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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next? Presents: The 2015 Potato Awards

MMA Gif of the Year: Nick Diaz Takes a Mid-Fight Nap Against Anderson Silva


While the Diaz brothers penchant for mid-fight displays of bravado have always been a staple of their game, nothing they have ever done — not Nate’s Stockton Heybuddy mid-triangle, not Nate’s…double Stockton Heybuddies to Donald Cerrone, not nothing — compares to what Nick Diaz did against Anderson Silva at UFC 183.

Matched up against the G.O.A.T, the P4P king, the Spike TV Guys Choice Award winner in the category of “Most Dangerous Man” and a guy who made a career taunting the living hell out of his undermatched opponents, Nick Diaz kept his hands down, shit-talked, displayed his ass like a baboon, and laid down in the cage. Guys, he laid down in the f*cking cage. It was honestly one of the greatest taunts in the history of the sport, if not *the* greatest.

Obviously, Diaz’s badassery inspired no less than 1000 memes in the days that followed, as was he unanimously declared the people’s winner of the fight despite actually losing by unanimous decision.

Honorable mention: The amateur fighter who got knocked out in the most cartoonish fashion ever, One FC Flyweight Ze Wu’s Transcendent, Flying Cartwheel Groin Stomp

Most Satisfying Beatdown: Holly Holm Torches Ronda Rousey at UFC 193

Ronda Rousey has been pure electricity in the cage for her entire career. She has dished out some of the quickest and most lopsided beatings in Strikeforce and UFC history. While her career in the cage has been phenomenal, her conduct and stances outside of it have been mind numbingly stupid, offensive and embarrassing.

To recap: Ronda has already tweeted out a Sandy Hook conspiracy video mere weeks after schoolchildren and educators were massacred, came out as a 9/11 Truther, made incessant transphobic comments about Cris Justino, admitted to the physical assault of a former boyfriend in her book, issued her condemning stance on water-based lubricants/vaginal dryness and began dating alleged woman-beater Travis Browne.

The day before UFC 193, Ronda sent out the most laughable attempt of anger towards Albuquerque’s sweetheart Holly Holm via the Instas: “Fake ass cheap shotting fake respect fake humility bitch – ‘preacher’s daughter’ my ass”. Everyone laughed and laughed and laughed at the absurdity and desperation Ronda showed. Sure, she’s the type of fighter who has to be personally mad at each of her opponents in order to get up for the fight, but this time it got so unbelievably cartoonish that nobody could stomach it.

When Holly started tooling Ronda on the feet, escaped an armbar attempt and also got a takedown of her own in the first round, there was still this feeling that Ronda would pull something out of her ass (without lube of course). In the second round, however, Holly sidestepped a left hook by Ronda and jogged to the center of the cage like “You comin’ or what?” At that moment, I really felt like it could finally happen and boy did it ever. The unfortunate thing for Rousey is that unlike jet fuel, Holly Holm’s kicks *can* melt steel beams. The left high kick heard ‘round the world landed and the Rousey Era was over. In 2016, Ronda will get an immediate rematch, Holly will hopefully annihilate her again, and then Rousey will be off to her new career of making straight-to-on-demand action flicks. Hurry up, 2016!

-Earl Montclair

Worst Fight of the Year: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Konstantin Erokhin at The TUF 22 Finale 

In his first fight for the UFC, Gabriel Gonzaga faced off against journeyman Kevin Jordan in the co-main event of UFC 56: Full Force. Some 14 minutes into the fight, both men had put on such an atrocious performance that Joe Rogan pondered aloud whether or not either man would be invited back to the UFC regardless of who was declared the winner. And he was probably right in assuming that neither would…until “Napao” knocked Jordan out with a superman punch some 15 seconds later, saving his hide and finding a spot on the UFC’s permanent highlight reel in the process.

It was a feeling that many of us were reminded of in Gonzaga’s latest performance against Konstantin Erokhin at the TUF 22 Finale, only unfortunately for us, Gonzaga’s abysmal performance didn’t have the good fortune of being capped off with an incredible KO. For three endless, slogging rounds, Gonzaga and Erokhin circled, stared, circled, and stared at each other, seemingly too scared to engage while the 1,800 people in attendance showered (or perhaps sprinkled, considering how few of them there were) with boos.

How bad was this fight? Gonzaga managed to come out victorious despite landing just 20 significant strikes in the entire fight. Twenty. To Erohkin’s 15. Talk about a barnburner.

Most Embarrassing Knockout: Jason Solomon Flaunts, Taunts, Gets KTFO in 9 Seconds at SFL 43

When you’re an MMA fighter who walks out to your own rap song, you’re setting a certain bar that we expect to be met. When you spend the majority of said walkout pointing to women in the crowd, dancing around, and swinging from the cage door, you’re basically saying that you could defeat your opponent blindfolded and with both arms tied behind your back. When you do all that, then get knocked dead by your opponent in less time than it takes to respond to a text while driving, well, you end up taking home a Potato Award.

Honorable mention: Again, the ammy fighter who got knocked into a goddamn pirouette.

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