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Dana White Can’t Stay Away From These Video Blogs, + Countdown to UFC 104 Preview

Well, they’re back.  UFC president Dana White may say that he’s done doing video blogs from time to time, but who’s he kidding, the siren’s song of talking into a camera is impossible to resist for very long.  In this edition, DW travels to Mesquite, Nevada to watch his cousin lose a fight (though we don’t get to see exactly how he loses, which is weird).  After that he heads to Los Angeles to give away some UFC 104 tickets with the help of Twitter, which, to hear Dana tell it, is the most magical invention of the last fifty years.  Don’t get us wrong, we use it too, but does he realize that it’s basically just Facebook status updates without any of the other perks?

After the jump, a preview of the UFC 104 "Countdown" show, including Lyoto Machida‘s hero’s welcome in Brazil after winning the light heavyweight strap.  What do you want to bet that Rashad Evans did not get the same response when he won it?


Videos: Genghis Con’s ‘Fast Lane Episode 4′ With Marquardt and Mousasi + Knockout of the Day

(Props: Genghis Con on Vimeo)

The latest film from MMA auteur Genghis Con focuses on two of the world’s most exciting fighters — Nate Marquardt and Gegard Mousasi — taking us through their early careers, their high-profile losses, and their current paths of success. As usual, the editing and music are pitch perfect, so give it a look if you have 20 minutes free. Otherwise, you can just check out the eight-second head-kick KO after the jump.


Videos: A Highlight of Heartbreak, Another Devastating Boxing KO, + More

This video from MMA4Today is entitled "MMA Is Not Enough," but it could just as easily be called "The Agony of Defeat."  It’s basically four-and-a-half minutes of the saddest, most vulnerable moments in the lives of some of the sport’s best fighters.  Remember that Sesame Street video "Everybody Sleeps"?  Think of this as the MMA version: Everybody Loses.  Except Fedor.  For the purposes of this analogy, he’s the shark of the MMA world.

After the jump, another boxing knockout, plus Tiki Ghosn gets tough with Rashad Evans in an "Ultimate Fighter" scene from the cutting room floor.


Video: Alistair Overeem Destroys Tony Sylvester at ‘Ultimate Glory’

(Props: MMA Turf. Apologies for the lack of sound.)

Well, we expected a pointless mismatch, and a pointless mismatch is what we got. Last night at Ultimate Glory 11 in Amsterdam, Alistair Overeem whipped Tony Sylvester as if he’d discovered the American fighter banging his wife and keying his car at the same time. Sylvester was only able to get off one leg-kick during the 83-second execution, which was marked by Overeem breaking down his opponent with knees in the clinch before ending the fight with a standing guillotine. There’s an odd moment at the 0:52 mark of the above video in which the referee seems to wave off the bout before separating the fighters so that Sylvester can take more abuse. Damn, maybe Sam Hoger would have put up a better fight after all. Overeem is now slated to compete next Sunday at DREAM.12 against an opponent who’s still TBA. (I guess they’re still checking on Canseco‘s availability?) Full results from Ultimate Glory 11 are after the jump…


Now That We’ve Met Fedor, How About This Brett Rogers Dude?

Thursday we looked at CBS’ first efforts at promoting the November Strikeforce event featuring some bored-looking Russian guy named Fedor.  What that ad failed to mention, however, was that this Fedor character wouldn’t just be hitting tires and scowling at the camera on November 7 — he’d actually be fighting someone.  That someone is none other than Brett Rogers, but could a brother even get a Stephan Quadros quote about how good he is?  Not with Fedor hogging the spotlight, apparently.  Fortunately, there’s the internet, which never forgets anything that happens to anyone, ever.  Above, we start with Rogers’ first pro fight against Chris Clark, who looks suspiciously like D-Lo Brown with dreads.  Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

The journey continues after the jump.


Videos: That’s How You Stand and Bang, Machida Does Men’s Fitness + More

(Props: bigguvnor)

You have to hand it to British MMA fighters — what they lack in technique, they more than make up for in willingness to flail their arms around until someone gets knocked out. Like a pasty, heavyweight version of Sanchez vs. Guida, Ashley Pollard and Ian Hawkings gave the crowd what they paid for at Ultimate Challenge UK in August, slugging it out like two albino gorillas fighting over a female in estrus. Pollard eventually won when Hawkings’s natural instinct to run like hell got the better of him. Deal with it, Floyd Mayweather!


Tiki Ghosn: “We Can’t Fight For Them”

(Tiki vs. Robbie Lawler @ UFC 40, 11/22/02. What? He just got cut. And Rasputin just got a little wet.)

If you were listening closely during last night’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," you might have heard Team Rampage assistant coach Tiki Ghosn commiserating in the locker room with a frustrated "Rampage" Jackson after yet another loss.  Tiki doesn’t exactly seem like he’s in the kind of friendship with Jackson that would allow him to question the coaching strategies that led them to this point, so instead he joined in on the bitch session by throwing his hands up and saying, "We can’t fight for them." 

That’s true.  The only problem is, Tiki has never won a fight in the UFC.  Not once in his eleven-year, 11-7 career.  He’s had four fights in the Octagon and lost them all.  He’s never even made it into the third round of a UFC fight, if we want to get technical.  That’s not to say that he necessarily sucks.  He did beat pop sensation Genki Sudo in his pro debut, and he’s currently riding a two-fight win streak.  But lest Tiki be allowed to go around disparaging the abilities of the Team Rampage UFC hopefuls as if he’s some kind of future hall of famer, we thought a little Tiki Ghosn career primer was in order.  Enjoy.


Videos: Junie Browning Apologizes for Freak-Out, Shawn Tompkins Discusses Xtreme Couture Departure

(Props: Fighters Only via MMA Mania)

In his first public statement since being arrested for multiple assaults following an alleged suicide attempt, Junie Browning apologized for whatever went down that night, but suggested, of course, that people don’t know the full story. "Stuff gets a little more complicated than it seems to be when you read it on paper. I have a lot of problems and I’m working on them. That’s just about all I can really say…I’m truly sorry for what happened, and if I could take it back I definitely would." Browning thanked the fans for their support and the UFC for the opportunity he was given, and promised he’ll make it up to everybody one day. Get well soon, Lunatic.

As for Browning’s mentor Shawn Tompkins — who drove Junie to the hospital during his Klonopin bender — the highly respected striking coach is going through some life changes of his own…


First Look: “The Expendables” Trailer

(Props: ComingSoon.net)

As "Rampage" Jackson ponders a film career at the expense of a fighting one, he may want to take a look at Randy Couture‘s recent work in "The Expendables."  Granted, this is just the trailer, but Couture has all of one line in it (no action movie is complete without someone uttering, "We’ve got company"), and he doesn’t even get called out at the end with the rest of the crew.  Think of it as a glimpse into your future, ‘Page.  The MMA world may think of you as a star, but to the general movie-going audience you’re just another dude who works cheap and can act well enough in short bursts.

Other than that, thoughts on the trailer?  Sure, it looks formulaic and incredibly derivative, but part of the appeal of an action movie like this is that you know exactly what you’re going to get.  I swear, though, if I go see this thing and Jet Li gets to hack his way through more lines than Couture (who plays a character named "Toll Road"), I’m going to be seriously disappointed.


Videos: ‘TUF 10′ Episode 5 Preview, Brock Lesnar Prepares for War + More

(Props: UFC)

Though he jacks up his shoulder on tomorrow night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Matt "The Rat" Mitrione is still very much DTF (down to fight). In fact, he tries to convince Coach Rashad that he should be picked to fight next, despite his arm being in a Saran-Wrap cast. Rashad openly calls him "Meathead" now, and casts doubt on his injury. Meanwhile on Team Bumpage, Marcus "Big Baby" Jones is also impatiently awaiting his first match, and becomes convinced that he’ll be picked next. And look, we get a rare glimpse of Wes Sims trying to shake water out of his ear (I think?) as Jones walks past him at the 2:15 mark. The end of the promo still promises a Kimbo return, and vows that fight #5 ends in a "shock result no one saw coming." Rashad is shown crouching over one of his guys in the Octagon while others shout "wake up!" First double-knockout in TUF history?

After the jump: UFC old-schooler Oleg Taktarov stops by BJ Penn’s gym in Hilo to plug his role in Predators, and Brock Lesnar destroys a few more training partners in preparation for his UFC 106 title defense against Shane Carwin.