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Six Other Seth Rogen/James Franco Films That Should’ve Been Canceled

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Dream.12 Quick Results and Videos: Overeem, Sakuraba, Alvarez and Zaromskis Rule the White Cage

(Overeem vs. Thompson. Props to DreamCageFights. And special props to Michael Schiavello for predicting that this fight wouldn’t last long. How the hell did he see that one coming?!?)

- Alistair Overeem def. James Thompson via submission (guillotine choke), 0:33 of round 1
- Eddie Alvarez def. Katsunori Kikuno via submission (arm-triangle choke), 3:42 of round 2 
- Marius Zaromskis def. Myeon Ho Bae via KO (head kick), 0:19 of round 1 
- Kazushi Sakuraba def. Zelg Galesic via submission (kneebar), 1:40 of round 1 
- Katsuyori Shibata def. Tokimitsu Ishizawa via TKO, 4:52 of round 1 
- Dong Sik Yoon def. Tarec Saffiedine via split decision 
- Yoshiro Maeda def. Chase Beebe via submission (rear-naked choke), 3:36 of round 1 
- Kuniyoshi Hironaka def. Won Sik Park via TKO (eye injury), 5:00 of round 1
- Tomoya Miyashita def. Keisuke Fujiwara via unanimous decision

More fight videos after the jump…


Five MMA Fights That Happened Too Early


When it happened:
4/14/00, at UFC 25
When it should have happened: Spring 2003
Why: Ortiz vs. Silva was an entertaining scrap between two young contenders for the UFC’s vacant “middleweight” belt. If they met three years later, it would have been a superfight. By the end of 2002, Ortiz had defended his title five times — he’d lose it in September 2003 to Randy Couture — while Silva was PRIDE’s middleweight ruler, owning a 12-0-1 record in the promotion and two successful title defenses. With Ortiz at the end of his reign and Wandy near the middle of his, it would have been an ideal moment to establish bragging rights for one of MMA’s two leading organizations.
Prediction: Depends on where the fight was held. If Ortiz had home-field advantage, he’d probably still be able to grind out a decision win. In Japan, it would be Wanderlei via soccer-kick death.


When it happened: 4/9/05, at the Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale
When it should have happened: Sometime next year.
Why: Kenny Florian had enough talent and heart to make it to the finals of TUF 1 as a 185-pounder, but it was only a matter of time before he was squashed by another talented fighter who was more experienced and better suited to the weight; Diego Sanchez just happened to be that dude. This year, there was talk — hope, even — that Florian could upset BJ Penn at UFC 101, then have a high-stakes rematch against his old nemesis, who had followed him down to lightweight after an impressive run at 170. Unfortunately, Florian succumbed to Penn’s trademark mata leon, and Sanchez was booked to challenge Penn for the title in December. Still, as long as Florian keeps winning, he’ll claw his way back to the Nightmare — and this time, they’ll face each other as two of the best lightweights in the world.
Prediction: Sanchez outstrikes Florian to a decision in a far more competitive match than their first meeting.


Dana White Denies Kimbo Got Special Treatment on ‘TUF 10′, Hypes UFC 104 + More

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Following yesterday’s UFC 104 press conference,‘s E. Casey Leydon got up in Dana White‘s face, and the conversation inevitably turned to Kimbo Slice. Despite multiple reports from TUF 10 castmembers that Kimbo had a large "posse" in attendance for his fight — yes, that’s the word they keep using — Dana claims that only Slice’s manager was there, while his wife and kids were definitely not. "I’ve never seen such crybabies in my whole life as the heavyweights [on TUF 10]," Dana says. Here’s another example: Roy Nelson told USA Today that Kimbo had his own media room and could make phone calls. Dana’s response:

"Roy Nelson is a moron. He’s an idiot. The guy really is that dumb. Never once did [Kimbo] use the phone to call anybody. And you’ll actually see later on as the show progresses, there’s a situation that happens where I have to get on the phone, and then I put him on the phone. He didn’t get any special privileges…Roy Nelson is a moron. Interview him sometime, you’ll find out. Roy Nelson is an idiot, he’s a complete jackass."

After the jump: A longer DW interview with Ariel Helwani, where Dana discusses Cain Velasquez‘s potential as a future champ, selling two Brazilian main-eventers, the necessity of teammates fighting each other, an update on the Dan Henderson situation, those Showtime knuckleheads, Bernard Hopkins’s criticism of MMA as gay porno, why "Big" John McCarthy isn’t reffing at UFC 104, and Chuck Liddell’s future in the sport.


Now This Is An Understandable Sucker Punch

On Tuesday we showed you what was undoubtedly the worst sucker punch we’ve ever seen in a pro fight.  Today we look at another, similar sucker punch that is completely understandable, even to the referee.  In October of 2008, Jesse Vargas and the unfortunately-named Trenton Titsworth squared off in Temecula, California.  Things were going reasonably well, and then Titsworth leaned in during a clinch and kissed Vargas, ever so gently, on his neck. 

It took Vargas a moment to realize it, but he responded by drilling Titsworth on the jaw with a right hand on the break.  Technically, that’s a foul, and Vargas lost a point for it.  But kissing your opponent is apparently also a foul, though we admit we always thought it was simply frowned upon.  The ref initially takes one point away from Titsworth for his ill-timed display of affection, then decides that it’s bad enough to be worth a two-point deduction.  Some people just can’t help but stand in the way of love, can they?

Vargas would go on to win the four-round bout via decision (39-34 on all three scorecards).  Titsworth is still trying, unsuccessfully, to live this one down.


Fitch’s ‘BIG Fight’ May Be Alves Rematch After All

(Fitch vs. Alves, 6/28/06.)

Though we previously eliminated Thiago Alves in our Fitch’s-next-opponent guessing game, it turns out that the Pitbull is a strong frontrunner for Ricardo Almeida‘s replacement. A source close to the UFC told MMA Junkie that Fitch and Alves will meet at UFC 107 (December 12th, Memphis); Alves’s original opponent for the event — Paulo Thiago — will be booked in another match.

Alves is obviously a bigger name than Almeida, but Fitch’s Twitter enthusiasm still threw us off. Who gets psyched about a rematch with a guy you already beat, unless it’s for a title? Reacquaint yourself with Fitch and Alves’s UFC Fight Night 5 scrap above, which starts with Alves having to take out his tongue ring, and ends with a TKO victory for Fitch at the end of the second-round thanks to a well-placed upkick.


UFC 104 Danavlog, Pt. 3: He’s Like a Child, In the Body of a Giant Baby

The 10/20 edition of the Danavlog is full of bad omens. After getting a bullshit ticket from some douchebag traffic cop, DW and his crew stop by Cold Stone Creamery — not Pinkberry — and Dana winds up paying the price with a tummy ache. And the Cold Stone workers didn’t even sing to him! Can this day get any worse? WHAT HAS HE DONE TO OFFEND YOU, GOD?

As if he doesn’t have enough problems, Dana has an Esquire writer following him around for a profile. So obviously he’s going to try out the bomb bag again. It fails so incredibly hard. Seriously, listen to that barely audible pop at the 3:13 mark. "Something’s bursting," Mike says. Hilarious. Then, it’s time to play video games and air hockey at Dave & Buster’s. Are you getting all this, Esquire guy?

Finally, around the 5:40 mark, Cain Velasquez and Mauricio Rua show up, and it isn’t long before Dana bomb-bags them. Suck it, Bellatorthis is how you harness the power of the Internet to promote fighters. Also, future Celebrity Rehab star Chuck Liddell shows up drunk and belligerent, and lifts Dana off the ground as he’s trying to give out some UFC 104 tickets. All in a day’s work, I guess, if you can legitimately call it that.


Rampage Jackson Tells Murdock to Shut Up on the Set of ‘The A-Team’

(Props: ET Online via MMA Mania)

There’s an art to wearing a mohawk and growling insults at people. Mr. T had it. Quinton Jackson might not. Skip to the 0:17 mark of this ET fluff piece on the upcoming A-Team movie to see a very brief clip of Rampage in character as B.A. Baracus. To be honest, I’m not sure I quite believe his delivery of "damn fools, man," and I can’t help but wonder what an artist like Jamie Foxx would have done with the role. Anyway, it’s The Ultimate Fighter, not The Ultimate Actor, so what-evs…


Videos: Dana White Gets a New Toy, Rampage & Titties Have Words

As wealthy and powerful as Dana White is, there’s still nothing that gives him as much joy as playing practical jokes on his employees.  Why?  Because a) money can’t buy the happiness that someone else’s temporary displeasure brings, and b) they can’t really get mad unless they want to risk losing their job.  It’s the perfect joke.  Aside from Dana’s experiments with the Bomb Bag, which mostly fails to elicit the kind of ‘oh, shit!’ reaction he’s looking for, this episode is mostly just DW giving away loads of tickets to grateful fans, sometimes in bulk.  It kind of makes you wonder, is the UFC planning on selling any tickets to this event?  After watching this it’s going to be even more difficult than usual to take Mike Goldberg at his word when he references the sold-out arena on the UFC 104 broadcast.

After the jump, a preview of tonight’s "Ultimate Fighter," wherein Darrill "Titties" Schoonover has finally had enough of "Rampage" Jackson’s breast-related harassment.


‘Countdown to UFC 104′ Gives Us Tough Talk, Style Clashes, and Monkeys

(Props: Yahoo!/UFC via MMA Mania)

If you missed Spike’s "Countdown to UFC 104" hype show this week, allow us to present it to you in its entirety. Some highlights:

— We meet Lyoto Machida‘s lovely wife Fabyola, who recalls how emotional he got after winning the belt. Now that he’s the champion, he’s more outspoken and he’s dressing better.

— Becoming a UFC champion was like a "movie playing out in real life" for Machida. But the onslaught of attention from media and fans in his native Brazil convinced him to move his camp to the serenity of the Terra Alta farm, a natural paradise full of overflowing coconuts and spider monkeys that love to give hugs.

Shogun‘s trainer thinks that the fact that Rua has never been knocked out will somehow protect him from getting knocked out by Machida.


Dana White: Dan Henderson Wanted “An Obscene Amount of Money”

One of things we didn’t see in Dana White’s most recent video blog from the lovely Casablanca hotel and casino in Mesquite, Nevada was him sitting down for a conversation with Raw Vegas‘ Dave Farra.  Not that we blame DW for cutting that portion out.  I mean, talking to Dave isn’t going to be the highlight of anyone’s night, trust me.  But it is interesting to hear how White characterizes his negotiations with Dan Henderson, and just how different that characterization is from the way Hendo sees things.  According to White, they couldn’t come to terms with Henderson because he "was looking for an obscene amount of money."  Now there’s an interesting use of the past tense.  Chances are that if you asked Henderson, he’d tell you that he continues to want that same amount of money in the present.