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The 15 Greatest Knockouts of 2008 (#7-#1)

For knockouts #15-8, click here.

#7: Shaun Parker and Tyler Bryan knock each other out while guest referee Shonie Carter momentarily loses his shit @ LFC 25 (5/16/08)

#6: Thiago Alves’s rocket-powered flying knee to Matt Hughes’s jaw at UFC 85 (6/7/08); replay starts at 2:19.

#5: Jeremy Stephens throws his fist like a fast-pitch softball and strikes out Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 91 (11/15/08)

#4: Josh Koscheck gives Yoshiyuki Yoshida two brutal knockout punches for the price of one at UFC Fight for the Troops (12/10/08)

#3: An on-the-ropes Rory Markham pulls the head kick of the year directly out of his ass against Brodie Farber at UFC Fight Night 14 (7/19/08)

#2: Rashad Evans damn-near kills Chuck Liddell with the Overhand Right From Hell at UFC 88 (9/6/08)

#1: Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE! Rampage slays his personal demon at UFC 92 (12/27/08)

BONUS: The Worst Knockout of the Year
Seth Petruzelli taps Kimbo Slice’s off-button at EliteXC: Heat (10/4/08), bringing down the entire organization in the process.

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Videos: Dana White’s Final UFC 92 Vlog, Arlovski 360 #2

UFC 92 Video Blog – Watch more free videos

Even though Dana White is a millionaire with fancy cars and a private jet to fly around in, no material object seems to bring him as much pleasure as that shock pen.  He’s still pulling the prank at UFC 92, even on “Rampage” Jackson, who just wants to relax at Octagonside after knocking Wanderlei Silva senseless.  Come on, Dana.  Time and a place, man.

Skip to the 5:37 mark and you can actually see Dana White beginning to realize that Steve Mazzagatti is not a good ref.  He’s less adamant about it than those around him, but that is not the way a man who’s happy about what he’s seeing chews gum.

After the jump, episode two of "Arlovski 360," in which boxing trainer Freddie Roach lays out the game plan that  he thinks will beat Fedor Emelianenko.  It seems…optimistic.


Jared Shaw Is Still an Unbelievable Douchebag

(Props: Fightlinker)

God help you, but what you’re about to see is the trailer for an in-production reality show about Gary Shaw and his family, titled Blood, Sweat -n- Bling. We could care less about what a boxing promoter does and what Shaw has accomplished in that field — the clip seems to leave out his brief and hideous stint with EliteXC altogether — so why not just skip ahead to the 4:51 mark and get a load of the segment on his son Jared. Apparently it’s not an act; $kala really is a deluded, epically entitled leech on his father, with absolutely nothing positive to offer society. (Check the freestyle: "Overseas in Greece, stop in Tel Aviv / Sucky-sucky Hong Kong, gotta love them Chinese.")

I have to admit, this trailer actually made me feel sorry for Gary. Between his incarcerated first son, total failure fourth son, worthless idiot wife, and (one would assume) heart disease and diabetes, I do not envy this man’s life. Getting up every morning must be a struggle, to put it mildly. Not that I’d ever watch this show, and I truly hope it’s never made available for other people to watch. But man, how ’bout this Jared Shaw? Is he The Worst, or what?


UFC 92 Videos: Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva, Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin

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Videos: Dana White’s Video Blog; UFC 92 Weigh-Ins

Spend some quality family time with Dana White over the holidays.  Long story short, Dana White loves a good prank.  Even the same prank.  Over and over again.  Also, Dana White is riiiiiiiich.  So who’s going to get pissed?  Not Rashad Evans, apparently.

Weigh-in video is after the jump.


UFC 92 Vlog #2 + Press Conference Highlights

If big, beaming smiles were an indicator of mental health, then Dana White’s latest video blog stands as proof that Quinton Jackson is fully recovered and ready to rock. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In this clip, DW checks in with UFC 92′s marquee fighters before a press conference on Monday, including Rashad Evans, who is apparently dressing for the job he wants rather than the job he has. We also learn that Dana can never sleep in Japan ("oh, fuck no"), ‘Page and Wandy find endless amusement in bodybuilder underwear, and Brock Lesnar still can’t deal with modern technology. Later, Dana shows off some of his totally sweet Christmas gifts, introduces us to Arianny Celeste’s sister (!), and has his bald head markered up by a mischievous Lorenzo Fertitta. But don’t worry: He gets his revenge by electrocuting an underling. Merry Christmas!

After the jump: Highlights from the aforementioned press conference, courtesy of ESPN.


Video: Dana White’s UFC 92 Vlog

Dana White’s UFC 92 Video Blog, Ep. 1 – Watch more free videos

The Dana White pre-event video blog returns…kind of.  As White breathlessly explains at the onset, he’s been busy.  So instead of a real video blog covering his event week activities, he’s starting us off with some behind-the-scenes stuff from the Spike TV video game awards.

Highlights here include a meet and greet with Mike Tyson, who almost seems ready to say something to Nogueira about Frank Mir until he’s alerted that Mir is standing right behind him.  Then it’s on to that awkward portion of the evening when an LL Cool J performance turns into a UFC 92 promo.  In case you were wondering whether it was as weird and stilted live as it was on TV, this video clearly answers that question from one of the worst seats in the house — right behind the guy who really loves LL Cool J. 

It’s like it doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s the movies or an awards show, that guy is always there, standing just in front of you and shouting "Mama said knock you out!"


Videos: Inside MMA, Couture Talks UFC 92, and Something Truly Awful

On this week’s Inside MMA Ron Kruck talks with MMA referee Doc Hamilton.  In addition to have a name like a character in a Western movie, Doc has some interesting things to say about judging flaws in MMA and how those might be rectified, namely by taking a good, hard look at the ten-point must system. 

Randy Couture breaks down UFC 92 with Steve Cofield.  Sounds like even Randy has some doubts about Rampage Jackson‘s mental state right now, and how that might affect things.  Glad we aren’t the only ones.

After the jump, a little something extra that you will immediately wish you had never seen.


Videos: Arlovski 360, Mir Gets Philosophical, and More

Arlovski 360, Ep. 1 – Watch more free videos

From the moment this video declares Fedor-Arlovski to be the most anticipated heavyweight bout in MMA history, for the "undisputed" heavyweight title, you know what you’re getting into.  Still, the look of the video is impressive for a DIY internet effort.  It rips off all the cool things about the HBO 24/7 series, though since they spend the entire time pumping up Arlovski it reaches none of the emotional depth. 

Oh well.  It’s still the best promotional tool we’ve seen yet for this fight that’s just over a month away.  If Affliction’s not embarrassed by that, they should be.

After the jump, Frank Mir gets deep, plus a little something extra that you may hate me for, but it’s for your own good.


Relive the Magic of Wandy-Page, Plus Five Reasons Why The Third Fight Is Completely Different

(Pride Final Conflict, 11/9/03)

If you’re like us, then those ESPN hype videos for Rampage-Wandy III at UFC 92 only aroused your appetite for destruction.  Might as well go back in time and look at how it played out.  Above is their first meeting.  Fight number two (with some of those crafty Fox Sports Net edits) is after the jump.  But only a fool believes that the fighters we see in these videos are the same exact ones we’ll see next Saturday night, and you aren’t a fool, are you?

Here are five variables to take into account when trying to predict the outcome of the third meeting:

1. Change of Camps: While Silva came to America to train, Jackson left.  Now Wanderlei is running around a converted warehouse in Las Vegas with a snorkel in his mouth and "Rampage" is over in England grab-assing with the Wolfslair.  We’ve seen Silva in action since relocating, and he looked good against Keith Jardine, but the jury’s still out on Jackson’s new crew.

2. Mind Games: Let’s be honest, no one knows for sure what’s going on in ‘Page’s head these days.  He’s had a rough few months, and now he has to fight a guy who’s knocked him out twice.  Everyone wants to see if Jackson still has his wits about him.  Either the pressure will elevate his game, or crack him like an egg.