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Now That Tito Ortiz Is Back, Is This What We Have To Look Forward To?

In this video Tito Ortiz takes great satisfaction in the knowledge that while he’s living it up in first class on his way to UFC 101, Chuck Liddell is back in coach with the plebes.  Yeah, that is a pretty sweet/petty victory.  The only triumph that could possibly be better in a rivalry between two pro fighters would be if you had mercilessly thrashed him in a fight for money…twice.  You take your moments where you can though, right?

Now that Ortiz is back in the UFC, it seems as if he is intent on squeezing every last ounce of publicity juice out of it, at least until he gets demolished by the ageless wonder, Mark Coleman.  Might as well buckle up and get ready.  Part two is after the jump, where Matt Serra shows up to add a little panache to this thing and Tito beats up Danny Bonaduce on his morning radio show.  Physical stunts, that’s how radio is going to reclaim the popularity it enjoyed in the early twentieth century.


Training Video: Cris Cyborg Is Satan

(Props: cnovs13 via Moth2Flame)

When you watch this video of Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos going through some caveman-style training at Advanced Human Movement, you don’t see a woman who’s on the verge of calling for her mommy. Cyborg is a physical dynamo. Check out the 2:39 mark, where she repeatedly picks up her husband Evangelista with a bungee rope harnessed to her back. I don’t know if I could even do that once, and I outweigh Cyborg by a solid 20 pounds of stomach fat. It’s no wonder why the Brazilian is a betting favorite by as much as -200. Anybody plan on taking Gina Carano in this one?

After the jump: Fabricio Werdum gets in a workout at AHM. Werdum will be facing despicable cheater Mike Kyle on the undercard of "Carano vs. Cyborg."


Videos: Fedor Disses Brock Lesnar, Roy Jones Jr. Reacts to Anderson Silva’s Performance + More

(Props: solidsnakebite via Reggadi)

And all this time, we thought Fedor Emelianenko was a humble dude, without a bad word to say about anybody. Well, this is what happens when you push him too far. In the above clip, Fedor and his M-1 cronies tell us how they really feel about the UFC’s paper champion. But at least they can keep a sense of humor about it. If only Hitler shared the same attitude


Video: Philly Fans Brawl at UFC 101

(Props: zmmajunky)

As ‘zombiekilla’ mentioned in the comments section of the last post, UFC 101‘s real Fight of the Night took place in the crowd, when a group of meatheaded douchebags got a little too caught up in the action and began warring amongst themselves. As security intervened, a female meatheaded douchebag swung her purse at some other broad, then went after her with furious Brock Lesnar-style hammerfists. Everyone in the vicinity roared their approval and watched it play out, paying no attention to the Aaron Riley/Shane Nelson scrap that was going on inside the Octagon.

And so, we must amend Dana White’s beloved four corners analogy: If people are playing soccer on one corner, basketball on the second corner, street hockey on the third corner, a bunch of drunk Philadelphians are throwing haymakers on the fourth corner, and a professional mixed martial arts contest is taking place in the center of the street, people will watch the meatheads brawl every time. That’s how we know this is the sport of the future.

Unrelated, but important: Forrest Griffin‘s camp confirmed that the fighter suffered a broken jaw and partial hearing loss during his whuppin’ at the hands of Anderson Silva, and sprinted out of the cage in order to seek immediate medical attention. Well, we’re sorry to hear that, but Quinton Jackson still thinks you’re a ‘LOSER!!’

MMA Weekly confirmed with Griffin’s management that Griffin’s jaw was not injured, but "emotionally he is definitely not dealing well with the loss."


Philly Is Ready For The UFC, But Is The UFC Ready For Philly?

(Props: Cage Writer)

So youse guys thought that an MMA event in Philly would be just like any MMA event anywhere else in the United States?  Oh, you dumb sons of bitches have no friggin’ idea what you’re in for.  Take it from Greg Sirb, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission.  Philly fans ain’t screwin’ around.  

In this video from yesterday’s press conference Sirb wastes no time in explaining to the UFC 101 participants that they are not in Las Vegas and they are not in New Jersey(?!).  Presumably they knew that already, but just in case they were holding out hope that the man responsible for overseeing sporting events in the state of Pennsylvania would try to set a positive example for Philly’s unruly fans, Sirb launches into a speech that is oddly threatening and downright cartoonish.  Are we sure this is the real Executive Director and not some local morning radio DJ?  Please, no one translate that speech for Anderson Silva.  He might not even bother showing up tomorrow night.

After the jump, Tito Ortiz muddles his way through an appearance on local TV alongside Matt Serra, and says Philly and Pittsburgh are the same thing.  At least he didn’t offer to tell the host of the show how she’s feeling right now.


No More Mr. Nice Guy: Dana White Predicts the Demise of ‘Strikefarce’

(Props: CageWriter via BloodyElbow)

Scott Coker may not have asked for a war, but he’s getting one anyway. After a UFC 101 press conference yesterday, Dana White vented about Strikeforce’s recent signing of Fedor Emelianenko, telling reporters "They shoulda stayed the way they were. We’ll see what happens. You wanna fight me, we’re gonna fight. You know how that goes. And we know how it ends."

The counter-programming of Strikeforce begins on August 15th, as Spike will air their entire 100 Greatest Fights special to draw eyes away from "Carano vs. Cyborg."

Other highlights from Dana’s informal rant session…


Videos: Gina Carano vs. Satan, Shaq Works on His Superman Punches + More

(Props: ShoSports via BloodyElbow)

Yes, Gina Carano is training her ass off for her upcoming fight against Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. In the above video, heartless strength and conditioning coach Norm Turner puts MMA’s golden girl through the ringer, pushing her dangerously close to the point of vomiting/calling for her mommy. Is Cyborg training this hard? Or is she just choking reporters, throwing around her husband, and relying on her genetic advantages to see her through? Whatever the case, workouts like these are ensuring that Carano will be ready for anything…


Video: Won’t You Join Randy Couture in the Gym For a Spell?

Ever wanted to go inside one of Randy Couture‘s training camps in a five-part series of webisodes designed for the fan with a minimally-functioning knowledge of MMA?  Then you’re in luck. posted the first video in their journey through Couture’s preparations for his bout with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102, and it’s not bad.  No serious revelations here for the hardcore fan, but they’re just getting started.  In related news, Couture’s currently a -190 favorite over at  Wonder how much of that is based on his skills, and how much is the result of the sickly, sluggish performance from Nogueira in his last outing.


Of All The Bands They Could Have Gotten For Dana White’s Surprise Birthday Party, Stone Temple Pilots? Really?

UFC color man/comedian extraordinaire Joe Rogan recently posted a video he shot of the magical ‘Surprise!’ moment from Dana White’s recent 40th birthday bash.  Though Rogan tries to rev it up with some of his trademark high-energy announcing (“Oh. My. Goodness!”) Dana doesn’t look all that blown away, at least until he realizes that the Tapout guys and Chuck Liddell also showed up.  But the weird part is, Rogan informed the Twitter community that the evening’s entertainment was mid-nineties grunge rock band Stone Temple Pilots.  From the sound of it, Rogan just about lost his shit when they took the stage:

I just saw stone temple pilots perform at Dana White’s birthday party. It was easilly the greatest live performance in any art form… That I’ve ever seen. It was fucking insanely good. Those motherfuckers were insanely good! I’m seriously inspired. Incredible.

Seriously?  You’re telling me Stone Temple Pilots turned in the greatest performance "in any art form"?  Maybe if the year is 1994 and the only other art form you’ve ever seen performed is Christian Interpretive Dance


UFC 101 Countdown Preview: A New and Improved BJ Penn?

The easy storyline for the main event of UFC 101 is as follows: BJ Penn is the spoiled champion who has enjoyed success due to prodigious fighting ability, and not necessarily through hard work, while Kenny Florian is the hungry, focused, scrappy challenger who works harder than Penn outside of the cage and is mentally tougher inside of it. But the Prodigy we’ve seen in the training camp for this fight isn’t the lazy, complacent one we know and love. The fact that BJ has brought in Marv Marinovich as his strength and conditioning coach, and has moved out of the insular world of Hilo to train with an impressively stacked camp in California, suggests that Penn wants to try new things in the wake of his one-sided loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94. For a fighter so far along in his career, it’s an inspiring and somewhat unexpected attitude. And if Penn is taking this fight as seriously as Florian, it’s a bad sign for the challenger.

Later in the above video preview, Anderson Silva calls Robert Drysdale a "fool" and an "idiot" for suggesting that Forrest Griffin will submit him during their light-heavyweight feature. Spike’s "Countdown to UFC 101" special premieres tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT. After the jump, Diego Sanchez discusses his imminent title shot and who he’d like to see prevail in the Penn/Florian match.