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Videos: Rashad Evans Says Rampage Has Lost His Fighting Love, Trigg Talks Cut Rumors, + More

An upbeat Rashad Evans took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to “Inside MMA’s” robot-programmed-to-simulate-human-emotions Ron Kruck about the “Rampage” Jackson beef and what he thinks of Jackson’s obviously disingenuous offer to do this fight underground gym style, ala Kimbo Slice/Sean Gannon.  Evans seems to think that Jackson is moving on to the world of acting because he simply doesn’t love fighting any more.  And when you think about it?  He might be right.  Just like he’s probably right when he says that if ‘Page wouldn’t show up for a contracted fight in his hometown, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t show up for this free fight either.  For the interview’s most unintentionally hilarious moment, skip to the 6:35 mark to hear Evans take a question about Jackson walking into his house a little too literally.

After the jump, Frank Trigg explains why he thought he was getting cut by the UFC (and yeah, the story begins with a ‘what had happened was’ explanation), and a video of a little kid we’re actually a little scared of.


Video: Predicting UFC 104 With the Stars


Chuck Liddell was saved from the chopping block this week on Dancing With the Stars — sorry, Kathy — which means that he’ll have to deal with the show’s awful contestants for at least one more round. The UFC is trying to make lemonade out of bullshit by filming a video blog in which Chuck takes us on a tour of the trailers behind the set, asking the quasi-celebs who they’re picking for UFC 104‘s main event of Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. As you can imagine, the brilliant analysis comes fast and furiously, courtesy of the painfully thin and gawky Aaron Carter, snowboarding champ Louie Vito, Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, and Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, who’s both attracted and repelled by the sport, and is convinced that Chuck is going to fight the winner. "I’m comin’ back for one of ‘um sooner or later," Chuck says. Then Tom Delay walks by and is like "Kimbo Slice would kick your ass, you washed-up redneck." Seriously. I can’t believe they kept that part in.

After the jump: Michael Bisping and Dan Hardy spend a day pimping UFC 105 (November 14th, Manchester) in relative obscurity.


Wait A Second, Bob Sapp Actually Trains?

After years of watching Bob Sapp fight in Pride, K-1, and now Dream, I always assumed his pre-fight preparation involved weightlifting, a little bit of stairmaster while flipping through a copy of Self magazine, and a nightly regimen of practicing scary faces in the bathroom mirror.  But this video would have me believe that he’s actually in the gym training MMA moves in advance of his Super Hulk tournament bout against Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou on October 6.  By training, really I mean he’s throwing extremely slow strikes in between exhausted gulps of air.  But like the really fat people you see plodding their way through a slow motion workout at the gym, at least he’s in there doing something, right? 

To give Sapp the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible that this video was shot near the end of a grueling training session, and that’s why the act of throwing ten consecutive kicks seems as though it might make his lungs explode.  Or it could just be that Sapp’s body isn’t made for prolonged periods of activity, and no amount of encouragement from Antonio McKee is going to change that.  Good thing he’s got that acting career to fall back on. 


Roy Nelson: What a Bully

What you see here is a video from the Grappler’s Quest IV 8-man absolute division tournament finals.  Roy Nelson got there by beating Frank Mir via points in the first round, then Brandon Vera via kneebar in the semis.  In the finals he met a very pumped up Diego Sanchez, and although Nelson’s cardio begins failing him about halfway through the match, his size and strength advantage helps him toss "The Nightmare" all over the mat, effectively negating Sanchez’s positive mental attitude with sheer burlyness. 

Remember, this was back in 2003.  That’s the same year Kimbo Slice began to get his internet brawl on.  Does it put things in perspective to remember that back when Kimbo was throwing haymakers against nightclub bouncers in somebody’s backyard, "Big Country" was running through a grappling tournament full of UFC fighters, despite getting so exhausted that the expression on his face alone made onlookers want to vomit?  Yeah, probably.  Kimbo may have gotten the equivalent of an online associates degree in grappling via his recent crash courses, but Roy has a goddamn doctorate in this stuff.

Just for the sake of contrast, check out the video after the jump.  If Nelson doesn’t get tomorrow night’s "Ultimate Fighter" match-up to the ground right away, Greg Jackson is going to end up wondering why he even bothers to come up with gameplans for these jokers.


Videos: MMA Fighters Shill for ‘Tekken 6′, Genki Sudo Goes Pop

Tekken 6 MMA Boxing Live Action Trailer – Watch more Game Trailers
(Props: Game Trailers)

Above is the live-action trailer for Tekken 6, which succeeds in being awesome despite the fact that the game itself is only briefly shown at the end. The gist is, fighters from all walks of life — Josh Barnett, Dan Hardy, and Evander Holyfield, among others — discuss what drew them to fighting and why they do it. I guess they’re supposed to represent the different styles and mindsets in the video game, though the montage fails to include boxing kangaroos or a sentient wooden training dummy. There is, however, a Tekken 6 character that’s clearly based on Roy Nelson.


Video: Chuck Liddell’s Angry Tango on Dancing With the Stars

(Props: bruceleesspirit)

During his debut appearance on Dancing With the Stars last week, Chuck Liddell tried to pretend that he was Mr. Nice Guy Charming Won’t Punch Your Face In, and his discomfort was palpable. Last night, the gloves came off (literally), and Chuck was out for blood. Highlights included Anna Trebunskaya’s spot-on John Hackleman impression at the very beginning, and the insane Iceman pose at 1:14. (Is he going to end every dance like that from now on? We can only hope.) The performance earned Liddell a score of 19, which tied him for second-to-last with three other competitors. Only Tom DeLay and Kathy Ireland fared worse, with scores of 18. In other words, the Iceman will probably live to dance another day.

Oh, and by the way?


Watch This: The Brett Rogers Staredown Challenge, DREAM Featherweight GP Recap + More

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According to undefeated Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers in the above video, you can usually tell how a fight is going to go down by the pre-fight faceoff. And so, three brave online editors decided to test their staredown might against the Grim, with decidedly mixed results. First up is cherubic writer Jordan Newmark, who nearly poops his suit-pants when Rogers penetrates deeply into his soul. But in round two, Asylum editor Jake Goodrich holds his ground despite his significant height disadvantage. (Jake was also standing on a milk crate when this was filmed.) And finally, editor Laura Gilbert evens the score with a set of Manson lamps that earns Brett’s full respect and discomfort. Also worth watching: Jordan asks Fedor Emelianenko what he really thought of Rocky IV.


It’s Possible That Forrest Griffin Hasn’t Emotionally Confronted His Loss to Anderson Silva

Give credit to Dave Farra, he is not going to let Forrest Griffin completely avoid talking about the ass-whipping he received from Anderson Silva or the reaction to said ass-whipping (running out of the arena), even though that seems to be what Griffin would like most.  Instead, Farra not only confronts him about it, but does so by making a joke that has at least a 50/50 chance of eliciting a very negative reaction from the emotional Griffin.  Kudos, man.

But on to Griffin.  Anybody else not buying the explanation that he sprinted out of the view of the cameras because he thinks talking is stupid?  Griffin’s on-camera persona has had a little something to do with his fan-favorite status in the UFC.  I mean, he has a book out.  Clearly this is a man who has benefitted from talking.  His general response to this crushing defeat seems to be to act like it’s no big deal.  As a coping mechanism, that might work for a little while.  Sooner or later though, that proves to be a hollow comfort and the only thing left to do is to lash out violently.  Lucky for Farra that Griffin hasn’t yet reached that point and is still willing to tolerate his jokes.

Speaking of Farra, the poor man’s Dave Coulier actually had a fight in Las Vegas this weekend, and it turns out he’s not as horrible on his feet as he is on the ground.  He’s still not, you know, good, but at least he was able to beat up his radio co-host.  Check out the video after the jump.


Video: “Mayhem” Miller Flips Out on EA Sports MMA Game Designers

Going somewhere with “Mayhem” Miller is in many ways like going somewhere with a live chimpanzee.  He can act human-like for extended periods of time, but there’s always a chance that he’s going to throw his poop at someone, probably at the exact worst moment.  The designers of the EA Sports game must have been feeling that way when they showed Mayhem his character in their video game.  Turns out they didn’t give him a very high skill rating, and he’s not going to be content to just boycott the game like T.J. Houshmandzadeh. captures his reaction in this video (for the full video of Mayhem and King Mo hanging out at EA Sports, go here) which is fun if only because it’s probably going to provide these video game designers with interesting stories to tell over dinner for the next six months.  Then their friends will all get tired of them again and everyone will go back to talking about TV shows in between bouts of uncomfortable silence and chewing.


‘TUF 10′ Cutting Room Floor: Titties Killed a Bird

Rashad Evans Darrill Schoonover James McSweeney MMA UFC TUF 10
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For the most part, Team Rashad is all lovey-dovey brotherhood and positive visualization, and that’s clearly worked for them so far. But all is not well in the land of the black-and-yellow. Left out of last night’s episode was an incident in which Darrill "Titties" Schoonover accidentally crushed and drowned a bird in the backyard. As he’s telling the story to Rashad and MVA, he puts on a high-pitched voice — simply to set the scene and give it some much-needed drama — which James McSweeney takes as direct mockery. The spazzy kickboxer gets up in Darrill’s face, and Titties removes his glasses, ready to throw down. "You think you’re a big man?" McSweeney says. "You’ll get fuckin’ served right up…I will knock you the fuck out. I ain’t a li’ul bird."

Rashad is able to chill McSweeney out later, but it’s clear that their little happy-go-lucky bubble has been punctured. Team Rampage assistant Hector Ramirez witnesses the near-debacle and runs to tell Tiki Ghosn that their rival team might be fracturing. It probably isn’t, but after Team Rashad finishes running the table during the round-of-16, his guys will have to start fighting each other, and we may see Schoonover vs. McSweeney before long.