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Video: Tim Sylvia KO’s Jason Riley at Adrenaline MMA 4

Tim Sylvia may have resurrected his career, however briefly, with last night’s first-round TKO win over Jason Riley, who seems to be a textbook Chuck Liddell fan.  As you can see in this video, Riley doesn’t look like he’s the most technically sound striker Sylvia has ever faced, and after getting clipped behind the ear early on he spends most of the rest of the fight trying to hang out in the clinch.  It’s not too long before Sylvia catches him with an uppercut/left hook combo and then, as Michael Schiavello puts it, it’s "goodnight, Irene."  Charming, that guy.

Obviously, a win over 6-1 Jason Riley probably isn’t going to launch Sylvia into a UFC heavyweight title fight, but that’s not really the stakes he’s playing for at the moment.  He just needed to not suffer another embarrassing loss, and he accomplished that.  Way to go.  See what’s possible when you set the bar really, really low? 

Elsewhere on the card, Houston Alexander managed to end his losing streak with a first-round TKO of Sherman Pendergarst (video of that fight is here, if you’re interested) thanks mostly to a series of leg kicks that seemed to utterly baffle Pendergarst.  The win apparently pumped Alexander up something fierce because he then declared himself "one of the best fighters in the light heavyweight division."  Hope the athletic commission tests for hallucinogens.


Video: Dana White Ain’t Skurred About Strikeforce on CBS

(Props: CageWriter)

Maybe Dana White locked himself in a bathroom at some point after hearing that Fedor vs. Rogers would be broadcast on CBS, and screamed until he cried. But at least he’s putting on a brave face for the media. Following a UFC 103 press conference held yesterday, White told Steve Cofield that Strikeforce on CBS is not a game-changer:

It doesn’t matter, no. How many shows have to come and go…IFL was on network TV, EliteXC was on network TV. It doesn’t matter…I think CBS wants to be in the business. And we haven’t been able to come to a deal. With the right deal, we’d do it. We haven’t had the right deal yet. Neither does Strikeforce. You think Strikeforce is getting the right deal with CBS? You think they’re making money?

No, probably not. EliteXC reportedly hemorrhaged money during their run on CBS, because the license fee they received from the network wasn’t nearly enough to cover their expenses. Maybe Strikeforce was able to carve out a more satisfying deal than EliteXC did, but you have to assume that Strikeforce’s actual end-game is to build up enough interest in their brand on CBS that they can start putting on pay-per-view shows, which would theoretically be much more profitable. Until that happens, Dana White has enough problems of his own to worry about.


Coming Attractions: ‘TUF 10′ Episode 2 Preview, Dos Santos vs. Cro Cop


I kind of figured Tiki Ghosn was dead weight on Team Rampage’s staff, but in this clip from next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, he proves himself to be a very patient and encouraging teacher. Kimbo Slice is a sponge during his extra lessons on the ground-game, and you have to admit, his reversal at the -0:50 mark is as smooth as Country Crock. Rampage says he sees himself in Kimbo, and wants to show him a few things that worked in his own fights. Hopefully the extra attention proves useful, because his housemates are gunning for him in episode 2. As the narrator intones at the end, "is it time for Kimbo Slice to finally step into the Octagon?" No, probably not yet, but why else would you tune in?


Tim Credeur’s Video Blog Series Is Better Than Many Actual Reality Shows

You know what I like about Tim Credeur‘s video blog series?  There are characters.  It’s not just some guy talking into a camera or wandering around having mundane, everyday experiences.  No, there’s an actual story arc.  Not that you need to watch them in any particular order, but as you watch more and more of these videos you get a sense of the wacky group of good ole boys that Credeur surrounds himself with.  There’s Chad, the deep-thinking, hard-living, almost cartoonishly Louisianan boxing coach.  There’s that one dude who holds the camera who is struggling with the age-old question of what to do when you have a pregnant girlfriend and no job.  Of course there’s also Credeur himself, who serves as the detached, bemused narrator of his friends’ lives. 

All in all, this is some quality stuff, and some decent editing for a Fight Night video blog.  Kind of makes me think that Credeur and his ragtag group of lovable rapscallions should have their own VH1 reality show.  There’s just no way that it wouldn’t be ten times better than "For The Love of Ray J." 

Check out the rest of the series after the jump.


Afternoon Video Dump: Vitor Belfort’s Greatest Knockouts

(Belfort vs. Matt Lindland @ Affliction: Day of Reckoning, 1/24/09. Fight starts at the 0:59 mark.)

In honor of Vitor Belfort‘s return to the UFC this Saturday, here are nine of the Phenom’s greatest knockouts. Folks, this is how you throw hands. Keep your chin down, Rich…

(Belfort vs. Terry Martin @ Affliction: Banned, 7/19/08.)


UFC Fight Night 19 Video Hype: Huerta, Cantwell, Guillard

(Props: BadBoyMMA1)

Roger Huerta may have an ill-advised acting career to turn to after tomorrow night’s fight against Gray Maynard, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t training hard for his last stand in the Octagon. In the video profile above, Huerta implies that his previous loss to Kenny Florian at UFC 87 was the result of moving away from his dependable coaching duo of Dave Menne and Justin Hagen. He certainly seems focused — though you have to wonder if Huerta should be drilling nothing but his smother-defense at this point.


Afternoon Highlight Reel Dump: Georges St. Pierre, Jose Aldo, Gegard Mousasi

(Props: flexwheelR via CRE)

Some heart-pumpin’ MMA compilations to chase away the Monday blues. Above is a tribute to GSP that’s so cool it almost makes us forgive the use of French rap music. After the jump, #4-ranked featherweight Jose Aldo‘s greatest hits; Aldo takes on WEC champ Mike Brown in November. Also, a Gegard Mousasi career overview that features a bunch of early fights that you probably haven’t seen before.


Gray Maynard Has Herpes, Didn’t Even Get It the Fun Way

Poor Gray Maynard.  Of all the times for Raw Vegas to show up for one of their video interviews, they just had to come to the gym while he was having a particularly nasty outbreak of herpes.  Leave it to Dave "No Ground Game" Farra to bust a guy’s balls over it, too.  The worst part is that Maynard says he’s had the herp since he was a kid (he should have listened to his parents and not let that slutty neighborhood dog lick his face), so he didn’t even get to have the totally-not-worth-it few minutes of fun that most people receive as a herpes consolation prize, and that’s just not fair.  Catching herpes without getting laid is like going broke on a prudent financial strategy.  It’s just such a boring way for something bad to happen to you. 

The good news is, now he gets to go rub his face all over aspiring actor/model Roger Huerta for fifteen minutes next Wednesday.  See you in hell, pretty boy.


Videos: Tito Ortiz Douchebag Quote of the Day, Brock Lesnar’s Caveman Training

(Props: FightHype via MMA Fanhouse)


"I was wrestling with Cris Cyborg, and she’s a tough chick, man — for a girl I expected her not to be so damn tough — and we were just wrestling around and I went for a guillotine, and she slipped out of it, and when she slipped out of it I traded off to a triangle, and I locked the triangle and she went to go pick me up and slam me, she picked me up and slammed me on the ground, and I had no pain, nothin’. I ended up choking her, but at the same time it was just a factor of one of those little small things that I notice like, ‘I’m good, I’m ready to do this and start working,’ but I feel great, man, I feel really good."

Good to hear it, Tito. If you didn’t end up choking out that 145-pound woman we would have thought you were a pussy or something…

After the jump: Brock Lesnar endures the notoriously brutal strength and conditioning training at Athletic Performance Inc. in Minneapolis. This might be your only chance to see what Lesnar looks like when he’s completely broken down and exhausted. Brock’s post-workout nutrition plan? Burgers and waffle-fries, bitch.


MMA vs. Boxing, Chapter XXXVIII: In Which Bob Arum Calls Us a Bunch of Skinheads and Homosexuals

What’s the best way to get an ancient boxing promoter to go off on a hilariously offensive rant about MMA?  Send a young whippersnapper like Ariel Helwani to a press conference with a microphone and a shirt without a tie, then have him just mention the UFC and watch the bullshit fly.  Following up on Dana White’s shot at the boxing world this week, Arum comes right back with his own attack on MMA, calling it a sport for skinheads who like to see homosexuals rolling around the mat together.  That he said this to Helwani, an ardent MMA-lover who happens to have a shaved head but who also happens to be Jewish (and married, to some poor woman, no less), is what we’re going to go ahead and call poetic justice.

Arum goes on to level all the usual accusations against MMA.  He says the fighters can’t throw a punch or take one, that the audience is all redneck white guys, that the UFC isn’t selling nearly as many pay-per-views as they claim, and that the Charleston will never go out of style (that last one may have just been implied, but you get the point).  Basically it’s nothing you haven’t heard during Thanksgiving dinner at your grandfather’s house, only Arum stops just short of calling the internet a form of black magic.