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Carlos Condit Beats Hell Out of Troops

Here’s the thing: when Carlos Condit (currently ranked #9 in the world at welterweight in the ultra-official Cage Potato Power Rankings) says to you before a sparring session, “Hit me as hard as you want to get hit,” it may not be the best idea to go out there and unload on him with your best right hand. Not unless you want to feel his retaliation in the form of a head kick-right straight combo that will put you on your ass.

At the same time, it is pretty awesome. When that dude wakes up, someone should buy him a beer.


  1. tallsforeverybody Says:

    Wed, 07/23/08 - 05:20

    Wow! Always an eye opener to see a professional vs. non-professional. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Always like to watch Condit fight. Man is bad!
  2. oatmeal Says:

    Wed, 07/23/08 - 05:33

    id like to see him do that to some russian troops...and no im not russian ^.^
  3. captain asshammer Says:

    Wed, 07/23/08 - 06:30

    hit me as hard as you want to get hit- fucking epic!!
  4. stfu Says:

    Wed, 07/23/08 - 06:33

    hey you fedor nuthugger, making you russian doesnt mean you can fight like fedor lol.
  5. Fedor Emelianenko instructional DVD Says:

    Wed, 07/23/08 - 07:22

    That figures. To counter, they should've given him M-16 and taken him to the desert to have Carlos fight on their turf, just that he doesn't think he's so tough. Big respect to all the troopers out there!
  6. FilmDrunk Says:

    Wed, 07/23/08 - 09:11

    I wish they would've edited that video a little looser so I could see what's going on. It's the opposite of your mom like that.
  7. Rob Enderle Says:

    Thu, 07/24/08 - 02:15

    Couldnt he just have shot him in the head twice? No one gives a fuck where the bottom 10% of your high school class ends up. Dont get me wrong, shitheads who sign up for a job where they take orders to kill no matter how stupid they are should stay the fuck away from civilized society. Just dont expect me to give a fuck what happens to those psychopaths.
  8. Alex Says:

    Thu, 07/24/08 - 07:34

    Rob Enderle = fucking idiot.
  9. Plan Says:

    Thu, 07/24/08 - 10:58

    He's talking about "running up mountains in Afghanistan" as if he's going to leave the base to go for a run. He's not. He's going to stay in the safe confines of the base like a pussy, beating up on guys who don't do martial arts for a living but have much bigger balls when it comes to life and death.
  10. UFC fan Says:

    Thu, 07/24/08 - 11:00

    Rob Enderle= dicksucking, salad tossing ,cum guzzling,shit eater. Your father fucked his sister in her ear, and out you came. If only your mother had just turned and swallowed we wouldnt have the displeasure of reading your sheer fucking stupidity. Do the world a favor dont breed, and please die.
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