle as well as the bruise,” Soares explained. “I’m not a doctor, but this is just what they told us. They prescribed some Ibuprofen 800 for him because it was so close to the fight, they couldn’t do any Vicodin. The doctors said, ‘I really don’t recommend that he fights,’ but Anderson said, ‘No man, the show must go on. I’m going to fight.’ I put it this way, he was supposed to corner Mark Munoz on Sunday for his fight against Okami, but I made him stay at home in bed. He was just lying around and letting his ribs heal up on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday because we traveled. He didn’t train again until we got to Oakland. He gave his ribs about a five-day rest.”

We’re also instituting a no saying your god helped you kick your opponent’s ass rule.

Isn’t saying that god helped you to beat someone up kind of contradictory, considering Jehovah is supposed to be a peaceful ghost? Sure, you can believe that whatever deity you feel created you gave you the tools to win and to overcome, but I’m pretty sure Jesus and all of the saints who are believed by some to be hanging out in heaven aren’t pitching in to pay $49.95 to watch UFC pay-per-views at god’s bachelor pad on a Saturday night, especially since they all have to get up to go to church the next morning.

At any rate, we’re serious when we say this is your only get out of jail free card, Anderson, so use it wisely.

Hopefully this is the last time we hear anything like this from Anderson as loosely translated by Ed Soares.

Here’s Anderson’s bit about how god helped him make Sonnen tap out. Maybe god should have applied the choke a little harder to elicit a third tap out of Chael to ensure there wouldn’t be people claiming afterwards that “he never tapped.”

“Actually, it all happened as it should do, but the biggest prompter of all this is God, he’s the biggest responsible for all of it, I’m just his instrument. This fight was good not for the fight’s world, but to people in general. We should never give up on our dreams, we should never give up on our goals. I believe it was a lesson to those who’s been fighting, but also for everyone that was there, for those who had a hard time and are almost giving up on something. I believe it was a great message and the real purpose of the sport. I played God’s servant in there to show this to people, to encourage them not to give up, to never give up, to always believe and make things happen…Thanks God, I went there and caught him.”

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carterjohnesan- September 22, 2012 at 3:42 am
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fatbellyfrank- August 13, 2010 at 3:37 pm
@ joshuan, All the best my friend, and im sure we will, prolly find we agree on a few points to mate.
have a great weekend
joshuan29- August 13, 2010 at 8:37 am

The old testament was written before Jesus' time, and I beleive is followed mostly by the Jewish people. While Christian pastors will sometimes site passages and lessons in the old testament, Christianity is pretty much taught from the new testament.

But agreed on the "let's just watch the fights" Thats why UFC and Strikeforce are on Fridays and Saturdays, and Church is on Sundays.

Hell, I couldn't wait till tonight for SF and have popped in the old DVD player "Pride32: Real Deal" to quench my thirst for some action.

Have a good one buddy. I'm sure we'll mix it up again. Take care

fatbellyfrank- August 13, 2010 at 7:05 am
@ Joshuan, I probably love you to dude, but we disagree on a few things, I just thought if you were christian you took the whole package, old testament, new testament, you dont get to pick and choose, and if you promise you dont advocate genocide i'd put you out and save you from chokin on a hot dog, prolly even let you crash on my couch, as long as you dont talk about religion and just watch the fights

joshuan29- August 13, 2010 at 6:40 am

Someone's flying the bag flag! Joshuan 29 has nothing to do with the old testament passage! We Christians are New Testamenteers. It's my first name and middle initial, and the 29 is just my like number (the number of people I've actually impaled on a pole)

I'm not a fundamentalist, even though a Christian fundamentalist couldn't really be considered an extremist. I love everyone. Hell I even love you. I spread the good news to those who care to listen, and only rarely get defensive on the subject of the big man upstairs, but I guess I just don't like having my beliefs attacked. Shame on me.

I actually have no basement that I could hide you in. I understand if you don't want to return the favor on the heimlich, and the putting out of the flames. It's my job as a Christian to do unto others as I would have them do unto me though, so for the sake of not choking or burning to a crisp: I'd still save your life if presented with the opportunity.

I will leave you with my favorite biblical passage though. Matthew- 7:7 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."
fatbellyfrank- August 13, 2010 at 4:42 am
@ boner, damn fine idea, , and yeah, Mr Miss is back, I think there may have been a breakthough in staff/pleb relationships today over on the Fedor thread,(who incidentally thanks god for his ice cream, thats my type of god, one who gives you ice cream, and doesnt expect you to kill people, OK I'm gonna stop now), Steampunk 22 was here, Jimbonics was yakkin away with MR, cleared up some time frames on responses, as The Sexy man said, it was pretty cathartic for us all, and what we needed to get us focused and back on track with the potatos values, and to stand up for what CP represents:
So I fart in the general direction of the CP haters, and invite you to lick my sweaty ballbag

Coooeee Cobbers
ghostboner- August 13, 2010 at 3:08 am
Hmmmm it smells like a theological discussion is going on here, if you could call it that. Since the little red "new" word is not appearing to tell me which posts I have not read, I'll just say I side with Jesus and FBF and call it a day.

Oh shit Mr. Mrs. Andt Hrow pei is back! How I've missed you! Welcome back brother!
fatbellyfrank- August 13, 2010 at 1:55 am
@ Joshua 8:1-29, WOW, after re-reading your posts, and after reading the passage you take your user name from (I assume), I would like to refer you to the above post and advise there’s no fucken way I'd return the favor, and as for your basement, the only thing I wanna know about that is that’s it under surveillance from the FBI. And this whole Joshua 8:29, Christian, do you know what the word genocide means. If this is what you advocate I'm extremely happy I am nothing to you. Your viewpoint comes across as fairly fundamentalist, and the fundamentalists of any religion are only interested in one thing, that their beliefs’ dominate society, and that the non-believers are persecuted. And that is a pretty fucked way for society to function
fatbellyfrank- August 12, 2010 at 10:43 pm
@ Joshuan29, ok, obviously what i say doesnt matter to you, nor should it, its merely me venting or jibbering or whatever, I did take a dislike to your suggestion Ballkick would be comin at you with an expletive laden tirade, as he just doesnt do that, and from my dealings with him on this website, he is a good , patient and humorous human being, as for taking what I say to heart, I'd advise against anyone taking what I say to heart, especially on this web site as I do let myself go, but, I do appreciate the sentiments expressed up there, in what you would do for me in extreme situations, I sincerely hope, if the tables were turned I would do exactly the same for you, and I beleive I would. The BS I talk, if your gonna hang round longer than 7 weeks get used to it, I only rarely get cranky these days, but I do put out a lot of shall we say, immature and profanity laden comments, as do most of us, I'll make a deal, you dont lecture us about Christianity, and I'll stick to MMA and fart jokes.If I attack your God, feel free to defend,its what makes the world go round

Once again, Peace and love
joshuan29- August 12, 2010 at 9:44 pm
@ Ballkick

very well, agree to disagree.

@ FatbellyFrank

You do matter to God, as everyone does. You just don't really matter to me.

I mean, if I came upon you one day, and you were choking to death on a piece of hot dog you ate too fast, I'd probably give you the heimlich, and after that hot dog dislodged from your goozel, I'd say "Thank God you're alive!" If you were burning I'd spray water on you. If the nazis were chasing you, I'd hide you in my basement. But as far as considering the BS you're talking to be relevant, and taking what you say to don't matter enough for me to do that.

I'm not holier than though. I live and let live. But a good Christian defends his faith, and spreads the good news: Jesus loves you, even if you don't know it : )

Ballkick- August 12, 2010 at 8:55 pm
@ Joshuan 29

Just so we are clear my friend, I do not dislike you personally. Nor do I ridicule your beliefs. I do hate religion and all the misery, servitude and murder it has generated.
We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.

I hope you understand that for me I just need some concrete evidence if I am to be swayed into believing something that makes no sense to me and that I have never seen any confirmation on.
I truly hope that you are a good person and wish you nothing but happiness and contentment for you and your loved ones.

Here is what I believe: Religion does three things quite effectively: Divides people, Controls people, Deludes people.
Peace Joshuan 29.

@fbf peace to you as well,... my Aussie Posse.
fatbellyfrank- August 12, 2010 at 8:06 pm
@ Joshuan 29, you decided I didn't matter!!!, doesn't that fly in the face of the whole basis of Christianity, you know, all of gods creatures have a purpose and God loves us all equally, shouldn't you be turning the other cheek and forgiving me for I know not what I say. For someone who is as devout a Christian as your comments indicate, that seems like a very unchristian and hypocritical standpoint, to decide another one of God's creatures doesn't matter!!! So I would suggest, as a Christian, when you realise that your statement to me goes completely against the ethos of Christianity, you should really retract your statement, assure me I am important in the big scheme of things, and let me know I am one of God's children and he/she loves me, as do you as your such a devout christian, or you can say nothing, and we can all rest assured your just another hypocritical Holier than thou "Christian" who talks the talks, but whose actions and words fall a long way short of anything that could be described Christian behaviour

Peace and love to all
fatbellyfrank- August 12, 2010 at 3:37 pm
@ Joshuan29.I,m the pain in the ass that never lets up on fucken idiots like you who come onto an MMA site spoutin your bullshit, you beleive what u wanna beleive fuckhead, leave us Humans to make up our own minds, noone gives two fucks for your opinion which will become apparent when you read responses above.
Praise the lord Hella Jella, he just needs $2 million to build a worship centre, dig deep and you will be saved from eternal damnation!!!
Leave your blinkers on and you keep beleivin, the rest of us will live our lives how we see fit, not according to your bullshit guidelines
macreadysshack- August 12, 2010 at 12:58 pm
@ Barc I think maybe people who have liked this site in the past are hoping their input will help it change. I don't think it's working, though so you may be right. It might be time to quit it. Laters, CP.
vyapaar- August 12, 2010 at 11:43 am

Makes sense for it to be for all the fighters. Problem is the article is pointing towards 2 things silva said -- his rib injury excuse and thanking god. Both are being used to undermine silva's credibility -- the article refers to silva's performance being weak due to his injury therefore claiming that silva is not giving enough credit to sonnen.

If it was geared towards all the fighters, most of them would get chastized by CP because most of them bring up injuries after fight and thank god. Nogueria brought up his back injury problem after frank mir fight, i don't remember CP blogging about that.

No doubt, it was a great show and i was impressed with both. I hate Sonnen but I give him props for not backing down and taking the fight to silva.
Barc- August 12, 2010 at 11:41 am
holy shit... I just read half a page of "this site sucks, but I still check it religiously, and post like a dirty douche." Either hit it or quit it, bitches. I noticed that there are 3 pages of comments, and I refuse to read that bullshit.
joshuan29- August 12, 2010 at 11:32 am
@ Balllick,

I've got all the proof I need. I can accept that you beleive what you believe, but I will not have my beliefs ridiculed.

The human brain, the distance of the sun from the earth, the existance of water, which is perfectly designed to nurture all of the creatures on this earth is all suggestive of an intelligent designer.

And Fatbelly-- Who in the blue hell are you? I didn't get half way through your post before I decided that you didn't matter.
Monstrosity- August 12, 2010 at 11:23 am
Sorry Mr. Potato.

I've gone to your site pretty much everyday for about 2 years. I understand its a comedy MMA site so everything that comes out isn't always that serious. But since Saturday night this crap is almost unbearable. I just have a few things to get off my chest.

By your logic any fight that is won by a fighter in the last round after getting his ass handed to him is lucky? So Scott Smith has been only "Lucky" in his last few wins. Russow got "lucky" against Duffy huh? How about we add to it then.

How about we add to it then. Everytime someone got a first round KO they must have gotten lucky and just caught him early right?. Werdum got lucky Fedor didn't stand up out of the triangle the first time right?

Sonnen is getting more respect out of people from this fight, then any of that "ill say anything to hype the fight" bullshit he spews out any day.

so in closing screw your site. screw the writer of this article. Im moving on to Middle Easy for comedy and MMAfighting for actual news. Actual MMA sites who don't write bullshit after the fighter they like loses.

macreadysshack- August 12, 2010 at 11:06 am
Haha, Joshua829 . . . Don't you see that when you say you are going to 'pray for someone else to see the truth' you are implying that you know the truth? A. No one knows the truth, that's just retarded. B. That's called Pride - the good old fashioned ego type pride that's very frowned upon in just about every religion except Fatbellyfrank's.

With very few exceptions:

Religion is a way for people to shirk personal responsibility for being assholes.

Religion is a way for societies to control people, making them better cogs, better producers for the upper class.

Religion is a way for people to have a make believe story about what happens after you die and how the world was made so they won't have to cope with the enormity of mystery and not knowing. In other words, it's a baby's ba-ba.

Hush little baby don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mocking-bird . . . Are you comforted? If you are, you are an idiot because safety and security do NOT actually exist. Ever.
macreadysshack- August 12, 2010 at 10:36 am
Damn, it's going to take fucking HOURS to read all the shit you assholes have written above me.

I'm as anti-religion as any free thinking man but c'mon, as long as they aren't raping children or destroying entire cultures, let's give em a pass on mentioning what they believe in. Everyone's not like ME?!? Holy fuck, I'd like to ban EVERYBODY not like me!

Additionally, there's a translation issue here with the bruised/broken ribs thing. There's also the possibility that he mis-spoke.

There, I think that addresses all the salient points you made in your 900 word rant.

Thumbs down on this piece of crap. Way down.

Hey, Rex13, I love you buddy but I wish you'd ease up on defending this stuff. I know you have better taste than that. It's starting to sound a weee bit nuthuggerish. If your boss is a retard, you may not have to call him a retard but you certainly don't have to defend him every time a criticism is stated. I don't like saying that to you and it's just my idea/reaction. Who knows maybe old Rex would've LOVED this article. Un-fucking-likely, but I don't know.
Ballkick- August 12, 2010 at 10:24 am

I believe the tongue and cheek "ban" on excuses and thanking god were directed at all MMA fighters and not just Anderson Silva.
Really,...nobody is hating on Silva, or am I missing some intricate plan to undermine his credibility?
Both combatants in this fight fought to the best of their ability and both should be proud of their performance.
I am a confessed Anderson Silva fan, but I am also now a big Chael Sonnen fan after this fight.
That was entertaining.
vyapaar- August 12, 2010 at 9:31 am
Hey CP,

How come you are not hating on Sonnen tapping and then trying to pretend that he did not tap.

How come you are not hating on Sonnen saying all that shit about Armstrong and since he has no balls to admit, instead lying it was somebody else.

Rather, you are hating on a guy who actually won the fight after getting his ass kicked for 4 1/2 rounds -- did more damage to sonnen's face from the ground than Sonnen did to silva

you choose to hate on the guy because he was not 100% percent and still came to fight so that dick heads like you can do your job and write about the fight the next morning...

and lastly you hate on him because he thanked god... Come on man, just because you don't believe in that, how is that cause for your hatred towards somebody who does.

Give it a rest, like your threat to ban actually means something to Silva. What are your going to do next time he fights, wins and then thanks are not going to cover it.

Shut the fuck up already. Look for some other relevant materiel about MMA that actually makes sense.

Instead of #bring logan back --- It should be

Jeremy- August 12, 2010 at 8:33 am
Please stop saying Jesus didn't tap. It was a Verbal tap as his last words on the cross. Not that there is any evidence that a person named Jesus Christ really lived any ways.
Ballkick- August 12, 2010 at 7:55 am

As far as classing up this discussion I do not see any reason to lower myself to a profanity laced tirade. You obviously are a strong believer in your theory as I am in mine.......I can tolerate your belief,....can you accept mine?

I beg to differ with you on your God not being intolerant, violent, sexist or homophobic. History teaches us that no other cause has brought more death than the word of god. For a prime example go to ground zero in NYC and then take a trip to the middle east.

I reserve my judgement upon you as I do not know what dwells in your heart. However I feel I have gotten a glimpse in your posts. How "should" I feel about you?
Joshua29....Thank you for praying for my soul, but you can stop now. I am quite convinced I do not need it.

You've asked for proof and so you might want to Google stellar nucleosynthesis, although not definitive, It is far more compelling than any baseless, fact-less, argument you can conjure.
You see my belief is based on Science and understanding, yours is based in faith with no evidence at all. I think if God really wanted us to believe in him........he'd exist.
If you do believe in God and pray to him you do realise you are on first name terms with the world’s first, and most prolific, serial killer?........

I have a feeling I know how much emotion the last comment here will resonate with you, search your heart,'s because it is backed by history and fact.....something religion doesn't have on its side.
LockDown2- August 12, 2010 at 4:48 am
You know what is the worst part? It's that Anderson actually WON the fight, kept a 12 win streak in the biggest MMA org in the world and holds the record of most consecutive belt defenses of history too. Aaand, the guy even submitted Sonnen, it wasn't even a bullshit decision or something.

CP is shit. They blocked my first account for criticizing those wannabe writers, they really lost the control of the site.

You guys should be the first ones to love the sport, not hate his idols.