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Preview Video: Miguel Torres vs. Brian Bowles at WEC 42 (8/9)

(Props: MMA Mania)

The WEC’s next title bout will go down August 9th in Las Vegas, with undisputed bantamweight ruler Miguel Torres (37-1 confirmed record, 5-0 WEC) making his fourth belt defense against exciting contender Brian Bowles (7-0, 4-0 WEC). Despite the large difference in experience, the above promo video does its best to convince you that Bowles is a serious threat. "If I have to pick anybody out there, if I was Miguel Torres’s manager, who I would want to avoid, it would have been Brian Bowles," says WEC analyst Frank Mir, proving why he’s paid to fight and do color commentary, not manage careers. "To beat me you have to kill me," Torres says. "To beat me, you gotta take my heart out of my chest, and stab me with a knife." Luckily, Bowles has been training with MMA legend Mola Ram.

WEC 42 will also feature a possible #1 bantamweight contender match between Joseph Benavidez and Dominick Cruz, and the return of Leonard Garcia against Jameel Massouh.


UFC 101 Video Hype: Forrest on Anderson, BJ on Kenny

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Coming off a painful loss against Rashad Evans in December, you’d think that Forrest Griffin would want a tune-up match before stepping into a another dangerous fight. Yet Griffin sees his meeting with Anderson Silva at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia) as "an opportunity to really test yourself, just as a person, as a man, as anything." Griffin’s gameplan will rely on some pace-pushing and "intelligent aggression." As for his chances against the Spider, Forrest is reliably humble: "Am I the guy to beat Anderson Silva? Why not? Somebody’s gotta do it. Might as well be me."

After the jump: BJ Penn discusses coming back after his own devastating loss, and says he should have poisoned Kenny Florian‘s food when he had the chance.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Expertly Brings Race Into the Boxing vs. MMA Debate

(Props: CBS Sports via Bloody Elbow)

"It takes true skills to be in the sport of boxing, and mixed martial arts is for beer-drinkers. Boxing is for everybody. I mean, you can’t take my shoes off and take my shirt off and just throw me in a cage. You do that with animals, you don’t do that with humans…In boxing, we know who’s dominating. Black fighters and Hispanic fighers is dominating in this sport. And this is not a racial statement but [Ed. note: Here comes the racial statement] there’s no white fighters in boxing that’s dominating, so they had to go to something else and start something new." — Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

What’s ironic is that even in MMA, the two best fighters in the world are Quinton Jackson and King Mo. Also in the interview, Money Mayweather says that his duckery of Manny Pacquiao is due to the fact that Pac-Man isn’t his own boss, and that the recent murders of Steve McNair and Arturo Gatti have scared him off women for a while.

As for Money’s criticisms of MMA, what can you say, really? There’s some people who will never appreciate our sport because it’s done by shoeless people in a cage, and because an MMA match has less rounds than boxing, and because the only thing in the world that requires skill is punching, and because MMA was invented by frustrated white boxers, apparently. When the criticisms are lobbed by boxers themselves, or people who discuss boxing for a living, you can’t really take it too personally.


Videos: Quinton Jackson and King Mo Got Beef

(Props: FightLaunch via nyhcloyalty. Language NSFW.)

FightLaunch has just updated their YouTube page with about 20 different videos of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal talking shit to each other in a van on the way to an autograph signing at last weekend’s UFC Fan Expo. I don’t expect anybody to sift through all of this stuff so I’ll just start with the first one I came across (see above), which gives you a decent sense of what the feud is about.

Basically, Rampage said he was the best fighter in the world, and King Mo implied that it was in fact he who was the best fighter in the world — both completely valid points of view, by the way. Anyway, this angered Rampage, who points out that Mo hasn’t fought anybody of note. Mo says that Rampage used to bump gums when he was an up-and-comer too, and Rampage denies that he ever bumped gums to this extent. Rampage observes that "King Mo" is a fitting nickname, as royal families tend to be inbred. Then this Caucasian in the backseat starts singing "Kumbaya" like an idiot, and Rampage tells him to shut his white ass up. The white guy says something about being in the hood, and Rampage replies: "Yeah, your ass probably been in a hood, ya fuckin’ KKK-lookin’ motherfucka." Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley is sitting there smiling politely, just itching to get away from these psychos.

After the jump: King Mo first enters the van, and gets insulted about 30 times in 60 seconds. If you want to see more, go for it.


Video: Jesse Ventura Defends MMA to Larry King, Does Surprisingly Well

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

We’ve touched on the generation gap issue in MMA before, so we weren’t surprised to see Larry King, who is positively ancient, look a little lost when he talks about this "ultimate boxing" stuff.  Fortunately, Renaissance man Jesse Ventura is there to correct him — "’Ultimate fighting,’ you mean," — and even offers what appears to be an informed opinion on UFC 100, saying he loved it right up until Brock Lesnar made him feel "ashamed."  You and me both, Jesse.


Shawn Tompkins on Kit Cope: “He Just Made a Lot of Great Fighters Angry”

Watch Shawn Tompkins Sounds Off On Kit Cope on

Let’s hope this is the last word on the whole Kit Cope/Gina Carano/Xtreme Couture controversy, at least until that sex tape is “stolen” and we all get to see a bored Carano rolling her eyes at the camera while Cope insists on keeping his socks and wristwatch on.  Here Shawn Tompkins makes some excellent points that are fairly obvious but worth repeating, such as: 1) Kit Cope is a nobody, 2) Xtreme Couture fighters regularly kick ass, 3) If the only way you can get your name in the news is to talk about the girl you used to date who is now famous, you’re kind of pathetic.

Nothing we didn’t already know, though you have to like the not-so-veiled threat near the end.  With all the badasses at Xtreme Couture, whether you think they were “made” there or not, it’s maybe not the best idea to bash the gym in public.  Especially if you are a pretty bad MMA fighter, who, according to Sherdog’s Fight Finder, once lost to Tiki Ghosn via TKO (retirement).


And Speaking of Kimbo…

Behold, the trailer for Blood and Bone, which co-stars Kimbo Slice, Gina Carano, and Bob Sapp. According to ScreenJunkies, "The film tells the story of Isiah Bone, a man fresh out of prison who enters the Los Angeles underground street fighting scene in order to bring down a local mob boss because God told him to." Let the Oscar buzz begin…


KO of the Day: “Kid” Yamamoto Takes a Nap

From grappling we move straight to kickboxing, just to make sure we cover both ends of the spectrum of things that are not MMA, but are pretty close.  Following his decision loss to Joe Warren at Dream.9, "Kid" Yamamoto stepped back into the K-1 ring on July 13 for the first time since 2005 to try and reverse his fortunes.  That effort proved…painful.  Korean fighter Jae Hee Cheon knocked Yamamoto out cold with a brutal right uppercut-left hook (man, can’t you just hear Bas Rutten shouting that?) combo in the first round.  It’s his third K-1 loss in four tries, so hopefully it will convince him to stick with MMA, where he’s been far more successful.  It’s either that or else get used to having periodic gaps in your memory.


Videos: Grapplers Quest Superfights @ UFC Fan Expo

Last weekend, Grapplers Quest hosted a two-day submission grappling tournament at the UFC Fan Expo. Videos of the event’s headlining "superfights" were posted to their YouTube channel yesterday, and if you’re a fan of crazy, high-level, top-of-the-food chain jiu-jitsu, you need to check them out. Above: Shooto legend Rumina "Moon Wolf" Sato ties Cobra Kai instructor Ulysses Gomez into a knot. After the jump: UFC lightweight Joe Stevenson falls short against Bill "The Grill" Cooper, and EliteXC/Bellator vet Wilson Reis can’t quite figure out 22-time Grapplers Quest champ Jeff "Pipelayer" Glover. Also, a 49-pound feature that’s surely a Superfight in the eyes of their parents.


Videos: Nasty MMA Leg Break, Paige Zio Triumphs at Tuff Girls, + More

MMA Fighter Suffers Terrible Broken Leg – Watch more Funny Videos

Ah, the leg kick leg break.  It’s the most sickening injury in all of MMA, and yet it has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called brutality of the sport.  It’s just bad luck, really, though when it happens it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to feel a little sick from watching it.  Even the fighter in this video who doesn’t suffer a broken leg seems like he’s going to need therapy to get over this.  So why are we showing it to you if we’re so bothered by it?  Mostly because we feel that if we keep something horrible to ourselves, there’s no one to commiserate with.  Enjoy your nightmares.

Now on to some fun stuff…