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Just ‘Cause: Natasha Wicks Topless in a Leather Jacket

Natasha Wicks UFC Octagon girl
(Tell me you’re not getting on that thing without a helmet. Unsafe, Natasha.)

This month’s Fight Magazine girl is none other than UFC Octagon girl Natasha Wicks.  There’s also a picture of Fedor Emelianenko on the cover and an article about him penned by redheaded raconteur and friend of the Potato, Neal Taflinger, but because there is a disturbing lack of boobs in those pictures we just skimmed through the article.  We assume it was great, though.  Among the things we learn about Natasha in her interview with Fight:

- She was homeschooled until high school (uh-oh)
- She got a track scholarship to Northern Arizona University, but left to join a "missionary-type program that helps disaster victims."
- She loves to laugh (and aren’t we all sick of those chicks who hate laughter?)
- She’s single, but wants someone with "the initiative to go out and do stuff and take life by the handles" (dammit, life has handles? and after we’ve wasted so much time looking for the horns)

As you probably guessed, there are plenty more pictures of Natasha in various states of near-nudity in the magazine.  Check it out.  If Taflinger asks, tell him we said you should buy it because of his Fedor article. 


Hot Fighter Alert: Aby Rulloda

Aby Rulloda sexy ass pose
(Images courtesy of MySpace.com/badaby. Props to MMA Fight Girls for the tip!)

Aby Rulloda is a San Francisco-based go-go-dancer, model, clothing designer, and former Strikeforce ring girl. And oh yeah, she’s also a competitive kickboxer who trains with World Team USA and previously won WCSC‘s California State Super Flyweight Championship. Now that’s hustle. You can get to know Aby better at MySpace.com/badaby and Twitter.com/badaby. After the jump: Lots more pictures, plus a video of Aby working the pole.


Ali Sonoma Will Do ‘Implied Nude’ for $325.95

Ali Sonoma UFC ring girl
(Happy Friday, guys. Photo courtesy of David Hickey/clubsupershoot.com)

In our continuing effort to help you procure the services of UFC ring girls, we’d like to direct your attention to Club Supershoot, a Colorado-based company that teaches aspiring photographers the art and science of shooting hot chicks. During their SuperShoot workshops, they bring in semi-famous models for their students to photograph; in April, they hosted fine-as-hell Playboy model Carlotta Champagne, and next month they’re pleased to present former Octagon Girl Ali Sonoma:

Ali will shoot Casual, Fashion, Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie and Implied Nude!! The shoot is broken into two days, she will be shooting fashion/glamour, all the way to implied nude!! Pending the weather, we may go to the mountains for it. Ali doesn’t have any mountain photos and YOU could be the one that takes a photo she puts up. Having Ali in your port will for sure move you up in the glamour world, hell, I’M EXCITED TO SHOOT HER!! Go to www.coloradosupershoot.com/ss.php to register.

Being a part of the full two-day shoot on October 3rd and 4th will set you back $449.95, but you can commit to just one day for $325.95. So if you’re a big Ali fan and don’t mind traveling to Colorado, here’s your chance to get up close and personal. I guess some photography experience is also a prerequisite, but you could always pretend that you’re an eccentric artist who will only shoot with a Canon Powershot. Now we just have to find out what Arianny Celeste and Logan Stanton will do for $400. Our guesses: Bikini boat companionship and babysitting.

(Props to MMA Fight Girls for the tip!)


Natasha Wicks: Fulfilling Your Schoolgirl/Golf Caddy Fetishes for Only $400

Natasha Wicks caddy
(‘I do declare, Mr. Beauregard!’ Photo courtesy of Waters Golf.)

A few weeks ago we were a little surprised to learn that UFC Octagon girl Natasha Wicks has a side job as a caddy at a Las Vegas golf course.  Not that it would be the worst job one of the UFC’s professional hot chicks ever held, it just seemed a little strange.  Well, those clever wags at Fightlinker located the website where you can go to rent Natasha’s services on the links (for $400), and wouldn’t you know it, there are plenty of photos of her that perfectly straddle the line between sexy and ridiculous, which is just how we like our women.  For example, the above image proves that she can pretend to like you as she laughs at your stupid jokes and uses hand gestures to keep you from noticing the lack of sincerity in her eyes.  In the business, that little move is known as ‘The Scarlett O’Hara.’

After the jump, she demonstrates why you probably shouldn’t hire her if you take your golf really seriously.  Or if you’re bringing your wife along.  Of course, if Natasha isn’t your type you can also get former Penthouse Pet Erica Ellyson (totally NSFW).


Natasha Wicks Proves That a Job as an Octagon Girl Isn’t a Golden Ticket, After All

Natasha Wicks UFC ring girl
(Natasha Wicks, pre-UFC makeover. Photo courtesy of Calvin Dakari, via Model Mayhem.)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent more time than you’re comfortable with imagining the glamorous life of a UFC Octagon girl.  In our minds it involves a lot of sitting around at Vegas hotel pools, fending off awkward advances from Mike Goldberg, and taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone.  A charmed life, indeed.  But judging by Ariel Helwani’s interview with Natasha Wicks, the newest addition to the UFC’s stable of professional hot chicks, it’s more like a part-time job among other part-time jobs.  In addition to filling Edith Labelle’s empty seat at UFC events, Wicks says she also works as a go-go dancer at the Wynn and as a caddy for local golf courses:

You actually caddy for golfers?
Yeah. I’m not just sitting in the cart like, ‘Hee hee.’ I actually do my job.

Do you suggest what kind of clubs they should use?
Yeah, sometimes. I’m not the best. I’m actually really bad at golf. It’s like the one thing I can’t pick up. I can pretty much pick up anything. Usually if I try something, I’m usually extremely competitive, and I like to try new things. But golf for some reason, for me, it’s just like I have goofy arm or something. I feel awkward-looking. I’m just impressed when people hit it. I’m like, ‘Wow, good job!’ So I’m probably even a better caddy, just because every time they even just hit the ball, I’m so impressed.


Gina Carano Weigh-In Pics and Video

Gina Carano weigh-in Strikeforce photos pics sexy hot stripping
Gina Carano hot weigh-in photos picsGina Carano weigh in photos hot StrikeforceGina Carano Cris Cyborg weigh-in photos MMAGina Carano hot body pics weigh ins Strikeforce MMA
Gina Carano weigh-in photos Cris CyborgGina Carano fist pose Strikeforce Carano vs. Cyborg weigh ins photos picsGina Carano Cris Cyborg Strikeforce MMA weigh in photos picsGina Carano Cris Cyborg face-off staredown pics photos Strikeforce MMA
(For lots more Carano vs. Cyborg weigh-in pics, hit up CombatLifestyle and flickr.com/photos/shosports)

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

The face of women’s MMA was in fine form at yesterday’s weigh-ins — which is unsurprising, considering Scott Coker was weighing her every day. We’ll be liveblogging the Showtime broadcast of "Carano vs. Cyborg" tonight starting at 10:30 p.m. ET, so swing by and let us know what you think. After the jump: The ultra-slick show-opening video for Carano vs. Cyborg. Deal with it, Gladiator.


What Have They Done To You, New UFC Ring Girl?

Natasha Wicks UFC ring girl
(Photo courtesy of UFC.com’s Natasha gallery, via Fightlinker)

Two questions here: 1) Have we reached the point yet where you all know that the new UFC Octagon girl is named Natasha Wicks and we can finally stop referring to her as the new girl?  Not yet?  Okay, we’ll give it another week or so.  2) The UFC seems to have given blondie a makeover now that she’s officially on the payroll and, I gotta admit, I liked her better before.  Gone is her unruly mop of curls, and with it her aerobics-instructor-on Red-Bull enthusiasm.  If I’m not mistaken, looks like her boobs even got bigger (or did they just stuff some extra padding in there?). 

Some before and after pictures are provided after the jump for the sake of comparison.  Because hell, it’s Friday afternoon.  What else do you have to do besides sit in front of your computer and earnestly try to to decide whether a professional model’s breasts have grown?

P.S. Following up on the departure of former Octagon girl Edith Labelle, Fighters Only claims that she got fired after calling in hungover to UFC 100.  For her sake, we hope that’s just a rumor.  That would be like Santa Claus calling in sick with heroin withdrawal on Christmas Eve.  If he were real.  And addicted to heroin.  And had huge fake tits.  You know what, just forget I ever attempted this analogy.


Octagon Girl Edith Labelle Leaves the UFC Under Suspicious Circumstances

Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girl
(Photo courtesy of UFC.com)

MMA Fanhouse has confirmed that Edith Labelle — you know, the large-chested Octagon Girl who’s not Arianny or Logan — won’t be holding round cards and blowing kisses to the camera during UFC broadcasts anymore. Her manager was quoted as saying "Something happened, but at this time, I can only confirm that Edith no longer works for the UFC." Considering the rumors that swirled around Amber Nichole Miller‘s departure, that "something" could be nothing, or that something could be something; feel free to speculate wildly in the comments section below. Edith will be officially replaced by Maxim Octagon Girl Search winner Natasha Wicks at UFC 101 tomorrow night in Philadelphia.

Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlArianny Celeste Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlsLogan Stanton Edith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girl

 Edith Labelle Larente UFC ring girl sexyEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girlEdith Labelle Larente UFC Octagon ring girl grapes

Edith Labelle (born June 30, 1982), aka Edith Larente, made her debut as a UFC Octagon Girl in November 2007, but was released by the company after falling ill at UFC 100 in July 2009. Hailing from Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Edith Labelle worked as a semi-nude model before joining the UFC, and was best known as "Anabelle" from FlashyBabes.com. Outside of her appearance in a low-budget sci-fi movie in 2009, we have no idea what Edith’s been up to since leaving the UFC.

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Photos: Gina Carano Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Good

Gina Carano MMA Strikeforce hot

Gina Carano MMA StrikeforceGina Carano wraps MMA StrikeforceGina Carano tough pose MMA Strikeforce ShowtimeGina Carano training MMA Strikeforce Showtime photos

Gina Carano training bounce pics Strikeforce MMA ShowtimeGina Carano stretching legs MMA Strikeforce ShowtimeRandy Couture Gina Carano MMA StrikeforceGina Carano Frank Shamrock MMA Strikeforce
(Props: flickr.com/photos/shosports via Fightlinker)

Showtime has posted a great set of photos (taken by the incomparable Esther Lin) of Gina Carano training for her upcoming Strikeforce fight against Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos — with a few shots of her just standing around looking hot. In the second to last pic, Randy Couture demonstrates the irresistable power of the jorts. You can check out the rest of the pics here.


Hot Potato: Alexia Lei

Alexia Lei model

Alexia Lei modelAlexia Lei modelAlexia Lei modelAlexia Lei model

Alexia Lei is a prolific import model and former Strikeforce ring girl who now acts as the spokesmodel for KNOXX Performance Gear. She’s the result of Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Chamorro, Mexican and Colombian intermingling, and designs a clothing line for go-go dancers called Ambition. Be her friend at myspace.com/alexialei, and check out more of her pics after the jump…