Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next? Presents: The 2013 Potato Awards

Gnarliest Injury of the Year: Anderson Silva’s Leg Snaps @ UFC 168 (12/28/13)

(Photo via Esther Lin/MMAFighting)

Funny thing about gruesome leg breaks — they never get easier to look at. It’s been five years since Corey Hill’s leg went into wet-noodle mode at UFC Fight for the Troops 1, and as jaded as we’ve become covering this sport, watching a human being’s limb go flippy-floppy hasn’t lost its ability to make us want to barf.

Up until the final weekend of 2013, we figured that Gustavo Franca had this year’s Gnarliest Injury Potato Award locked up. Then, this happened. Anderson Silva‘s injury at UFC 168 might have been the most horrific injury we’ve ever seen in MMA, and not just because of the inconceivable agony of the moment. Silva is a fighter who we all revered, who we all cared about, and he deserved to go out like a hero, on his own terms. Instead, the last image of Silva that we may ever see in the UFC was him screaming on a stretcher, a formerly invincible champion now totally helpless.

This sport can chew up even the best of them. And being the G.O.A.T. doesn’t mean a damn thing when your shin collides with a knee in exactly the wrong way. - Ben Goldstein

Honorable mentions: Jon Jones gives a shaky post-fight interview at UFC 159 with his big toe bent sideways, Phil Baroni’s ankle implodes

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

MMA Fail of the Year: Dude Does Tito Ortiz Grave-Digger Celebration Before Getting KTFO

When I was responsible for this award last year, I assumed my job could never get easier. In retrospect, I may as well have assumed that my press passes to UFC 168 must have got lost in the mail.

This guy performs so many dickish MMA colloquialisms before losing that I’d assume it was a work if it didn’t end in such a brutal knockout. But my personal favorite part of this video? That this guy is confident enough to run through every taunt ever before even throwing a punch, yet insecure enough to leave his shirt on. The entire Internet thinking he’s an asshole? Yeah, he can live with that. But the possibility of heterosexual men who cheer for Roy Nelson and Daniel Cormier seeing that he doesn’t have eight-pack abs? HOW WILL HE EVER SURVIVE THE EMBARRASSMENT, DAMMIT!!!!!!? - Seth Falvo

Dishonorable Mentions: Oh come on, like a self-inflicted failed flying armbar KO, a black belt failing to break a board, said black belt’s 5th degree belt test (presumably), or anything Tim Sylvia did this year even comes close.

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