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Hot Potato: Miesha Tate

 Miesha Tate

Yeah, that’s Miesha Tate showing off some of her assets (hi-yo!) in the new issue of Fight! Magazine.  She might not flaunt it as much as some others, but Tate is another female fighter who is both way too tough and way too good-looking for us.  Does that make us sad?  A little, yeah.  But this picture helps ease the pain.  If only we’d known how fine she was when we talked to her a couple of weeks ago, we could have really worked the old magic.  And by magic we mean been really weird and creepy.  Missed opportunity, there.

More Tate hotness is after the jump, and way more in this month’s issue of Fight!, which coincidentally also features an article by yours truly on everyone’s favorite mustache ride-offering hard-ass, Don Frye.  Check it out.


Rachelle Leah: Semi-Clothed, But Still Hot

Rachelle Leah
(Looks like someone forgot to put her shirt on under her jacket when she left the house this morning.  Embarrassing!  Props: The Garv)

The people at YRB Magazine sure know what they’re doing.  First it was those Gina Carano pin-up shots.  Now it’s former UFC Octagon girl and current TV host Rachelle Leah.  Hey, remember when she was naked in Playboy?  So do these guys (NSFW, obviously).  This layout features far less skin, but it’s still worth a look.

Speaking of Gina Carano, MMA Fanhouse passes along the news that she’ll be featured in the top 20 of Maxim’s forthcoming "Hot 100."  With all this media exposure just for being a hot chick, who needs fighting?  A girl could mess up her pretty face that way.

A couple more Rachelle leah pictures are after the jump.


Pics: Gina Carano Cleans Up Nice, Arianny Celeste’s Personal Stash

Gina Carano MMA pinup sexy
Gina Carano MMA hotGina Carano MMA girl pics
(Photos courtesy of YRB via MMAFightGirls. Click all pics for larger versions.)

“I fought it; it’s a label. If you are going to label me, label me as Gina Carano. Right now, I am just going to keep doing my thing, and if you want to call me this or that it’s fine. I know I am recognized, and I feel confident about the things I have done in the sport so far. I could stop today and show my kids someday, ‘Look at what I did.’ I’m not going to buy into the pressure…you’re like something one second and nothing the next second. I can’t put my value or weight in any of it.”
Gina Carano on being called "the face of women’s MMA." Check out the rest of YRB Magazine‘s new profile on Gina here.

After the jump, we do some more stalking of Arianny Celeste’s twitpic account


Photos: Octagon Girl Logan Stanton in Fight! Magazine

Logan Stanton UFC ring girl MMA
Logan Stanton UFC ring girl MMA hotLogan Stanton UFC ring girl MMA sexyLogan Stanton Octagon girl MMAUFC ring girl Logan Stanton MMA sexy
(Courtesy of Fight! Magazine via MMAFightGirls)

Previously: Exclusive Interview: UFC Octagon Girl Logan Stanton


Hot Potato: Danielle Loveland

Danielle Loveland ring girl Fight Magazine photo
(That’s what you’re wearing to dinner? It’s Arby’s, Danielle. They have standards.)

God bless those jerks at Fight! Magazine.  They finally stopped throwing wild parties long enough to upload some photos from their extensive library on to their website.  Yeah, there’s a lot of good fight pics, but the best part is the ring girl spreads that you’ll find in every issue.  That’s how we found out about Danielle Loveland, a ring girl for TUFFNUFF who appeared in their February 2009 issue.

Things you should know about Danielle: 1) She used to be a lifeguard at the pool at the Palms in Las Vegas, 2) She’s "been a gymnast and a cheerleader my whole life pretty much. I’m real athletic – very flexible," and 3) her personal website contains some very NSFW (that means naked) photos.  Check out her MySpace page if you feel like you need to know more about her interests.

Some more pics of her, including one that makes the best use yet of the sexy black belt theme, are after the jump.


Hot Potato: Maysa Quy

In honor of this weekend’s Strikeforce event we bring you possibly the hottest girl ever to carry a numbered sign for the San Jose, California-based organization, Maysa Quy.  You might remember her from Fight! Magazine’s Hottest Ring Girl of 2008 contest, which is where the above picture comes from.  According to this interview she loves Janet Jackson and thinks "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" is the greatest movie of all time.  According to her MySpace page her current mood is "delerious."  So there you go. 

Whether Maysa made the jump to the big time along with Strikeforce, or whether they’ll try for some new blood on Showtime, we have no idea.  But we think it might be wise of them to retain her services.


Arianny Celeste’s Music Career Is Off And Running…Sort Of

Arianny Celese UFC girls
(Sure, when I try to take photos of the Octagon Girls getting dressed it’s "creepy," but when Arianny does the same thing it’s fun and whimsical. It figures. Photo courtesy of

You might remember a while back when we posted UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste’s profile video for the Maxim “Hometown Hotties” competition and she mentioned her aspirations to be a rock/pop singer.  Intrepid Cage Potato reader Maxwell discovered that Arianny now has her own MySpace music page, which has, as of this writing, all of two songs on it.

I’d say rock/pop is a fair description of the genre.   Her songs are about on par with the cookie-cutter stuff you hear on the radio, though she doesn’t quite hit all the notes at times, so maybe they should add a little of that T-Pain effect to smooth it out.  As Maxwell points out, her song “Superficial” seems, shall we say, heavily “influenced” by this Avril Lavigne joint.

Arianny would be the first to make a successful jump from Octagon girl to pop sensation, and there’s probably a good reason you don’t see much crossover between those careers.  For one, they appeal to different demographics.  Dudes may ogle ring girls and buy magazines with pictures of them, but those same dudes are probably not buying Avril Lavigne CD’s (except the guys at Fightlinker, who like anything Canadian, even Alan Thicke).  But hey, she’s off to a good start with the MySpace music page.  They don’t let just anyone put their music on the internet.


Videos: Hot Chicks Teach MMA Submissions

Sexy Girls Teach MMA Submissions – Watch more Funny Videos

Bodog Fight may have been a cracker-jack operation run by (alleged) criminals, but their ring girls were freakin’ amazing. We just stumbled across their old series of MMA instructional clips, in which the Bodog Girls acted as lovely assistants to professional fighters. First up is Matt Thorpe, who teaches the chest-to-chest sweep. ("Nice job, ladies," indeed.) Check out the rest of the series below, where Kultar "Black Mamba" Gill takes us through the very sensual north-south triangle, Daniel Puder demonstrates an armbar from guard, and Chael Sonnen submits a model via rear-naked choke.


Hot Potato: Laura Celeste

Laura Celeste ring girl hot sexy
Laura Celeste ring girl MMA hot sexy Laura Celeste ring girl MMA hot sexy Laura Celeste MMA ring girl hot sexy Laura Celeste MMA ring girl hot sexy
Laura Celeste MMA ring girl hot sexy Laura Celeste MMA ring girl hot sexy Laura Celeste MMA hot sexy ring girl The End

Props to TheGarv for turning us on to ring girl Laura Celeste, who has been making jaws drop at East Coast promotions like Ring of Combat, World Cage Fighting Alliance, and Asylum Fight League. To learn more about Laura, check out this brief interview, then head over to her MySpace page, which has tons of pics of Laura doin’ her thing in the ring.


More ‘UFC Fight Night’ Aftermath: Bader Tweaks His Knee, Griffin/Silva on for UFC 101

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl trampoline boobs
Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl sunglasses Arianny Celeste Edith UFC ring girls UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste dog
(It was either this or another picture of Bader. Photos courtesy of

TUF 8 winner Ryan Bader may have suffered serious knee damage during his unanimous decision win over Carmelo Marrero on Wednesday. As Bader told MMA Weekly, "The doctor said I blew my MCL out and maybe the ACL…One of the first takedowns, I was passing from half-guard trying to pass to side control and I just heard my knee pop, which isn’t a big deal because they pop every once in a while. I stood back up and I felt that it was really, really loose. It didn’t really do too much as far as impeding me in the fight or anything like that, but it was starting to swell up a little bit. Hopefully the ACL is fine. I don’t really want to deal with that." In a worst-case scenario, the injury would require surgery and a long recovery period.

— Bader’s Arizona Combat Sports teammate Steve Steinbeiss was reportedly paid his to-show money as well as his win bonus for Wednesday’s event, even though his opponent Ryan Jensen was yanked from the fight following a positive test for Adderall.

— I think I got up to take a piss during this particular commercial break, but during a Burger King-sponsored/Amir Sadollah-hosted segment in the season, TUF 9Forrest Griffin confirmed that he’ll be coming back to face Thiago Silva at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia). Griffin hasn’t fought since his UFC 92 title fight against Rashad Evans in December, in which he lost his belt and broke his hand. Sadollah also revealed that he’ll be making his first post-TUF appearance (as a welterweight) at the August event, though an opponent was not named.