MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

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Video: Fedor Emelianenko Gives His Take on Brett Rogers Matchup

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t talk trash about his opponents, and he won’t be starting now. After his autograph session yesterday afternoon, Fedor told Ariel Helwani that he sees Brett Rogers as a great opponent with "very heavy knockout punch." And he doesn’t even get pissed off when Ariel brings up the argument that he signed with Strikeforce to duck the top competition in the UFC: "I do not read all the rumors and gossips which they publish on the Internet, but to tell the truth, the offer of the UFC was really not the worthy one, and if they are able to give us really good offer, we definitely would agree." Finally, Fedor rejects the notion that he has anything to prove against Rogers.

As for the Grim? He’s just enjoying the ride…


Exclusive Videos: Fedor Emelianenko’s Open Workout, Scott Coker Discusses Fedor/Grim Matchup

Fedor Emelianenko Open Workout in NYC – Watch more Funny Videos

As mentioned earlier, Fedor Emelianenko visited Fighthouse Gym in New York City today to hit pads for a few minutes and sign autographs for fans. The open-workout portion of the appearance was very brief: Fedor fired some punches at Fighthouse’s resident Muay Thai pro Brandon Levi, struggled with a bizarre piece of training equipment called a "jump rope," then threw more punches at a heavy bag before deciding to give it a rest and set up shop at a signing table. Video of the action is above.

Before the workout, Emelianenko took questions from the press in attendance. Some highlights, via his interpreter…


Alistair Overeem Makes “Rampage” Jackson Look Like a Gentleman

There was some discussion about this in the forums a while back, but here’s a video clip of Alistair Overeem proving that he knows how to treat a lady, assuming that lady is into being dominated and doesn’t mind a little pain.  This is from some weird Dutch website (a redundant phrase, we know), and we have no clue what they’re saying, but the general idea seems to be that Overeem beats up some cute reporter while she maintains a positive attitude and somehow only becomes more attractive throughout the assault.  Or at least she’s putting on a good front for the camera, just like our girl did when "Rampage" Jackson tried to put a baby in her

Christ, the things women have to deal with just to get an interview in this sport.  Really makes us glad that we’re too unattractive for anyone to want to touch us inappropriately.  Not that it wouldn’t be flattering if someone would at least give it a shot every now and then…


Knockout of the Day: Travis Wiuff vs. Keith Jardine

While aimlessly cruising Wikipedia last night, I learned that Keith Jardine‘s first loss came in his third pro fight back in February 2002, against MMA ironman Travis Wiuff in the quarterfinals of an Extreme Challenge eight-man heavyweight tournament in Iowa. Coincidentally, it was Wiuff’s third fight as well, and it took Diesel just six seconds to claim a victory via straight-right directly on Jardine’s off-button. The video is above, and the action starts at the 2:18 mark. Wiuff would go on to lose to Mike Radnov in the semis, while Radnov lost to tournament-winner Ben Rothwell in the finals.

Following the Wiuff fight, Jardine went on a 6-0-1 run, joined the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, and quickly found himself in marquee fights against Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, and Quinton Jackson. This Saturday, he’ll take on Thiago Silva at UFC 102. If you believe in streaks, then the Dean of Mean has this one wrapped up. And of course, if he ever decides to walk out to the cage as Techno Viking, he’ll be unstoppable.


Video: This Is What It Looks Like When Writers Fight

You read all about it yesterday, now watch the video of best-selling author Matt Polly’s first/last MMA bout.  It isn’t the most technically pretty fight you’ll ever see, though the Tuff-N-Uff announcers compare Polly to Fedor Emelianenko and Neo from the Matrix before finally concluding that he’s "one of the fastest fighters" they’ve ever seen in that promotion.  Whitest, maybe.  But fastest?  Still, Polly used his range and killer jab to pick his young opponent apart over two rounds until he quit on his stool, and damned if it doesn’t make us proud to see a fellow nerd kicking a little ass. 

Now go write that book, Polly.  Cage Potato readers want to hear more about the IFL incident.  Don’t let them down.


This Randy Couture Video Blog Makes You Wonder, Why Is He A Heavyweight?

Okay, we already know the answer to that question: getting KO’d by Chuck Liddell was no fun any more and any division that Tim Sylvia is at the head of has ‘easy pickings’ written all over it, which Randy Couture himself basically admitted.  That said, Couture weighs 221.8 pounds at the time of this filming and he’ll probably be around that size when he steps into the cage at UFC 102 on Saturday night.  Maybe it won’t be a deciding factor against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but if he really does get that rematch with Brock Lesnar that he wants, it’s hard to see how showing up at least 45-50 pounds lighter than your opponent isn’t a disadvantage.

Couture has obviously done well as a heavyweight, despite being closer to 205 than 265.  But now that the Lesnars and the Carwins are moving in to MMA, is the 220-pound heavyweight a relic from a bygone era? 


Videos: Ryan Couture vs. Jimmy Spicuzza, Seth Petruzelli vs. Chris Baten, Bas Rutten vs. Your Sense of Humor, + More

After losing a decision in his last outing, Ryan Couture returned to the ring last weekend to face Jimmy Spicuzza on the same Tuff-N-Uff card that saw Matt Polly stumble awkwardly towards victory.  Spicuzza started fast and had Couture rocked early on, but again we see Couture’s considerable prowess in the ground game come to his rescue.  Something tells me it won’t be so easy for his dad to pull off an armbar against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira this weekend, though.

After the jump, Seth "The Kimbo-Slayer" Petruzelli is back in action, plus a vicious body shot KO, and Bas Rutten actin’ the fool.


UFC 102 Interview Hype: Brandon Vera vs. Krzysztof Soszynski

(Props: CageWriter)

In the above interview with Steve Cofield, Brandon Vera says he sees little difference between his UFC 102 opponent Krzysztof Soszynski and his original opponent, Matt Hamill, aside from their records, their stance, and the fact that K-Sos’s name is much harder to pronounce. Vera respects Soszynski’s clinch game and strength, but hopes the fight will stay standing: "If somebody decides that they want to stand in front of me and bang, it’s gonna be a show. You’ll be able to see some stuff that I haven’t pulled out of the closet yet, because I haven’t had the chance. So if you got somebody that’s willing just to stand there and trade with me, it’s gonna be some good times." Unfortunately for Vera, Soszynski is no Mike Patt.

After the jump: K-Sos talks about his experience on The Ultimate Fighter, his gameplan for Vera, and the UFC’s stacked 205-pound division.


Tapout Training Center Burglarized, Suspect Facing Severe Beatdown

What you see here is actual security camera footage of a break-in at the new Tapout Training Center in Las Vegas on Sunday morning.  Seems this criminal mastermind decided to smash the front door of an MMA gym and then take his time carrying out a bunch of merchandise that seems like it would be difficult/not that profitable to resell on the street, and all without really bothering to cover his face or conceal his identity.  The footage makes it hard to get a good look at him, but according to our friend The Fight Nerd, the owner of the Tapout facility is looking to dispense a little MMA street justice if he can get his hands on this dude:

“It’s the principle of the whole thing, it’s not even how much or what the value of what he took is. He broke into the gym and that’s not a good thing to do… you don’t break into this facility and get away scot free. We will find this person and he will get dealt with. I don’t know if that person realizes exactly who we are and what we do and when we find this guy, he will know exactly what industry we are in.”

Must-See: Fastest MMA Knockout Ever + the History of the UFC Lightweight Belt

(Fight starts at the 0:58 mark. Props to NelsaoCB)

As the above video proves, Chris Clements and Steve Ramirez do not hold the record for fastest knockout in MMA history. At a Japanese event called "The Outsider 2" held last July, Ryohei Masuda caught Takahiro Kuroishi rushing in and knocked him into the land of wind and ghosts in two seconds flat. (Doesn’t that idiot know that the running start only works when Kid Yamamoto does it? Well, he does now.) Don’t ask us to explain the in-ring brawl that comes directly afterwards, though if there are any Japanese speakers in the house who can translate the narrator, please enlighten us.

After the jump: If you have 17 minutes free, check out this amazing timeline of the UFC’s lightweight title by our friend Koeikan. "Short People" FTW.