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Ridiculous Videos: Rampage Jackson, Kevin James, & Gary Goodridge Embarrass Selves

(Props: Bloody Elbow)

If you feel like you didn’t get to hear enough about the awful-looking Kevin James film "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" during the Ultimate Fighter Finale, check out his appearance at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.  This sketch — which is every bit as cringe-inducing as the interview was and as the movie will undoubtedly be — clearly took about five minutes to write, including bathroom and coke breaks.  When they couldn’t figure out how to end it some genius came up with the idea to have Rampage come out and howl.  Problem solved.  I know Rampage and Kevin James are bros, but I feel like one is having a bad influence on the other here.

After the jump, Gary Goodridge’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, and more.


Video: Bobby Lashley Wins MMA Debut

(Props: MMA Madness)

Former WWE star and American Top Team student Bobby Lashley made his pro MMA debut at Mixed Fighting Alliance’s "There Will Be Blood" event in Miami on Saturday night, needing just 41 seconds to open up a cut on opponent Joshua Franklin’s forehead large enough for the fight to be stopped. It was an anti-climactic ending for the audience, but when the gash is shown at the video’s 1:52 mark, you’ll probably agree that it was the right thing to do. Maybe next time Lashley will be able to give fans a better sense of what he’s capable of.

Headlining the MFA event was a fight between former UFC stars Jeff Monson and Ricco Rodriguez, with Monson pulling out a unanimous decision win. The Snowman is reportedly considering a move back to the UFC — and may face Cheick Kongo in his return match — but will first head to Japan for a fight in Sengoku. Rodriguez’s loss to Monson snapped a five-fight winning streak; he has fought nine times in 2008, making this year the most active of his career. Video of the Monson/Rodriguez fight is after the jump.


Total F*cking Nastiness: Genghis Con’s “The Fast Lane Episode 003″

(Props: Bloody Elbow)

Drop whatever you’re doing and watch the latest brilliant MMA documentary from our pal Genghis Con, which follows the careers of Frank Shamrock and Kenny Florian. Two very dissimilar subjects, you’d think, but Con manages to make it work frighteningly well. As with his past videos, Con’s choice of supporting footage (like Shamrock’s body-control demonstrations around the 12-minute mark) and soundtrack (Led Zeppelin’s "No Quarter," bro, and whatever that behemoth groove in the intro is) elevate TFL3 into something much greater than "highlight reel." Incredible stuff.


Videos: More BJ Penn Infomercial, Fitch Talks “Personality Conflict,” Fighters Talk “Fight for the Troops”

(Props: MMA Convert)

The second installment in the Show continues to illustrate the problems with making a (internet) TV show about yourself.  As soon as host Margaux Bailey again refers to Penn as “the best MMA fighter in the world” – is this necessary in every episode? – you know you’re watching an exercise in shameless self-promotion.  The highlight this time around is Penn’s coach Rudy Valentino talking trash on Georges St. Pierre, saying he was “incoherent” after their first bout.  I know the guy has a thick accent, Valentino, but that’s uncalled for.

In the latest episode of Inside MMA Jon Fitch discusses his blowup with the UFC and chalks it up to a “personality conflict” that was resolved once he was able to speak with Lorenzo Fertitta.  He says he still isn’t “completely happy with all the contract stuff,” but hey, who is?  It’s worth it to stay in the big leagues, apparently.

After the jump,  Josh Koscheck and Yoshiyuki Yoshida discuss their conflicting game plans for Wednesday night’s "Fight for the Troops."


Badr Hari Discusses K-1 DQ Loss, Blames Emotions

Badr Hari discusses his DQ loss in K-1 – Watch more free videos

Badr Hari doesn’t seem too concerned about his disqualification loss in the finals of this weekend’s K-1 World GP.  In case you missed it, Hari took Remy Bonjasky down, which is already illegal in K-1, but then he decided that as long as he was down there he might as well punch him a couple of times and then stomp on his face.  When the interviewer here points out to him that this is “prohibited,” Hari responds: “Yeah, but cycling on the pavement is prohibited too.”

Seriously?  That’s his response to illegally attacking an opponent who was under the referee’s care?  Apparently Hari didn’t feel that his actions in the fight made him unlikeable enough.  No, better go ahead and follow that up with a dismissive statement that reveals your amoral thought process to the world, just to be sure.

The argument that I absolutely don’t buy in this case is that he let his emotions get the better of him because Bonjasky didn’t come to fight.  First of all, when Bonjasky dropped him in the first, that seemed an awful lot like fighting.  Second, if you get mad in a kickboxing match, why not kick or punch the other guy in the head, torso, or leg region while you’re both standing?  It’s an effective expression of anger, and it’s legal!

Then again, if you fight only within the scope of the rules, how is everyone supposed to know what an asshole you are?


Videos: K-1 World GP Ends in Disqualification Fiasco

Badr Hari VS Remy Bonjasky K1 World GP 2008
by kalash67

Despite getting off to a great start, last night’s K-1 World GP Finals ended in bizarre fashion, with Badr Hari getting disqualified for illegally taking Remy Bonjasky down and then attacking him while he was under the referee’s care, finally stomping on his head before being shoved off by the ref.  At first Hari looked like he’d just receive a yellow card, but with Bonjasky complaining of double-vision, the bout was stopped and Bonjasky declared the winner via disqualification.

Upon further review, the illegal blows don’t look so bad.  But that’s easy for me to say since I didn’t take them.  Bonjasky’s the guy who fought his way into the finals and was taking it to Hari for much of the first round, so you have to give him the benefit of the doubt as a tough bastard who would’ve continued if he could. 

You hate to see it end that way, especially considering what a great show it was up until that point.  If you’re wondering how Kimbo Slice did in his commentating duties, you can check out the reply on HDNet tonight.  Or you can take my word for it that he didn’t say much, but did manage to slip in there how much he loved "the city of Japan."  That’s right.

A couple more videos from the K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 after the jump.



Exclusive Video Interview: ‘TUF 8′ Finalist Phillipe Nover

This afternoon I got a chance to meet up with The Ultimate Fighter 8 lightweight finalist Phillipe "The Filipino Assassin" Nover at Fighthouse in New York City. (Coincidentally, this is the gym where I’ve been taking Muay Thai lessons for the last two months. So yeah, I guess you could say I’m pretty badass.) Anyway, Nover was cool enough to chat with me about his match-up with Efrain Escudero at the TUF 8 finale next Saturday, working as a registered nurse, living without bathroom privacy as a reality TV star, and his official prediction for Bader vs. Vinny; he also had a special shout-out for his Filipino fans. Later, he hit pads and rolled with a couple guys from his Team Insight crew, and tried to stay loose despite the fact that we were surrounded by a bunch of dudes with sniper rifles and one guy who was, no shit, wearing a terrorist-style dynamite vest (proof at the end of the video). Never a dull moment at Fighthouse. Thanks to Spike TV for the invite.



Videos: Dave Kaplan Still Kind of Unlikeable, Wanderlei Barely Tolerates FHM, and More


I don’t know what it is about Dave Kaplan, but he’s got that special ability where the more he talks, the more you kind of want to see him get his face bashed in.  If only he could be knocked out!  In this video he insists on inserting his nickname, which is “Diamond”, in front of his name at every opportunity.  He also discusses his upcoming bout with Junie Browning and says he’d like to train with Ric Flair.  Okay, so he redeemed himself a little there.  But there’s still a long way to go.

Wanderlei Silva works out with the same pudgy British dude from FHM who Sean Sherk beat up a while back, and the result here is mostly the same.  The best part is the look on Wanderlei’s face while the dude is talking.  He seems like he’s trying to figure out whether this guy is making fun of him or not, then says screw it and stomps his head inside the TUF Octagon anyway.

After the jump, we see what kind of shenanigans "Rampage" Jackson is getting into over on the other side of the pond.


Must See: Patrick Smith 2-Second K.O.

Before he scored three consecutive knockouts at UFC 2 — and way before he harpooned Butterbean at Yamma 1Patrick Smith was busy smashing fools in the sport karate circuit. This video (posted on the UG) was just too ridiculous/amazing not to share. Watch as Smith breaks some boards to fire himself up for the match, then executes a perfect side-kick to the balls / reverse-roundhouse combo to knock his opponent off the fighting stage, Bloodsport-style. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ROBOTE IS THE STRONGEST.

After the jump: The full Torres/Tapia fight from last night.


Chuck Liddell Says He Isn’t Fighting Silva or Couture, But Will Fight…Someone. In the Spring.

In this video interview with Fighters Only, Chuck Liddell shoots down rumors that he may face Anderson Silva in February or Randy Couture in June, saying that a potential fourth fight with Couture, “doesn’t make sense.”  He seems to have his sights set on a fight some time in March or April.  The opponent sounds less important to him than the date, but then that story could change once he sits down with Dana White and looks at his options.

Liddell also makes the case for continuing his career after the knockout loss to Rashad Evans, pointing out that he was winning the fight (technically true, since not much had happened) before getting caught with Evans’ brutal right hand.

Fair enough, but he has to realize that the situation will only become more desperate if he can’t notch a win in this mystery bout in the spring.  As long as he’s turning down interesting possible fights for himself, he might as well throw out a name or two of someone he would like to fight.   And don’t say James Irvin.  Just please, don’t.