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Videos: Cage Potato Destroys Raw Vegas, Tom Lawlor’s UFC 100 Entrance, + More

Watch Exclusive: Vs. CagePotato Inside Wand Fight Team on

While in Las Vegas for UFC 100, I was invited to Wanderlei Silva’s gym for an open media workout.  Usually what that means is the fighter will work out in front of the media while we all sit around and sip coffee.  This time, however, it meant that Wanderlei wanted to get us on the mat so he could show us a few things.  The thinking on Silva’s part was that if we were going to cover the sport, we should actually know a little about the techniques involved.  Some of us came in with a working knowledge, some of us learned on the fly, and then there was Ariel Helwani (edit: just busting his chops. I’m only jealous because he’s more comfortable on camera than me).


Videos: The Hammer Is Back, UFC 100 Fight Day Danavlogs

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Win or lose, you can always count on Mark Coleman to give up the emotions after a fight. Taking home his first win in over three years against Stephan Bonnar on Saturday, the Hammer was elated. In the video above, Coleman tells us that he can’t stand being called an old man, and guarantees he’ll be a factor in the UFC light-heavyweight division now that he’s changed his mindset and the way he trains. He also denies gassing out at UFC 100: "I always look tired, I’m playing possum…I was fresh, I got better as the fight went on." You can watch the fight here to see just how fresh he looked.


“Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans Get Into It At UFC 100

(Props: Fox Fight Game)

If you can get past the ill-conceived idea to interview Dana White during a point in the UFC 100 live show that is so loud you have to shout directly into his ear in order to be heard, and then capitalizing on that opportunity by asking such probing non-questions as “Congratulations!” and “Frank Mir really has nothing to lose tonight,” you’ll see a little footage of the aftermath of a Octagonside shoving match between “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans.  Dana White seems all too accustomed to this stuff, which should tell us something about the way the next season of TUF is going to turn out.

These are two guys who know they are going to be paid very well to fight one another in a few months, and yet here they are tussling for free in the seats at the UFC’s biggest event, basically making a sideshow of themselves.  Either this is the most committed effort to hype a fight ever, or these guys really do hate each other.  Regardless, you gotta keep it together during an event where you’re basically a spectator/PR vehicle for the UFC.  Otherwise Dana White is not going to take you knuckleheads anywhere.


Video: Behold the Buffer 360

Bruce Buffer, you magnificent son of a bitch, you did it.  You pulled off the Buffer 360 just in time for the UFC 100 main event, and in the process you carved your name into the history books forever and ever.  Centuries from now the bug-like aliens who have taken over our planet will look back on what you accomplished that night in the wasteland of Las Vegas and even they will stop eating human brains long enough to bow their enormous heads in respect to the greatest feat mankind ever accomplished.  Congrats, Bruce.


The Cage Potato ‘Rampage Dry Hump’ Video Is Officially Big Time

How do you know when you’ve really accomplished something in life?  You get on the Dana White UFC 100 video blog.  Then it’s all groupies and limousines after that, or so we’re hoping. 

Here’s the latest installment of the Danavlog, and you can skip all the other crap and go straight to the end, where he watches our now world famous video of "Rampage" Jackson dry humping Cage Potato correspondent Heather Nichols.  Dana laughs it off with a that-crazy-Rampage kind of expression, but it seems like Heather wasn’t quite as amused. talked to her about what was going through her mind during this incident, and she assured them that no, she wasn’t enjoying it, but dammit, she was just trying to be a professional and get the job done, by God.  For the record, she took it better than either of us would have.  We just don’t have what it takes to be sexually assaulted by a pro fighter, at least not after that crazy night in Minsk with Andrei Arlovski.


Video: Angry Brock Lesnar Storm-Off of the Day

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Things that Brock Lesnar has no patience for:

Allegations about his steroid use
Steve Mazzagatti
— Press conferences to promote his own main event

The UFC heavyweight champion, upset about a cheap chair and having to talk to a group of strangers, tried to exit the building after being introduced at a UFC 100 press conference held yesterday. Luckily, Dana White was there to chill him out. As DW later told, "I’m telling you, nobody wants my job. Everybody thinks it looks good; it’s no fun. Try telling a 400-pound guy to sit down."

Note to Brock’s cornermen: You’d better invest in a quality stool, or Lesnar just might forfeit between the first and second rounds.


Rampage vs. Heather: The Full Interview Interviews Quinton Rampage Jackson – Watch more Funny Videos

When we sent our friend Heather Nichols to interview Quinton Jackson on the set of an upcoming Super Dave Osbourne special, we had no idea it would open up such a massive can of worms. What you’ll see above is the interview that everyone expected — ‘Page talks about his rivalry with Rashad Evans, what he’s doing differently during his second stint as a TUF coach, and Michael Bisping‘s chances against Dan Henderson, all in a very reserved and polite sort of way. And then this happened. Crazy. Props to Heather for keeping her cool; you can show her some love at,, and Bonus pics of the Internet’s most famous dry-hump victim are below.

Heather Nichols actressHeather Nichols actressHeather Nichols actressHeather Nichols actress


Morning Video Block: The UFC Is Just Getting Started, Randy Couture Talks ‘Expendables’ and Divorce + More

(Props: via MMA Fanhouse)

"This is our time. This is our sport. And we’re just getting started." — So intones the narrator of this official tribute to the UFC’s evolution. Maybe it doesn’t rock as hard as the Bowie-soundtracked fan-made compilation we showed you earlier, but with three days left until UFC 100, it’ll help get you in the proper reflective mood.


Hilariously Awkward Video: “Rampage” Jackson Nearly Impregnates Unsuspecting Female Reporter

We know a couple things for sure about former UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: 1) He loves to make it rain in the club, and 2) He has no problem pursuing an aggressively sexual gimmick with a female interviewer to the point of extreme awkwardness.  Really, it’s our fault.  We sent this nice girl to interview ‘Page and it’s possible that we didn’t completely prepare her for what she was walking into.  Suggesting that the two of them star in a romantic comedy together, for instance, was basically an invitation to dry-humping.  We realize that now, even if it’s too late.

You really have to love Rampage’s commitment to a course of action here, however uncomfortable it is to watch.  Most of us would break character after a few thrusts, or at least when the interviewer bravely soldiers on to the next question.  Not Rampage.  You can say ‘cut!’ as many times as you like, but he’s not stopping until he’s done.  And don’t worry.  That dirty, used feeling you’re left with will disappear into the ether after the sixth martini.


UFC 100 Danavlog #2: More Employee Ball-Busting, Holly Madison Dons the Octagon Girl Outfit

In this installment of Dana White’s UFC 100 video blog we finally get an explanation for why the inaugural issue of the UFC Magazine features the UFC president on the cover in the pose of a fighter instead of, you know, actually putting a fighter on there.  As White tells Mark Coleman, the original idea was to put a plethora of big name fighters on the cover, but the photo turned out to be “the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”  Apparently their photographer only snapped that one shot and called it a day, so they were forced to use an old Dana White photo.  Riiiiight.

Also in this episode, Holly Madison brings a little blonde ambition to the Octagon girl bikini while White regales her with stories of the UFC’s early years, and a blue-blood UFC lawyer gets a parking space upgrade.  Just another day in paradise.