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The MMA-Themed ‘Simpsons’ Episode Was Actually…Hilarious?

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With great hesitation and extremely low expectations, I decided to watch last night’s episode of The Simpsons, in which Marge Simpson tries to put a stop to Springfield’s new obsession with mixed martial arts, and ends up cage-fighting a male promoter in order to save her community. And yeah, it was pretty lame that MMA was referred to as "Ultimate Punching," and was portrayed as a referee-less bloodsport in which men can fight housewives in a septagon, of all shapes. But I have to admit I L’dMFAO, and if you have 20 minutes free during your workday, you should definitely check it out. Some things I liked:


Saturday Video Round-Up: War Machine Gets Robbed, Bob Sapp’s True Calling, + More

As much as we love to LOL at the mess War Machine has made of his life, after watching his split decision loss to David Mitchell in Leemore, California this week, we have to say that he got totally screwed on this decision.  Mitchell didn’t do much but work his ineffective rubber guard for three rounds, and while War Machine looked a little sloppy down the stretch he still won this fight.  I’d be hard-pressed to name one round that Mitchell clearly won, and yet one judge somehow scored it 30-27 in his favor.  Sounds like someone went to the Cecil Peoples School of Fight Scoring and graduated with freaking honors.

But just when you’re about to feel bad for the War Machine, you go back and read his comments to Ariel Helwani before this fight, when he said that Mitchell "sucks" and described this as "a joke fight" that was nothing more than a chance for him to get paid.  One can’t help but wonder why, if the guy’s no good, the fight even went to a decision in the first place.  But that’s War, for you.  A living, breathing lesson about the perils of hubris.  If only he’d been born mute, you get the sense that maybe this guy would have turned out okay.

Rounds two and three are after the jump, plus more weird stuff.


WEC 43 Video Hype: Get to Know Yves Jabouin and Benson Henderson


Judging from the utter lack of promotion they’ve done for Cerrone vs. Henderson, it seems like the WEC is already treating this show as a tax write-off. And that’s unfortunate, because Sunday’s event has more than its share of potential barn-burners. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Benson Henderson meet in the main event to determine the league’s interim lightweight champion, while top featherweights Rafael Assuncao and Wagnney Fabiano and undefeated lightweight Dave Jansen will also be in action. The above promo clip introduces us to Yves Jabouin, a 14-4 striker who trains with Georges St. Pierre at Tri Star gym in Montreal; he’ll be facing Assuncao on WEC 43′s main card. According to GSP, Jabouin is incredibly fast, and will bring things that MMA fans have never seen before. After the jump, Ben Henderson takes us around his gym and gets savagely armbarred by a four-year-old.


Video: Dana White Talks UFC 104, “Rampage” Jackson, Fedor + More on Jim Rome


Yesterday we told you about Dana White’s attempt to liken Fedor Emelianenko’s management to local shakedown operation, and while that was all good fun, there was definitely more to his appearance on ESPN’s "Jim Rome Is Burning."  Say what you will about Jim Rome’s douchey used-car-salesman-meets-strip-club-owner persona, he’s more knowledgeable about MMA than most mainstream sports commentators, and he takes the sport seriously rather than treating it as a fad that will be gone as soon as the kids today discover this new roller derby craze. 

Again, though, DW can’t help but insist that a fight between bros-for-life Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida is a very real possibility at light heavyweight.  No matter how many times they say they won’t do it, Dana can’t let it go.  You know what?  I think those two should break down and do the fight.  On one condition: Dana White must fight Herschel Walker.  And yeah, I know Walker has a Strikeforce contract, but that hasn’t stopped Alistair Overeem from doing whatever the hell he wants.


Must-See Videos: Natasha Wicks Strips, Brock Lesnar Shoots, + More

The pervs over at Raw Vegas say this is video from a "photo shoot" involving UFC ring girl Natasha Wicks, but personally, I think it was all a ruse to get her in a towel.  It’s like that time we agreed to be in that calendar that was supposed to be twelve months of MMA writers without pants.  We showed up and did what they asked, even when it made us both uncomfortable, and that calendar still hasn’t come in the mail like they said it would.  I’m just saying, if that guy was a professional photographer, why did we have do the shoot in his mom’s basement?  And why did he use a disposable camera?  But enough of our petty problems.

Judging by her remarks throughout this video, Natasha has quickly figured out what MMA fans want to hear from her.  And no, it isn’t about her great singing career or how much she loves chocolate

After the jump, things get even more ridiculous.


Dream.11 Video Round-Up, Part Two: Aoki-Hansen, Fernandes-Takaya, + Press Conference Highlights

As promised, here’s the Shinya Aoki-Joachim Hansen bout from last night’s Dream event, though watching the whole thing is going to take a decent chunk out of your afternoon.  In the interest of making the most of your time, you might just want to skip to the 10:58 mark to see the upkick to the groin, followed by the upkicks to the face from Hansen.  Guy Mezger and Michael Schiavello seem ready to assume that Aoki is faking it, and although he does seem to get some preferential treatment from the ref at times in this fight, the replays confirm that he got kicked in the pills before taking the shots to the head.  So give him a break, would you? 

After you’ve lived through that fiasco, you might as well move on to the second round.  In the last two minutes Hansen is unlucky enough to end up with Aoki mounted on him, and that rarely leads to anything good.  His calm demeanor after getting stuck in the armbar makes you think he’s going to last until the end of the round with no problem, but that Aoki is a slick one.  Up next for him?  Probably a showdown with Tatsuya Kawajiri on the New Year’s Eve show.  Also expected for that event is Bob Sapp vs. a puppy.  No word yet on the breed of the puppy, but it is thought to be adorable.  Oddsmakers have pegged it an early -175 favorite over Sapp. 

Bibiano Fernandes vs. Hiroyuki Takaya, plus some press conference footage, is after the jump.


‘Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath’ Tackles Kimbo’s Loss, Rampage’s Retirement

Amir Sadollah Roy Nelson Dana White UFC MMA
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Kimbo Slice must have had other plans that day, but luckily Roy Nelson and Dana White were free to hang with Amir Sadollah for the latest edition of‘s TUF 10 wrap-up show, The Aftermath. Dana does his best to debunk some rumors: No, he doesn’t have influence on when fights are stopped on the show — and how dare you suggest otherwise, Roy — and no, the alcohol isn’t provided for dramatic purposes. All booze is requested by the fighters themselves, not that drunken jackassery has been a problem on this season so far. (Still, Wes Sims can’t stay dry forever.) There’s also an interesting moment where Dana gets on Roy’s case for not joining a major camp. ("I think that it hurts you as a fighter…to not be sparring and training with guys that are going to push you every day.") And he’s still a little irritated about Roy’s post-fight Whopper order.

Later, the panel analyzes what Kimbo needs to do to be competitive in MMA, and Dana addresses the status of Quinton "Rampage," "B.A. Baracus" Jackson: "Rampage [announced] he’s retired because he’s mad at me. And I’m mad at him. It happens sometimes. I’m sure we’ll get this thing figured out, and I’m sure we’ll see him and Rashad fight. I highly doubt that Rampage is really retired."


Dream.11 Video Round-Up: Super Hulk matches, Featherweight GP Fights, + More

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We’ll say this much for Dream, they may not always put on the most competitive or, for lack of a better word, serious fights, but at least you always know what you’re going to get from them.  For instance, you’re going to get Kazushi Sakuraba tooling a washed-up pro boxer while Michael Schiavello utters baffling one-liners like, "Trying to predict what Sakuraba’s going to do next is harder than finding a pubic hair at a Jonas Brothers concert." 

Thanks, Michael.  It’s been far too long since I thought about the hairless genitals of pre-pubescent girls, and what better time to return to that disturbing image than during an MMA bout?  But hey, creeping you out with prepared material that he’s scribbled on hotel stationery is all in an evening’s work for "The Voice." 

After the jump, more videos from last night’s festivities, including all the Super Hulk freakness you can stomach, the semi-final matches of the featherweight Grand Prix, plus others.  More coming soon.  Full results from Dream.11 are all the way at the bottom.  Consider yourself warned.


Video: Poofy-Sleeved Chuck Liddell Gets Flamboyant in Week 3 of ‘DWTS’

(Props: wwwprommadotinfo via MMA Mania)

Last week on Dancing With the Stars
, Chuck Liddell got to wear MMA gloves, make angry faces, and tear his shirt off. But any tough guy can tango — does Chuck have enough lightness in the loafers to pull off the samba? I’m not a dance expert, so I’m probably the wrong guy to ask. All I know is, those sleeves he came out with at the 1:46 mark were breathtaking. We also saw a tender moment where Chuck and his daughter went out for pedicures. (My God this disintegration of traditional parental roles!)

Despite the awkward humping at 2:25, Chuckie did aight, and the judges were tough but fair. Bruno called it a "samba from Zombietown," which is high praise considering Zombietown’s high dance standards. Once again, Chuck’s score (17) placed him near the bottom but not squarely on the chopping block. Scoring lowest last night was Michael Irvin (14), who somehow did worse than injured white guy Tom DeLay (15).

Related: Chuck and Anna will be signing autographs at the AT&T Center in San Antonio before WEC 43: Cerrone vs. Henderson this Sunday.


Fight Video Roundup: The Quick, The Bizarre, and The Confusing

The world of pro fighting can be an odd place at times.  And when two big dudes come out throwing leather with their chins in the air, it can also be a place where consciousness is a fleeting state.  That was the case when Joe Muir met Amanaki Havili at Underground MMA 1 in New South Wales, Australia last Friday night.  Muir (the white guy) counters a leg kick with an overhand right just seconds into the fight, and though Havili was pretty much done at that point, Muir went ahead and added a couple more for good measure, resulting in Havili doing the mummy pose nine seconds after the start of the fight.  It’s still not as quick as the often-overlooked Duane Ludwig-Jonathan Goulet knockout, but it’s at least good enough to rival Todd Duffee.

After the jump, one of those double knockouts we love, plus a mercifully brutal ending to a terribly boring fight.