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Video: Captain Shamrock Spears His White Whale

Sorry the quality is so weak, but this seems to be the only existing video of Friday night’s epic brawl between Ken Shamrock and Ross Clifton, which earned Shammy his first win since he knocked out Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 48 in 2004. We haven’t found video of the Tank Abbott/Mike Bourke brawl yet, so if you come across a link, please hook us up in the comments section. Shamrock and Tank will meet at a future Wargods card, sometime in April — which means that one of them will soon be on a two-fight win streak. Try to wrap your head around that one.


LOFL: Riddum Revenge Episode 3, Mir vs. Howard Preview

From lookoutawhale, the crazy mofo who brought us Georges St. Pierre’s Punch-Out!! and Street Fighter II: GSP Riddum Revenge, comes this new GSP-themed remix, which features the cast of TUF 4 just hanging out and watching some game shows together. In the video, as in life, Georges St. Pierre is always the right answer. For more lookoutawhale insanity, check out this animated version of a guest appearance that St. Pierre did on the Adam Carolla Show, in which a caller basically accuses GSP of sodomizing him back in his club-bouncing days. Below: The first preview for a UFC superfight 14 years in the making. Thanks, Garv.


Videos: “MMA Live” Talks Strikeforce, Thiago Alves on “Inside MMA,” + Girls in Bikinis

MMA Live” talks to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker about his recent acquisitions, and breaks down new rules on Vaseline, as well as running down all the fun little news items floating in the ether of late.  And yeah, War Machine’s arrest gets a mention.  They know how to have fun over at ESPN.

In this preview of the upcoming episode of “Inside MMAThiago Alves discusses his weight issues.  He insists he doesn’t have any problems getting down to 170, except for the fight with Matt Hughes, where he missed it by four pounds, and the fight with Tony De Souza, where he was caught using a diuretic and suspended for eight months.  But he admits that he normally walks around at about 200 or 205 pounds, which is pretty freaking big for a welterweight.  If it was me though, I wouldn’t be talking about that stuff in public before a bout with GSP.  That’s only going to help him understand your physiology and how better to destroy it.

After the jump, a look at the new Sengoku ring girls.


Videos: DREAM 2008 Grand Prixs HL, Wandy’s New Gym


With DREAM’s next set of tournaments just around the corner — the featherweight GP starts March 8th, and the welterweight GP starts April 5th — highlight video maestro Genghis Con teamed up with "Bestrafer7" to create this hot-to-death tribute to DREAM’s 2008 lightweight and middleweight brackets. We don’t know much about this Bestrafer character, but judging from his bizarre J-Pop rap video-themed compilation of Kotetsu Boku, he’s got a style all his own. Below: Wanderlei Silva shows off his new gym in Las Vegas. ("Yeah, welcome!") Looks like a great space, though maybe he should have hired a native English speaker to handle the talking. And will somebody please shut that kid up?

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Videos: Machida Talks Training, Gono’s Entrance, + More

In this video from “Inside MMA,” Lyoto Machida does his best to explain how his training has evolved.  He has physical education training now!  I can only assume that involves a lot of kickball, some freeze tag, and the occasional mile run. 

(Props: Fightlinker)

At last, a decent video of Akihiro Gono’s full entrance at UFC 94, as shown on a Japanese UFC broadcast.  You still don’t quite feel the magic in this video the way those of us who saw it live did, but Gono managed to prove what “Kids in the Hall” long suspected: men dressed as women never fail to entertain.  You can see there were a couple hiccups in the routine, so maybe more rehearsal time is in order for his next fight.  For me the highlight is when Gono and his boys finish the entrance and begin giving the double high-five to anyone within reach.  Good show, everybody.

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Videos: Lauzon/Stephens, Neer/Danzig + More

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Videos: New Genghis Con Awesomeness, GSP in Street Fighter II, + More

The Resurgence Volume 1 (By Genghis Con) from Genghis Con on Vimeo.

Everyone’s favorite MMA video mastermind, Genghis Con, has done it again.  This time he delves into the redemption plot, as we see the highs and the lows and then the highs again of being a pro fighter.  Like with any Genghis Con joint, there’s also tons of great music, slick editing, and rare footage.  Enjoy.

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Remember the guy who took us on a pleasant walk down memory lane with his GSP/Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! video?  Well he’s followed up with a Street Fighter II-type look at GSP’s win over Mayhem Miller.  Seems like a natural progression.  We now wait patiently for the Tekken 2 version of his most recent beatdown of B.J. Penn.  

And just in case you’re waiting for some mention of greasing, because you can’t go fifteen goddamn minutes without hearing about it, we got you covered after the jump.


Videos: “MMA Live” Talks UFC 94 + The Hunt Is On For GSP Greasing Footage

The boys from “MMA Live” break down UFC 94, which, of course, includes a thorough look at LubeGate (or as some of you would rather call it, LubriGate).  Franklin McNeil is quick to dismiss it as no big deal, but Kenny Florian makes mention of a “select few” who do make use of greasing agents.  It’s almost as if he has someone specific in mind.  Someone he’s personally faced, who was “slippery,” and who had also trained with one Georges St. Pierre at various points.  Hmmmm….

(Props: MMA Videos)

Internet conspiracy theorists/video editors comb through GSP’s body of work, so to speak, in order to find evidence of past greasing.  The Zapruder film it ain’t, but still worth a look.


Chiappetta: NSAC “Doesn’t Really Have a Leg to Stand On” Regarding Greasing Punishment

(Props: NBCSports via CagePotato reader Dave T.)

In this MMA Fight Weekly clip, MMA journo Mike Chiappetta takes a closer look at the specific rules that the govern the usage of vaseline and other lubricants in MMA competition. The verdict? The rules don’t actually exist — or they’re so vague that they don’t have any punitive teeth. At the risk of infuriating BJ Penn fans, Chiappetta characterizes the no-lube rule as "an agreement between fighters, kind of an unwritten law, so to speak," and says that no fighter would be punished for putting Vaseline on his back until the athletic commission more specifically addresses what’s legal and what isn’t. So that settles it, I guess. Later, Mike C. talks about GSP’s eventual move up to middleweight and marks out hard over Lyoto Machida.


Videos: Joe Lauzon and Jake Rosholt Just Livin’ Their Lives

(Props: MMA Mania)

Hey, look who’s getting into the video blog act — it’s Joe Lauzon, who lets us into his world as he flies from Boston to Tampa to take on Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 17. Him and his crew gawk at Tiffani Amber Thiessen, visit Gracie Tampa, do a news spot with Rich Clementi…and that’s about it. Maybe he’ll have a shock pen in tomorrow’s episode and things will really get interesting. Below: New UFC signee Jake Rosholt gives a tour of his house in Las Vegas, which contains about as many live animals as dead ones; watch to the end and you’ll see the most amazing pet trick ever.

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