MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

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Videos: “Bully Beatdown” Makes Some Improvements, Belfort Trains For Franklin, + More


Okay, so MTV’s "Bully Beatdown" may not be quite as organic as the first season tried to get us to believe, but does it really matter?  Season two seems to have largely done away with the possibly-scripted bully confrontation scene, and replaced it with the one-on-one interview with "Mayhem" Miller, where this particular bully credits his grandmother for having the toughness to endure the Great Depression of the early nineties.  At least we don’t have to worry about him losing any valuable brain cells when former Brett Rogers-victim Jon Murphy goes to wailing on him.

After the jump, Vitor Belfort does a little bullying of his own in the gym, plus a bizarre entrance that Chuck Liddell would probably rather forget.


‘TUF 10′ Episode 1 Preview: Big Men, Bigger Mouths


With The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights kicking off eight days from now, Spike has released this eight-minute taste of the season premiere. As soon as Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans show up on screen, the jibber-jabbering begins. Evans says that Rampage is too slow, and his big head is too easy a target. Rampage says that Rashad’s last fight proved he has no chin, and he ain’t fought nobody. Then, 15 of the castmembers walk in, and holy crap is Marcus Jones a large man. Dana White comes in to introduce a steely-eyed Kimbo Slice, who seems quite aware of the target on his back. Though Brendan Schaub doesn’t approve of Slice’s presence ("when he walked in, it was kinda like the sheep entering the room with a bunch of wolves"), Rampage claims first-pick dibs on him — and that’s just fine with Rashad. Watch how the team picks play out next Wednesday (9/16) at 10 p.m, directly following UFC Fight Night 19.


Video: Dan Quinn’s Emotional Farewell to Ross Clifton

As many of you know, gone-before-his-time super-heavyweight Ross Clifton was a friend and training partner to batshit Stevia spokesperson Dan Quinn. We decided to cruise over to Quinn’s YouTube channel to see if he had released a statement about Clifton, and sure enough, there’s this 11-minute missive that he recorded last night. Quinn describes Clifton as an angel who was already penciled in as the Little John to his Robin Hood. Then, he shows us a strange Craigslist w4m ad that he came across, and the even stranger 5,000-word manifesto that he wrote in response. (The best part comes at 5:58: "I’m thinking this is definitely worth the price of admission to a cool coffee place of your choosing. Multiple exits, tons of people, as safe a coffee date as there ever was one." Note to Craigslist surfers: Trying to reassure your prospective hookups that they will definitely not get fritzl’d usually has the opposite effect.) Later, Quinn’s tough-guy facade begins to crack, and he tries to bury the hatchet with arch-nemesis Cal Worsham, and vows to avenge the wife and children of Clifton, should they ever come to harm. Sorry for your loss, Maitreya.


Video: Backstage With “King Mo” Lawal on the Easiest Night of His Career, + More

You know what’s great about this behind-the-scenes All Elbows video of "King Mo" Lawal‘s destruction of a hapless Mark Kerr at M-1 Breakthrough?  Everything.  Not only does it mix sharp editing and a sweet soundtrack with backstage footage and an awesome shot of Mo knocking Kerr’s mouthpiece across the ring at the end, but we also get to see just how painfully low-budget M-1′s Kansas City event was.  Check out Mo’s locker room.  That thing would make a convict feel claustrophobic.  It’s so small he has to warm up in the hallway, not that it seems to have hurt his performance any.  Seeing this now really makes me wonder how/if Mark Kerr got warmed up for this fight.  Do you think he just sat in his car with his eyes closed, listening to "Desperado" on the tape deck over and over again until the promoters came out to tell him it was time?

On a completely unrelated note, after the jump watch the sucker punch at the end of last night’s Oregon/Boise State game that got the college football season off to an embarrassing start.  If only Boise State had recruited that nice Anderson Silva boy to play free safety, no one would have dared to try something like that against them.


Videos: Miguel Torres “Hurt” Highlight, UFC 103 Extended Preview + More

(Props: Machinemen via CRE)

Some must-see vids to get you through the rest of the afternoon: First up, a fantastic Miguel Torres highlight reel that reminds us why he’s one of the most entertaining fighters in the world. After the jump, the UFC 103 extended trailer re-introduces Vitor Belfort to all the TUF noobs out there, sets up Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos as a meeting between an MMA legend and a dangerous up-and-comer, and plugs the #1 welterweight contender match between Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann. "If Swick’s looking at the GSP fight before me, he’s gonna make a big mistake, ’cause I’m gonna fuck him right up," says Kampmann. Also, the Octagon Girls are not quite ready for prime time.


Videos: Ridiculous Judo Armbar, An Army of Two

(Props: MMA Share)

This is one of those rare crazy armbars that works exactly like it was drawn up, and it’s pulled off by a judo guy, no less.  How often does that happen?  Probably a little more often where there’s a gi to hold on to and the guy you’re doing it on has more experience with throws than submissions, but we still think it’s pretty cool.  The throw that follows it is also not bad, as long as you don’t mind giving your back to your opponent as soon as you hit the mat.

You know what’s far less cool, though?  You will after the jump.


Either Jerry Millen Is Stupid, Or He Thinks You Are

The ability to look at someone with a straight face and say a bunch of stuff that is so demonstrably untrue as to be laughable is a special kind of gift.  Either you have it or you don’t.  Jerry Millen has it.  Watch this interview that he did with The Garv and see if your head doesn’t hurt by the time it’s all over.  Over the course of six minutes Millen attempts to portray the UFC as a greedy, money-hungry organization in opposition to the Robin Hoods of MMA, M-1 Global and Fedor Emelianenko.  Several times he criticizes the UFC for not pursuing what he acknowledges would be a bad business plan for them, at one point saying, “If you really care what the fans want, how much money do you need?”


Videos: Why We Love MMA, Carwin on Lesnar + More

(Props: logangee via Watch Kalib Run)

If you ever find yourself becoming disillusioned with MMA, if you ever find yourself thinking "what am I doing watching guys beat each other up in a cage when I could be working or developing a social life?", watch this video and it’ll all start coming back. Best sport in the world, folks, hands down. If you have time, check out some of logangee’s other work on his official site or his Vimeo channel, especially "Got Soul" and "Fear the Reaper."

After the jump: Shane Carwin debunks the theory of MMA-fighter-as-uneducated-thug, talks about how his mother’s whuppings kept him grounded, and discusses how he matches up with Brock Lesnar. Also, Tito Ortiz beats some kid at UFC Undisputed and celebrates like he just knocked out Fedor.


Randy Couture’s Fight-Night Video Blog

(Props: For part one of the 8/29 Randyvlog, which features Couture’s pre-fight preparation, visits from Wanderlei Silva and Brock Lesnar, and Randy’s walkout, click here.)

If you’re going to lose a fight, you might as well do it surrounded by people who love you. Randy Couture — who described Saturday night in Portland as the loudest audience he’s ever fought in front of — was given a hero’s reception by all the fans in attendance at UFC 102 as well as everyone he came across backstage. The above video-blog shows excerpts from his fight against Nogueira shot cageside (right behind the guy with the airhorn!), as well as the aftermath, in which Randy is examined by a doctor and takes questions at the post-event press conference. It’s hard to predict where Couture’s fight career will go from here, but with fan response this overwhelmingly positive, the Natural’s days of high-profile fights in the Octagon are far from over.


M-1 Breakthrough Videos: King Mo Smashes the Smashing Machine, Fedor Taps Mousasi in Exhibition

(Fight starts at the 4:22 mark. Props: MMA Linker)

As expected, Muhammed Lawal‘s pimpin’ ring entrance took longer than his actual fight against Mark Kerr last night at M-1 Breakthrough in Kansas City, with the flashy Team Quest product needing just 25 seconds to steamroll the fighter formerly known as "The Smashing Machine." King Mo pounced for a single-leg as Kerr tried to throw a leg kick, then took his 263-pound opponent to the canvas and started slugging him in the head until Kerr was knocked out. I guess the oddsmakers know how to do their jobs after all.

Also on the card, Fedor Emelianenko and Gegard Mousasi went through the motions with their "sparring exhibition," which never came close to looking anything like a real fight, except for the end when Fedor won by armbar. That video and complete results from the event are after the jump…