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CagePotato PSA: Donate to Our Patreon Page and Help #RallyForCagePotato!!!

By Jared Jones

Good morning, Nation.

As you well know, 2015 has not been off to a great start for us here at castle CagePotato. Financial cutbacks from our parent site have left us without an Old or New Dad of any sort and forced us (me) to heavily cut back on our usual daily output. We’re in nothing short of crisis mode, and the future of the CagePotato brand remains up in the air. It’s…been a depressing couple of months to say the least.

But as Harvey Dent once said, it is always darkest before the dawn. And not unlike Dent, we need you — our loyal, fearless and ever-vitriolic readers — to be the Batman to our Gotham. Which is why today, we announce the launch of our own crowdfunding campaign through Patreon to #RallyForCagePotato.

CagePotato would be nothing if it wasn’t for you guys (and gals), and we need your help and support now more than ever.

Care to read up on our cause and/or donate? Head after the jump for all the details how. 

Our dilemma is simple; in order to up our daily output of content, bring in more/new writers, and continue to make improvements the site, we need more money. Your money. Not a lot, mind you — even as little as a couple bucks a month — but enough to *marginally* compensate for what our parent site has slashed from our budget. This money will ensure that we will be able to continue churning out great material and even start paying those of you who have been sending in articles for publication (which have been nothing short of excellent so far) moving forward.

Head over to to learn more and/or donate.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Patreon works, check out this brief video to get up to speed.

Essentially, Patreon works like a Kickstarter campaign, except the donations are made on a monthly basis. In hindsight, I guess that video wasn’t entirely necessary.

We’ve accomplished great things through crowdfunding in the past, and are confident that we can do great things again with your help. But if the thought of saving your favorite sarcasm-riddled MMA blog run by jealous UFC h8rs isn’t enough, we also have a few “incentives”:

- For $5/month, you will receive a personal shout-out of your choosing from us on Twitter. Got a beef with a fighter you need to get off your chest, but can’t because you only have 23 followers? Want us to publicly shame one of your friends? Or are you simply looking to to gain some followers via the patented CagePotato bump? All you need is a few bucks to start making those incredibly modest dreams come true.

- For $10/month, you will receive an e-copy of Brian J. D’Souza’s (he of Shill ‘Em All fame) book: “Pound for Pound: The Modern Gladiators of Mixed Martial Arts“. The book prominently features Fedor Emelianenko on the cover, automatically upping its resale value to the $1000+ range.

- For $25/month, you will receive a signed 8×10 from CP’s resident adult film star and GSP fanatic, Carmen Valentina

- For $50/month, you will receive a custom solo vid from Ms. Valentina. We’re sure she’ll just use the time to give you the scoop on what GSP’s been up to lately and totally not take her clothes off in the process.

We can’t begin to describe how much your support has meant to us in these trying times. but with a little more help, we can all make sure that CagePotato remains a place for MMA’s craziest and most dedicated fans to revel in the circus act that is our beloved sport.

Again, that’s to donate.

Thanks again, you guys. Keep the fight alive.

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