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The Race to Get Us Arianny Celeste’s Playboy Pics Begins…NOW!

Arianny Celeste nude Playboy cover Tiki Ghosn

UPDATE: The pics are right here! Unfortunately, we were asked to take the pics down, so that’s that. Feel free to mourn in the comments section. 

About five hours ago, Rampage Jackson entourage-member Tiki Ghosn tweeted the above photo of himself posing with — dare we say it out loud? — the new Arianny Celeste issue of Playboy. As he wrote: "Hey @nicolerichie fuck J-Lo I’d rather go home and rub one out to @AriannyCeleste !!!!" 

Tiki hasn’t been heard from since, suggesting that Arianny‘s pictorial may have literally killed him. You know what this means? The issue is out there, people. It exists, and it’s available for purchase. Potato Nation Street Team, ASSEMBLE! We need you guys to check every convenience store, bookstore, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse in your area until you find this issue. You will then purchase it, scan the photos from Arianny Celeste’s pictorial, and send them to so that we can post them here. We will reward your efforts to the best of our ability.

Go get ‘em.


Hot Potato: Brittny Ward, Guest Octagon Girl at UFC 119

Brittny Ward UFC ring girl model photos gallery

Brittny Ward Brittany UFC ring girl model pics photos galleryBrittny Ward UFC Joe Rogan model ring girl photosBrittny Brittany Ward model UFC ring girl Octagon Girl pics photos galleryBrittny Ward UFC MMA ring girls ass photos gallery

When the UFC brought out Brittny Ward as a guest Octagon Girl at last weekend’s UFC 119 event in Indianapolis, the fan reception was uniformly positive. Most of you seem to feel that the leggy 20-year-old model should be hired as a permanent member of the UFC’s ring girl stable, even if one of the current OG’s has to be let go, particularly the one who isn’t Arianny Celeste. We have our fingers crossed that Dana White & Co. will do the right thing and hire Brittny. In the meantime, here’s all the best photos we found of her while scouring her Facebook and ModelMayhem pages, as well as our own exclusive shots from the event. You can follow Brittny at The photo goodness continues after the jump…


Hot Potato: Melissa Jo, ‘Southern Belle With a Twist’

Melissa Jo Southern Belle With a Twist model gallery MMA photos ring girl
Melissa Jo Southern Belle With a Twist model gallery photos MMA ring girl Melissa Jo Southern Belle With a Twist model gallery photos MMA ring girl sexy Melissa Jo Southern Belle With a Twist model gallery photos MMA ring girl Melissa Jo Southern Belle With a Twist model gallery photos MMA ring girl ass sideboob
(Click all images for larger versions.)

Props to for turning us on to Melissa Jo, an X-1 ring girl who originally hails from Kentucky, currently resides in Texas, and bills herself as "Southern Belle With a Twist." The "twist" in Melissa’s case is an edgy look that suggests she might go shot-for-shot with you at the bar, then leave you in a bathtub full of ice with a missing kidney. Not that we have a problem with that. Just be vigilant, is all we’re saying. The SBWaT has been featured in Ultimate MMA and MMA Sports, in addition to all the non-MMA-related magazine and event credits on her resume. More photos of Melissa await you after the jump. Get to know her better at,, and


Hot Potato: Sarah McDowd

Sarah McDowd MMA model ring girl
Sarah McDowd MMA bikini model ring girl sexy photos Sarah McDowd model photos hot MMA ring girl Sarah McDowd MMA model ring girl photos Sarah Dowd ass photos model ring girl MMA
Sarah McDowd model photos pics sexy MMA ring girls Sarah McDowd MMA ring girl model photos Sarah McDowd sideboob model pics MMA ring girl photos Sarah McDowd lingerie photos model hot sexy MMA
(Click all for larger versions.)

While perusing MMA Worldwide’s latest issue, I came across the lovely Sarah McDowd, an Anaheim-based model who picked up the magazine’s most recent "Ms. MMA Worldwide" title. Among her looooong list of credits, Sarah has shot for Affliction/Sinful, No Fear, RockStar Energy, pretty much every car magazine ever published, and was a "Maxim Hometown Hottie" semi-finalist last year. Personally, I dig her second-coming-of-Edith-Labelle vibe. Your thoughts? For lots more of Sarah, check her out on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, ModelMayhem, and More photos and a few selected videos of Sarah are after the jump…


Video: Hot Russian Girls in Bikinis Invade M-1 Ring Girl Casting Shoot


It’s videos like these that make us think, damn, maybe M-1 Global should give up this silly MMA business and just go into model-hunting full-time. The Russian promotion recently set up shop in St. Petersburg to cast some new M-1 Girls, which we’re assuming is their team of bikini assassins who also hold round-cards during M-1 Selection events. The results were very, very positive; we’re partial to the girl at 0:49-1:15, and the girl at 1:23-1:43. Of course, as Dana White might say, "Oksana and Katarina are jokes, and wouldn’t be able to last five minutes blowing kisses at the camera next to Arianny." Your thoughts?


Hot Potato: New Ali Sonoma Bikini Photos, Y’All

Ali Sonoma bikini pictures photos UFC ring girl sexy

Ali Sonoma underwear bedroom purple bra blonde model Ali Sonoma model UFC ring girl bikini beach Ali Sonoma sexy blonde model bikini ring girl gallery photos pics Ali Sonoma bikini beach model blonde photo gallery UFC ring girl

Ali Sonoma hasn’t been employed as a UFC ring girl since late 2007, but for some reason whenever this woman puts on a bikini, we still care deeply. MMA Fight Girls passes along a couple highlights from a recent GW Burns photo workshop that Ali participated in, which we’ve posted above along with a couple of recent additions to her ModelMayhem profile. Enjoy responsibly.

Ali Sonoma Will Do ‘Implied Nude’ for $325.95
Ali Sonoma is Also Willing to Show Off Some Skin


Ali Sonoma (born March 9, 1985) is a former UFC Octagon Girl who worked for the promotion from 2006-2007. Born in St. Louis, Ali began modeling at the age of 16, and landed her UFC ring girl spot after competing in a UFC Octagon Girl Search contest in 2006. During her time with the UFC, she dated fighter Diego Sanchez. Ali Sonoma was a contestant on ABC’s The Mole following her exit from the UFC. She currently lives in Miami, where she continues to model profesisonally. She has been featured in Maxim, Muscle & Fitness, and Playboy, among other magazines.

Check out these other hot UFC ring girls…
Arianny Celeste
Chandella Powell
Edith Larente


Photo Gallery: Arianny Celeste May 2010 Maxim Magazine Scans

Arianny Celeste Maxim 2010 photos gallery scans UFC ring girl
Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 scans photos gallery UFC ring girl cover Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl underwear sexy ass Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl topless boobs Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl

Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girls sexy Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girls sexy Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl sexy bikini Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl sexy topless

As you probably already know, your favorite UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste has struck a blow for freedom by scoring the cover of the May 2010 issue of Maxim, on newsstands now. Check out her magazine shoot above; for more amazing photos of Arianny that didn’t make it into the issue for some reason, click here.


Remember That Bellator Ring Girl Search? Well, You Didn’t Win

(Mercedes Terrell and Monica Arteaga. One is suspicious, the other mischievous!)

You may recall that a while back we told you about Bellator’s search for ring girls. You might also recall that we invited you to send us your pictures if you wanted us to put in a good word for you. Some of you did, but because those pictures were gross, weird, or obviously just photoshops of your head on Angelina Jolie’s body, we decided not to pass them on and instead we reported you to the proper authorities.

But lo and behold, Bellator found themselves some professional hot chicks without our help, and from the look of it they did a pretty good job.


Hot Potato: Rhian Sugden

Rhian Sugden page 3 girl blonde MMA ring girl hot gallery pics photos BAMMA

Rhian Sugden blonde bed page 3 girl model nudeRhian Sugden British model MMA ring girls photosRhian Sugden sexy WAG model page 3 blonde underwearRhian Sugden bra boobs blonde Zoo British model ring girl BAMMA

Props to the UG for turning us on to British bombshell Rhian Sugden, a former Page 3 girl who currently holds ring cards for BAMMA. Hailing from Greater Manchester, the 23-year-old blonde model has been featured on the covers of U.K. men’s magazines like Nuts, Zoo, and Loaded, and is also known for her nude monthly calendars [link NSFW]. You can see more of Rhian at her official site and her MySpace page. More lovely photos after the jump…


Video Interview: Joanne Spracklen of ‘MMA Girls’ Gets Personal

When we last interviewed her two years ago, Joanne Spracklen of was an up-and-coming video-blogger known for her UFC predictions and jiu-jitsu tutorials, and was just a struggling MMA blog with a very small audience. Now, Joanne rubs elbows with UFC stars, sponsors female fighters, and acts in movies, while CagePotato…well, not much has changed for us, actually. But after we featured her as one of the 12 Hottest Women in MMA last month, Joanne offered to answer a new set of questions, for old time’s sake.

In this brand-new video interview, Joanne tries to seduce her way into a higher placement on our Hottest Women list, discusses her "lurker" role in Never Back Down, explains why she’s never dated an MMA fighter, and does a pretty solid impression of a vapid L.A. resident. For more of Joanne, follow her on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter!