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Cat Zingano’s Right Knee Recovering Well, Left Knee Now Kind of Screwed Up

UFC women’s bantamweight contender Cat Zingano was all set to have a star-making coaching role on TUF followed by an immediate title shot against Ronda Rousey — until a tear of the ACL and meniscus of her right knee put her career momentum to a swift halt. Zingano’s recovery has been pretty gnarly at times, but her knee has been healing up according to schedule. Unfortunately, the condition of her left knee might complicate things.

“Cat is now three months out from her right knee anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction,” explains Dr. Ronald S. Kvitne of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles, in a new video released on Cat Zingano’s Facebook page last night. “She’s three months out, her knee looks great. She’s got almost perfect motion, she’s got great strength, she’s got excellent stability. Her bulk has come back on the thigh and the calf muscles. So, she’s about three months from getting back in the ring and starting to spar for an upcoming fight.”

“The only problem is, the other knee, the left knee, appears to have somewhere along the line gotten into trouble with a medial meniscus tear. So we’re gonna confirm that today with an MRI scan. If she does have a torn meniscus, she’ll need an arthroscopy surgery fairly quickly, so she can get back on track with the rehab. We think that within three months from now she can be back in the ring training, sparring, so that hopefully [she'll be] fighting in about four to six months from now…in terms of the recovery of the right knee, she’s absolutely perfect on track, the left knee is throwing a little bit of a monkey wrench into things. If it is torn, we can fix that and have you rehabbed in three months, that quick and no problem.”

We’ll update you if Zingano’s recovery encounters any further delays. By the way, today marks the two-year anniversary of the last time Dominick Cruz competed in the Octagon. Anyway, get well soon, Cat.

After the jump: That video of Cat Zingano’s stretching routine that we’re obligated to post every time we mention her.

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