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Logan Stanton: The UFC Has No Loyalty to Anyone

(Dammit, that’s the same leather bikini I just put on. One of us is going to have to change, because I am not going to look like an idiot at the Microtel Inn pool. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

Now that Logan Stanton’s career as a UFC Octagon girl is firmly in the rearview mirror, she no longer has to smile and play nice when people ask about the experience. It’s like that time I got fired from Old Navy for my political views (and for stealing a bunch of cargo shorts) – once you get that last paycheck, you can tell the whole mall about how Steve used to peep in the dressing rooms at teenage girls before he became assistant manager and started thinking he was too good for everyone.

Stanton’s version of recent events seems to be that she was never really that into being an Octagon girl anyway, and the UFC is a company that will fire anyone at any time if the mood strikes them. Even the girls’ beloved “Octagon mom,” Leslie Hedges, got let go recently, which Stanton said didn’t surprise her because “the UFC really has no loyalty to anyone.”


Hot Potato: Conquest MMA Model ‘Cali-Luv’

Cali Luv model Conquest MMA sexy
(Photos courtesy of flickr.com/takeanapfightgear and ModelMayhem. Click thumbnails for larger versions. Props to MMA Fight Girls for the tip.)
Cali-Luv MMA model conquest take a nap fight gear hot sexy boobs Cali Luv hot MMA model ring girl boobs sexy Cali Luv hot girl model MMA conquest ring girl
Cali-Luv gun model sexy underwear Cali Luv naked MMA model gun sexy Cali Luv ass sexy MMA model railroad tracks blonde

Speaking of professional hot chicks, Conquest MMA/Take a Nap Fight Gear has added the lovely Cali-Luv to their stable of models, which already includes hotties like Jenny P and Adree DeSanti. According to her Model Mayhem profile, Cali is an exotic mash-up of German, French, Scottish, and Native American ancestry who loves ice cream, classic rock, and the color pink; she does not like sweat ("icky"), seafood, or the IRS. To see a little more of Cali — as in, more than might be tolerated by the human resources department at your place of business — click here.


Who Wants to Be a Bellator Ring Girl?

(Check out the communication skills on these ladies.)

Now that they are becoming more and more big time with each new sunrise, Bellator has decided that the next step is to improve their stable of ring girls. And how do you do that? The same way creepy casting directors meet their dates for Saturday night – unnecessary auditions!

In a move that is just begging for their email inboxes to be filled with alarming nude photos (take it from someone who worked for an MMA org conducting a ring girl search, it happens more than you’d think), Bellator is asking interested applicants to send photos and resumes to their Chicago offices. To be considered you should have “excellent communications skills, a vivacious and outgoing personality as well as an outstanding camera presence.” Translation: you should speak English, be really hot, and not be a completely unlikable jerk, at least when people are watching.

Does that sound like you? Probably not, no. Our completely informal demographic research tells us that most likely you are a) a dude, b) not all that attractive, or even in possession of socially acceptable hygiene habits, and c) at least sort of a jerk. But, shockingly enough, we know there are some women who read Cage Potato, and maybe even some who’d like to try their hand at ring girlin’. To those women, let us be the first to say, go for it.  We’re even willing to help.


Hot Potato: Brazilian MMA Fighter Carina Damm Strips Down

Carina Damm hot MMA fighter

Carina Damm hot MMA fighter Brazilian

Speaking of women’s MMA, Brazilian BJJ specialist (and steroid pioneer) Carina Damm can be seen in five galleries of eye-popping photos over at FolhaVitoria.com.br; thanks to Fightlinker for the tip. Damm, who is currently riding a nine-fight win streak, will compete at the next Jungle Fight event in Vila Velha, Brazil, on February 27th. More highlights from the shoot are after the jump…


Better Know a Ring Girl: Chandella Powell

UFC ring girl Chandella Powell
(No matter how many times she was warned about the dangers of traipsing around the kitchen in those heels, Chandella never believed a slip-and-fall accident could happen to her.)

It’s Friday afternoon, there’s no major MMA event going on over the weekend, so we thought we’d entertain ourselves by checking out new UFC ring girl Chandella Powell‘s hastily thrown together personal website.  After all, she seems to be a semi-permanent addition (at least until the UFC decides they want another fresh face) and yet what do we know about her?  I mean, aside from the fact that she probably won’t be willing to do any Raw Vegas interviews with me, what do we really know about her?

So I took to her website and found out…nothing, really.  Her ‘About Me’ section reads: "I am the UFC’s newest Octagon Girl.  I will update this about me soon!"  There are no links in the links section, and her profile on this modeling website says her birthday is January 1st, 1982, which just seems made up.  Seriously, who’s born on New Year’s Day?  Well, J. Edgar Hoover and J.D. Salinger, but they were both world class assholes.  

Anyway, one thing Chandella does have on her website is photos of her in various states of undress.  They are presented for your enjoyment after the jump.


Hot Potato: ‘Best of PRIDE’ Host Kenda Perez

Kenda Perez Maxim PRIDE model
(Photo courtesy of Maxim.)

With Spike TV’s The Best of Pride Fighting Championships set to kick off next Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT (edit: premiere date has been changed to Friday, January 15 at 10 pm), it’s time to get acquainted with the show’s foxy host, Kenda Perez. Born in Laguna Beach, California, the Mexican-American model began drawing attention in 2007, when she earned a finalist spot in Maxim‘s "’Hometown Hotties" competition. Kenda has represented Maxim at various promotional events, once guest-starred on 1 vs. 100 as an ambassador for the mag, and has become a familiar face in the crowd at UFC events. You can learn more about Kenda at her official site, and follow her life on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. Lots more pics — plus a rather-amazing video of Kenda turning herself into an ice-cream sundae — await you after the jump…


Pics: Rachelle Leah Strips Down for Maxim

Rachelle Leah Maxim pics photos
(Props: Maxim.com)

The January issue of Maxim is on newsstands now, featuring a pictorial and interview with UFC All Access host Rachelle Leah, who has somehow managed to survive every professional hot chick purge since she was hired. (Does posing nude grant you a protected status in the UFC? Please, Arianny, for the sake of your job.) Three black-and-white shots of the barely clothed Ring Girl Hall of Famer are after the jump, courtesy of Maxim.com’s online excerpt. To see larger images, shell out a few bucks and buy the issue.


Hot Potato: Chandella Powell, the UFC’s New Girl?

Chandella Powell
(Photo courtesy of Model Mayhem.)

As we all attempt to work through the shock of losing Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks as UFC ring girls, there’s bound to be some hand-wringing and maybe even a little finger-pointing.  We understand that, but as part of the healing process, let’s look to the future.  Thanks to help from Cage Potato reader Rooster, we found some photos of the rumored replacement for Logan and Natasha, former Playboy model Chandella Powell. 

We realize it might too soon for some of you who are really hurting right now.  We all get over these things at our own pace.  All we’re saying is, when time heals that wound and you feel like you’re ready to ogle once again, the pictures will be here for you.  More await you after the jump, though be warned that they’re somewhat NSFW-ish.  Which basically means really hot.


BREAKING: Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks Fired From UFC

Logan StantonNatasha Wicks UFC ring girl
(Cue melancholy Forrest Gump theme music.)

Some tragic news coming in from MMA Madness:

MMAMADNESS.com has learned that both Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton have been cut from the UFC as ring girls. Stanton’s contract expired after UFC 107 and the UFC chose not to renew it. Wicks was cut before the expiration of her contract. Ring girl Arianny Celeste will remain on with the organization; as her contract has been recently renegotiated- explaining her absence from UFC 107.
According to sources, there will be only two ring girls from this point forward. Though it has not been officially announced, our insiders are being told Chandella Powell, a former playmate, will be the newest ring girl. [Ed. note: We can't find many good pics of Ms. Powell, but apparently she's second from the left in this photo.] It has yet to be released when Ms. Powell will start her official ring girl duties, though UFC 108 would be the obvious choice.

Well this blows. With no other information to work off of at this time, we’ll just assume that Arianny became jealous that her alpha-chick status was being threatened by the two newcomers, and went into them-or-me mode during contract negotiations. I know it’s not very responsible to make up rumors out of whole cloth, but goddammnit, Logan and Natasha are gone — gone, you guys — and the last thing I’m feeling right now is responsible. More to come; for now, let’s remember the good times…

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Happy Friday, From the Beautiful Arianny…

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl topless sexy

Photo courtesy of Satio Photography via MMA Fight Girls. Two more great ones after the jump…