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Videos: Junie Browning Apologizes for Freak-Out, Shawn Tompkins Discusses Xtreme Couture Departure

(Props: Fighters Only via MMA Mania)

In his first public statement since being arrested for multiple assaults following an alleged suicide attempt, Junie Browning apologized for whatever went down that night, but suggested, of course, that people don’t know the full story. "Stuff gets a little more complicated than it seems to be when you read it on paper. I have a lot of problems and I’m working on them. That’s just about all I can really say…I’m truly sorry for what happened, and if I could take it back I definitely would." Browning thanked the fans for their support and the UFC for the opportunity he was given, and promised he’ll make it up to everybody one day. Get well soon, Lunatic.

As for Browning’s mentor Shawn Tompkins — who drove Junie to the hospital during his Klonopin bender — the highly respected striking coach is going through some life changes of his own…


First Look: “The Expendables” Trailer


As "Rampage" Jackson ponders a film career at the expense of a fighting one, he may want to take a look at Randy Couture‘s recent work in "The Expendables."  Granted, this is just the trailer, but Couture has all of one line in it (no action movie is complete without someone uttering, "We’ve got company"), and he doesn’t even get called out at the end with the rest of the crew.  Think of it as a glimpse into your future, ‘Page.  The MMA world may think of you as a star, but to the general movie-going audience you’re just another dude who works cheap and can act well enough in short bursts.

Other than that, thoughts on the trailer?  Sure, it looks formulaic and incredibly derivative, but part of the appeal of an action movie like this is that you know exactly what you’re going to get.  I swear, though, if I go see this thing and Jet Li gets to hack his way through more lines than Couture (who plays a character named "Toll Road"), I’m going to be seriously disappointed.


Videos: ‘TUF 10′ Episode 5 Preview, Brock Lesnar Prepares for War + More

(Props: UFC)

Though he jacks up his shoulder on tomorrow night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Matt "The Rat" Mitrione is still very much DTF (down to fight). In fact, he tries to convince Coach Rashad that he should be picked to fight next, despite his arm being in a Saran-Wrap cast. Rashad openly calls him "Meathead" now, and casts doubt on his injury. Meanwhile on Team Bumpage, Marcus "Big Baby" Jones is also impatiently awaiting his first match, and becomes convinced that he’ll be picked next. And look, we get a rare glimpse of Wes Sims trying to shake water out of his ear (I think?) as Jones walks past him at the 2:15 mark. The end of the promo still promises a Kimbo return, and vows that fight #5 ends in a "shock result no one saw coming." Rashad is shown crouching over one of his guys in the Octagon while others shout "wake up!" First double-knockout in TUF history?

After the jump: UFC old-schooler Oleg Taktarov stops by BJ Penn’s gym in Hilo to plug his role in Predators, and Brock Lesnar destroys a few more training partners in preparation for his UFC 106 title defense against Shane Carwin.


Cain Velasquez’s Video Blog Is More Show Than Tell

Cain Velasquez is a man of few words.  Like, very few.  Maybe no more than fifteen or twenty throughout this entire six-minute video blog.  Actually, that’s not completely true.  He does a phone interview at the end and it really jacks up his word count, but those of us who have done writing jobs where we get paid by the word know that trick.  You just go back through and add ‘that’ or ‘just’ to every sentence, and before you know it you made yourself an extra thirty bucks. 

Really, all we learn about Cain here is that AKA is a non-stop ball-bust-a-thon when Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch around, he likes to train while listening to the Mexican radio station, and he has an infant daughter who he appears to love.  Looks like you’re going to have to do the talking on this one, Ben Rothwell


Chuck Liddell’s Two-Step Fails to Knock Out the Judges on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

(Props: PROMMA)

Traditionally performed by drunken rednecks, the two-step was supposed to be right in Chuck Liddell‘s sweet spot. And still these goddamned bloodsucking judges criticized his lack of grace on last night’s Dancing With the Stars. Fine, so he was more of a prop for Anna Trebunskaya in this round, but at least he got to lift her over his head a couple times. (Check out the 0:43 mark during the training montage; I’m sure it took a tremendous amount of self-control not to power-bomb that chick through the basement.)

In the end, the Iceman’s skill with a lasso and ability to take a head-kick weren’t enough to win over the so-called "experts," and he ended up with a score of 17 (just like last week), putting him near the bottom once again; Michael Irvin and Louie Vito tied for dead-last with scores of 16. Let’s put that in perspective: Even if Cecil Peoples showed up as a special guest judge and added a perfect 10 to Liddell’s score, he’d still have one less point than Melissa Joan Hart and Mya. Whatever the dance-studio equivalent of American Top Team is, Chuck needs to go there immediately and start expanding his toolkit, because the younger, hungrier celebrity dancers are closing in, just waiting for a chance to make their names off of him.


In Case You Missed It: David Tua Demolishes Shane Cameron

Yeah, we know.  You only like seeing dudes get knocked out when they’re wearing little gloves.  But just give this one a chance and I think you’ll be pleased.  5’10" stick of boxing dynamite David Tua stepped back in the ring for the first time in over two years recently, and after taking a minute or two to find his range against Shane Cameron, he exploded with the same old ferocity to end things just seven seconds into round number two.  Don’t ask us to explain why the ref did everything he could think of to save Cameron at the end of the first, only so he could take more punishment as soon as the bell rang for the second.  Instead, just sit back and enjoy a different brand of violence for a change.  A little variety is good for you. 

It’s good to see Tua back.  Now if only he could sharpen up his "Wheel of Fortune" skills


Jared Shaw Emerges From Hiding, Tells Kimbo He Should Have Gone Into Boxing

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

"Can [Kimbo Slice] be a successful heavyweight? I don’t think so. I think 100% he’s in the wrong weight class, that’s to begin with…But I don’t necessarily think Kimbo can get to 205, at 35 years of age, with the wear and tear. It’s tough to learn this sport, this sport is a lot different than boxing because with boxing you only have to use your hands. In mixed martial arts, you use your hands, your feet, you grapple on the ground, you use submissions. That is a lot of knowledge to retain, and at some point your body starts to shuts down on you in life…Kimbo’s in the wrong sport, there’s no doubt about that. Kimbo should be in boxing…If you want to be the best of the best, if you want to make the most money possible for your family like you say, then you probably should have went to the square-circle."

So says former EliteXC VP Jared "$kala" Shaw, who has now been out of the MMA game for over a year, and recently checked in for an interview with Fanhouse. Despite the criticism of Kimbo’s career choices, Shaw harbors no ill will towards the TUF 10 star, and is proud of the time he spent promoting fighters like Slice, Gina Carano, and Brett Rogers — and if the UFC or Strikeforce wants to give him a job, he’s totally down. It’s a more reflective, slightly-less-cocky version of $kala than we’re used to seeing, even when he’s indirectly taking credit for Gina’s budding movie career. Later in the interview, Shaw tells us that his music is coming along, and he hopes to drop it on us next year. Also, Herschel Walker is a joke, and Bob Arum is an embarassment to the Jewish race. Pot, meet thrifty, lactose-intolerant kettle…


The MMA-Themed ‘Simpsons’ Episode Was Actually…Hilarious?

(Props: Hulu)

With great hesitation and extremely low expectations, I decided to watch last night’s episode of The Simpsons, in which Marge Simpson tries to put a stop to Springfield’s new obsession with mixed martial arts, and ends up cage-fighting a male promoter in order to save her community. And yeah, it was pretty lame that MMA was referred to as "Ultimate Punching," and was portrayed as a referee-less bloodsport in which men can fight housewives in a septagon, of all shapes. But I have to admit I L’dMFAO, and if you have 20 minutes free during your workday, you should definitely check it out. Some things I liked:


Saturday Video Round-Up: War Machine Gets Robbed, Bob Sapp’s True Calling, + More

As much as we love to LOL at the mess War Machine has made of his life, after watching his split decision loss to David Mitchell in Leemore, California this week, we have to say that he got totally screwed on this decision.  Mitchell didn’t do much but work his ineffective rubber guard for three rounds, and while War Machine looked a little sloppy down the stretch he still won this fight.  I’d be hard-pressed to name one round that Mitchell clearly won, and yet one judge somehow scored it 30-27 in his favor.  Sounds like someone went to the Cecil Peoples School of Fight Scoring and graduated with freaking honors.

But just when you’re about to feel bad for the War Machine, you go back and read his comments to Ariel Helwani before this fight, when he said that Mitchell "sucks" and described this as "a joke fight" that was nothing more than a chance for him to get paid.  One can’t help but wonder why, if the guy’s no good, the fight even went to a decision in the first place.  But that’s War, for you.  A living, breathing lesson about the perils of hubris.  If only he’d been born mute, you get the sense that maybe this guy would have turned out okay.

Rounds two and three are after the jump, plus more weird stuff.


WEC 43 Video Hype: Get to Know Yves Jabouin and Benson Henderson


Judging from the utter lack of promotion they’ve done for Cerrone vs. Henderson, it seems like the WEC is already treating this show as a tax write-off. And that’s unfortunate, because Sunday’s event has more than its share of potential barn-burners. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Benson Henderson meet in the main event to determine the league’s interim lightweight champion, while top featherweights Rafael Assuncao and Wagnney Fabiano and undefeated lightweight Dave Jansen will also be in action. The above promo clip introduces us to Yves Jabouin, a 14-4 striker who trains with Georges St. Pierre at Tri Star gym in Montreal; he’ll be facing Assuncao on WEC 43′s main card. According to GSP, Jabouin is incredibly fast, and will bring things that MMA fans have never seen before. After the jump, Ben Henderson takes us around his gym and gets savagely armbarred by a four-year-old.