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Video: When the Chill Dawg Rule Fails

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With Houston Alexander and Kimbo Slice set to square off in a "Ultimate Fighter" finale fight that could have been the Super Bowl of backyard brawls a few years ago, it seems only fitting that we take a look at what happens when the social contract breaks down and one man fails to adhere to the Chill Dawg Rule, which has a clear precedent in the fighting world.  What you see here is a fight between Kristijan Golubovic and Marian Rusu in a Serbian event ironically titled "Ultra FC: Stop the Crime." 

While there is no official word on whether this event succeeded in halting all crime in Serbia, it could not have helped that this fight turned into a lawless shit-show less than thirty seconds in.  Rusu was eventually ruled the loser via leg injury, but his opponent was reluctant to let him off that easily, chasing him around the cage and shoving the ref down in order to continue fighting a man who clearly wanted out.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, since Golubovic appears to be a pretty famous criminal in his home country.  He also has an awesomely obnoxious website.

Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there.  There’s nothing cool about failing to chill when asked properly.


Diego Sanchez and BJ Penn Have Different Ways of Doing Things

We told you Diego Sanchez was a little bit weird, but you just wouldn’t believe us.  Maybe you’ll change your mind once you see his pre-UFC 107 video blog, in which he plays with an iguana to help his reflexes.  Not that we don’t respect his positive attitude.  I mean, the guy’s car breaks down on the side of the road and he breaks into song.  Although it’s still unclear how he turned that particular negative into a positive.  From what we can tell, it was pretty much all negative.  Sure, he got a ride in someone else’s Toyota Yaris, but those of us who have driven a Yaris know damn well that it’s basically one step up from those Flintstones cars, if that.  At least those things looked heavy enough that you didn’t have to worry about a strong wind sweeping you off the road.

After the jump, we give equal time to some of B.J. Penn‘s annoying thirty second videos.   Because editing stuff together is for haoles, bra.


B.J. Penn Says He Punished KenFlo, But Seems to Generally Like Diego Sanchez

In his recent fights UFC lightweight champ B.J. Penn has fallen into a pattern of making it personal with his opponents before the bout, then embracing them like old friends once he’s beaten them up.  In this video he says he wanted to feed Kenny Florian some extra elbow strikes for making him look like a fool and a liar in the media, because "that’s what I felt he deserved."  This assertion casts Penn as not only the dominant lightweight champ, but also as a sort of avenging angel of justice in his fights.  He’s not just thinking about winning in there; that’s a foregone conclusion.  He’s taking into account your past deeds and considering how much punishment you deserve, which is kind of disturbing and also kind of awesome.

As for Diego Sanchez, Penn may let him off with just a loss.  He can’t think of anything bad to say about the guy, except that he’s a little strange, which Diego will tell you himself.  The real question here is whether Penn will be in the kind of shape to go five rounds with a human perpetual motion machine like "The Nightmare."  He says it won’t be a problem.  He also says his work ethic has never been an issue.  There’s reason to doubt at least one of those claims.


UFC 107 Extended Trailer: Penn vs. Sanchez, Mir vs. Kongo, Florian vs. Guida


The UFC hits Memphis for the first time on December 12th, and even though the card is short an Alves and a Duffee, it’s still going to be an enjoyable night of fights. Headlining the card is BJ Penn’s latest lightweight title defense against Diego Sanchez, who Joe Rogan describes as "crazy in the best way possible." Sanchez already believes that he’s the best 155-pounder in the world, and looks forward to proving it to the rest of us. Penn is only looking to have some fun out there, and live his dream for one more night. "I’m going to race you to the center of that ring, player," Sanchez says. "Feel your legs burning in the third round. Feel your lungs gasping for air, but you don’t get no oxygen. That’s what BJ Penn’s gonna feel come 12/12."

But wait, there’s more. Frank Mir wants Cheick Kongo to know that "he’ll never be the same human being when I get out of that cage with him…when I get a hold of him, it could be the last time he ever gets to compete as an athlete. You’re going to see the difference between a well-rounded martial artist versus a guy who never expanded upon his abilities." Kongo, whose feelings are clearly hurt, warns Mir about his big mouth. And finally, Kenny Florian and Clay Guida look to get back to lightweight contendership following recent high-profile losses. The complete UFC 107 lineup is after the jump; your predictions are appreciated.


Videos: One Last Blow-Up at the ‘TUF’ House, One Last Humiliation on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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This Wednesday’s season finale of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights will be a two-hour mega-episode featuring four fights — the last two quarterfinal bouts and both semifinal matches — along with some heated emotions courtesy of Marcus "Big Baby" Jones. As you can see in the above preview, the eye-pokes that Scott Junk sustained in his fight against Matt Mitrione turn out to be career-threatening. When Jones hears the bad news about his friend, he gets way up in the face of the meatheaded culprit and promises him death. Mitrione figures if he keeps quiet and doesn’t make eye contact, the Babystorm will eventually drift away. Does it work, or does Matt catch a beating that knocks them both out of the competition? And how anti-climactic will this "final twist" be? Only three more days until all the questions are answered and we can finally put this awful season behind us.

After the jump: Speaking of finales, DWtS had theirs on Tuesday, and they brought Chuck Liddell back for a martial arts-themed dance showdown with Mark Dacascos. It was everything we hoped it wouldn’t be, and so much more…


“Rampage” Jackson Would Like to Thank the Academy…

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: "Rampage" Jackson will be back.  If this clip from his performance in "Death Warrior" is any indicator — and how could it not be? — the dude just doesn’t have the acting chops to build a real future in the film business.  If we’re being honest, he doesn’t have the chops to hang in a community college production of "A Raisin in the Sun."  There’s a reason fighting and acting are two fields that generally do not compete for the same talent, and Jackson is a good example of why. 

Maybe he’s gotten some formal instruction since then and his "A-Team" performance will be much more polished, prompting a torrent of serious movie offers followed by a really awkward red carpet interview at Cannes that later leads to sexual assault charges.  It’s possible.  Then again, it’s also possible that Alexsander Emelianenko will be named executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, but we aren’t holding our breath.


Nick Diaz Ain’t Scared to Fall Off a Bike, Homey

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We have no idea why it took us so long to see this, but at last month’s Xterra World Championship in Hawaii, Nick Diaz, who loves himself a triathlon, had a minor mishap during the biking portion.  For some reason there was a camera mounted on his handlebars, and now we get to enjoy the action without getting our knees and elbows all scraped up.  The best thing about this is that after he falls, as we should have expected, Diaz just doesn’t give a fuck.  He just gets up and grabs his wheels and he’s off and rolling again.  We’d say you got off lucky, bike.  That was worth a Stockton heybuddy at the very least.


Videos: Fight Night Danavlog, Horodecki Talks WEC, + More

The Dana White video blog has once again reared its head to give us a glimpse of the fight night happenings surrounding UFC 106.  Mostly it’s a lot of DW wandering around, shaking hands, going back to the locker room and asking fighters if they’re ready to go (there’s only one right answer to that question), then congratulating the winners and consoling the losers afterwards.  At the 6:55 mark Dana has an uncomfortable encounter with Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson, who insists, "He got robbed," even as White tries to avoid looking at her as best as he can.  The whole conversation proves once again that Ortiz’s bitching and complaining never stops — it never even takes a breather.  Josh Koscheck, as you might imagine, is less than sympathetic.

If all this bores you, just skip to the end to see Ariel Helwani get some extended camera time, this time wisely wearing a shirt not made out of bathrobe material.  Chris Horodecki speaking up, plus an entertaining little fight, await you after the jump.


Better Know a Judge: Lester Griffin, the Guy Who Scored It 30-27 for Forrest

UFC 106 Griffin Ortiz scorecard
(Scorecard image courtesy of BSurely. Click to enlarge.)

UFC 106′s Griffin/Ortiz rematch was a tricky one to judge, not just because the first two rounds were fairly even, but because it was contested both on the feet and on the ground — and as we’ve seen many times in the past, MMA judges can have vastly different opinions on the relative value of each aspect of a fight. In the end, Glenn Trowbridge saw it 29-28 for Tito Ortiz, while Marcos Rosales had it 29-28 for Griffin. The deciding vote was cast by a guy named Lester Griffin, who, from his angle, witnessed a one-sided shellacking. His 30-27 score for Forrest Griffin was later described as "crazy," "outrageous," and "insane" by Dana White. Lester was the only judge who scored round 1 for Forrest, and (along with Rosales) credited the second frame to Forrest as well, which is arguably an even more controversial choice.

So who is this guy? As jkd4200 pointed out, Lester Griffin is known to some as "Surf Dog," an original member of the full-contact stick-fighting collective Dog Brothers. Warning: What you’re about to see may shock you…


Videos: Andrei Arlovski vs. Jean Claude Van Damme, Georges St. Pierre vs. Taylor Swift

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When we first saw this trailer to Universal Soldier: Regeneration, we were pleased to learn that Andrei Arlovski not only has a role in the flick, but is actually one of the three leads along with JCVD and Dolph Lundgren. Despite his prominence, the Pitbull was apparently given no lines, which is probably for the best considering his accent is thicker than Ice-T’s wife’s ass. [Ed. note: Yes, I graduated from the Michael Schiavello School of Genius Pop-Culture References.] Can Andrei parlay his skills as Tough Silent Guy into a long-term film career, or will he have to go back to his crappy day job?

After the jump: Some douchebag ruins a poor girl’s big moment.