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Can Will Brooks Regain His Momentum?

It wasn’t too long ago that the acquisition of Will Brooks by the UFC was viewed as a pretty big deal. Two fights and one loss later, it seems that fans have quieted down a bit where the former Bellator lightweight champion is concerned. As he sets his sights on victory once more ahead of UFC 210, the question remains: can Will Brooks regain his status as a prospect to watch?

I’ve been pretty high on Will Brooks for some time now simply because of the way he’s blended different arts into his game. Karate fanatic that I am, it’s been pleasing to see Brooks implement a bit of the footwork of the traditional arts and look impressive doing it. The footwork made him hard to hit and also made his entries during takedowns buttery smooth. It’s the kind of thing you want to see from an athlete the likes of Brooks who has such dangerous wrestling and striking.

After his fight with an overweight Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira, we learned a few things about Will Brooks. While many will simply choose to focus on the outcome of the match up, the reality is that Brooks acquitted himself well during the bout, especially when you consider that his ribs were busted up pretty good after the opening frame. The second round was probably even more impressive for that fact. But those kind of injuries wear on a fighter and it would prove to be Will Brooks’ undoing.

Despite the loss, Will Brooks still has a ton of upside and has the natural ability and technique to make a fierce comeback.

This weekend will see Will Brooks return to action against another Oliveira, Charles Oliveira to be exact. Oliveira makes a return back to lightweight after a stint at featherweight and is likely to be the smaller man when he enters the cage against Brooks this Saturday. While it isn’t a sure thing, Brooks should have some advantages in this match up, specificlally his wrestling ability. But I have a sixth sense that we’re going to see Brooks out strike Oliveira and once again announce himself as one of the top lightweight prospects in the world.

Oliveira is a submission threat and does have some good Muay Thai skills. But with so much riding on this fight, with the opportunities to potentially secure another belt in the biggest organization in MMA, this Saturday we’re likely to see the best version of Will Brooks to date. Until then, take a glimpse at some of the highlights that has made so many people jump on the Will Brooks hype train.

Do you think Will Brooks gets the win at UFC 210?

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