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Caption Contest: Chuck Likes Meat, Guida the Mime and Forrest’s Groupie Downgrade

(Hover-hands… making UFC fighters not seem like germophobes since 1993.)

We realized we haven’t had a good old fashioned caption contest in a while, so to make it up to you guys we figured we’d do three for the price of one. That way you can pick your favorite photo to mercilessly carve, rather than having us disappoint you by choosing one that dries out your creative juices. And you say that we never listen.

You know the drill. Come up with your best captions for these three Tracy Lee photos from last weekend’s “It Ain’t Chemo” fundraiser. Best one for each pic gets a CP devil horns or HOF T-shirt. One prize limit per entrant.


(“I still don’t get how the bacon grows inside the chicken.”)


(“Sorry Clay, I only date guys who do hard stand-up sparring four days a week.”)


  1. Get Off Me Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:24

    1.Damn Forrest, if you dressed and wore a hat like mine, you'd do better than that. 2.My head's cutting my head. 3.Just let your soul glow.
  2. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:25

    forrest smiling " yeah. i tapped both these asses
  3. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:27

    liddell " Oh my god.........bacon wrapped ice have........i love you man"
  4. agentsmith Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:29

    To use a cowboy term, those horses look like they've been rode hard and put away wet.
  5. Blak302 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:30

    Forest pic. - "Ladies, I truly apologize for my previous tweet, and to show you how sorry I am, I'm fully prepared to make the three way the new missionary." Chocolate Al pic. - "Miguel Torres doesn't have shit on your grilling skills!" Guida pic. - "The next time I catch you trying to copy the Dude's hair style I'm gonna have to flash this backhand..."
  6. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:30

    clay guida "ill practice my pimphand windup, you practice an air blowjob"
  7. cwr Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:34 I didn't realize chuck was just staring at bacon wrapped food in this gif
  8. treetrunkchad Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:34

    Got to see the big picture but I can't see the forest through the boobs
  9. treetrunkchad Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:36

    Chuck, "Holy Shit!!!, you pulled that out of my colon and now my stomach isn't bulging"
  10. Austin3210 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:36

    Karyn Bryant was less than ammused at how her wax likeness turned out at Madame Tussaud's.
  11. Yazloz18 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:37

    Chuck's got that look in his eyes
  12. Morningwood Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:41

    1. These bitches while dumb as hell were smart enough to read my book, and store enough personal silicone to caulk the doors and windows shut when doomsday comes. 2. whoa, Tito's spine is a mess, if it wasn't for this "good water" I don't think I could finish the challenge? 3. Ok Clay, calmly point to how far up your ass my hand is now.
  13. GenZod Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:41

    Chuck didn't lose to the Brazilian BBQ, he just got caught...
  14. GenZod Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:43

    Forrest refushed to put hands on the porn stars. He leaves that to Tito...
  15. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:44

    Figures that in a Tracy Lee threesome, the one with the meat would be in the middle.
  16. Gilafresh Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:45

    1. My milkshake brings all the girls to the TUF Finale, damn`s better than Bonnar's... 2. So that's what happened to Tito's cracked skull?!?! 3. The dude minds, man.
  17. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:45

    Forrest: If I'm lucky, the only one of these dudes I'll be going home with is the one wearing his hat backwards.
  18. GenZod Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:47

    Time for a name change Clay. A carpenters wood should be more far more impressive...
  19. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:48

    Chocolate Al: I can't eat these, I just had my dog neutered!
  20. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:50

    1. Stright from Dr. Evils new lineup. 45 calibre, double D's with an optional 1 year waranty
  21. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:51

    Clay and Karen can't help it, whenever Dancing Machine comes on, they have to do the robot.
  22. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:53

    While Chuck was eating at the Brazilian churrascaria, he wasn't sure what Ovinhos dos Gringos was, but decided to give it a try anyway.
  23. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:53

    3. This explains a lot. I always just assumed Carrot Top was created in a lab and didn't have actual parents.
  24. GenZod Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:54

    edit: Forrest refused to put hands on the porn stars. He leaves that to Tito...
  25. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:56

    3. The robot... it's so easy a caveman can do it.
  26. Shotokan Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 02:57

    1. Forest meets twin peaks with burning bushes. 2. Wanna see a circus trick? I can stuff the knife AND the meat down my mouth! 3. Who said Poplocking was old school!?!?
  27. GenZod Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:02

    Chuck wanted another skewer, but the Brazilian BBQ owner didn't want to make another dime off promoting that type of restaurant
  28. Double OG Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:02

    1. I hope I fuck better than I fight. 2. Suck me sideways! 3. Clay dances to Techno Chicken.
  29. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:04

    2. So you're saying that you think my girlfriend could fit that all the way in?
  30. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:07

    1. The Ultimate Fighter - as real as it gets... in this picture.
  31. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:09

    2. "That was Tito that got into my scallops, I know it. Ya let this guy eat one and he'll never stop eating."
  32. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:11

    3. "Live from the Apollo, it's the Soul-Glo dance off!"
  33. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:11

    1)Ohhhhh, "say cheeeeese". Thought you said "Double Deeeee's". My bad. Sometimes these things happen in T&A- MMA! I MEANT MMA!!
  34. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:16

    2)Uhhhh, amigo, when I said "bring me an 8 ball" I wasn't talking about meat on a stick. Tell you what, go bring me some Co-ca Co-la, com-pren-de?
  35. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:18

    3." Just cause you were on that head and shoulders commercial, doesn't mean your getting on Dancing with the stars, ok Geico...ok."
  36. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:19

    2. "Uhh, yeah... umm, uhh...uh I think maybe, uh... you know...fighting Tommy Morrison next, umm, yeah...uh... Oh shit - they got meat on a stick!"
  37. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:19

    3) Sent
  38. towelie Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:20

    If the first thing you noticed in this picture was Forrest, then I have news for you...
  39. towelie Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:23

    Dance your cares away Worry's for another day Let the music play Down at Fraggle Rock...
  40. robertsteelsmith Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:24

    1. That guys the pimp......Forest still has to pay for it.
  41. djp1988 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:31

    1. ...Yeah, I miss when I was funny, too.
  42. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:32

    Forrest was fooled three times that night, once when he thought they were natural blondes again when he found out they were implants, and again when the shim on the right poked him in the eye with a dick.
  43. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:32

    At dinner it was confirmed, all of those knock outs had finally taken a toll on Chuck.
  44. djp1988 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:33

    2. Hey, want to see my Fred Durst sex face?
  45. djp1988 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:36

    3. "You do realize we're going to have sex m'lady?"
  46. Fedor Penn Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:38

    1. Welcome to Silicone Forrest! 2. This is what they took out of Chuck's weird gut. 3. Check out my sweet Clay Guida ventriloquist doll!
  47. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:41

    3." Is Clay Guida gonna have to slap a bitch "?
  48. GenZod Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 03:59

    Chuck wanted another skewer, but the Brazilian BBQ owner didn't want to make another dime off promoting that type of restaurant. Chuck was then given the lofty title of Development Executive of Menu Relations...
  49. boober Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:00

    5 boobs
  50. Vera Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:07

    1.Even these two couldnt keep forest on his back longer than Anderson Silva. 2.On his first visit to Mark Munozs new restaurant Chuck stared in disbelief at the new 'Elbow spur Kebab' 3.'When I snap my fingers you will no longer try to hump people to death in all your fights and little else !'
  51. haterade Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:11

    2) It's not banging drunk skanks, but its a close second
  52. Lex Talionis Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:16

    Lets hear a big round of applause for our 3 finalists in the Anna Nicole Smith look-a-like contest.
  53. aaronb Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:25

    1. Forrest isn't going to let genital herpes control his life. You don't have to let it control yours either. Thanks to Valtracil, from AstroZenika. .....side effects may include........
  54. aaronb Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:27

    2. Chuck cannot believe what has become of Wilber?!!?!!!
  55. aaronb Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:29

    3. Lift up your skirt and i'll show you my "moving finger" trick.
  56. SeanMcCorkle’sBruisedEgo Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:32

  57. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:34

    3. Haha, and you thought I didn't know where your off switch was
  58. SeanMcCorkle’sBruisedEgo Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:35

  59. bockbjj Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:51

    Clay contemplates invading russia in winter.
  60. danomite Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:54

    1. Oh great, they brought a camera too. My wife is gonna love this. Quick, I gotta get the wedding ring in the shot so she knows I didn't take it off. Ok, got it...CHEESE! 2. Chuck didn't realize what he got himself into when he tried out for the lead role in 'Dexter is Delicious' 3. Alright, maybe if I lean forward slightly and just casually pull my shirt over my boner nobody will notice. Be cool, Be cool. You're the Dude, remember? Ok, I think I'm safe now.
  61. bockbjj Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:54

    Clay & Karyn: "... Because your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine ..."
  62. danomite Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 04:56

    Somebody get Sean McCorkle's Bruised Ego what he wants before he writes mean stuff about us on the underground again!!!
  63. bockbjj Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:02

    Chuck: "Whoa Dude... . Those kebabs totally represent the duality of man apropos his relationship with the natural world ... . Righteous!"
  64. bockbjj Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:08

    Forest: "Man, these are some pretty dudes!" or "Just doing my part for the UFC in reaching out to the LGBT community" or "Who want's to bet that the carpets don't match the drapes" or "Take the picture already. How long do you think I can hold my breath like this?"
  65. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:17

    3. At that moment "the Carpenter" was dead, long live "The Robot!"
  66. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:22

    "God damnit, he's too yacked out...someone tell Chuck we were just fucking around about the chihuahua"
  67. The Rusty Tromboner Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:52

    1. I have now changed my name to Shaved Beaver Griffen to match my friends.
  68. MaxS Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:56

    1. Girls: "Forest we're men" Forest: "Oh I know"
  69. The Rusty Tromboner Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:58

    2. And once again Chuck teleports to his Happy Place after getting KO'd
  70. MaxS Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 05:59

    3. I don't always pick up bitches...but when I do, I make sure we have the same perm.
  71. MaxS Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:02

    2. That's what they found in my colon!?
  72. The Rusty Tromboner Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:05

    3. Clay Guida picking up a girl to help him train by laying on top of her for 15 minutes.
  73. abenormal Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:18

    The only carpenter I want to see do the robot is JESUS!
  74. FedorSucksDonkeyDick Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:37

    1. Forest Pic "I think these are men with implants"...its not gay if I don't touch them
  75. J. Jones Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:38

    Does anyone else notice that there seem to be commenters who ONLY pop up for caption contests? Time to start checking IP addresses you cheating bastards.
  76. FedorSucksDonkeyDick Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:41

    2. Liddel Pic....."It's been a while since we've seen that look in Chucks eyes"
  77. sk8rdude0521 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:47

    Clay Guida's off switch has finally been found, not during a fight, but during a routine prostate exam.
  78. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:56

    Forrest " How come I always get stuck with the trannies"
  79. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:59

    Hey, SEAN MCCORKLES BRUISED EGO, ya fucken know nothing jack off fucktard newb, why dont ya fuck off back to BE with yer alter ego "Little red engine" stick yer CAPS LOCK UP YER FUCKEN ASS AND LEAVE CP TO THE MEN. Hows your momma's basement ya fucken donkey felcher

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 06:59

    1. well ladies the good news is that NSAC doesn't test for viagra or valtrex. 2. oh thats what you meant by pork sword. 3. domo aragato guida roboto!
  81. sk8rdude0521 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:00

    Forrest Pick... What kind of girls did you expect him to get with a pick up line like "I can go all night and put you to sleep or you can dominate me for three minutes and then I'll cry in the corner. It's all up to you baby..."
  82. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:02

    3. The Sideshow Bob booth at ComicCon
  83. sk8rdude0521 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:03

    Having stopped going to the gym and going out to eat more, even Chuck's mohawk has gotten fatter over the last few yeras...

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:05

    pic #1 - the rousy/tate weigh ins happened already?
  85. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:08

    I got a feeling that SeanMcCorklebruisedego feelings are getting hurt and might just leave this site forever, Sunday.
  86. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:14

    pic 1 " The last two finalists in the cockfighting championship "

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:20

    1. tito i see your blonde porn star and raise you two. 2. so much pork you'll have to beat it off with a stick. 3. you see its very simple...silva and machida have the seagal front kick, i have the austin powers judo chop.
  88. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:27

    @ Smellypirate hooker, I think you may be right, anyone heard from Sexy rexy lately?
  89. Demolition Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:43

    1) Girls? I thought these were two giant bananas from behind. 3) No Karyn, just cause Rampage did it to you does not mean it's okay to do to me. The dude does not abide.
  90. BarefootJesus Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:54

    1. If you think this is bad, you should see what Bonnar was saddled with.
  91. Bill C. Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 07:56

    Picture 1: Aunt Bee is rolling in her grave.
  92. Arianny Sylvia Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 08:16

    "And Karen is Kung Fu Fighting! (Bitches)"
  93. sancho721 Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 09:52

    Forrest goes from main event to main i hope these chicks dont have dicks. again... Chucks new competiton, a battle of wits. Clay Guida only holds still once a year, and thats to wax off in front of a crowd.
  94. uzithrasha Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 09:57

    Chuck Liddel: Did I have Chicken bacon twice today? Karyn Bryant: Clay cross your heart and promise that you'll stop the clay and pray routine Forrest: Ill take these girls to a split decision any day
  95. Smitty Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 10:10

    Chuck Liddel: "I am fo suckin hungry"
  96. Smitty Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 10:12

    Forrest, in a tender moment with his brothers.
  97. ccman Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 11:14

    1. Nooooo, that wasnt me crying in the cage with spider. That was rich Franklin. Can I touch you now? 2. Chucks takedown defense fails him. 3. One more black person with bad hair clay just can't beat.
  98. Harry Nips Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 11:40

    Forrest blew those broads off right after that picture so he could get back to hearing how awesome the Ratt & Mr. Big concert was that the guy in the background just csme from.
  99. mothercruncher Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 12:51

    NUMBER 1: Hideously swollen protrusions, an addled brain, worn out 'parts' and multiple surgeries on a leathery face. The post career life of a bimbo. Boom tish.
  100. That_guy Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 02:07

    1. I would bang both of these skanks if the post bang purell bath wouldn't be so expensive. 2. Holy crap, I didn't know you could marinate meat in cough medicine. 3. Karen had no idea that Madame Tussauds had a wax Clay Guida.
  101. SeanMcCorkle’sBruisedEgo Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 03:26

  102. Me likey Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 05:00

    chuck lidell was amazed at the amount of cauliflower removed from ears of randy couture.
  103. Me likey Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 05:09

    3. elizabeth has great ventriloquist skills. you can't even see her mouth moving. the clay guida puppet is so lifelike.
  104. keepyahguessing Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 05:36

    Forest "ok which one of you two want to be motorboat'd first" Chuck "holy good god the Harold and Kumar cockmeat sangwich looks amazing" Clay and side show bob duet on the show boat
  105. Deal_the_Seal Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 05:45

    1. "Two of them.... nice" 2. "Two of them.... nice" 3. "Two of them.... nice"
  106. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 06:12

    Make sure you pick up Forrest’s new book “How to Survive a Tranny Apocalypse”
  107. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 07:09

    @ SEANMCCORKLESBRUISEDEGO, your the one who videoed the whole thing ya dumb felching fucker, and yeah, fuck the cunts at BE goat fucker asshole fucks they fucken suck
  108. wiv-honors Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 07:13

    Forrest Griffin follows his own advice on surviving the apocalypse by securing two sets of flotation devices, in case of heavy rain.
  109. wiv-honors Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 07:16

    Clay Guida, frozen in a state of shock when he learned he wasn't the only one in the room with long, curly hair
  110. MaryHall Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 08:19

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  111. tommyboy76 Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 08:41

    Chuck " Baby Ruth"
  112. HabitualLineStepper Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:09

    Unfortunately, Forrest had to come uncomfortably close to these two carps in order to take this picture. On the flip side, the picture confirmed his suspicions that Chaz Bono has been stalking him.
  113. pockets Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:25

    Haha @ GenZod, very clever... 1. Girl on left tweets Forrest "lol NO! Rape is the new doggystyle" 3. Karyn Bryant standing in at 5'10', Guida at 5'5', and everything else is VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL. No, Goldie, just no.
  114. J. Spaceman Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:49

    #1. The smug look of self satisfaction comes from knowing that, even though his career has taken a downturn, he can still get hotter women than one that looks like Dennis Hallman lost another bet or one that looks like she needs Karma to drain the cauliflower from her tits.
  115. J. Spaceman Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:50

    #2 You're telling me that, when Paul Harris was here, he made you go back and get the full chicken so he could rip the legs off himself?
  116. R955 Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:50

    #1 They might be kinda ugly, and they might have fake boobs, and they might do porn, but seriously, who wants to be me right now? #2 I am a vagaterian! take this away immediately! #3 using the Recardo Montelbon voice "Do you see the bulge in my pants? Do you see what you do to me? Perhaps I should take you to fantasy island."
  117. J. Spaceman Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:51

    #2 What did you call those again? Chicken Breasts? Hey everybody! This dumbass thinks chickens have boobs!
  118. MadMikeAssimilation Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 09:56

    Forest: Beauty and the beasts. Chuck: The awkward moment when the server brings more food at the exact moment you come. Clay: Karyn " Clay, i am an excellent ventriloquist''
  119. J. Spaceman Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 10:09

    #2 Sir, these chicken breasts were cooked until their internal temperature reached 165 and then wrapped in bacon, just the way your city busses like them.
  120. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 10:50

    1. When the sh!t goes down, I'll use these as life preservers to float out the flood. 2) Chuck: sorry I'm not into cannibalism - those look like my legs! 3) Clay: Bitch went to the same hair stylist! I'll have to go somewhere else for the Christmas party.
  121. pfid Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 11:01

    Bodog odds: Griffin (+810), drug resistant gonorrhea (-740)
  122. The12ozCurls Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 11:18

    Forrest: "I have a sneaking suspecion that after I take this picture with these two skanks that the loser in the backwards trucker hat is gonna want one too." .................................................................. Chuck: "Holy smokes! I have never seen skewered bacon-wrapped klonopin before. Bravo!" .......................................................... Clay: "Pull my finger"
  123. HabitualLineStepper Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 06:19

    Man how I envy you Chuck. I wish I got to live in a world where undershirts aren't necessary, disheveled mohawks were acceptable and I was supplied with unlimited amounts of booger sugar and kabobs.
  124. HabitualLineStepper Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 06:22

    When challenged to a dance off by Scary Spice, Clay Guida responds in typical white guy fashion... by busting out a nervous, uncoordinated robot dance.
  125. HabitualLineStepper Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 07:08

    I hope these skeezers aren't Brazilian. If so, you know Forrest went down at some point that night.
  126. HabitualLineStepper Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 07:13

    Liddell: "Well I'm just gonna have to double up on my naked treadmilling this week after eating all this s**t."
  127. kingsac Says:

    Fri, 02/10/12 - 08:41

    1. Forrest pictured with two friends at the annual "Hey..wait a minute" competition at Jake's Gay Bar in San Francisco, CA. 2. Chuck Liddel is shown the new career of "chicken mule" at the Las Vegas Job Fair 2012. 3. Clay learns the "stinky thumb" from local wrestling star Jean "Four Finger" McCloud.
  128. zlqzas Says:

    Sun, 02/12/12 - 06:31

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  129. KeithHackneyWindmillPalmStrike Says:

    Mon, 02/13/12 - 04:40

    1.) I AM a motorboatin' son of a bitch, aren't I? 2.) You just spilled my PBR you sonnabitch 3.) The robot...scientifically the quickest way into a woman's pants
  130. MMAFAN1988 Says:

    Mon, 02/13/12 - 09:53

    1. Planet of the Apes: THE Blonde BIMBO TAKEOVER the final chapter starring forret Griffin and Andrew Dice clay(supporting actor in the back). 2. "This looks chewey, let me call Rich n see if he still has my teeth" 3. Sorry I feel awkword standing can we do this interview laying down?
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    Tue, 06/05/12 - 10:15

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