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Jay Hieron Talks IFL Contract Status, Reacts to Jay Larkin’s “Gay Foreplay” Remarks

You know what the best part of this video is? It isn’t hearing IFL welterweight champ Jay Hieron do his best not to bash the IFL even though they canceled his next fight and yet aren’t allowing him to take another, though that is uncomfortable watch.

No, the best part is at the 1:54 mark when MMA Rated’s Ariel Helwani informs him of Jay Larkin’s comments comparing ground fighting to “gay foreplay”. The look on Hieron’s face at that moment, it’s priceless. He also goes on to say that he’s never met Larkin, which seems odd.

Hieron seems to be taking the whole IFL cancellation in stride, though I have to say I might be slightly more pissed off if my employer was keeping me from making a living. They aren’t giving him a fight in August, and also aren’t allowing him to look for other fights until after August. So basically they’re telling him to take the summer off, and if he doesn’t want to, then they’re forcing him to take the summer off. Nice.

Nothing like hanging out in fighter purgatory to make you wonder what happened to that organization that was supposed to be taking great care of their fighters.


Videos: Lister/Horn, Sadollah Kickboxin’ + More

From the TUF 7 finale preliminary card: “Gumby” eats his third-straight submission loss, while “The Boogeyman” puts himself back in the UFC’s middleweight picture.

Amir Sadollah kicks some ass at Combat Sports Challenge 20 (4/28/07) — rocking his trademark hipster haircut even then. Props to MMATKO.

The most breathtaking video you’ll see all day is after the jump.


Jeff Monson Issues Futile Challenge To Kimbo Slice

I think we could accurately describe this video as a solid idea that needed a little more planning. As much as I like the concept of the MMA community shaming Gary Shaw into putting Kimbo Slice up against quality opponents, just pointing out the obvious about Kimbo and then tearing a copy of ESPN the Magazine in half isn’t really going to get it done. I also have my doubts about whether or not Gary Shaw can be shamed. It’s going to take a real team effort from the entire MMA world to do it.

So rather than simply criticize, I think we should offer Jeff Monson some notes to make his second effort a little stronger. Let’s try and keep it constructive. I’ll go first.

- Jeff, I like that you opted not to wear a shirt in order to show off your tattoos and that you used those UFC posters as a backdrop, but I just feel like there’s something missing right now.

Maybe you could hold the magazine up to your face and mock Kimbo’s voice a little before ripping the thing in half. Or you could come up with a stupid nickname for him and then you could keep referring to him that way throughout the video. I think that would really amp up the emotional resonance.

Other thoughts?


Video: Kim Couture vs. Kim Rose

By popular demand, here’s the video of the grisly fight between Randy’s wife and some other woman named Kim, which ended (one would hope) with Couture rethinking this whole MMA thing. Reportedly it was Rose’s fight-opening overhand right that split Couture’s jaw in two. Props to “Sugar-Free” for hanging in despite the agony. Round 1 is above; rounds 2 and 3 are after the jump.

Update: Couture and Rose each received $1,000 for their fight.


“UFC 2009: Undisputed” Video Game Trailer

As debuted on SpikeTV Friday night, here’s the first gameplay trailer for the UFC’s new PS3/Xbox 360/etc. jammy-jam, featuring Rampage vs. Forrest, and commentary by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. According to a preview on IGN:

There’s no HUD or health bar, so fighters don’t get worn down till they’re eventually tapped out or KO’d. A fighter can be finished at any time, depending upon the situation. On the other hand, there are more defensive moves and blocking and countering in the game, with a design more similar to traditional fighting games than old MMA or wrestling games. THQ specifically stated that “…button mashing will make you lose.”

Furthermore, the happenings of the fight actually have an effect on fighters during the fight beyond simply wearing them down. When Rampage used punches to the body to weaken Forrest, purple welts similar to what was seen on Liddell’s body when he fought Keith Jardine appeared near Griffin’s kidney. A small cut had formed over the former Ultimate Fighter’s eye, while Rampage had his left eye nearly swollen shut by a series of excellent Griffin knees. All the injuries looked authentic, but also affected how successful each fighter was at accomplishing what they wanted to as the fight wore on.

Reportedly the game will feature an 80+ fighter roster — which still doesn’t explain how War Machine and Saunders made the cut.


Feel The Heat At The TUF Weigh-Ins

All fighters made weight yesterday for the “Ultimate Fighter” Finale on Saturday night. If you thought weigh-ins were just a boring photo-op where guys stand around on a scale in their underwear, then you obviously haven’t seen a weigh-in hosted by Joe Rogan. In the above video you can hear Rogan cranking up the enthusiasm by screaming every word he says, despite the fact that he is already holding a microphone.

For a look at the really awkward staredown between Evan Tanner and Kendall Grove, skip to the end. And no, by awkward I don’t just mean that Tanner has a huge beard during it, though he does.

CB Dollaway and Amir Sadollah talk about tonight’s fight and their road to the finals after the jump.


Video: ESPN’s “MMA Live,” Episode 6

In the latest installment of the half-hour MMA web show, Dana White stops by to chat about Anderson Silva, the UFC’s July SpikeTV event going up against Affliction’s PPV, and Lorenzo Fertitta’s new role in the company. On the UFC’s global expansion, White says: “In eight years, this will be the biggest sport in the world. Bigger than the NFL, bigger than soccer (!!!), it’s gonna be the biggest.” Later in the show, Kenny Florian talks about avenging his losses as well as punishments for missing weight, and Josh Barnett calls in to analyze the ongoing DREAM tournaments and his Affliction debut against Pedro Rizzo. In the “MMA for Dummies” segment, Ken-Flo demonstrates the Muay Thai clinch.


John Alessio Talks MMA/Boxing Co-Promotion, Calls Brock Larson Some Ugly Names

As you may or may not know, tonight in Las Vegas the Thomas and Mack Center is putting on a boxing/MMA event, for which they gave away tickets for free in order to drum up interest.

Fighting on the MMA portion of that event is John Alessio, who will be facing Pete Spratt. If you’re wondering whether Alessio has moved past his DQ loss against Brock Larson in the WEC, the short answer is no. The long answer, which can be found in the above video from MMA Rated, is that Alessio thinks Larson is a “fucking pussy.” So there you go.

It should be interesting to see where this zany idea of putting boxing and MMA together goes from here. As anyone who’s ever been to a show that combined MMA fights with “submission grappling” matches can tell you, the response to the thing that is not MMA is often very, very negative. And very, very drunk.

But that could be different when the other option is boxing, because at least that still involves punching people in the face. Or this could all be a ruse to try and trick boxing fans into watching MMA. If that’s the case, expect a lot of hilarious comments equating ground fighting with gay male sex. That never gets old.


Exclusive Video: In The Gym With Diego Sanchez and Evan Tanner Interviews Evan Tanner – Watch more free videos got a chance to catch up with both “Ultimate Fighter” season one winner Diego Sanchez and former UFC middleweight champ Evan Tanner as they prepare for their respective bouts on the “Ultimate Fighter Finale” this Saturday night. Check out the above clip to hear Evan Tanner discuss his hiatus from MMA, the pretty boys in the sport, and what will become of that awesome beard of his.

Diego Sanchez is after the jump.


Jesse Taylor: My Story

Jesse Taylor
(Ah, crap: embed is currently down…click the image to see the video.)

For all the debate we’ve had on the Jesse Taylor situation, it might be good to hear Mongo tell his side of the story. In this three-part interview from, Jesse doesn’t shed any light on Dana White’s accusation that he terrorized the female guests of Palace Station, but he does admit hitting a slot machine. (Wait a minute, was Mongo so drunk that he mistook a woman for a slot machine? Uh-oh.) Later, he reveals that he’s entered AA, he’s been trying (and failing) to contact Dana White, and he thinks CB is going to take Amir in the finale re-match.