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Knockout of the Week: Wanderlei Silva vs. Yuki Kondo

From PRIDE Final Conflict (8/15/04), here’s one of Wanderlei Silva‘s nastiest finishes of all time. Soon after the fight’s one-minute mark, a sharp left-hook from Wandy knocks poor Yuki out, and the Axe-Murderer throws in six point-blank head-stomps just to make sure. Yeesh. Guest commentator Quinton Jackson got his wish to take another crack at Silva two months later — though we all know how that went. Will the third time be a charm at UFC 92 (December 27th, Las Vegas)? 


The Show: Episode 1

(Props: MMA Mania)

Nothin’ like a good old vanity project. Here’s the first episode of The Show, which follows "the greatest mixed martial artist in the world" as he does publicity appearances and chills with the fam. Picture Dana White’s video blogs but with much-higher production values and a bikini-clad host who looks like an off-brand Brooke Hogan. Good on Penn for having the resources to make an ego-stroking informercial for himself. (Between the chick narrator and the reverent tone, it kind of reminded me of the John Holmes documentary Exhausted, which was parodied to amazing effect in Boogie Nights.) Looking forward to that pretty Wahine contest!

After the jump: The first official trailer for UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn II.


“My wife, in so many words, called me a pussy, a failure as a man, and a bad example to my children.”

If you’ve got 9.5 minutes to spare, check out this extended trailer for UFC 92, which runs down the event’s three marquee matchups. I have to say, I literally LOL’d at the 3:13-3:15 mark, where Dana White describes the Forrest Griffin/Rashad Evans fight as "the hard worker vs. the explosive athlete" — which, as every sports fan knows, is barely-concealed shorthand for "the white guy vs. the black guy." Later, the Nog/Mir bout is previewed, with Mir aptly describing Minotauro as "like a zombie…like Frankenstein. Every time you kill him, you think he’s dead, and the motherfucker rises again." Finally, we get another look at Rampage/Wandy III, which thankfully includes some PRIDE footage (which Zuffa seemingly only pulls out for very special occasions). Silva on Jackson: "I know he remembers my knee." And so do we, Wanderlei.

Speaking of UFC promos, the first episode of "UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Penn" will debut January 14th on Spike TV. Each 30-minute episode — there will be three in total, airing Wednesdays at 10:30 — will profile the UFC’s current welterweight and lightweight champions as they prepare for their much-anticipated rematch at UFC 94 (January 31st, Las Vegas). The shows will be modeled after the popular 24/7 series on HBO, which has helped publicize boxing matches like Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr., and most recently, Joe Calzaghe vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Bonus, after the jump: Depending on the result of De La Hoya/Pacquiao boxing match on Saturday, either Roger Huerta or Brandon Vera will be wearing a chicken suit in a heavily-trafficked area.


Videos: Jackson vs. Silva (Then and Now)

Hey, welcome back! Did you have a nice holiday? Well, you didn’t come here to talk about your mom’s stuffing. Let’s start the work-week off right with some Rampage vs. Wandy video-hype. Above is an original HL by MMA Scraps, which shows how their first two meetings went down in PRIDE — including some great behind-the-scenes footage of ‘Page dropping multiple MF-bombs — and what the two fighters have been up to since then (i.e., destroying people). As you’ll see, Jackson blames his first loss against Silva on not being able to breathe because of a cold; similarly, he now blames his first PRIDE loss against Kazushi Sakuraba on being poisoned.

But in the Telegraph UK interview video below, Jackson acknowledges that his past defeats at the hands of the Axe-Murderer were only due to him being "a terrible fighter." Of course he believes that he’s improved a great deal since those two ugly losses — though we already know how Wandy thinks the third fight will end. Silva/Jackson III co-headlines UFC 92 (December 27th, Las Vegas).


Kimbo vs. Gannon: The Aftermath

Amazing find by Fightlinker: Here’s some footage of Sean Gannon and Kimbo Slice following their legendary fiasco of a fight that saw Slice eventually succumb to exhaustion. As you can see, both men are near-death after the brawl’s end, with Slice unable to get to his feet and Gannon too gassed to respond to "all the nuthuggas who didn’t think [he] had a chance." Kimbo would go on to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per fight as EliteXC’s marquee attraction (and the catalyst behind its sad demise), while Sean Gannon would go on to get tooled by Branden Lee Hinkle at UFC 55 and never fight again; which goes to show you never can tell.

Caution: Extreme Boston accents ahead.


Videos: Nasty Submission Megamix, Forrest Griffin Chats and Chokes

CagePotato reader Facey sent us this rather sick-ass highlight video that he made, featuring some of the greatest MMA submissions ever, starring Shinya Aoki, Dustin Hazelett, "Jacare" Souza, Frank Mir, Rumina Sato, Anderson Silva (both giving and receiving), and both Diaz brothers. Easy-breezy soundtrack provided by Donavan

(Props: Bloody Elbow)

In this promo clip for UFC 92, light-heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin discusses his opponent Rashad Evans and what challenges he might present. It’s clear that Griff isn’t underestimating Sugar whatsoever. As he says, "He’s got more knockouts than I do. And his knockouts have been impressive. Like, people-don’t-get-up-right-away knockouts." Speaking of Forrest Griffin, his September 2003 IFC fight with Chael Sonnen is after the jump, courtesy of MMA Scraps.



Kim Couture “Dumbfounded” by Strikeforce Opponent

The Xtreme Couture blog posted this video of Kim Couture training (and looking surprisingly sharp) along with an interview in which they discuss her kind of sad fight against Lina Kvokov.  Sounds like Kim was as weirded out by the whole thing as we were:

K. Couture: "I trained hard and really wanted to show the MMA fans a good show and let them know I was a 100% and ready to fight, I have the utmost respect for anyone who steps into the cage but felt disappointed that she just wouldn’t engage with me and turned her back on me. I was just dumbfounded.”

XC: “Do you think she shouldn’t of been matched up with you?”

K. Couture: “On paper it looked like a good match-up. We both had 1 professional fight with a loss. She was training with Matt Lindlands Team Quest so I expected she would be ready and I was ready for a stand-up brawl.”

“Did you have a chance to watch the fight yet?”

K. Couture:
“Yes, Lina just looked nervous from the moment she tripped coming out to the cage, she just looked like she didn’t want to fight that night.”

Ouch.  Kim goes on to say she’d like to fight three or four times a year.  Hopefully better opponents lay ahead, since Couture is bound to attract more attention than more experienced/talented female fighters simply because of who her husband is.  That fight did nothing good for the credibility of women’s MMA.  Probably didn’t help Kvokov’s reputation around Team Quest either.  


Cop at UFC 91 Body Slams Dude First, Asks Questions Later

Security Body Slams Jerk at UFC 91 – Watch more free videos

It just wouldn’t be a night at the fights if someone didn’t get all riled up and start their own action outside the Octagon.  What this guy doesn’t take into account, however, is that the cops at UFC 91 have been watching the same ass-kicking action all night long, and are now just as eager as he is to bash some skulls.  Maybe even a little too eager. 

The slam that comes at around the 0:27 mark may not be a model of technical execution, but it ends with our bewildered troublemaker on his back soaking up spilled beer and wondering how the cops at the MGM Grand got to be so agro, brah.  At least he waited until after the main event to get himself brutalized.


GSP Eats Housepets to Plug UFC 94 Fight with BJ Penn

(Props: MMA Mania)

As Georges St. Pierre explains in his latest blog post for Yardbarker:

Thursday a.m. I went to a radio show with BJ and they gave me a taste of Hawaiian cuisine. In the beginning when I took my bite — before I swallowed it they told me it was cat. So I right away spit it out because I thought it was true. And then after they told me it was a joke. It was pork — a piece of pork in pasta — it was pretty good.

Quite a good sport, that GSP. Some other highlights from his blog…

— "I was sitting right next to Brock Lesnar’s parents [at UFC 91]. They are very nice guys — I was expecting his parents to be very tall and very big, you know? But they’re normal size — I mean they’re tall, but not as tall as Brock. We had a good talk, and I really had a good time with them."

— "At night we went to the Maple Leafs game. It was very funny because they made me do an announcement on the screen in front of everybody in the Air Canada Center with a Maple Leafs jersey. I said ‘To the Count of Three, I want everybody to get very noisy’. Then the crowd went nuts, they applaud me. When the camera went off me, I sat down and took my jersey off. And when I was taking my jersey off, the camera came back on me and the crowd started booing me because they know I’m from Montreal and I’m a Montreal Canadiens fan. I thought it was very funny."

To read the rest, click here.


Videos: Gina Carano Discusses Her Future, Randy Couture Reflects on His Loss, + More

Gina Carano Interview – Watch more free videos

Our good friend Ariel Helwani of MMA Rated was kind enough to supply us with these exclusive video interviews that he conducted over the weekend. Above the lovely Gina Carano discusses her future, why she can’t run off to the WEC just yet even if Dana White decides he’d like her to, and what exactly was going on between her and Tonya Evinger in those infamous photographs we all enjoyed so much.

Randy Couture Interview – Watch more free videos

Randy Couture talks about his loss to Brock Lesnar, whether he’d consider heading back down to light heavyweight to get away from such beasts, and what’s next for “The Natural.”

After the jump, movie star Cung Le…