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Carlos Condit Suffered Meniscus Tear, Possible Torn ACL in UFC 171 Loss to Tyron Woodley

(I like the genuine look of concern on Woodley’s face. I mean, two seconds ago he was trying to tear Condit’s limbs off, but still. / Photo via Getty)

Carlos Condit‘s UFC 171 fight against Tyron Woodley started badly and got worse from there. After being out-slugged in round one, Condit suffered an injury to his right knee in round two after giving up a takedown. A follow-up leg kick from Woodley led to Condit’s knee buckling in weird, unexpected ways.

Though the exact condition of Condit’s knee won’t be known until he undergoes an MRI, MMAJunkie passes along word that the welterweight contender suffered a small meniscus tear and possibly a torn ACL, according to the initial diagnosis given to him at a local hospital following the fight. His recovery timetable is uncertain at this point; we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

After the jump: Highlights from the Condit vs. Woodley fight, and Woodley’s post-fight interview, in which he respectfully requests a title shot.


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