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CagePotato PSA: So About That Last “CagePotato PSA”…

Free Cage Potato dog
(It’s more “Save” than “Free” now, but the message is still relevant.)

By Jared Jones

Good morning, Nation.

If you’ve visited CagePotato within the past few days, you’ve likely read my inspiring and totally original war speech which triumphantly declared that we will not be be going quietly into the night, nor will we be vanishing without a fight, and so on and so forth. You were likely moved to tears by this heartrending and undeniably epic rally cry, and most certainly hugged your loved ones a little tighter before tucking them into bed, reminding them to never, ever take anything in life for granted.

And while I wasn’t technically wrong in declaring that CP’s flame will forever burn, it turns out that my soaring call to arms might have been a bit, presumptuous…

Starting February 1st, I will be CagePotato’s last and lone remaining soldier, and my contributions to the site will be severely cut back. It is a backbreaking development to say the least, and one that could very well chase away the last of you who still consider CP your go-to source for all things MMA.

With CP clinging to life support, I have been forced to resort to what few options are still available. So here’s what I’m prepared to do:

1). Moving forward, CagePotato will become the *true* voice of MMA fans across the globe. This means we will be accepting, editing, and if they’re up to snuff, publishing YOUR contributions as if they were our own. (You’ll still be getting the credit, of course, and all that sweet blogger tail that comes with it). Have some thoughts on a potential opponent for Kimbo’s Bellator debut, an upcoming UFC event, or just feel like sharing a “Martial Arts Fail of the Week” (RIP Saccaro) clip? Well as long as you’re willing to work for free, contact us — either via email or our Twitter (or mine) — and get to writing.

2). Although we’re still waiting on approval from corporate, we are hoping to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the immediate future in order to provide the necessary capital to keep CP running. Being that we’ve been reduced to a one-man operation, it is going to require some man hours to edit and publish all your contributions, so if you truly love the original and occasionally humorous voice that CP provides to the MMA community, open up your wallets…er…hearts and show your support. There will be prizes for the highest donors, if that helps. (More on this later.)

3). Yes, we are currently working on restoring a commenting system that both works and is accessible through other mediums than Facebook. Also, we know our gallery viewer sucks and we’re fixing that as well. Again, these are things that your monetary contributions will go towards fixing.

I cannot begin to describe how much your support has meant to us so far, and hope that you will continue to rally behind CagePotato in these dark times. BG would be proud of you sonsabitches, so please, let’s keep this thing going by any means possible. The Time Is Now…to #RallyforCagePotato.

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