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UFC 98 Danavlog: The Final Preparations

With "Evans vs. Machida" signaling the end of a five-week UFC drought, the anticipation and nervous energy runs high in this video-blog-recap of Wednesday and Thursday. President White is in good spirits, checking out the new, heavier version of the UFC championship belt, cruising around in the ultimate guidomobile, and torching some poor schmuck who had the misfortune of showing up in a paisley shirt. ("You and the Revolution have a good day. Say hi to Apollonia for me.") Later, he presses palms at Thursday’s press conference, and has a very cordial phone conversation with Chuck Liddell, who’s his usual lucid self. I hope you’re all re-hydrating, because it’s about to go down…


‘Countdown to UFC 98′ Excerpt: Machida Explains the Inoki and Tito Situations

Lyoto Machida in Countdown to UFC 98 excerpt – Watch more Funny Videos

Last night’s Countdown to UFC 98 special on Spike put a lot of effort into selling Lyoto Machida as a star, running down his backstory and setting him up as a mysterious martial arts warrior with an ancient spirit. I just watched the first half, and decided to pull out a couple highlights for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see it. In the above clip, Lyoto explains exactly why Antonio Inoki slapped the shit out of him, and admits to the pressure that came with being set up as a bagman for Dana White during the Tito Ortiz mess. Also, he explains the historical precedent for his goal of never getting hit. 

Reminder: Our UFC 98 liveblog kicks off tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. We’d love to have you stop by.


Videos: UFC 98 Picks, Meditations on the Motel 6, + Lyoto Machida’s First Fight

Watch UFC 98 Picks From CagePotato.coms Ben Fowlkes! on

Oh, Christ.  There’s something really terrible about seeing yourself talk on video.  It’s a similar feeling to hearing your own voice on the answering machine, only much worse.  Anyway, this is me giving my UFC 98 predictions to and talking about what it’s like coming to Vegas to cover a UFC fight and staying at the sleazy Motel 6 across the street from the MGM Grand, which seemed to fascinate the Raw Vegas people for some reason.  Personally I prefer their work in the genre of girls kissing other girls for money in Vegas nightclubs.  That shit is art, yo.

Think of this video as a word of caution to all the kids out there considering becoming MMA writers.  It’s not cool.  In fact, it’s downright pathetic.  Just when you think it can’t get any worse some people with a video camera come in and make you pretend to type on your laptop, even as you are visibly mouthing the words, "type, type, type."  Congratulations to those of you who got the "Lawrence of Arabia" reference.  You are nerds.  And if you want to take issue with my picks, just check out who’s tied for first in the CBS Sports panel.

After the jump, Lyoto Machida‘s first fight, back when he was so young and so willing to come down to the ring in weird outfits.


Videos: Genghis Con’s Lyoto Machida Profile, Rashad Evans Talks Pee-Pee + More

(Props: GenghisCon)

Just as he did with Rashad Evans, Genghis Con has put together a short profile video of Lyoto Machida in advance of UFC 98′s light-heavyweight title fight. It’s a huge file, so get the video loading, then go make yourself a sandwich, then eat the sandwich, then come back and watch this thing. And set your DVRs for UFC 98′s Countdown show on Spike, which airs tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Apparently, it makes Hughes look significantly more likable than Serra.

After the jump: Steve Cofield raps with Rashad about poor fighter hygiene and Lyoto’s pee-drinking habit. Evans kind of suggests that they should test Lyoto’s urine for urine; he also admits that he manscapes. Also: An uncomfortable shirtless interview with Matt Hughes.


Spencer Pratt Helps Create Worst MMA Rap Video Yet

Here’s how you know your MMA rap video is off to a really bad start: you inform us that you are “here with the crew,” and when you glance over your left shoulder to indicate said crew there’s Spencer Pratt from MTV’s pseudo-reality show/vehicle for vapid rich kids, “The Hills.”  Great idea there, Kevin Casey.  Honestly, no matter what comes after that, and no matter how many highlights you show from the fight with “Minowaman” that you lost via TKO, your video is already screwed.  I’m not saying that maybe DMX didn’t have a dorky white friend at some point in his history, but when it came time to make a video of a bunch of dudes looking hard and mugging for the camera he was smart enough to give that friend a job behind the scenes.

After the jump, Matt Hughes heads to Minnesota to try some of that wacky caveman training Sean Sherk is always talking about.


Videos: UFC 98 Danavlogs, ‘Kingdom of Mayhem’ Part 2 + Machida vs. Ishii

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Dana White has been a busy little beaver during his New York media tour, promoting UFC 98 and 2009 Undisputed with a series of television and live appearances. Here are his video blogs from the last two days. Monday’s features the requisite Pinkberry visit, some fan meet-and-greet at a GameStop in Times Square, and Dana getting punked by a sidewalk chalk-artist at the very end. Yesterday, he did Opie and Anthony and ESPN First Take, pressed flesh at Nasdaq, and taught Jimmy Fallon how to punch. The vlog cuts off after that, but we’re guessing he went back to his hotel room, sat down in the bathtub, and cried for about a half-hour.


Must See: Genghis Con’s Rashad Evans Profile + Bob Sapp’s Exercise Video

(Props: Genghis Con)

In advance of Rashad Evans‘s title fight against Lyoto Machida at UFC 98, our man Genghis has put together this short profile video, covering Sugar’s greatest moments in the UFC. The subtle gunshot sound when Evans KOs Chuck Liddell is a great little touch. We’ve heard a lot from the Machida fans lately — anybody think Rashad goes home with his belt on Saturday?

After the jump, things get a little weird…


Video Hilarity: Brock Lesnar Lives to Hunt, Anderson Silva Is A Talented Mimic

(Props: Card on the UG)

The good thing about hiring a former WWE wrestler like Brock Lesnar to do a commercial is that he has absolutely no problem completely marking out for your product.  Watching this video of Lesnar pumping iron, stalking through the woods with a rifle, and perhaps murdering a training partner who looks suspiciously like the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy’s Chris Tuchscherer, one can’t help but imagine the interplay between Lesnar and the director of this Fusion Ammo commercial.  

‘Okay Brock, that was good.  Let’s try it again and this time, after you cold-clock the guy, look at the camera and really make us feel the ‘Yeeeeaaaah!’ at the end.  I’m telling you, man, it’s all about that ‘Yeah.’  That’s what’s going to sell this goddamn ammo.’

After the jump, Anderson Silva offers the sincerest form of flattery to some of his contemporaries.


Video: BJ Penn Says He’s Done Fighting in Nevada

In B.J. Penn’s latest video blog he answers some fan mail and discusses his ongoing case against Georges St. Pierre that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has basically decided to hear, but do absolutely nothing in response to.  Penn seems to be blaming the NSAC’s Keith Kizer, saying he “can’t be trusted” and insisting that he has “no interest in fighting in Nevada or Las Vegas ever again.”

Just to clarify, that’s the UFC’s home base that he’s talking about – the city where the majority of their events are held.  And here the UFC lightweight champ says he doesn’t want to fight there ever again because the commission is made up of a bunch of shady ne’er-do-wells.  This could be a problem.


Video: Bobby Lashley Chokes Out Mike Cook

Look out, Bob Sapp.  Bobby Lashley is for real, or at least real enough to choke the hell out of Mike Cook in 24 seconds.  Cook apparently came down to the ring wearing a lucha libre mask, which right there just pissed Lashley off something fierce.  The former pro wrestler used one overhand right and then moved straight into a guillotine that finished the fight, flattening Cook out and leaving him flopping around on the mat like a fish.  Embarrassing. 

Lashley’s now 3-0 and has a date with Bob Sapp on June 27 in a fight to determine once and for all who looks scarier with their shirt off.