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Video: Won’t You Join Randy Couture in the Gym For a Spell?

Ever wanted to go inside one of Randy Couture‘s training camps in a five-part series of webisodes designed for the fan with a minimally-functioning knowledge of MMA?  Then you’re in luck. posted the first video in their journey through Couture’s preparations for his bout with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102, and it’s not bad.  No serious revelations here for the hardcore fan, but they’re just getting started.  In related news, Couture’s currently a -190 favorite over at  Wonder how much of that is based on his skills, and how much is the result of the sickly, sluggish performance from Nogueira in his last outing.


Of All The Bands They Could Have Gotten For Dana White’s Surprise Birthday Party, Stone Temple Pilots? Really?

UFC color man/comedian extraordinaire Joe Rogan recently posted a video he shot of the magical ‘Surprise!’ moment from Dana White’s recent 40th birthday bash.  Though Rogan tries to rev it up with some of his trademark high-energy announcing (“Oh. My. Goodness!”) Dana doesn’t look all that blown away, at least until he realizes that the Tapout guys and Chuck Liddell also showed up.  But the weird part is, Rogan informed the Twitter community that the evening’s entertainment was mid-nineties grunge rock band Stone Temple Pilots.  From the sound of it, Rogan just about lost his shit when they took the stage:

I just saw stone temple pilots perform at Dana White’s birthday party. It was easilly the greatest live performance in any art form… That I’ve ever seen. It was fucking insanely good. Those motherfuckers were insanely good! I’m seriously inspired. Incredible.

Seriously?  You’re telling me Stone Temple Pilots turned in the greatest performance "in any art form"?  Maybe if the year is 1994 and the only other art form you’ve ever seen performed is Christian Interpretive Dance


UFC 101 Countdown Preview: A New and Improved BJ Penn?

The easy storyline for the main event of UFC 101 is as follows: BJ Penn is the spoiled champion who has enjoyed success due to prodigious fighting ability, and not necessarily through hard work, while Kenny Florian is the hungry, focused, scrappy challenger who works harder than Penn outside of the cage and is mentally tougher inside of it. But the Prodigy we’ve seen in the training camp for this fight isn’t the lazy, complacent one we know and love. The fact that BJ has brought in Marv Marinovich as his strength and conditioning coach, and has moved out of the insular world of Hilo to train with an impressively stacked camp in California, suggests that Penn wants to try new things in the wake of his one-sided loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94. For a fighter so far along in his career, it’s an inspiring and somewhat unexpected attitude. And if Penn is taking this fight as seriously as Florian, it’s a bad sign for the challenger.

Later in the above video preview, Anderson Silva calls Robert Drysdale a "fool" and an "idiot" for suggesting that Forrest Griffin will submit him during their light-heavyweight feature. Spike’s "Countdown to UFC 101" special premieres tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT. After the jump, Diego Sanchez discusses his imminent title shot and who he’d like to see prevail in the Penn/Florian match.


Videos: Why Forrest Griffin Doesn’t Use Condoms, This Is What a Fix Looks Like, + More

Forrest Griffin discusses his upcoming bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 101 this weekend with all the self-deprecating dry wit we’ve come to expect.  The good news is, he no longer has any fear of dying at the hands of “The Spider."  As the Kübler-Ross model taught us, acceptance is the important final stage in the grieving process.  

Things get weird around the 5:09 mark when Dave Farra asks Forrest if he’d ever take money from a sponsor to promote a product he doesn’t use, and this somehow leads to Griffin talking about how much he hates condoms, saying they “shrink the pee-pee” and calling the idea that he might wear one “ludicrous.”  In other news, don’t forget to tune into Spike TV’s new show, "Forrest Griffin Has Syphilis Now," which will air immediately following "The Ultimate Fighter."

After the jump, a couple moments from the MMA Hall of Shame, including a couple of guys who are still trying to put those performances behind them.


Must-See: Nasty Knockouts, Tito Ortiz Returns to the Gym

(Props: antiherolt)

The cameraman got a nice souvenir during this June 2005 scrap between Leonard Wilson and TUF 9 hopeful Ray Elbe. Watch as Wilson lands a ferocious spinning back kick at the 0:56 mark, then starts jackhammering until Elbe’s contact lens is blasted into the first row. Suck it, Teila Tuli’s tooth


Kanehara Edges Out Omigawa in Sengoku IX’s Chaotic Featherweight GP Finals; Hirota Upsets Kitaoka

(Hioki vs. Kanehara: The fight went as planned, but everything afterwards didn’t. Props to 19054771 via Bloody Elbow.)

I have to admit, I was pulling for Michihiro Omigawa to shock the world and win Sengoku’s Featherweight Grand Prix, after entering the tournament in March with a 4-7-1 record. But the way he reached the finals at today’s Sengoku Ninth Battle show in Saitama, Japan, was questionable to say the least, and he wound up losing to a guy who shouldn’t have even been there in the first place. Let’s start at the beginning…

Tournament favorite Hatsu Hioki dominated Masanori Kanehara in the tourney’s semifinals, putting Kanehara in constant danger with submission attempts and ground-and-pound. Though Kanehara was able to make a late rally, the fight went to Hioki by unanimous decision. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Hioki suffered a concussion during the match, and wouldn’t be able to continue to the finals.

Chan Sung Jung choked out Matt Jaggers later that night in the GP’s reserve bout, and should have rightfully taken Hioki’s place. But Jung, who had previously been robbed by the judges in his quarterfinal match against Masanori Kanehara in May — a decision that many fans chalked up to the fact that Jung is Korean — was insulted again today when it was quickly decided that Kanehara would fill in for Hioki. So basically, the alternate bout was absolutely meaningness, due to the fact that a Korean won it.


Videos: Lyoto Machida Teaches Elusiveness, Fedor Speaks for Himself + Arianny Celeste Gets Violent

(Props: DreamPrideVictory)

In this excerpt from Lyoto Machida‘s "Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" instructional DVD set, the Dragon demonstrates one of the techniques that make him so elusive: the step-fake/counterpunch. Then, he shows us how to set up a knee-pick takedown after intercepting a jab. Order today, and receive a bonus DVD which covers eyebrow grooming and alternative nutrition.


Videos: Scott Coker on Fedor Emelianenko and Affliction, Vadim Finkelchtein Says ‘Nyet’

(Props: Sherdog via MMA Mania)

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker can’t even take one goddamned vacation to Italy without the world falling apart back home. In this video interview, Coker responds to all the recent speculation about Fedor Emelianenko‘s possible signing to Strikeforce (it’s not happening yet, at least), and a reported last-minute attempt to merge Strikeforce with Affliction (not even close). Coker explains that Fedor’s current crop of suitors include boxing promoters and network television, and discusses why he didn’t want to "sell out" Brett Rogers for the Fedor fight.

On the actual reason for Affliction’s demise, Coker says "escalating the fighter purses way beyond the true value, I think sooner or later the natural laws of economics apply to all businesses, and it finally applied to Affliction." How true. And if Fedor ever did sign with Strikeforce? "I feel pretty confident that we could give him four or five different opponents that would make sense for him."


Livin’ Lawge, Rob McCullough!

Ever been curious about what the scene is like at home for “Razor” Rob McCullough and porn star girlfriend Lexxi Tyler?  Neither have we, but if there’s one thing the internet is good at it’s answering questions that have not been asked.  Just for fun you should check out Rob McCullough’s DIY version of MTV “Cribs,” where he takes us on a low-budget tour of his Huntington Beach home.  McCullough and Tyler – who describes herself as a Penthouse Pet in much the same way that strippers describe themselves as dancers – seem like a weirdly perfect match for one another, especially since McCullough was once rumored to be a sex addict and Tyler’s personality seems like it could best be described as “boob-based.”


Videos: Classic Ken-Flo, Year of the Mo Part III + More

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Here’s some "Before They Were MMA Stars" footage of Kenny Florian, kicking ass in his second pro fight against Bobby McAndrews. This went down at Mass Destruction 15 (2/21/04, Boston), where Joe Lauzon and Alex Karalexis also picked up wins. Florian would only have one more match — a decision loss to Drew Fickett — before he joined the cast of TUF 1, which would drastically alter the course of his career. For more Ken-Flo, check out this extended interview with SportsCenter.