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Video: Tom Lawlor’s UFC Fight Night 20 Entrance

(Via Tom Lawlor’s Twitter)

Looks like we gave Seth Petruzelli too much credit for being clever enough to deceive us.  Tom Lawlor did indeed make a Hulk Hogan-esque entrance at UFC Fight Night 20 on Monday night, complete with a feather boa and American flag.  Maybe it lacked the raw, in-your-faceness of his UFC 100 entrance, but we have to applaud Lawlor’s attention to detail.  Lawlor exhibits all the gestures and mannerisms of the Hulkster here, and gives you the big t-shirt ripping payoff at the end.  Aside from maybe a higher quality boa and a little more effort from the UFC’s live event production team, what else do you want?

Join us after the jump for a quick comparison, unless you’re prone to seizures or you hate entertainment.


Must-See: K-1 Impact! Knockout Reel

(Props: via MMA Scraps)

Feel like being entertained for about 24 minutes? Then check out this K-1 knockout compilation, which features kickboxing legends like Ernesto Hoost, Andy Hug, Peter Aerts, Jerome Le Banner, and Mark Hunt leaving their opponents with permanent neurological damage. Part 2 is after the jump. You will not be disappointed.


Urijah Faber Explains Why You Don’t Mess Around in Bali

(The Urijah Faber story continues over at See previous installments here and here.)

This isn’t the first time Urijah Faber has told the story of the night he was almost killed by an angry Indonesian mob, but it’s the kind of tale that we never tire of hearing.  At first you find yourself feeling bad for Urijah, who’s just trying to dance with some girls and ends up getting hit in the head with brass knuckles, which we didn’t even know existed outside of old-timey cartoons and pro wrestling matches. 

But then, once you start to think about it, your sympathies almost can’t help but lie with the angry mob.  They must have looked at Faber, a 5’6" American kid with long, girlish locks who had just hurt their friend and thought, ‘Well here’s a slam dunk.’  Then he starts dropping people on the pavement and elbowing people in the face and suddenly the reputation of your nation’s bloodthirsty mobs is in jeopardy.  Of course they picked up hammers and bottles and rocks.  You let that guy get home and start telling this story to the world, pretty soon no one is going to take an Indonesian mob seriously.  Once you’ve lost that, what have you got?     


Fight of the Day: Marloes Coenen vs. Roxanne Modafferi II

(Props: Showtime via MiddleEasy)

It took their lazy asses two full months, but Strikeforce has finally released the video of Marloes Coenen‘s rematch with Roxanne Modafferi, which was part of the unaired preliminary card at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers. Though Modafferi was able to grind out a split-decision victory when she first fought Coenen in the finals of an eight-woman K-Grace tournament in May 2007, their last meeting was a 65-second pwnage by Marloes, who used razor-sharp striking to drop Modafferi before methodically setting up an armbar. With her Strikeforce debut an unqualified success and her reputation growing in the States, the good-lookin’ Golden Glory product will now challenge for Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos‘s 145-pound belt on January 30th. Any predictions?


Randy Couture Says Brock Lesnar Is Back in Training

Well look who’s getting name-checked on "Inside MMA."  Ron Kruck references our story on Brock Lesnar’s ongoing health issues before cutting to Randy Couture, who says he’s spoken with Lesnar and things are looking up for the big man.  If we can believe Couture (and he doesn’t seem the like the type to just make stuff up — that’s Tito Ortiz’s game), Lesnar is already back in the gym and ought to be Octagon-ready by this spring.  We should probably treat this with the same healthy skepticism we had for "Comprido" Medeiros’ assurance that everything was going to be just fine, but at least it’s encouraging news.

Once again though, we can’t help but wonder what’s with all the secrecy.  If Lesnar really is back in the gym and beating the hell out of poor Chris Tuchscherer again, why wouldn’t he be cool with the world knowing that?  Is this all part of an attempt to fake his own death just to get out of paying taxes?  That’s it, isn’t it?  That sly son of a bitch. 


Quinton Jackson Smashes Fools in ‘The A-Team’ Trailer + More MMA Fighter Movie News

"You miss me? ‘Cuz I missed yoouuuuuu…"

So says Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the above trailer for The A-Team, which hits theaters this summer with Jackson mean-mugging his way through the B.A. Baracus role. To be honest, we kinda did miss Rampage; it would have been nice to have him in the cage at UFC 108, that’s all. The word on the street is that Jackson will return to the Octagon against Rashad Evans in May. Between beating his felony evading charges, playing one of his childhood heroes in a movie, and having the opportunity to put his fists on an arch-rival, this is shaping up to be a banner year for Jackson. Great to be you, homey.

Speaking of MMA stars on the silver screen…


Tito Ortiz Looking to Build Fighter-Businessmen on ‘TUF 11′

The eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter is set to kick off on March 31st, and Tito Ortiz doesn’t plan on sleepwalking through his second tour of coaching duty like some people we know. As we see on this recent Inside MMA appearance, Ortiz vows to train his guys hard — not just as fighters, but as businessmen:

"This season ain’t gonna be about guys partying, guys making jokes on each other. This is gonna be about making legends, making champions, making the future Tito Ortizes, Chuck Liddells, Randy Coutures…TUF 3 was mostly about smearing [Ken] Shamrock and beating his guys. This one, I want to make superstars…I don’t want to teach them just the way to train, just the way to be fighters, but to be businessmen. To be behind the mic, PR, you know, really understanding the business side of it and not just being ‘the fighters.’ And this is what I’m going to bring to the table when it comes to doing this year of The Ultimate Fighter."

So will Ortiz be giving seminars on personal branding in between the sparring sessions? ("Nobody leaves this gym until they give me three new t-shirt designs!") Will he make his guys watch old tapes of him on Celebrity Apprentice? As Bruce Buffer points out, Chuck Liddell will probably just show up and be Chuck, so maybe there is an advantage for the TUF 11 hopefuls to work under a master self-promoter like Ortiz. And maybe Tito’s personal attention to his team will make him the surprise good guy of the season…


Headkick KO of the Day: Gary Goodridge vs. Don Frye

(Goodridge vs. Frye, Pride Shockwave, 12/31/03)

So you watched Gary Goodridge’s poor showing against Gegard Mousasi on New Year’s Eve and thought to yourself, why do they keep bringing this guy back?  The answer is a) he’ll fight just about anybody with a few hours notice, and b) there was a time when he thrilled the Japanese fans with his standing and banging.  His final fight in Pride against legendary hard-ass and recent retiree Don Frye was just one such time. 

It was only six years ago, and yet it feels like another lifetime.  All those young bucks who felt like they were on top of the world with their New Year’s Eve victories at Dynamite!! might want to take note.  The good times are good, but they do not last.


Video: Dana White Appears to Be Seriously Considering James Toney’s Offer

(Props: Uppercut Magazine, via CP contributor Elias Cepeda.)

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.  Here’s UFC president Dana White sitting down and having what appears to be a serious conversation about James Toney fighting in the UFC.  I realize that’s what he said he was going to do after Toney ambushed him at the UFC 108 post-fight press conference, but I guess I just assumed that it would be one of those meetings where he professes a vague interest and then never calls Toney back.  Sort of like what the people at Paramount keep doing to me when I pitch them my script about the dog who learns to fly a plane so he can go find the family that left him for dead in the animal shelter, and then murder them all in their sleep.  It’s a fun summer romp.

DW is asking all the right questions here — can Toney wrestle? does he have any takedown defense aside from an unshakable conviction that he won’t ever end up on the ground? is he familiar with what getting kicked in the leg feels like?  Call me crazy, but when Toney says he knows all about the "front kick, back kick, side check kick, all of that," I’m not 100% convinced.


Video: The Women, They Love the GSP

(Props: afflictionvideos)

You know, just once I’d like to be referred to as "God" by a long line of hot chicks. Anyway, here’s Georges St. Pierre signing some of his new 2010 calendars last weekend at the Affliction store at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. To quote Todd Duffee, the ladies want to romance him, and the boys want to bromance him. This video is particularly worth watching because it reveals Tom Atencio’s new role at Affliction — awkwardly stumbling through interviews with UFC stars. (It’s cool, because he says he’s drunk!) Later, Randy Couture shows up to tell Tom about his upcoming "Advil and Viagra" fight with Mark Coleman. Semi-related: According to Randy, reports of GSP’s Olympic wrestling bid have been blown way out of proportion.

Bonus, after the jump: The badass new trailer for Spike’s Best of PRIDE.