MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

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Videos: The Stoppages of 2009, Anderson Silva Punch Tutorial + More

(Props: caposa3)

MMA compilation-video specialist "Caposa" has just released the fourth installment of a series featuring the year’s most memorable knockouts and submissions in North America. He also has a separate series devoted to Japanese MMA; you can see that, as well as parts 1-3 of this series, by clicking here. And if you do delve deeper into his work, you’ll notice that Caposa favors understated ambient music to soundtrack his vids, adding a soothing counterpoint to the visual brutality. Great stuff. This guy just might join the ranks of such MMA highlight reel legends as GenghisCon and me.


Video: Randy Couture Is Ready to Get His Stand and Bang On, + More

Episode three of’s “What It Takes” series with Randy Couture delves a little deeper into his striking training for the UFC 102 bout with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and it seems as if Couture wasn’t kidding when he told us he thought kickboxing was going to be an important facet to beating Big Nog.  Considering that Nogueira got picked apart on the feet by Frank Mir, regardless of whether he was anywhere near 100% that night or not, it’s probably a sound game plan for Couture to use his wrestling to stay upright while testing Nogueira’s striking skills.

After the jump, a video promo for UFC 103 that actually succeeded in reminding us that there’s a pretty hype-worthy card coming to Dallas in September.  And that’s without even mentioning the Josh Koscheck/Frank Trigg fight that you all can’t stop talking about.  Just kidding.  We know it’s really Efrain Escudero/Cole Miller that has you truly pumped up.


CagePotato on’s Masterclash Podcast


A couple weeks ago, the dudes at were kind enough to invite me onto the fifth installment of Masterclash, their video-podcast covering manly, mannish, masculine issues, with a healthy dose of hell-yeah. (I’m the one with the CagePotato t-shirt and Grimhawk; don’t worry, I shaved it off yesterday.) The topics of the day were as follows: Which MMA technique would be the best to employ in a street fight? How much of your day is spent ogling women? What’s the greatest thing you could accomplish while on a cocktail of alcohol, cocaine, PCP, and hallucinogenic mushrooms? Which Taco Bell item gives you the most gastro-intestinal distress? Etc., etc. And we did it all while guzzling 40s of a malt liquor beverage that shall not be named. Mad props to Anthony, Jake, and Brian for letting me be a part of it. You can subscribe to Masterclash on iTunes simply by clicking here.



UFC 102 Video Hype: Marquardt vs. Maia

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Though it was snubbed from the UFC 102 extended trailer, the middleweight bout between Nate Marquardt and Demian Maia is as significant as any other fight on the card. At most, the winner will find himself one win away from a shot at Anderson Silva‘s 185-pound title. In the above video profile, Marquardt says his goal is to be the best in every area of MMA. He’ll try to keep the fight standing, but he isn’t afraid to go to the ground with Maia. After the jump, Maia describes jiu-jitsu as the "boat" that led him to MMA, and says he’ll be sticking to his strengths next Saturday. "It’s no secret, if I can grapple with him I prefer [it]." So whose gameplan will come out on top? Your predictions, please…


Video: Mike Swick Can’t Strike

Despite all the things he does well as a fighter, Mike Swick is not a very good bowler.  I found this out when I went to San Jose recently to do a Fight Magazine cover story on him (September issue, on newsstands everywhere Aug. 25, though if you were a subscriber you’d already have yours) and he invited me to come bowling with him and his wife.  As I would learn, even a night at the bowling alley is an intense affair for the Swick househould.

If you couldn’t tell from the video, Swick is a competitive guy.  Even though he doesn’t bowl often, and even though I bowled probably the best game of my life through some glorious accident, he couldn’t quite let it go.  He accused me of spending all my free time in bowling alleys (not true, I sometimes go to movies), and a week later I got a text message from him informing me that he beat my score at Wii bowling (my response: “I just beat Anderson Silva at UFC Undisputed, so now we both know there’s a big gap between video games and reality.”)


UFC 102 In-Depth Video Preview

(Props: Heavy via MMA Mania)

This coming weekend will be a quiet one in the world of MMA, but two Saturdays from now, the UFC will descend on Portland’s Rose Garden Arena for UFC 102, which will be headlined by a heavyweight battle between two legends — Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. The above video trailer does its best to downplay their recent losses to Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir, respectively, but Dana White does mention that it’s a fight where "we’re going to see where they are in the heavyweight division." The storyline for Randy (as always) is that he can never be counted out, even though he’s 46 years old, while Joe Rogan calls Minotauro "one of the most durable fighters to ever fight in all of mixed martial arts" and drools over his submission prowess.

The other featured bout in the trailer is Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva. The Dean of Mean isn’t too bothered by his rocky path in the light-heavyweight division, saying "I’m taking the hard road to the title, but I’m gonna make it to the top, it’s only a matter of time." Also: "My goal is find my opponent’s soul and take it from him." As Joe Rogan sees it, this fight "represents to me two guys who are desperately in need for a win…two guys coming off losses with a lot to prove."

Related: Citing Oregon’s deep recession and aggressive tax policy, MMA Payout reports that UFC 102 is far from sold out, particularly in the higher-priced sections. So if you live near the Rose Garden, you may want to show up the day of the event…


Video: Joe Rogan Drinks His Own Urine

The first few minutes of this video from Joe Rogan’s website feature the UFC analyst/comedian doing some moderately gross stuff, like cleaning out his recently-operated on nose and arguing with a heckler at a comedy show, but that’s nothing.  Keep watching to the 4:15 mark, where Joe goes on a radio show and describes how Lyoto Machida’s urine-drinking ritual has made him rethink the whole idea of just flushing waste down the toilet after the first time it’s gone through your system.  Then, in another gag made for radio, Rogan and the host both pee in cups and drink it down.  Am I the only one who got a bad taste in my mouth just watching that?

Dammit Machida, you want to throw your own life away by drinking piss in the public eye, that’s your business.  But now you’re affecting the lives of our most precious natural resource: comedians.  You know how impressionable they are; they’ll do anything for attention.  Please, no one tell Joe that Fedor smears bear semen on everything he eats.  Emulating his MMA idols is going to get that boy killed.


Videos: Shaq Shills for the WEC, Jesse Taylor is Ready for War + More


Well this is interesting. The WEC convinced die-hard MMA fan Shaquille O’Neal to cut a promo for their Cerrone vs. Henderson show on September 2nd. "They’re lucky I’m a heavyweight," Shaq says. Still, would it have killed you to knock over a cardboard cutout of Cowboy? In a related story, O’Neal’s upcoming ABC series Shaq Vs. will be hosted by the UFC’s own Mike Goldberg.


And Now, Your Moment of Zen: Josh Barnett Does Tag-Team Wrestling

(Props: Sav Sci Blog via Fightlinker)

MMA’s most notorious steroid abuser is going to be juuuuuuust fine. On August 9th, just three weeks after testing positive for steroids for the third time in his career, and destroying Affliction’s MMA promotion, Josh Barnett was back in Japan for Antonio Inoki’s IGF Genome 9 show, where he performed in a tag-team wrestling performance with three other larger-than-life figures: Bob Sapp, Yoshihiro Takayama, and Naoya Ogawa. Part one is above; part two is after the jump. I’m not a connoisseur of puroresu by any means, but even I know that the Ogawa/Takayama sequence at the 3:12-4:57 mark is some garbage-ass shit. How much did your dignity cost, Josh?


‘TUF 10′ Hype Videos: Rampage, Rashad, Yoda, Kimbo, Sims + Nelson

(Props: Spike via BloodyElbow)

Spike TV has released a whole mess of interview clips featuring the stars of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, which premieres September 16th after UFC Fight Night 19. The clip at the top is your standard Rampage vs. Rashad gum-flapping session, with Quinton Jackson saying that the Team Rashad heavyweights are "lil’ bitty," "garbage," and "booboo." (?) Meanwhile, Rashad predicts a lot of tantrums from his rival. The second video reveals something interesting that I guess we should have seen coming — Evans’s "assistant coach" will be none other than game-plan master Greg "Yoda" Jackson. Once you hear Greg talk about "personal growth plans" for each fighter, it’s hard to imagine how Team Rampage will compete in the mental game.

Now let’s check in with some of TUF 10‘s heavyweight hopefuls…