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Dana White’s UFC 88 Video Blog: Grab-assin’

Dana White’s UFC 88 Video Blog, part 4 – Watch more free videos

Just some wacky guys having fun, flying on airplanes, screwing around in hotel rooms. Now that’s entertainment! The best segment this time around is the brief look at some of the UFC brass sitting around listening to potential walk-out music. I especially like the idea that Dana White has to honor whatever terrible music fighters ask for, even though I realize that’s probably not how it works.

Anyway, this video blog series appears to have flatlined. Maybe that’s because you can’t really screw with Randy Couture on camera the way you can with “Rampage” Jackson. He just smiles and says nothing while secretly resenting you. By you, I mean Dana White.


UFC 88′s Middleweights Size Each Other Up, Lesnar and Couture Talk Strategy

(Dan Henderson and Rousimar Palhares)

(Martin Kampmann and Nate Marquardt)

Courtesy of ESPN video. After the jump: The latest episode of MMA Live, where Dana White discusses Randy Couture’s return to the UFC (and calls Fedor “irrelevant” again), Randy and Brock have an in-studio face-off, and Frank Mir teaches us the armbar that broke Tim Sylvia’s arm.


Dana White Takes His Boys to ESPN, Kenny Florian Loves “Entourage”

Dana White’s UFC 88 Video Blog, part 3 – Watch more free videos

Dana White’s newest UFC 88 vlog details his travels with Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture to do media work, son. They head to ESPN headquarters so Lesnar’s enormous head can get airbrushed, then they take that nice Kenny Florian boy to see the “Entourage” premiere. See? That’s almost as good as a title shot. Plus Marky Mark is there!

Let’s hope this video blog — like the last one — gets better as we get closer to the event. Any time I’m watching what’s supposed to be an interesting inside look at someone’s life and I see a guy in the background who looks kind of like Pauly Shore and then find myself thinking, ‘You know what would be better than this? A Pauly Shore video blog.’ That’s not a good sign.


Videos: Galvao vs. Metcalf, Belcher vs. Gustav

You may remember Andre Galvao as the BJJ phenom who mega-pwned some honorless heel-hookin’ noob at this year’s World Jiu Jitsu Championships. Galvao made his MMA debut last Saturday against Strikeforce vet Jeremiah Metcalf at “Fighting 4 Kidz” in Santa Monica, and it was a thriller. Metcalf dominated for the first couple minutes, until Galvao showed that his hands are just as dangerous as his submissions. After softening up his opponent in the second round, Galvao snatched the inevitable armbar, causing Metcalf to tap. The video is above; props to BloodyElbow.

Below is a short clip of UFC middleweight Alan Belcher working the focus mitts with trainer Israel Gomes, at his home in Biloxi, Mississippi. Yes, that’s Hurricane Gustav roaring outside; we hope they cleared out after the workout was over. Belcher will face Ed Herman at UFC Fight Night 15 (September 17th; 7 p.m. ET on SpikeTV).


Couture and Lesnar Sit Down All Gentleman Like with ESPN

Oftentimes it’s easy, not to mention fun, to bash mainstream media coverage of MMA. They mispronounce oma plata or some such nonsense and the hardcore fans are all over them. But you have to hand it to ESPN, they did their homework on this Randy Couture-UFC situation. They don’t just give in to the media blitz for UFC 91, they hit Randy with his own words regarding his original gripe with the organization and go right after the real story: did anything get resolved between Couture and the UFC, or did he just cave?

Couture does the same delicate dance around this question that he did in yesterday’s media call, which is to say he makes vague assurances that his concerns have been addressed, while also insinuating that he just wants to fight again before he’s too old and poor from protracted legal battles.

Fair enough.


Videos: Best Armbars+Leglocks Ever, The Return of Kimbo and LT

Today’s must-see highlight reels come to us from Comrad101 via Wasa-B: First, the top 10 MMA armbars, featuring Sakuraba, Mir, Minotauro Nogueira, Fedor, and a crowd-pleasing classic from Rumina Sato at #1. Then, it’s the legs’ turn. Craig Oxley should have had to commit seppuku after the humiliation that Genki Sudo put him through at the 3:35 mark — and it’s only a matter of time before Brock Lesnar pulls off the same move.

After the jump, three more installments of Train Like LT, starring Kimbo Slice, LaDainian Tomlinson, and the most broke-ass energy drink in history. Props to MMAFightGirls.


Dana White’s Video Blog: Old Flames Reunite

I know, you’re probably still reeling from Mandy Moore‘s astounding fight predictions, but the 9/2 installment of Dana White’s UFC 88 video blog is kind of a must-see. After a brief intro, we get the first footage of Dana and Randy Couture palling around together — or at least sitting on the same couch without lawyers present — since their reconciliation. Dana, who’s pretty touchy-feely with the Natural throughout the video, asks if Randy missed him; Randy refers to Brock Lesnar as “another big monkey.”

Later, we see Randy doing a phone interview, where he delivers the key sentiment in regards to his UFC return: “It just became apparent to me that all this other crap was gonna go on for a long, long time, and…I’m on the clock. I realize that I can’t do this forever. I can’t just sit on the sidelines forever.” Then, we get to watch Dana and Randy working yesterday’s conference call, which includes Brock Lesnar’s incredible “I’m tired of hearing about fucking Fedor” rant (beginning at the 4:27 mark). Dana wonders if Brock Lesnar is his son, which is pretty damn unlikely unless he impregnated this woman when he was seven years old. But hey, crazier things have happened.

(Props: MMA Mania)


In Honor of Randy Couture’s Return to the UFC…

They say if you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it will beat up Brock Lesnar. If it doesn’t, it will be tied up in court battles for the rest of its viable career. At least I think that’s what they say. I don’t listen very well. Regardless, today’s announcement that Randy Couture will return to the UFC to defend his heavyweight title in November has us all a little amped. So amped, in fact, that it’s hard to focus on any other MMA-related stories right now. So let’s just enjoy a look at some of Captain America’s greatest moments and consider what the future might hold. After the jump, a nice training montage with a soundtrack that will really get your heart pumping. Turn up the volume now and thank us later.


Dana White Hangs with Celebs in UFC 88 Video Blog

Dana White’s UFC 88 Video Blog, part 1 – Watch more free videos

Well, it’s back. You knew it would be. Fresh off the relative success of his first video blog series (why isn’t the term ‘vlog’ catching on?) at UFC 87, Dana White is once more giving us glimpses of his world as we head into UFC 88. The latest edition is all about the celebrities. Oh, and David Spade is there too. Zing!

But seriously, Spade earns some points here for referring to Chuck Liddell as a little bit of a “Boozy Suzy,” which is the kind of thing you can do when you’re David Spade and nobody can beat you up without looking like a big meanie.

Where things take an interesting turn is when Mandy Moore shows up. She and Dana look giddy as Alaskan teenagers together, thus lending more credibility to rumors that Moore comes to the shows not for GSP, but for White (shhhh! let’s keep that between us). She has a little trouble coming up with predictions, even when White encourages her to talk about it like it’s just the two of them…at breakfast. Honestly, he could have said any other meal there. He chose the one that is normally shared by people who wake up together. Draw your own conclusions.

(Props: Steve Cofield, at Yahoo! Sports)


The Cops Just Had to Mess with Rampage Jackson

In this video interview with CBS, Rampage Jackson discusses some of the wacky goings-on in his mind around the time of his arrest, and does his best to explain it. You see, he didn’t think he was God. He thought he was a God. That is, until the police took the opportunity to be total jerks to him, thus reminding him that he was indeed mortal. Because a God wouldn’t have taken no lip off no cops.

It’s somewhat reassuring to see that there was a type of logical process at work in Rampage’s mind — God is his father, he is God’s son, so he must also, through hereditary processes, be a God himself. That actually makes some degree of sense in a Grecian myth kind of way. Think Zeus and Hercules and all that. And if Hercules were alive today, wouldn’t he be an MMA fighter? I’d like to think so.

The fact that it took the cops being assholes to him for Rampage to realize how crazy this all was is probably the strangest aspect of the story. He seems to have been genuinely affected by that. It’s got to be the first time in history that the cops did something good by mocking people in a vulnerable state who were in their custody. Also probably the last time.

Here’s the rambling, bizarre CBS interview, where Rampage details more potential mistreatment at the hands of the police and talks about what led to his eventual breakdown. He claims the police were calling their friends on their cell phones to brag that they had him in the car, while also “chastising” him for trying to preach to them. He also admits that he doesn’t completely remember what he was saying, and sounds at times like he might not be all the way back from his bout with delirium.